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In a world were you get what you pay for?
chrislowe-2744525 April 2018
I wouldn't recommend spending money to watch this film. Putting aside the lackluster acting, effects, and storytelling. Mohawk is riddled with tiny fragments of potential. I dare say the lack of budget and acting isn't its biggest weakness. Plot and pacing secure Mohawks position in the lackluster section of Indie movies.
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Great subject but under done
HalBaker_MA2 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
OOf! Started watching. Looked kind of interesting at first, but wow, severe historical inaccuraccies and anachronisms rear their ugly heads. Understandably, given history and subject matter, refreshing to have a pro-first nation slant.

Why do non-American (I think it was a Canadian production) love putting actors playing American military character heavies in a southern accent? Most of the early American enlisted regulars were immigrants, poor seamen from port cities idled by the drop in maritime trade due to the Royal Navy, or local apprentices and farm boys running away for adventure. Other than that small number of regulars, there were the militia, that is, locals. Ergo, why the southern accents? WTF? People of little means didn't travel far.

What is with the guy with the steampunk specs?? All I could think of was 1988's "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen."

Seriously, it got so bad so quickly that I couldn't watch anymore. Too bad. This slice of First Nation history needs to be told on the screen/TV.

How about a movie on the Stockton Indians (mix of Nipmuc, Wampanoag, Abnaki, and other New England tribes) and their combat contributions in the Revolution? Or the actual civil war between the Iroquois during the Revolution where Tuscarora and the Oneida sided with the rebels?

Anyway, so sad to see good bits of history not getting proper treatment.

FYI, check out reviews by History Buffs and their friends on YouTube for a guide to well-done historical films.
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A Student Film That Fails
EdD523 May 2018
There is absolutely nothing about this "film" that can fairly be called professional. To begin with, the digital capture is so bad as to verge on video tape. It is crisp to the point of lifeless and has no personality or artistry. The dialogue and story are completely hackneyed and seem like an alien's approximation of a thousand other stories, but only clumsily apes anything that seems real. But BY FAR the worst thing about this mess is the acting. The Mohawk older woman/mother may be the worst actress I've seen since Billy Jack's girlfriend. Strike that, because she's even worse. The two "actors" playing her son and daughter are also execrable, and not one word out of any of them sounds period. They seem like modern day people plucked out of a mall. It's all so, so bad. I don't have any idea how so many critics on RT gave this garbage a pass. The audience score is much closer to the reality of this waste of time.
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Mohawk is a very cheaply made movie, and it shows.
edinadental21 July 2018
Mohawk is a low budget indie with decent acting, good cinematography and sound; but a terrible screenplay. The actors actually do a decent job presenting the characters while overcoming a horrible script with poor dialogue and a ridiculous storyline.

This is a very cheaply made movie and, and it shows. There is a grand total of 18 total cast members, and less than half this number have a screen presence longer than 15 minutes. Costuming and makeup is a joke: The Native American characters wear modern machine-sewn clothing, and the makeup would be appropriate for a modern rock band. The screenplay is awful: Scenes meant to create suspense drag on forever and are never more than simply boring. The story's thread changes themes, and the ending is a metaphysical event that challenges even viewers who are willing to suspend their disbeliefs.

The Producer/Director is obviously interested in armaments (flintlock guns and cutlery - knives, razor blades, and swords) and the effect of these weapons when their projectiles or blades strike a human. Loading, firing and the sound of projectiles is very realistic. Special effects depicting gore are very realistic in this movie. The camera lingers over wounded characters as they bleed to death from various wounds.
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not a horror film, but for the horrors of man
phenomynouss4 August 2018
This was listed as a horror movie by Netflick. It is not a horror movie by the "conventional" means of paranoia/ghosts/random asshole murderer, but more along the lines of Heart of Darkness type horror. This is quite obvious by the tone set in the film, and the low-key music constantly throbbing like a nihilistic slasher flick.

what made this film compelling to me was its depiction of American soldiers in the war of 1812. well aware it was a very cynical and exploitative war which did not see the best of America in any real way, and depicting each American character with a hint of ugliness and griminess that is at once artistically driven while also completely believable and realistic. It would likely make more sense for the small group to mostly consist of young men with barely shaven beards, rather than the motley arrangement of human horrors we get.

The scene in which they come into contact with the protagonists, a british agent Joshua trying to persuade a local Mohican group to join them in the war against the americans, and the niece and nephew of some of the leaders, "Oak" and Calvin, who despite another reviewer complaining of Oak having blue eyes, are both played by actual Native American/Mohican actors.

Much of the film becomes a bloody hunt as the tiny detachment of American soldiers try to capture the british agent and have to deal with him and the mohawks with him.

It does get bloody at times, but it was nowhere near the level of gore or blood that would've been expected. We never get any real "gore" until the very end, and even then in a very quick, split-second shot of someone's hand split in half.

Throughout the hunt, we are mostly focused on the Americans rather than Oak and Joshua and Calvin, and as such we get to see them interact privately in a way that drops their initial "Ugly American" bravado and humanizes them in a way which makes their continued actions the more gruesome for their brutality.

but the problem is that not enough of this is actually shown, nor even really mentioned. There's a few references to off-screen massacres that had happened, committed by the Mohawks, followed by a sort of reprisal by the Americans, but we are simply not given enough in the way of building up the "journey" for this group.

They are not inherently evil, yet they are doing some inherently evil acts, and it is clearly affecting them all on a psychological level. Even Oak and her group find themselves becoming hardened to the bloodshed, but not in a way that really crosses over into that realm of "darkness" that could metaphorically push a man to become a beast.

It is a similar sort of "journey" that makes up the story of Heart of Darkness / Apocalypse Now, but there's really just not enough happening in this journey to fully arrive at the dramatic "turning point", so that the events as they unfold start to become repetitive, and the movie goes into its ending without much satisfaction.
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A bloody mess
dunlavey-108644 July 2018
The title sequence was actually good. The guy who did that used period map and inserted credits over the map. Made me think this might be a film with actual historical merit and research. It all went down from there. Jason vs Predator vs Frankenstein bad horror flick is what it became. So sad to take potential of this era and make a squib fest gore mongering ridiculous mess.

A mutilated hand becoming a sharp stabbing bone defies reason or anatomy. And since there is so much talk of scalping, why no scalping? The one bloody thing this lame film that seems driven by over the top bloody effects does not do. Maybe it would be too historically accurate. Because authenticity is the furthest from their minds, and doing so would upset the downward spiral of this slasher pic set in the woods.
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I wish it was better researched Warning: Spoilers
It's 1812 and American soldiers want to get to Fort George? Fort George was the British defense against Fort Niagara, which was their other choice. The Mohawks were in eastern NYS. Where the hell is this happening? The young Mohawk screams during torture. As a rule they valued a brave silence. Some outlandish eye gear and dialogue a bit contemporary... I've written historical fiction set in this era and it would have been easy to fix this.
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Pathetic, Waste of Time, DO NOT Watch!
stkoreansf16 September 2018
This excuse of a movie is a waste of film, money, and time to make. There is nothing believable in it and it should be destroyed. This did not help any of the D grade actors increase their standing.
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Don't waste your time !
nycscott11 July 2018
Wow another bad Netflix movie , either an amateur attempt or film school project ! Laughable acting accents and dialogue ! Historical inaccuracies abound just a real bad low budget waste of time made it to about the 40 min mark couldn't watch anymore ! Netflix notified me of this junk I thought it could be good but WOW was I wrong !
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franka_van_loon25 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The War of 1812 (1812-1815) was a conflict fought between the United States, the United Kingdom, and their respective allies. Historians in Britain often see it as a minor theatre of the Napoleonic Wars. (Wikipedia) Now picture yourself the movie with Gibson (The Patriot) yes I know that was 35 years before the settings of this movie, but picture this movie the patriot and see it as it is being made in your own backyard, with the people from your own neighbourhood, that is Mohawk. The actors are trying but the overall acting is bad, everybody is speaking Canadian-English and the costumes are made on a sowing-machine. And honestly I can not tell you more because I left this movie after 45 min.
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famousjax18 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This so called film is awful!! horrible!! I'm pretty sure this is a comedy because this movie is nothing but bad acting and "staged fake violence". I think the director found every bad actor in Hollywood and put them all in this film. This movie cannot be saved. There is nothing historic about this film, its a bunch of idiot people in makeup and costumes running around the forest in a circle!! None of the characters could keep any sort of accent. I can't even tell you what accent they were even trying to accomplish because its THAT BAD. Horrible costumes! The lead character lady Oak has on a modern short red skirt and a short sleeve shirt that I'm pretty sure came from Walmart. In one scene she straddles the other lead character Joshua and you can see a panty line LOL. Sure, alright, maybe back in those days Indians wore panties...not!!!

This movie starts out with Indians and the lead character Joshua around a fire and Joshua is trying to warn the Indians that war is coming and they need to fight. The Indians try to look fierce and stern in this scene and accomplish neither. So short summary the indian calvin goes off and kills some white settlers or soldiers i'm not sure as we never see who was so called slaughtered. This brings the dumbest soldiers out to pursue the Indians for revenge. Even the soldiers try to do accents and fails embarrassingly. One of the soldiers had on ridiculous pair of goggles that fit no where in history or the movie. Just wow so bad!

Well, Calvin goes to confront the dumb soldiers(ohhh scary...yea not!!) they tackle him and he tries to kill one with a tomahawk which he raises above his head and then PAUSES (Yes, you read that right, Pauses!) waiting for one of the dumb soldier behind him to take his cue and shoot him in the arm. Then of course what went on from there was a so called torture scene which is nothing but fake violence, fake blood & fake screams. They make him scream in hopes of the other 2 characters, Joshua and oat, to show up and rescue their lover calvin. Which of course happens they show up and then we have more fake violence and blood. Then Joshua and Oak run away in the forest that i'm pretty sure was just a circle of them going around and around. They dig a hole underground and wait and sure enough! the dumb soldiers find them and blah blah blah tries to smoke them out. While Oak and Joshua are coughing because of the smoke all of the sudden the coughing stops (but not the smoke) and she tells him that she's pregnant. offfff courseee. They proceed to dig their way out another way away from the smoke that they didn't seem affected by anymore shockingly. At one point they get to a river and steal a canoe by another person who had his camp right by the river. They try to fake negotiate with him to take the canoe hes not happy and they take it anyway but don't worry cuz the guy is a horribbbllleee shot and he doesn't inflict any harm on the 2 canoe stealers. Blah Blah Blah Joshua and Oak show up to a cabin and find Oaks uncle and tribe members dead. Yes you guessed it!! More fake blood and fake violence happens!! (i mean why change anything at this point. Obviously the director thought he had a film full of action, drama, history and all that he really had was a comedy.) Anyway back to the wonderful fake violence. Oak gets a knife thrown at her hand that leaves her stuck to a tall pole/tree/wood i guess. This of course renders her helpless (its hollywood eyeroll) as she watches her lover die then she is shot. BUT WAIT!! its not the end of this god awful film!! She comes back from the dead and goes and gives herself a haircut (because thats sensible and totally historic...not!!!!) and hunts the dumbest soldiers down to kill them with the fake violence that is shown throughout the whole movie of course. Oh did i say the Indians looked scary?? um no they didn't even look like indians rather just people with Halloween makeup on. I'm not sure they could have done anything else to make this film even worse because they thought and covered everything that makes this a hooorrriiibbbllleee film.

If you want to see a good indian movie go watch hostiles! they have great actors and an actual story not a fairytale like Mohawk.

The end and your welcome! :)
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treywillwest12 September 2018
This is an above average action film, but what makes it unique is the intensity of its anti-American sentiment. The patriotic, white soldiers of the early USA are depicted as savage, racism-driven monsters fit only for destruction. Indeed, the only decent white character in this movie is a British noble trying to form an alliance with the Mohawk tribe against the genocidal forces of Yankeedom. I think the fact that this film got made at all demonstrates that the USA is being better understood as having been a racist, murderous colonial project from its inception.
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Not bad but could have been better
mochteam26 February 2020
With a bigger budget, better costumes, improved script and some better actors. I only watched it because Kaniehtiio Horn actually made it worth watching. A different spin on a revenge story but the movie almost seems cartoonish at some points. The gore is pretty good actually it's almost way too good for this movie. Some people might like it some might not. Mostly because they want to believe early American soldiers were good guys. Actually they did some pretty evil things. You can't build a country without getting your hands dirty and being immoral. If anything this movie was too kind to what actually took place in history.
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Great Gore But Nothing Else
neener37072 July 2018
I asked myself "is this what passes for a film nowadays"? But then I remember many 70's and 80's gore films that I still enjoyed, but weren't in any way good films. So while it is indeed terrible, if you are just looking for a bloody film, then you'll semi-enjoy this one. Everything else is just so incredibly bad, looks like a film made by a group of children. Acting was terrible, story was stupid, wildly historically innacurate, its totally beyond me how film critics could praise this film, probably they do so because it feeds their "powerful woman" and "powerful minorities" quota. This was just so completely laughable, I really was only half-watching it, i would highly recommend you skip this one.
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just for the lovers of the bloody situations
trashgang24 April 2018
I came across Mohawk due the fact that some siad that this was as gory as hell. Not being a horror I thought, well, scalping can be gory so give it a try.

It shows after seen it that the budget wasn't that big after all but that the money indeed went to the effects. By effects I mean, the gory or bloody stuff. But being a horror buff I can't really say that it is gory but some will be offended by the bloody mess running throughout this flick. Take the red stuff away and this flick fails completely.

The story is rather simple. Go kill the mohawks as pure revenge for the killing they did of US soldiers. That's it. Not that much of characterisation. Pure cat and mouse and a bit of weird situations with the skull apperanaces, even a bit supernatural espescially towards the end.

The killings are really welldone on part of the effects and geeks of the genre will love that but overall it moves a bit too slow and you are just waiting for the next hit.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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bubbaspapaw-8460825 May 2019
This movie has just officially become the absolute WORST movie I have ever seen in all my years....You name it, lame writing, horrid acting and laughable wardrobe equals 91 wasted minutes I will never get back in life. Run away from this stinker
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Total crap and that was the good parts!
roadtosturgis2 August 2018
Seriously? I mean seriously? There is no doubt who ever wrote this crap has no clue about American history, and is probably not an American. And perhaps he just likes to watch Native Americans suffer. That is a whole other issue. If he had advertised it as a sci-fi recreation or something perhaps the lack of proper art direction and costuming wouldn't have made us cringe as much. And dear God man, there are so many good actors out there so why did you hire such terrible ones? Unless they looked great during the auditions and the director imposed his lack of ability on them. Ive seen great actors hamstrung by terrible directors before so...
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Nice facepaint
zhenya197714 March 2018
After being an #IMDB member for over six years I suddenly chose to write a review of a movie tonight (mostly for practice), yet the sight wouldn't allow me to do that, so I'm forced to practice here. Tonight I saw "Mohawk" for no apparent reason, I simply watch a lot of movies while I work. Obviously I'm pretty lucky to have a job that allows me to do that while I fulfill my responsibilities. I gave this flick four stars out of ten, and I'd like to explain every star. The first star was for Karim Hussain for cinematography. That dude is doing a fine job. He caught my eye with "Hobo with a Shotgun" at first, but later with "Free fire" by Ben Wheatley. He had an opportunity to do some fun shots in a forest in "Mohawk" and he definitely took advantage of those. Of course, he had very little to work with - this isn't a very good movie - yet even in this situation his work at times shines. The next two stars go to Ezra Buzzington. This guy is slowly reaching that dubious status of "I don't know this guy's name, but I've seen him somewhere". There is a bunch of bit roles on his resume, notably "Fight Club" and "The Hills Have Eyes", so he could've been a bit of a princess and simply sleepwalked through this movie. Yet this guy did his job so well that I'll always remember him now. He had nothing to work with but chose to try to make something out of that. A special mention goes to Eamon Farren that some might remember from the latest incarnation of "Twin Peaks" (he played the son of evil Coop). Granted, he doesn't do anything memorable in this particular role. However he is portraying a fairly positive character, yet I couldn't help myself but dislike him the whole time, since his role in "Twin Peaks" was so good that now he is forever that evil shitbird from David Lynch's multiverse. Kudos for that. The final star goes to the director - Ted Geoghegan. Apparently he's made another movie before - We Are Still Here - but I hadn't seen it. I did just watch "Mohawk" though, and this one is a good lesson on how not to make movies. Mr. Geoghegan also wrote the screenplay and that's where most of my dissatisfaction starts. This is a story that doesn't really give us any human connection, nor does it provide any food for thought. In a case like this the audience should expect some action or horror, yet there is almost none of that. The whole thing is entirely ludicrous, and the closer we get to the conclusion the more ridiculous it becomes. So why give the star to the director? I surely understand how hard it is to get a project from point A to point Z. I barely manage to draw a six page comic at times. And the director's effort is seen in this movie. Not to mention how ambitious this project is for an indie filmmaker. This dude is definitely going to make more movies, and some of them will be good. To sum it up - don't waste your time on "Mohawk" unless you are an aspiring director. But if you do - look for the good stuff and chose to ignore the sloppiness. This isn't a big production and deserves respect for what it is.
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Aimless indie
Leofwine_draca15 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
MOHAWK is an indie action/adventure movie masquerading as a big budget production. It's a historical story, set during the War of 1812, in which Native American characters find themselves harassed, tortured, and excuted by some very unpleasant American soldiers. Variously it recalls APOCALYPTO and THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, but overall it's rather a disappointing effort, one of those cheapies set in the woods which tells a small-scale and limited storyline. The emphasis is on telling a visually storyline with a lot of pain and bloodshed, but when you care nothing for the characters involved then this all becomes rather passe as a result. On the plus side, the costumes and occasional set are quite realistic, so it's just a pity that aimless, meandering storyline couldn't add any oomph to the tale.
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Last of the Mo'Wokes
wpirotte1 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
So, ya gotcher original idear of Mohicans, mix it with the War of 1812, icing it up with not so much "white man bad" as "American white man bad". Ya have to invent new racial slurs, like "forest-N*" to drive home the point. American white man bad. Yeah. We got it. Throw in a steam punk guy, totally out of nowhere (obviously the student's cosplay freak Uncle Pete). Make the lead a a woman of color pregnant female. Of course, she is smarter than her friends, tougher than her enemies, a real Akwesasne Mary Sue. Oh, yeah, white American men torture Indians literally for fun. Now, apart from the woke aspect of this flailing tantrum, it actually attempts to teach a little bit of actual history. Dude, I know! The dialog buries the plot which is buried by horrific direction. The production values are, oddly, pretty darn good. We have to wonder why the Indian chick is not a pro abortion climate changer, so, epic fail on that one. The one question which IS NOT answered by this movie: Are there pictures of Trudeau in half black face?
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Not bad for a low budget
Der_Schnibbler3 February 2019
Very gruesome, as the doctor ordered. Only thing is you struggle to maintain interest at some points. You just don't care that much about these characters.

Extra marks for avoiding the predictable libtard preaching, considering the subject matter. Both sides are portrayed as the sad, traumatized headcases they are.
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Absolute Garbage!!!!
dangowman-0081721 August 2018
One reviewer said it was like a high school project; they should apologize to high school students everywhere!!! At least Ed Wood can rest in his grave, knowing that someone made a worse movie than 'Planet 9 Frrom Outer Space'!!!! The same grunts, groans, gutterall screaming over and over and over. I feel bad for every actor and everyone involved, save the Producer & Director as this movie will look very bad on their resume!!!
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Just not right
This whole film is inaccurate, it's a mess, I took a chance on watching it on Netflix ,didn't understand was it was under the category of "horror " so not ,they need a section for crap fiction Not recommended
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This is my first review on IMDB
pauljkennedyoc8 July 2018
This movie is terrible. Made it through 20 painful minutes. Please tell me the actors in this movie didn't get paid.
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snipers-499206 July 2018
So painful. had to turn it off after 10 minutes. don't waster your time. who would put up money for something this BAD?
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