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Ein weniger krautlish spy/warcrime drama
ops-5253531 December 2019
Bad sound quality, bad filmography,terrible editing and lousy score, but interesting idea, but it torpedoes itself with a terrible plot presentation. the actors really try but never comes to a good average of acting.

its a film about cia,stasi,nazi and good old feindschaft between rural villages in eastern germany.remember in medevil times, germany were just a sakc filled with a 1000 small states, each with a castle at the highest hill, were living and dead made their own traditions, and looked upon everyone new as a potential enemy.

the film is not good, barely a small recommend from the grumpy old man
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This movie is just awful!
waarisjan23 January 2020
This movie is just awful!

Bad sound, bad plot and bad cinematography. I fell asleep twice while watching this movie, yes it is that boring! I wanted to watch it because THE BUZLUDZHA MONUMENT is in the movie. I've been there to take pictures. Feel free to take A look at my website, if you scroll to the right on my website you eventually see the THE BUZLUDZHA MONUMENT from the inside. www.waarisjan.be
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