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Season 2

Feeling that additional responsibilities of handling Evin's management are impeding her own career, Versatyle reaches out to Marvin, a veteran music manager for help. When Versatyle recommends to Evin that he consider Marvin as a possible manager, Evin reluctantly accepts. Hanna throws a surprise party for Dawn to celebrate her landing a leading role in a film. Convinced that Hanna has betrayed his confidence, Evin attends against his better judgment.
The Meeting
Marvin sets up back-to-back meetings with Versatyle and Evin to gauge the professional landscape of Evin's creative team. Evin gains a sense of confidence in Marvin's abilities. Marvin calls the entire creative team to the carpet to discuss their current ineffectiveness which doesn't fair well with Hanna and Jake. Tensions between Evin and Hanna finally come to a head.
Contenders & Pretenders
Evin finds himself in the awkward predicament of having to make amends to Hanna. Hanna and Jake join forces to sabotage Marvin's prospects of becoming Evin's manager. They both set up a secret meeting with Evin to present an international tour proposal. When Marvin crashes the meeting and exposes flaws in their proposal, Hanna and Jake once again have to prove their effectiveness to Evin.
After receiving the news that his international tour has been indefinitely postponed, Evin desperately searches for a plan B. Jake and Hanna set up a music release party as a way for Evin to unveil his new material to the public. While location scouting, Hanna surprises Jake with unexpected news that might change the dynamic of the creative team. To get back in Evin's good graces and discredit Marvin, Jake invites Nelson a record label executive to the music release party.

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