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It has its moments.
bzs imdb7 February 2017
Overall it's a trifle involving murders at a college which revolve around social media.

The film's best is its commentary on social media which resonates -- the addictive and obsessive quality social media can have for many people. The writers understand that well enough and weave the story around this theme well.

For example when our main character goes to speak to the dean and while apparently in a serious conversation about serious issues the student is experiencing the dean's desktop screen just keeps beeping with social media alerts which the dean can't seem to ignore for even a minute. It's tragicomedy, not played for a laugh but you'll smirk anyhow. If you use social media and your friends do also you will recognize the behavior.

As a murder mystery it's average at best and that almost gets lost in the social media distractions which isn't a terrible thing, one could argue that's the point of the film.

The acting is good, not great but good, production quality is very good, and the writing, dialogue, and directing are good enough for what it is: Entertainment, a thriller, with some on the mark observations about social media.
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silviasironi26 August 2018
Pleaseee! If that man ( I have no idea who he is ) called Micho Rutare was wishing to spend some money on something why didn't he send it to the starving children in Africa... instead of making this ...''MOVIE''??? It's so ridiculous that I can't even give it one star but as there are not ZERO star to be chosen,I gave up and marked a star... but,believeme, it is too much for this nonsense. (And a last question: why does the main character have a sort of Hindu brother, when she is clearly white? I couldn´t get anything.No plot,no situations,no continuity,not anything to remark) A complete WASTE OF TIME. AVOID IT!!! Pleaseeee!
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