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Familiar elements in a winning episode
denmat5028 May 2016
Episode 6 STC is out today and boy is it a doozie! Pulling threads from classic TOS episodes like Amok Time, Charlie X, and Devil In The Dark, this is fan familiar territory that really gives the cast a chance to shine. I loved it start to finish. Peppered with moments of genuine comedy that rivaled the best laughs of the original series lies a drama that succeeds in tugging at your heart. Not going unnoticed, by the way, were some unique perspectives of the Enterprise - I found them marvelous. "Beauty shots" are a bit hard to create in Star Trek's fiftieth year, but the tech nerd in each of us will find a few here. If you like your Trek old-school, right down to seeking new life forms in a big Roddenberry pie... well here it sits. In an episode that doles out snark in ever increasing amounts, Kipleigh Brown's Yeoman Smith delivers in her every scene. This is season 4 TOS for the connoisseur. Get the kids and raise a glass for "Come Not Between The Dragons"
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Starting To Really Like This Show (No Spoilers)
marcusanton955 June 2016
When I discovered this series I was sure I'd dislike it. It took less time to start to really like it then I'd of thought. Vic Mignogna is not William Shatner but his performance show's he doesn't need to be. Vic has taken the character and made it his own.The actor playing Spock (Todd Haberkorn) does a descent job. I think he shows emotion in ways the original Spock wouldn't have. Christopher Doohan is the easy to see as Scotty. He even looks like the original character. I admit to having a serious attraction to the counselor, Michele Specht. I'm a sucker for a redhead. Seriously she is great actor/actress, delivers her lines convincingly. I find myself regularly looking to see if a new episode has been made. Give the show a chance, I think you'll like it as well.
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Bones got socked in the jaw, Scotty got stunned as the crew brawled over a Pokémon!
organicsocial30 May 2016
The Episode over must be credited for its overall better visuals and set design. Although it does not match the superior plot theme of Divided We Stand or the high drama of Fairest of Them All; The two strongest episodes of the series in my opinion. Come not Between the Dragons reminds me of TNG episode Galaxy's Child as with the space organism and eminent threat on the ship, but it's also different in many ways. The Enterprise acting like child protective services was a bit corny but from TOS standards it seemed to fit in the franchise. It could be still better if STC breaks the mold a bit and builds story arcs rather than standalone episodes like TOS. Since the premise of this show is set after the events of TOS third season, there could be two major arcs involving the Klingons and the Romulans. An ongoing conflict with Tholians is also a possibility. This is after all just a fan suggestion and up-to the cast and crew of STC which is not loosing me anytime soon.
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Very nice, but Kirk is a bit out of character
susancomics27 June 2016
I am a big fan of Star Trek Continues, and truly thrilled with the work that Vic Mignogna and the rest of the team has done and continues to do. The sets are amazing, and the sound effects, costumes, story lines... everything... are on target with the original series. We are very lucky that these fans have pulled together to create STC. I do have to say though, that I was a bit disappointed in the character portrayal of Captain Kirk in this last episode. In the original series, Captain Kirk has a persona of being bigger and better than the average Star Trek human. This "super human" nature is what makes him such a wonderful leader and captain. You can count on him to put up a bigger fight and hold on longer than any other captain in the fleet! In the original series, Captain Kirk would put up a heroic fight before succumbing to any alien force. He would exhibit emotional and physical struggles to retain control of himself before being consumed. I did not see that struggle in "Come Not Between the Dragons." Captain Kirk seemed to just give right in to the anger that was consuming the crew. No big deal. Go with the flow... oh what a disappointment! To remain true to his character, Vic needed to exhibit a super-human struggle before falling into the anger. I really missed that in this episode. Vic is a good actor, and he could have pull this off with no problem. It just did not happen.
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