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Not sure why I keep watching, but I do
kdowney-4786726 September 2018
Pros: 1. The storyline is pretty good.

Cons: 1. The acting is "C" at best. 2. The script is waaaay overwritten. The characters do not talk like normal people and especially not like people in a vampire apocalypse. 3. Makeup is not very good. 4. Very obvious that this was not a high-budget series.

Even though the cons outweigh the pros, I am still watching this. I can't explain why, maybe I'm hoping it will get better.
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Tired of Girl Power...
kristinakay-4856228 September 2020
I would give this show 8, but season 4 killed that. It had a really good story, but then political noise overpowered the storyline. I'm 100 percent female, and believe in equality. However, it's overboard in real life as it is, I don't want the nonsense polluting my shows I watch for FUN. Van Helsing stopped being fun when it started being an all women should be heroes crap. Other than that, it's not horrible. Just not as good as it could be.
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Started out amazing
jonaslundstrom8 February 2020
Very good first season, but in the second season van helsing is acting ridicolous to every situation. She goes from "you're one of the few people I can trust in this world" to "I don't care about you enough to even try to help you". All this withuut the other character doing wrong.

This was just a small example, she keeps making decisions like she's a 11 year old child, just going against everyone, not explaining anything, just because she's the strong main character. Very unsatisfactory to see such bad writing since first season was well written.
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First episodes are typically SYFY bad, but it gets better.
knippenberg-5708619 November 2016
Even though I didn't really like the first episode(s) I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Of course it's not a top rated series but for SYFY standards it actually gets pretty interesting as soon as the character roles start evolving. I wrote this since the last couple of episodes really got my attention.

If you don't like series in apocalyptic settings, skip this. If you keep in mind that the budget for this was A LOT less than for the top rated series.. you might actually appreciate it.

Final judgment: The acting gets better The whole 'feral vampire' thing is kind of overdone. I think more people are annoying by the stupidity (and constant growling) of the vampires. The story line gets interesting so curiosity about what will happen next will make up it.

If you already finished the better series out there and like the setting of this story, it's worth watching.
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By episode 7 it has great potential
patriciamassiwer21 November 2016
Give it a chance....Yes if you watch only a couple of episodes you might say, "eh, can take it or leave it". However I like to put in at least a few episodes to see if a new show develops. Many now popular shows started out slow. Even the huge hit, Seinfeld was iffy the whole first season. In fact they didn't have their breakout season until season 4. It's a shame that shows are chopped so quickly these days. Sometimes it takes a few episodes to even start developing characters. I recommend just watching at least to episode 8. By then, you will see the characters are finally developing and there are also a few surprises. Now at episode 10, it's practically a different show. Hopefully you will give it a chance too and then by episode 10 you will know for sure if you like it. For me, it's a show I look forward to and I am hoping this will develop into something even better!
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Big Disappointment after season 3
emccullywhite16 May 2021
I really enjoyed the first two seasons and even.enjoyed season 3 but it went sideways and gave us practically a whole new cast by seasons 4 and 5. It was hard to watch but I kept thinking it would get back to why I enjoyed it in the first place. So disappointed in this series and where the chose to take it. Seasons 1 and 2 - I rated 8 then changed rating to a 7 after season 3. Now I'm at a 5.
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Plain WRONG reviews from overcritical people.
pickwick_boudje30 January 2017

I'm another of those "I made an account to write this review" people. Why? Because I see a decent horror TV series getting bashed into oblivion for the wrong reasons and by the wrong people.

This series needs a few episodes to understand it's direction. I've seen just plain dumb and wrong conclusions about the vampires and characters because people don't give this series more then 1 or 2 episodes (which ARE very average indeed).

Let me set some things right here:

-The vampires are NOT dumb homeless people who run and bite. They have several layers of society, ranging from dumb ferals to ancient old vampires who resemble the more known vampire monsters.

About the ferals; I have never seen better acting in a zombie/vampire flick. Some of these actors are godlike portraiting feral vampires. They deserve respect instead of these shallow "reviews" by people who cling to original story lines and monsters.

I won't say give this show a chance, I'm saying that you have to look past the dirty, shallow, nerdy reviews it has been getting.

This is my guilty pleasure next to TWD, and there is no better for me.
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Looking forward to see how story unfolds
saket-ith15 September 2018
I have just finished season 2 and my review is based on that.

First season, awful. Don't get disappointed, it gets better and has potential I think. While watching season 1 it felt like watching a bad version of walking dead. But what walking dead lacks, van helsing tried to capture. A story moving somewhere. I am not bad mouthing walking dead, but I got so irritated with it's repetitive storyline I dropped it. Yes I dropped it in the middle. In the beginning of van helsing, I thought another wanna be walking dead. To be honest I wasn't even watching it, it was just running in the background. But by the end of season 2 it got my attention. It looks like story is going somewhere. It's not like walking dead season after season running around and blah blah.

Anyway, a lot depends on the audience. If you are into vampire shows and movies like twilight or vampire diaries, this show is not for you. But if you are one of those who enjoyed Underworld movies or the strain, give it a try. Things get interesting by the end of season 2.

Based on season 1 I would have hated it under 5, but season 2 influenced me to rate it at least 8.
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Painfully bad.
danteism1 August 2016
Being a fan of his plays I thought that perhaps with Neil Labute at the helm this would be an interesting take on the vampire genre, but alas, it's even worse than most. Stilted dialogue, cheap production values, halfway through the first episode I was already fidgeting and eager to move on to something else.

Want something better on SyFy? Watch The Expanse.

Better recent Sci-Fi in general? Check out Humans (BBC/AMC co-production).

Looking for a vampire fix? See the original UK TV show Ultraviolet, the original BBC version of Being Human, or HBO's True Blood.

Whatever you do, don't waste your time with this.
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Ven Helsing is not bad
limey_pete5 November 2016
The trick to watching certain genres in film is not to expect too much. You watch Van Damm or Schwarzenegger, you don't expect much. The Mechanic was entertaining, but it wasn't George III, right? It isn't reasonable to expect a TV show to be more than what it is. That's the case with Van Helsing. It is what it is: a SYFY channel original program with probably not the biggest budget in the world. Almost every TV show is rocky in the first season. It takes awhile for everything to shake down. Van Helsing is shaking okay. I watch it weekly, love the characters, and it's always a treat watching Christopher Heyerdahl. So hang in, be patient, give the show a chance. I think Season 2 will be much better. And besides, I'm interested to see the evolution of everything in this particular post-apocalyptic world, including when and how Vanessa becomes aware of who - and what - she is.
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Lots of logical errors.. It's getting worse in every episode
erhanipekciler27 March 2021
I finished 1st season , it started good but it looks not written with thinking details,of course i dont look logic in that genre but something happens unlogical and after explaining comes... this makes me tired . I hate some characters very much like Sam or Doc.. Vanessa also sometimes behaves like a stupid... After 2x12, i started to think this is really waste of time.

Latest update : 3x3, I can't stand anymore. I gave up.
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Honest review from an ordinary bloke
michaelgallagher-951272 January 2020
Ill give it 7 out of 10.I put a 10 to even out all the idiots who put 1 star after 1 episode as they don't like it.The story is good however the writing leaves a lot to be desired.Lots of pointless dialogue with no emotion trying to be dramatic kind of ruins it for me.Acting could be better but i have definitely seen worse.Im about to start season 3 as i would like to see what happens which is why i give it a 7.Would be an 8 or 9 if the writing and acting was better. Update halfway through season 3 my rating is now a 4.The writing has got so much worse i don't think ill be able to finish it.What a shame.
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Time to Go
lnking-2318031 May 2021
I used to like this show as it was a different take on the VanHesing characte. But with out Kelly Overton the show has gotten so weak that it no longer stands up. The loss of the lead character in this case should have been it's end but I guess they'll milk it for all it's worth. As I said time to go.
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to continue or not to continue
pudjo-dewo11 April 2021
Only got to S01 EP08... starting to consider not to continue... I mean it started as interseting.. along the way it started to get predictable... and then of course boring.. too many side drama that really not that important...
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Van Helsing is a nice alternative or addition to TWD
kossuth-216-21261213 November 2016
This show is quite enjoyable, especially because it doesn't take itself too seriously, like it quite often does happen to the big budget ones. I personally like the acting and the characters and wouldn't really change much about it. If more people would watch it, more people would like it. just like with any other show, while only the picky dicks are around you get bad reviews but when people start watching just for the fun of it. The characters are actually very interesting and well thought through. Its innovative especially in that respect and this makes it very enjoyable. Im looking forward to every episode, having a great time watching it
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another cliché crapfest
reachoutandsmack20 October 2016
This show is the story of a tough chick who a sketchy past who takes no nonsense while she kicks ass of every man, living or undead, in the area. She is assisted in her ass kicking by a ragtag appropriately multi-ethnic squad of vaguely defined and largely irrelevant characters...If you are thinking that sounds a lot like to Bo from Lost Girl or Wynonna from Wynonna Earp or Dutch from Killjoys or maybe Two from Dark Matter you would be correct.

It feels as if the ScyFy network is in a downward spiral where the output continues to get worse with each new regurgitation. Come on guys "oh in this one she will be in outerspace, and in this one it is a western setting, and this one is different because VAMPIRES!! ya same thing again.
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Seasons 1 & 2 were ok so what the hell happened to season 3
dnl_hggns22 April 2021
This is never going to win any awards however i found season 1 & 2 watchable although season three completely bombed. When the actors/actresses who themselves are not particularly great start directing episodes then there is only one direction this show is going, combine this with the introduction of the two young actresses who portray the daughters who can't act to save their lives then this show is dead.
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Watch Passed the First Episode
futuresalez13 November 2016
Firstly... I am a critical viewer, there isn't much that captures my attention. That said, I have thoroughly been enjoying the mystery behind this series.

Yes, this is not the classic story of Van Helsing but rather follows a mysterious woman named Vanessa (Van). I can't quite get into detail about how in depth her character is due to immense spoilers but it is fantastic thus far. Some folks mentioned the poor take on vampires, without watching more than a few minutes of the first episode I imagine.

The vampires are regal, composed, elegant and event ancient. The rabble running amok on the streets are blood starved vampires that have gone feral due to a lack of a feeding population. This is not an uncommon theme with vampirism!

This series, unlike the vast majority, actually has me asking questions! For the first time in decades I am excited with regards to the vampiric lore. Where did -these- vampires come from? What is Vanessa's origin story? What is her relation to the Van Helsing of yore? This show offers a fresh perspective on an apocalyptic situation and vampires, weaving both together in such a way that I feel I am watching something NEW.

Heck, I even made an account to post a review after avoiding account creation here for many... many years.

Summary? -Excellent make-up -There is nothing wrong with the acting -Fresh and interesting take on vampirism -Riddled with intrigue -Worth a watch for vampire and apoc fans alike

Conclusion? Give the show a chance before rushing her to bash it without making it passed the first episode...
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taniaewatkins24 September 2016
Tuned in thinking I was getting a 1800s style show about van hellsing with sophisticated vampires (admittedly all I tuned in for was the name and knew nothing else about the show). I love the story of van hellsing.

What I got was a terrible walking dead rip off. Turned off half way through. The vampires came across as zombies with intelligence. And not much intelligence at that. Yawn. If I wanted to watch that kind of show I would have tuned into walking dead or another zombie related show. Which there are many of.

If this was a zombie show ... it might add something to this genre. It doesn't to the vampire genre. I was confused half way through the first episode as to what was happening and why things were as they were. There was no explanation offered. Just here's a generic post apocalyptic world and we expect you to get it because of its generic-ness.

Swing and a miss for me.
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I love this show!
KalkiNozomi15 August 2017
Hello to anyone who reads my review :)

I never really liked Rick from the walking dead, and I never really liked Zombies. Right off the bat I felt pretty scared watching this show because I am from Seattle, and the idea of Yellow Stone blowing up is a reality I am afraid of! Who is to say that it doesn't contain some sort of chemical that will turn people into Zombies..? Well that wouldn't be as big of an issue as VAMPIRES who can think and destroy defenses with tools. I feel like they really nailed a Fallout 3/4 atmosphere on the Television, which is pure awesome. I like how the Vampires aren't retarded and can think for themselves, making the survival situation that much more intense. Let's not forget about the cool line of up cast :) Axel is da man, and we all love Vanessa. Personally I think if you don't like this show, you're just like those people who hate on Rick and Morty. This is a great show and I am so happy it got a season 2 :)

By the way can you guess who the murderer is? I boiled it down to two people, and I was right haha! Well thanks for reading, I really love this show and I hope you will too :)
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awful beyond redemption
flowirin31 August 2016
Perhaps there was some underlying humour i failed to get?

Scene after boring scene, with people behaving really strangely and all the time some woman lying on a table - perfect makeup - apparently for years.

My partner and i were joking about how attentive her minder must have been, or perhaps she didn't sweat or have normal bodily functions.

ah well, a random princess seems about right in this mess of a show.

Badly shot, with bad choreography and awful dialogue and actions, this is completely miss-able. And stupid vampires. really really stupid vampires.
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Mediocre show
christiangrey-013967 June 2021
Just borring with zombie like vampires. Dissapointing don't be hyped by seeing the Van Helsing title...
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Up and Down
FilmMcCool24 May 2021
So I enjoyed season 2, 3 and most of 4, but after that it all got a bit lame, the storyline that is. The storyline developed into an anything goes kind of story and it all kinda fell apart.
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Starts out ok, gets better, then goes off the rails
CyricTheCynic16 November 2020
This show is all over the place in terms of writing and tone. It starts out fairly grounded: a group of survivors have to make tough decisions to make it in a vampire-infested post apocalypse. The characters are interesting for the most part, although the main character Vanessa is by far the least likeable, though she gets a bit better by season 3/4. The show has a lot of good practical gore effects as well, although I think in the universe of Van Helsing people don't have spines because it is RIDICULOUSLY easy to cut off someone's head in this show, lol.

The show started to lose me in seasons 3/4, however. It seems like the show got more of a budget for season 4 so they started using more bad CGI and adding pointless side locations and characters for no real reason other than because they could. Also, after all the build up of the Dark One, when you actually see it, it is soooo underwhelming. The vampires in the first two seasons (Dimitri and Aleera) were far more terrifying than the campy ones that are in the later seasons. There's a lot more tension in general in the first two seasons, by the second season you're pretty much never worried about the main characters for reasons which will become apparent if you watch. Also, the show just basically replaces the two main characters with younger versions in season 4 because why not?

As for if I'd recommend it, maybe watch the first season a bit. If you like the main characters then maybe give it a go, if not I wouldn't bother.
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wtf!! pls someone tell me this is a joke
wolverinex-0468921 October 2020
Bad first season, but you keep watching hopping gets better, season 2 it's a soo soo, 3 season its bad, 4 SEASON ITS A JOKE, just saw 4 episodes fast foward to see if one of the main characters apoya gain, but now they freaking made a reboot of their own show hahah im surprised i saw it that far.

Hope you read these and don't do the same mistake i did.
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