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Sex & Nudity

  • Constant talk of sex between a group of friends throughout the film.
  • A young man is shown masturbating using a variety of different methods, one time the tip of his penis is shown and the ejaculate coming out of it.
  • Animated female nudity is featured in the film's opening credits.
  • Photographs of a young man's genitals are shown, followed by a discussion of them by some young women.
  • A young women is shown various times in lingerie as she seductively touches her breasts or her legs.
  • A group of friends bet on the colour of a young woman's panties and one of the friends is shown ducking under the table to see the colour.
  • A group of friends go to the cinema to watch an adult film, in the film a man is shown thrusting on top of a woman - her bare breasts are shown.
  • A man is shown soliciting a prostitute who proceeds to perform oral sex on him in a car whilst two young men sit in the back seat. The prostitute is then shown spitting the man's ejaculate out the window.
  • A couple are shown kissing, the young woman proceeds to take off her shirt and is shown in her bra for an extended period of time.

Violence & Gore


  • Various uses of the F-word alongside other slang terms.
  • Both racist and sexual abuses are spoken by characters throughout the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A young group of friends are constantly shown drinking to excess. There are a few scenes where characters are shown vomiting as a result.
  • Young men at a party challenge each other to a drinking contest. Later that night, a large number of people are shown passed out.
  • Young men are shown smoking cigars and cigarettes throughout the film and also are shown offering their new friend a cigar and alcohol when they first meet him.
  • General drinking at an event is shown. One character is implied to have drank a lot of alcohol as the drinks were "on the house".

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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