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Happiness is not an option
nogodnomasters20 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In 2148 Ederlezi corporation is sending a craft to Alpha Centauri. No information on how long or the propulsion system. Milutin (Sebastian Cavazza) is the cosmonaut that will fly the craft. Nimani (Stoya) is the cyborg that will accompany him. Milutin can program her for various option. Seduction being his favorite. After a while, a Stepford wife is not what Milutin wants, but something more real.

The film is about "the relationship" a way to give women assurances men really love them for themselves and not just the sex. Good luck with that. Pretty boring, even with the nudity. Not much for science fiction fans.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity, rape.
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Slow paced and rather uneventful...
paul_haakonsen26 August 2021
I must admit that I was lured into watching the 2018 movie "A. I. Rising" given the movie's cover/poster. Which incidentally turned out to have nothing to actually do with the movie. So talk about false advertising.

The concept idea behind the storyline told in "A. I. Rising" does have some interesting enough hooks to it. I mean, such as humans interacting sexually with artificial lifeforms, growing attachments and emotions for a thing that is a synthetical lifeform, etc.

However, at the same time then the movie was insanely slow paced in its storytelling. And it was essentially little more than a vent for writer Dimitrije Vojnov to get to show off naked lovemaking scenes between what was supposed to be a man and a synthetic woman. Yeah, that was essentially the premise of the entire movie. And that just grew boring and stale really fast.

It should be said, though, that the acting in the movie was actually fair, especially when taking into consideration the limitations imposed on the cast from an inferior script and storyline. And with having a rather small cast ensemble in the movie, a bit more pressure was resting on the shoulders of the two leads - that being Sebastian Cavazza (playing Milutin) and Stoya (playing Nimani 1345) actually stepped up to the task.

Ultimately then "A. I. Rising" was a disappointing movie for me, and it failed to provide me with proper entertainment. In fact, I gave up on the movie not even halfway through the ordeal, because by then I was just fed up with the insanely slow pacing and the fact that the movie took forever to tell nothing or go nowhere. So unless you consider watching two people simulating lovemaking on the screen as entertainment, then there is just very little to be enjoyed here - no pun intended.

Sadly, then the movie's cover/poster was actually the best thing about the entire ordeal. And the cover/poster felt like it belonged to a whole different movie and a whole other genre.

My rating of "A. I. Rising" lands on a generous three out of ten stars, as the movie does offer some questions regarding morals and ethics when it comes to humans interacting with man-made synthetic humans.
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Good old school European Scifi, R-rated for sex, not violence
siderite5 April 2019
When I was a child I was reading Asimov and Van Vogt and Russian Sci-fi and it was all about the human condition when faced with the unexpected. Not about big fights, not about the boy saving the girl, not about superheroes. This film is like that, a Serbian film based on the short story of a Serbian writer from 1980 and played by two actors (and two extras) who are Slovenian and American-Serbian pornstar. Don't worry, it is spoken in English, only slightly accented. The space situation is actually bogus, a trip to Alpha Centauri that doesn't stand to any examination, but the interesting part is the personal dynamic between the two actors.

First of all (that that damn Anglo puritans) Stoya, the girl, is naked almost the entire film (and quite beautiful) and the two leads have sex quite often. It's not frivolous, though, and certainly not pornographic. Second, the story looks deeply into what our motivations as people are and what would we do when alone with a programmable machine that looks like a pornstar and can learn from experience. Yes, sex, of course, but what about after that? What about feelings that develop? I can easily compare this film with Her (which I hated) and I quite liked A.I. Rising. Or maybe it's closer to Zoe. Anyway, the exotic setting is used only as a pretext to examine what makes us tick, and that is what sci-fi is all about.

The acting is good, without being spectacular, the visuals are very artsy, nicely done, but sometimes pointless. The science is nonexistent and technology is used only to advance the plot. There are a lot of holes in said plot, but I advise you to skip them and continue watching, because attention was spent on the important things and the rest is just prop. The pacing is slow, which might annoy some people, but the original material was a short story after all. And yes, the title is horrendous :)

Bottom line: give it a try, especially if you are looking for something else than Hollywood action-fantasy or if you enjoyed old school sci-fi as a kid.
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Get an android they said. It will be fun they said. Sci-Fi + Soft-Porn = Sci-Porn?
Top_Dawg_Critic15 March 2019
Two words: huh & ytho (yes, you have the right image in your head)

85 mins was waaaay too long for this screenplay. I will say the visuals (although 75% repetitive and irrelevant) and the sound/score were the best features of this film. Lastly, it was the awesome directing (his first major film) by novice director Lazar Bodroza, and outstanding cinematography by Kosta Glusica, that offered some redemption for the terrible writing/screenplay by (apparently) seasoned writer Dimitrije Vojnov .

The writing/screenplay had many issues and flawed this film drastically. This was pretty much a Sci-Fi + Soft-Porn = Sci-Porn? Perhaps a good new genre, but not from this film. Then, a spaceship so huge with large empty spaces and basically a computer center in the middle? Unconvincing. Add to the misery completely irrelevant graphic/CGI shots, cheesy command computer dialogue, and consistent high-school puppy love drama. I understand it was a low budget international film, and even moreso for that reason it should have been a short film 20-30 mins long, instead of the slowly paced dragged out long and repetitive sex and boring irrelevant dialogue scenes that made it an unbearable 85 mins. I feel the 'message(s)' this film was trying to tell would have been more effective and obvious as a short, and probably should have been re-made/cut/edited-down as such, seeing this film is based on Zoran Neskovic's 1980's short story.

The acting was between decent and bland, both by Sebastian Cavazza and porn star (yes, you read that right) Stoya.

Would I recommend it? Only if played on a big screen muted with your favorite playlist during a party - only for the visuals. Would I see it again? See previous answer.

A disappointing and underwhelming 4/10 from me
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An odd slice of futurism
CubsandCulture6 April 2019
As story centering on questions of choice, what it means to be human as well as the sociosexual dynamics of A.I this film isn't all that unique. The story is a blend of several better known stories, i.e. THX 1138, Bicentennial Man, Romeo and Juliet etc. abet one that takes care to inject different ideas where it can. I found too much of the background story unexplained. I still don't really understand what installing an ideology means in this film. These sparse detail help to create the mood of the film but on closer inspection they fall apart. Nonetheless, all of this is rather minor in terms of the viewing experience itself.

The film is best viewed as a meditative mood film. In a very weird way it actually reminds me of Lost in Translation (!) in that the story, such as it is , is very spartan but the formal construction creates a certain tenor that does captures the perplexing nature of desire and autonomy. The film has a very hypnotic aspects quality to its visuals that more than make up for its underwritten story and characters.

The effects/visuals are gorgeous especially for its budget. Add in a very good score and the film was a pleasant surprise to find. This is a very seductive film to experience. Alas it doesn't add up to much.
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A robot film with no robot, portray by a real human entire film! Bored to freaking death! Avoid at all cost!
kwenchow10 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film start with a so called female social engineer recruit a guy "Milutin" to a space mission accompany by a robot "Nimani"! As turnout, this film is about a romance story of Milutin and Nimani in a spacecraft! Entire film actually quite slow! Constantly showing Nimani nude scene entire film! This include she copulate with Milutin, in charging status, perform a space drifting training scene! Bored to freaking death! When Nimani in charging status also very annoying! Keep blinking entire scene! Barely intense scene is, the control room explode and Milutin try to repair it! The movie also too many argument! Such as, no single scene showing Milutin eating, how can he survive so long? Milutin set Nimani in seduce mode, when Milutin have sex with her, she resist and accuse Milutin rape her! LMFAO! Nimani saying she been program not have sex with human, therefore one scene she forbid Milutin having sex with her! Super ridiculous! Only one scene we really know Nimani is a robot, when Milutin slice her body to take out a battery at the end! At the end, Milutin manual override Nimani and Nimani running out of battery! Only solution to charge the battery is using solar energy, therefore Milutin went out the spacecraft and charge the battery! After he successfully charge the battery and put back to Nimani body, he die by the sunburn! Ridiculous! That's it! Nothing close to Ex Machina! Completely wasting time to watch!
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jewelch24 December 2020
This is just plane trash, James Welch Henderson Arkansas 12/23/2020
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Soft-porn SciFi. Not my thing exactly.
peterp-450-29871628 April 2019
I was always wondering whether I was able to create life. It seems that I am.

Take any porn movie and you can be sure there'll be some plumber who not only tries to repair the drain but also will examine the installation of the innocent housewife. A solid storyline with inventive twists and turns isn't the most important thing in such films. That's nothing new. And you can say the same thing about "A.I. Rising". Only this movie is a kind of a soft-sex version where you see Stoya more naked than dressed. Not that there's much to see because she isn't exactly blessed with voluptuous curves. Apparently, she's a porn actress herself so she didn't have any problems with parading around naked and acting in steamy love scenes.

But after 40 minutes, I started to wonder if something was going to happen. Because there's no real variety. First a bit of psychological talking between Milutin (Sebastian Cavazza) and the android Nimani 1345 (Stoya). Then intense and titillating images of their love games. And then Stoya has to recharge her batteries by standing in a niche naked (of course). And this cycle repeats itself several times. To me, Stoya was a sort of humanized dildo. Charge it regularly and then use it to satisfy your indomitable desires. But just like porn, it's monotonous and annoying after a while.

The ultimate goal of the trip to Alpha Centauri isn't entirely clear. Milutin apparently has to install "Juche" there. A kind of ideology for experts. It seems to me it's something abstract. However, it's becoming clear during Milutin's conversation with a social engineer from Elderlezi Corporation, that it's going to be a miserably long trip. That is why Nimani is involved. An android with customizable moods and with advanced artificial intelligence. In the first instance, her function is to be a companion to make the long journey more bearable (and pleasant of course). After a while, however, it seems more likely that she's there to dampen Milutin's animal drive and instincts.

Her main task, however, is to keep everything under control (both the spaceship and the commander) so that the mission is brought to a successful conclusion. Now, if you look at the design and layout of the spaceship, it's a good thing she went along as a playtoy. I fear that Milutin would otherwise be bored to death. The spaceship certainly doesn't look like the Enterprise. It is more like a steel colossus without a luxurious interior. The rusty looking steel walls do not look particularly cozy. The austere design is fairly depressing. It looks like a factory. Even the entire cockpit is limited to two solitary driver's seats and a bunch of futuristic looking monitors. There's no holodeck, bar or leisure space. The only physical effort and entertainment there is for Milutin, takes place in the bedroom.

But if you break through the erotic aspect, you will see that this Serbian SF also wants to address a more profound subject. The interaction between a person and an artificial creation. Not that they tread new ground here because this same subject was also the basis of films such as "Ex Machina", "Uncanny", "The Machine", "Zoe" and to a lesser extent "Her". Also, the phenomenon of a non-human creation gaining awareness is dealt with. But the central theme (and perhaps the most fascinating one) is the emotional relationship between man and machine. At first sight, Milutin appears to be an emotionless, anti-pathetic person, who in the first instance doesn't want any female company. However, as soon as he realizes the benefits, his obsessive and manipulative behavior begins and he uses (even abuses) the android. To his surprise, however, the lust turns into passion, which leads to anxiety, sadness, and even self-sacrifice.

However, in the end, this SF isn't really fascinating. It's repetitive. Boring and long-winded. And the erotic scenes are too stretched and after a while downright annoying. And then the moment you think the story will develop further, Stoya appears naked again. Too exaggerated for my taste. But I have to admit that Stoya's acting was far from bad. She managed to show a human side while being an android. The image that will stay with me is the moment she demonstrates an android-like dance to Milutin. So tempting and at the same time so robotic. I would fall for her too at that point. Sebastian Cavazza was excellent at times but overall I found his character incredible. But apart from those few positive notes, this film was disappointing. Despite the sometimes beautiful space images, the emphasis was a little too much on the sexual aspect. Not something that I actually expect in an SF.
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Worth the View
mrdonleone29 September 2019
AI rising is not that great. More like a sick parody on Tarkovski's Solyaris. But maybe just because of this worth the view.
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Space expedition for sex with robot.
saptesh78630 May 2020
It seems movie is only for a space expedition for sex with female android and nothing else. Main male character only doing this thing rather than any activity needed in space travel. And one thing you will definitely learn how to operate an android with various options with menu. If you are interested in such thing then this movie is for you otherwise avoid it.
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Unfocused mess
kuarinofu5 January 2020
It's actually sad that A. I. Rising turned out to be this bad, because it surely could've been better.

It has its redeeming factors, the visuals are good and creative, and the music is outstanding for a low-budget European sci-fi.

From here it only gets worse. Every scene is so disconnected from everything other we never really get the relationship between the two (this is also made worse by the editing). There are no real character arcs is this as well since they rarely interact besides poorly shot robot sex scenes (and are not properly established).

You see, in order to feel for the astronaut and appreciate his actions we have to know him good first. There are little parts of good dialogue here and there about what a woman really represents for a man and how deep and complex can a relationship be. But it never was the core of the story.

Stoya is heavily underutilized here as well. She can act well in erotic sex scenes (due to her work background) but these were shot so unerotically they barely even matter. Outside of the "erotic" scenes her acting was ranging from bad to OK-ish.

I seriously don't understand this. They had their own movie with no studio interference, it's not overly long or anything, they had time and the budget to build the characters up, why didn't they?

This film clearly is not a "hidden sci-fi gem", and even if you want to check this out only for badly shot robot sex scenes I'd recommend just checking Stoya's background in adult industry.
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Empty space... as in hollow..
MovieCriticOnline2 March 2019
Let's see the opening credits: "Every corner of the earth has been exploited by capitalism." "Socialist controls are instated to bring about balance for the human condition."

I should have turned it off right there. Either these filmmakers didn't know what they are talking about or they are trolling the audience. Obviously, this film was made BECAUSE of capitalism so not sure why they would even bring this in because it seems the rest of the movie has nothing to do with it. Socialism is state-run, but somehow the filmmakers ignored that as they had corporations run things.

The acting is atrocious. Whenever you hear people take with low slow raspy voices in movies like they are reading off a script, you know you have a case of bad acting on your hands.

Why do most filmmakers throw out any common sense and logic when they make films? I don't know, but it can be frustrating as a viewer to watch things that make no sense, have behavior that isn't close to reality, plot lines that contradict themselves.

Why have foreigners speak English? And did they think adult actress had enough star power to carry this movie or did they just need someone who didn't have an issue with graphic nudity? The leads were uninteresting and dull.

Just wasn't enough there to keep my attention in this monotonous bore fest.
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Nice try
SilverOrlov1 June 2019
A good attempt to realize an interesting idea in terms of the personality of artificial intelligence, but the attempt was not very successful. The relationship between the AI and the pilot of that ship is made normally and quite interesting(but often boring). Though the end looked crumpled. So, if the authors wanted to somehow show the final, which they invented but could not master how to come to this harmoniously and interestingly, simply "dumped everything in one pile". And the environment itself(the ship) looks like a cheap design from the average art-house short films.
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Interesting Human Relationship Story Set Against Absurd Sci Fi Plot
danew134 March 2019
To some AI Rising will be just an outer space bonk-a-thon...plenty of sex set against the absurdity of a low budget space ship on a 25 trillion mile trip to Alpha Centauri..,yes, there's no time for hibernation sleeps in a film that is all about male-female emeotional and sexual power.

While the stock external space photography is striking, the ship interior seems to be an old warehouse or factory. Yet, it is interesting enouugh to keep you watching.
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Visually compelling but completely hollow soft porn disguised as scifi
carlos-pires23 March 2019
Very nice visuals and also a very nice music score are the only stars in this movie. It is very unsettling that so many people will say this is science fiction: it is not. It is 60 minutes of voyeurism of the naked skinny body of the lovely Stoya, plus 30 minutes of ballast. This is yet another nail in the coffin of real scifi. If all you want from a movie is great visuals and a naked girl, then you will enjoy this and it might become one of your favorite movies. Go ahead. Let your cerebral cortex have its 365th annual day off and just fill your nervous system with dopamine. But please... don't call this scifi, you wanker!
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An Incredibly Deep Film About Relationships
isantistao13 March 2020
This movie is amazing. It is an incredibly deep Sci Fi/Romance about how people connect psychologically and form relationships, and the complexities and dynamics of those relationships. This is done through showcasing a social experiment of a man having a relationship with an AI robot that can play any and every possible role and have any relationship dynamic with him, including fulfilling all of his sexual fantasies.

The man falls in love with the AI and tries to make it more human like by giving it's consciousness more free will, but when he does that only complicates things and they do not go as planned. In the end this is an amazing "What if" Love Story that explores many philosophical topics from Consciousness, to Love & Sexuality, to what makes us human and what makes a relationship?

This movie explores these deep and fascinating topics in the most interesting genre, style, and plot. It is a wonderful story that is very well told, the film is incredibly well made. The actors are good. And most of all the film is beautiful sci fi, mesmerizing to look at. Each shot is like a photograph you could hang on the wall. This is a film masterpiece. A must see.
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If you like art-house Abstraction, okay. Science-fiction, not so much.
S_Soma3 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"The year 2148. Every corner of Earth has been exploited by capitalism. Socialist controls are instated to bring about balance for the human condition. The largest corporations begin to look beyond the planet. Ederlezi Corporation expands its deep space colonization program to Alpha Centauri."

The above lines are the opening scene text to A.I. RISING (a.k.a. EDERLEZI RISING). In the next few moments, the male lead of the movie, astronaut Milutin, is informed that he is being sent on a mission to, and I quote here, "install an ideology" on a planet in Alpha Centauri. What. Ever. That. Means. The name of the ideology to be "installed" was unfamiliar to me so it wasn't clear what the benefit to a corporation would be in mounting an expensive mission to "install" it.

Next, Milutin is informed that, unlike his previous space voyages, he'll be taking along a female android to help meet his various, ahem, "needs", and keep him focused on his duties on the mission. I know. It sounds like a bad set up for a terrible porno flick, and, somehow conveniently, the android is played by Jessica Stoya Stoyadinovich, a well-known pornographic actress more commonly known by her professional name, "Stoya".

The balance of the film plays out on the spaceship on its journey to Alpha Centauri. Ostensibly, the movie "explores" the elements and issues that might complicate theoretically possible near-future human-artificial intelligence relationships.

On the positive side, A.I. RISING certainly makes some bold stylistic statements, bravely ignoring the fact that they may not make any sense given the context. A.I. RISING has its own, strong sense of production design and, as rather peculiar as some of the set pieces may be, they're clearly deliberate and consistent. The movie has its own ideas and commits to them wholeheartedly.

Again, the primary setting of the movie is that of a spaceship traveling in space. Consequently there are more than a few images of the ship moving through space in the context of planets, stellar dust, nebulae and other cosmic phenomena. These effects are executed more than competently and in some circumstances are quite beautiful.

Whether you're going to enjoy this movie depends I think on whether you like your "science fiction" mixed with an art-house style that likes to obsessively contemplate its own navel. The movie is far more concerned with its art-house style and making exaggerated statements about controlling, toxic masculinity. Anything vaguely related to "science" is completely subordinated to the movie's "art". The 2 human characters we see are stereotyped well past the point of caricature and the only reason we can't say that about the android is none of us have ever met an android so we don't know if they're being caricatured.

The android spends most of "her" time naked. To remind us that she's an android while she's naked, there is a collection of black tattooed characters beneath the curve of her left breast. Because, you know, that's what androids have. And because if she didn't she'd just be another naked chick in the movies. Most of the time we see her naked it's for no apparent reason. Or maybe it's because art. I don't know.

The interior of the spaceship is depicted as consisting largely of giant empty voids, which spaceships simply do not have because of the fact that such voids exponentially increase the cost of operating the ship.

As long as you view A.I. RISING as an art-house exercise that is not science-fiction and simply has a spaceship as a set piece for no particular reason, A.I. RISING will be more palatable. Genuinely, it's a sort of psychosexual masturbation piece that ports the notion of toxic male/female relationships to toxic male/AI relationships.

I rank movies on a relativistic scale. A movie is taken relative to whether the movie was what it intended to be and how well it ranks against other movies of its kind. I gave A.I. RISING a relatively low score because it intended to be a visually stunning art-house movie. While it had A FEW impressive scenes in it, it wasted so much time lingering interminably on unchanging images that the overall effect was visual stagnation. For example, there are scenes where the android is standing in a sort of alcove set into a wall as lights go up and down in the alcove; this is supposed to be a sort of charging station for the android. We seem to stare incessantly at these lights-going-up-and-down each time we see a scene like this and it was many times. The director apparently fell in love with some of his own visuals and wished the audience to stare at them relative to how much he loved them.

A.I. RISING was directed by Lazar Bodroza who originally made a name for himself as a visual artist. If he's going to be successful as a director he's going to need to get past some of his gosh-I-love-my-own-images tendencies.

And there you have it.
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A soft porn ex-machina
stevelivesey6725 May 2021
You'll need the fast forward button here.

Interesting premise and visually good but far too much atmospheric, arty, slo mo shots, mostly of Stoya naked.

Watch something else, it's not worth it.
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What was that?!!!
AliensReservoir14 March 2019
The first one hour sex were not necessary at all, i felt like it was to make a 1 hour and 30 mn movie or to attract people with he pseudo porn side.

Title is completely misleading, there is no intelligence in this... I can't call it a movie.

Acting... let's face it, those actors do not know how to act! it was so flat... like her (she is not even bangable)

So, in the end remove the one hour sex and you got a boring short movie. Even the sex part have no reason to appear, they just throw sex every 3 minutes. I mean, the first hour they speak 3 minutes and have sex 5-10mn, then speak 3 minutes and have sex 5-10mn and so on and on for 1 full hour... Seriously? where is the Artificial intelligence in it?

Over alldon't wast your time on this... thing

Edit: So i did some search about "Stoya" as it was the only name for the actress and google immediately shows that she's an American pornographic actress, just to tell you how BAD was the acting...
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A Bit Uneven but Well Worth Watching
j-a-julian25 April 2019
This movie is a study on human emotions or as another reviewer said, what it means to be human. The plot is a bit predictable, the pace is a bit slow and the constant flashing of light is annoying.

The story is interesting and the acting is exceptional, particularly by Stoya who plays the android.

The fact that this was achieved on supposedly a very low budget is impressive.

Not for everyone ... but give it a try.
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Tedious to watch.
boggie47581 March 2019
I was thinking this was going to be a pretty good sci fi....It started out well but became tedious to watch very quickly. This could have been a really good movie about a pilot and the A.I. but because a soft pornographic movie. It evolved around sex between the two, maybe that was the point but it was just repetitive to me to watch. I stayed until the end but came away with nothing. I know it was a low budget movie, and that is ok with me. Only 4 different actors including the voice of the computer..and that was ok also. I like those kind of movies and they can be done really well but, this was just not one of them. The story and the performances just were not good enough. I gave it a 5 for some of the visuals which I did like even though there were only 4 or 5 sets in the whole movie. Sorry I just didn't like this one.
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it's meh but it's visually stunning and erotic.
RoboRabbit8918 February 2020
Boy, ho boy. This movie has a lot of problems, if others on here have complained they have the right to.

Where do I begin? Well, let me start with the positives first. From what I can tell the actors were pretty good they gave very committed performances. The visual effects are top notch which says a lot for a b-movie.

As for everything else, well, this will sort of segways into the negatives. I will say this, the sex and nudity was honestly good but there was little to no character development. The script was bad too,way too little happens, Stoya that plays the female android is beautiful and sexy as hell. when I watched the behind the scene interview with Stoya, she mentions she is a porn actress,i was kinda surprised because she was honestly pretty good. the male actor who plays the pilot was good as well but i wish both there characters were written better as well as the film it's self. Most of the movie is on a spaceship and the pilot and the android are the only ones on board, he's basically just being used by the corporation i guess to study his behavior,he's able to do anything he wants with the android, he uses her to full-fill his sexual needs but when he gets bored he switches her programming to "free will" sort of speak.

Overall I give it a 1/10. It's not a really good movie but Stoya was worth watching. I can't highly recommend it but if you curios give it a look.
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Difficult questions. Sexy android.
jim9tan14 January 2021
Following on the success of Ex Machina (2014) and Her (2013), this is an Eastern European version. Done on a very modest budget, the movie had surprising good production values.

The cinematography was artistic, sets were futuristic, and lighting was set for effect.

The movie's bleak tone is similar to Kubrick's 2001. An astronaut grappling with loneliness, with only artificial intelligences for companions.

This plot takes the premise a step further. What about his sexual needs? What kind of social dynamics govern a relationship with an android? Out in space, they are alone.

What would the viewer do if placed in the situation of the protagonist?

The surprise was the casting of pornstar Stoya who turned in a good performance as lover, submissive and sex toy. No blonde bimbo. She has a pretty face and lean body, like the girl next door. Definitely sexy.

IMO, worth a second screening.
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Boring, slow...
Australian16 March 2019
For a start, the cover image is misleading as there is no sight a robot with female face! Then this unlikely "astronaut" looks more like some rebel unkempt leader. Programs a woman to his liking for the journey to Alpha Centauri. Has his way with her, scenes of her standing naked, sex scenes... The whole thing is slow, boring, fell asleep at one point.
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Recharging, but not the movie
eismoc19 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
** Maybe this is a spoiling review! **

If one divides the movie into two halves, then one half is about passionate relation between a sex-obsessed astronaut and a female robot. The other half is about recharging the batteries. The movie itself is not recharging anything. There is no real story in fact.

Visuals are poor, could be fascinating if the movie was produced in the 1980's. But the music is great, it has a personality of its own with much better performance than both actors; hence : 5/10.
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