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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • A complete action pack movie. No sex or nudity in movie. A brief kissing scene.
  • Man and woman share a kiss lasts a couple of seconds. Teenage boy tries to kiss and grope a teenage girl before being stopped. Man seen in a shower from waist up.
  • No nudity or objectification.

Violence & Gore

  • Combat and war flashbacks shown in flashes in the beginning.
  • There's a violent torture scene at the beginning where a man gets stabbed a few times in his arms with a knife.
  • A man angrily shoots another man many times in the chest, and bloody holes are seen.
  • A man shoots a newscaster in the head, and then shoots two others in the head. Blood is seen.
  • A large part of a stadium is destroyed in a massive explosion.
  • A woman pistol-whips a man and woman.
  • A woman is shot and killed at close range in a newsroom.
  • There's a large-scale motorcycle chase through the stadium, and guns are fired. One man s knocked off his motorcycle by a fire extinguisher.
  • Two men get into a brutal fight in an elevator, and one of them shoots the other in the head and blood spatters everywhere.
  • A man gets into a fight in a kitchen with one man, using his gun as a weapon, and then a brutal fist fight with another man immediately after. He cuts off several fingers on the first man, and the man's dismembered fingers, as well as his finger-less hand, are seen, and then during the second fight, a man is stabbed in the neck. A fourth man is also set on fire during this scene.
  • There's a large shootout in a hallway, and one man is hit in the head with a blood spurt visible. A man throws C4 into the hallway and soots it, causing a massive explosion that kills the other attackers.
  • A helicopter shoots at several bad guys on the stadium roof, and Michael shoots two men in the chest and kills them. He gets into a brutal fight with a man and then a woman, and finally falls from the roof but saves himself.
  • A man and woman get into a brutal fight that ends when both fall through a roof and the woman is violently impaled on a pole.
  • A man shoots a man in the chest in an office and kills him.
  • A woman hits a man and knees him in the crotch.


  • 63 uses of 'fuck,' 21 uses of 'shit,' 2 uses of 'dick,' 2 uses of 'asshole,' 2 uses of 'bitch,' 2 uses of 'damn,' 1 use of 'prick,' 1 use of 'tosser,' 1 use of 'arse,' 1 use of 'slag,' 1 use of 'hell,' 3 uses of 'God,' and 2 uses of 'Jesus.'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man drinks a beer at a bar, a young teenage boy and girl drink a bottle of vodka. No drug usage.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The elevator fight is pretty intense.
  • Men are executed live on TV whilst begging to stay alive.
  • This is basically Die Hard in a football stadium. Expect very intense stuff.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man puts a gun in his mouth and blows out the back of his head. Blood spatters on the wall behind him. Pretty graphic.

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