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Season 2

27 Jun. 2019
Episode #2.1
June al-Baqee, a newly returned foreign fighter, who fought against ISIS in Syria, is kidnapped. Only Philip Nørgaard, a former police Terror Task Force chief currently on leave, seems to believe she's really in danger.
1 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.2
Philip follows June's trail to the ferry between Denmark and Sweden and warns the captain that a kidnapping is taking place onboard. The captain triggers the terror alarm and the police Terror Task Force is activated, but this time without Philip to lead them.
8 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.3
The privateers highjack the ferry and take all passengers, among them Philip, and personnel hostage. The privateers try to force June to surrender by threatening the hostages, while TTF considers the best attack strategy.
15 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.4
With Philip locked in the kitchen freezer, the privateers force June to reveal the location of her cellphone, which contains comprising material from her time in Syria. Meanwhile TTF and S.W.A.T. teams prepare for an attack on the ferry.
22 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.5
The freezer, with June and Philip locked inside, is reaching dangerously cold temperatures. TTF are numbed in frustration, and Yusuf, the leader of the privateers, gets critical news from their mysterious leader "A".
29 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.6
With Philip neutralized, a startled TTF is running out of options and are left with no other options than to accept the privateers' demands.
6 May 2019
Episode #2.7
TTF finally has a lead on June's cellphone, but must hurry to get to it before "A". On the ferry, time is running out for the hostages and Philip must risk his own life to help them as the ferry approaches land.
16 May 2019
Episode #2.8
June makes one last desperate attempt to make sure her mission is carried out. Philip does whatever he can to make sure it doesn't cost June her life.

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