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It's not tame.
nogodnomasters5 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The film opens with a narrative. In Romania, girls born with a certain mark are wanted for sacrifice, making a man invincible to his enemies. The girl in question (Aiste Gramantaite) ends up drugged and chained at a safe house in England, but not with some unexplained casualties. We know the guy who takes her is extraordinary evil because he smokes in the car without cracking the window. At the safe house they meet an old Romanian man,"The Gate Keeper." Hmm. Things happen to the captors as we get to see some horror surrounding the girl.

The film is a simple, low budget, straightforward horror. The girl has a creep effect, but is not over powering. The bad guys have their own issues and infighting spurred on by seeming bad luck. The acting was okay. Story line covers the smaller "why" but not the bigger "why." Petra (Geraden Borthwick) grows irksome after a bit.

Guide: F-word. Brief rape. Brief nudity.
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stychy7 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Absolutely shocking film but acting now story is doesn't make sense just totally rubbish don't waste your time like I did
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