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Review: Don't Come Back from the Moon tellingly delves into the fragile psyche of fatherless youths left in abandonment

Co-writer/director Bruce Thierry Cheung's absorbing, sleepy-eyed fatherless fable Don't Come Back from the Moon is a small-sized affecting coming-of-age tale with a big scale heart and thought-provoking conviction. Cheung's desertion drama spotlighting the plight of a dusty town's epidemic of disappearing fathers and husbands has its low-key vibes of angst and contemplation that skillfully resonates on the untouched soul. The quiet destitution of lost youngsters (and struggling wives) needing their breadwinners at bay makes for a resounding psychological character study of domesticated despair. Recent films such as last year's poignant Wildlife depicting fatherly absence resulting in tranquil turmoil certainly applies to Cheung's slow-burning narrative that convincingly exposes the emotional and psychological wounds of young folks aimlessly searching for usefulness in the selective barren region of Southern...

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Official Trailer for Small Town Indie 'Don't Come Back From The Moon'

"It was as if he vaporized out of the driver's seat and just... floated away." Brainstorm Media has debuted an official trailer for an indie drama titled Don't Come Back From The Moon, an adaptation of a novel that first premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2017, where it won a Special Jury Prize for Directing. This was made by cinematographer Bruce Thierry Cheung before he made the junk sci-fi film Future World, but is just now getting released. It's about a group of kids in a small California desert town who are forced into a scavenging life when their fathers abandoned them ("for the Moon") without warning. Starring Jeff Wahlberg, James Franco, Rashida Jones, Alyssa Elle Steinacker, Henry Hopper, Hale Lytle, Jeremiah Noe, and Cheyenne Haynes. This looks like one of those artsy indies filled with random shots of kids hanging out, running around, and doing whatever. The
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Another Look at Post-Apocalyptic Future World [Trailer]

James Franco's post-apocalyptic Future World is getting a bad rep, but the star studded Mad Max-lite is back with another trailer and a new poster.

Future World was co-directed by filmmaker Bruce Thierry Cheung (Don't Come Back from the Moon). The screenplay is written by Jeremy Cheung, Jay Davis, and Bruce Thierry Cheung.


A young boy's mother is dying and beyond the capabilities of any local medicine. Desperate for an answer, the boy travels across the barren future world wasteland, scavenging for a cure that is only rumored to exist. His will and perseverance will be tested as he strives to protect his family.

Lionsgate will release Future World in theaters on May 25th
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Official New Trailer For James Franco and Milla Jovovich's Post-Apocalyptic Action Film Future World

Last week, a trailer was released for a new sci-fi western-style film produced by Lionsgate called Future World. That was not an official trailer and the studio asked us to take the post down until the official trailer was released. Well now the official trailer has been released and my opinion of it hasn't changed. It still looks awful. Below you will find my original post, along with a new synopsis and the official trailer.

Future World was co-directed by and stars James Franco. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world exactly like Mad Max, and it looks like a pretty terrible film. I don't know how Franco went from directing a great film like The Disaster Artist, to this Future World movie, but he did, and I don't know what he was thinking! Maybe he thought it would be fun?

He even managed to bring a decent cast
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