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For the last 4 years I've been trying to watch all of Star Trek...
meeelting7 August 2019
For the last 4 years or so I've been making my way through every Star Trek series and episode ever made. I had finally reached this show; Star Trek: Discovery, and I was very happy about finally seeing a modernised Star Trek show.

Unfortunately, this will be the first Star Trek series I will not finish.

They've really nailed the aesthetics of the show, and they had some great plot twists going in season 1.

The problem is Michael. Whatever Michael does, will always turn out to the be the exact correct thing to do. I dread every time the character appears on screen because I know it'll ruin any suspense. She's a walking deus ex machina, and the character robs the show of any thrills and enjoyment.

Michael is somewhat okay in Season 1, and even has a great few starter episodes - even though the show would immensely improve by giving her less focus. However, as the series progresses it becomes gradually worse, and by the time you're halfway through Season 2 just zoom in on Michael and Crew making sad faces or shocked faces, like in some spacey soap opera, while Michael saves the day in some inane way yet again. It actually get's so bad that even all the problems that they face are in some way always related to Michael.

Star Trek has always been about the crew and not one character - even though the captain getting some extra screen time. This is not - the crew in Star Trek: Discovery are explored a little bit, but only through the lens or the catalyst of Michael, who always ends up solving their problem somehow.

Star Trek has been about exploring, about thinking and trying to solve problems in a humane, intelligent way. A show that is trying to portrait not humanity as it is, but as it would be at it's very best.

But this show is about flashy effects, the crew being in constant panic over the most ridiculous things, and Michael constantly bailing them out in ways that are appropriate for low-quality fandom ramblings.

It's boring. It doesn't challenge. It's not worth watching.
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The Michael Burnham Show
farpin-8081617 April 2019
This is not Star Trek, it's a show centered in the character of Michael Burnham, and I had enough of her. The "know it all" attitude, the dramatics, the never stop crying, the every plot centered around her is higly unnerving. I liked Captain Pike a lot and Saru as well, but the other characters get on my nerves as well, the camaraderie between them seems forced, and there is too much drama and crying.

Other problem is the Klingons, that ugly prosthetic that make their faces look rubbery and the muffled voices. Horrible!
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Dumbed down
Jack_C_24 August 2019
TNG and DS9 hold the bar for what Star Trek should be - philosophically inspiring explorations into a possible future we can all aspire to, even in the midst of intergalactic war. Discovery is an insult to their legacy.

Season 1 is a tired, dumbed down, shoot them up, mumble jumble of betrayals and double betrayals. A couple of great ideas like the mycelial network and alternate dimensions were explored, but we were only treated to superficial whip cream, not the sundae.

Klingons degenerated into barely comprehensible villains who have to spit out every word. Their bleached skin, one-dimensional characters have no redeemable value. I miss the warrior race bound by ritual and honor we both loved and hated in past incarnations. The female empowerment clap trap was not consistent with their misogynistic culture and seemed slapped on like a dead fish.

Season 2 held promise until episode 7. New Eden almost transported me back to the TNG days. As soon as Spock joined the plot, the story became grade school and every character's IQ dropped below 90. The last episode of Season 2 redeemed it a bit, but not enough to make me pick up season 3.

Don't trust the studio hacked ratings. No Trekkie would rate this over 5 stars. Netflix needs to stop paying for the international rights as it is simply rewarding bad behavior. Hope it gets cancelled.
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Completely misses Start Trek Philosophy
koray-arikan17 January 2020
Besides space battles, future technology and the story, Star Trek's philosophy is the human story seeking advancement and perfection. STD completely misses this and becomes a Sci-Fi mambo-jambo built around a single character of Burnham. I was sick of watching every problem faced has a shallowly thought and "immediate" solution, which is discovered by an individual in 5 seconds. STD is a complete failure.
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I tried to re-watch it to see if I was wrong
peterjdickinson14 August 2019
The work done on the technical side should not be condemned. However, the writing, pacing and preaching are stunningly appalling. This is not Star Trek. It is a show about a woman who is some sort of god, that's going to save us all, surrounded by right on people who talk nonsense. Star Trek: Voyager had the perfect lead and great characters. Star Trek: Discovery has the worst possible lead character in a show that seems to think cutting from one idiot to the next makes great TV. I'm not surprised Jason Isaacs, a very talented actor, was completely lost in the incompetence of it all. I can only imagine how happy he felt not to be in the second season which was mind bendingly awful. This is nonsensical garbage with great FX.
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Misses the mark
soneil127 August 2019
When Star Trek The Next Generation began I was apprehensive but soon grew to love the show. With the other shows that followed (Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise) I enjoyed each one immensely. So I was excited about Discovery. I watched the first episode and wasn't impressed. But a single episode is often not enough to judge a show on so I gave it a chance. After a few more episodes left me with no desire to watch any more I gave up. I've heard that season 2 is better but I'm not going to sit through a whole season of mediocre to bad episodes just to get to the good ones.

So why don't I like it? For starters I found the main character unlikable. I know it's not the actor's fault since I loved her character in The Walking Dead. As I watched the show though I just found her to be un-relateable and lacking in any warmth. The show seemed to follow the same pattern. Superior officer makes a decision. Main character arrogantly says they're wrong. Main character is proven right. I know she's supposed to be educated by klingons but Spock, Tuvoc etc all had enough warmth without being so annoyingly perfect. Every other show had a protagonist (Janeway, Archer etc) who showed strength while also showing enough moments of warmth and weakness for the audience to connect with them. Even Picard who came off as stuffy and rigid at first quickly showed there was a lot more to him than that.

Now the Klingons. Why oh why did they make them like that? No good reason has been given for changing them from the other shows (budget and technology constraints were the only reasons they were different in the original). Why did we end up with klingons who look ridiculous and speak in a ridiculous slow, stilted way. They literally sound like actors talking through bad latex masks, which admittedly is what they also look like despite no doubt cutting edge makeup.

Most importantly there's the theme and general feel of the show. The bright optimism of the star trek we know has given way to bleak pessimism. Many things about the show's look are certainly familiar. Uniforms, ship designs etc are spot on. But the general bleak feel. Other star trek series managed to deliver action and suspense without trying so hard to be "dark and gritty". If I want to watch dark and gritty sci-fi I'll watch shows like The Expanse or Altered Carbon which do it so much better. Or the excellent reboot of Battlestar Galactica which pretty much popularised the darker, more serious type of sci fi tv series so popular now which Discovery seems to be trying to become. For that matter, perhaps Discovery should have pitched itself as a reboot rather than pretending to fit in to the continuity we know. That would at least explain the technology appearing so much more advanced than what is seen in shows set centuries later.

To sum up, this show hasn't delivered the Star Trek experience we know. It's been said again and again (and with good reason) that if you want to watch a show that feels like star trek, you're better off with The Orville. Which, while more or less originating as a star trek parody, has delivered storylines and characters far more like what Trek should truly be. For my part though, Discovery simply doesn't fit in to the Star Trek universe I've grown to love.
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a_sad_cow29 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
First Star Trek series I won't rewatch.

First Star Trek series I won't finish.

Just finished season one hoping it'd get better, but somehow it got worse. I had a bad feeling in the first episode when the "Vulcan" lead decides to take a solo suit into dangerous territory "to have fun". It's the least logical move possible. In fact, so much of the story is exposition that I don't even know why I bothered watching at all. I was waiting for the episode that said they lied about her being Vulcan, and it was some kind of diplomatic exchange. "Easier than the truth". Still waiting.

I guess the most astounding thing is the departure from Star Trek philosophy. Characters grounded in ideals. What more did we learn about being human? Nothing. What more did we learn about being Vulcan? Worse than nothing, it's almost all undone. What more did we learn about being Klingon? They're bad? It's like they missed the point of every episode in every other Star Trek series.

What about the murderous psychopath the crew rallied around to haphazardly reintegrate into society? It's all okay because he was apprehensive about being in a relationship? Possibly the dumbest thing I've seen in any series.

Even if they're exploring "less idealistic" philosophy, where's the crew? We get everything through the lens of Michael Burnam, and the rest have to be wrong to keep her in the spotlight. What about not only exonerating but saving and promoting the evil emperor when they get back from the alternate dimension? Is there no legal or ethical code whatsoever?

This is trash.

Stay away.
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Star Trek: Burnham
SnigBhaumik30 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Two lines simply would describe Star Trek: Discovery aptly. 1. Big Biiig Problem, and Very Veeery Simple Solution. 2. And, name. Name of the series should be "Star Trek: Burnham" instead.

Every now and then more than two episodes are spared to built a most challenging problem. And it is quickly resolved much before the 3rd one gets even completed. A little round table discussion between the "then" captain, Saru (not sure when he was weak, and when he was strong), the most forgettable Tyler, a confused Georgiou, a couple of other crews, and of course Michael Burnham.

Everything depends of Burnham. The future of entire galaxy depends of Burnham. Whatever she suggests, always works. Whatever she wants, everyone first objects, but finally accepts without exception. The role of Captain looks like to tranform a suggestion of Burnham into an official order. Strangely enough, even the infamous Red Angel turned out to be the mother of Burnham! Holy Cow! I am not against importance of a single character in a flick or series, of course it will be there. But at least there should be some other impactful characters as well to make things interesting!

And of course the scientific and inter-galactic incidents. Come on guys, we do not now live in a world where any scrap can be sold in the name of SciFi. It has to be logical, relevant and in line with science. The legacy named Star Trek is not that easy to carry over.

Seen two seasons. Not sure I'll go for the 3rd one, even if they have tried to end this season with much unfinished business.
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Just Say No
SomeBlueDevil20 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a Trekkie but I love scifi. I was raised on Star Trek TOS and except for TNG which I'm still catching up on, have watched all of the other series in their entirety.

First off, this show doesn't fit into the time it is supposed to take place. The creators made no effort at all to try and match this to fit between Enterprise and TOS. The science in this show is far more advanced than in ANY of the other shows taking place in a later time.

They are clearly going for visuals and new, shiny things to captivate the audience, instead of trying to work within the Trek verse to appeal to its base first.

Then there is not enough character development of the crew and there is no "team" cohesion. It doesn't feel like a crew, you can't relate to anyone and nobody is some really interesting. I always found at least one interesting character on each show. Not on this one.

Also, it's over the top politically correct. I'm a very tolerant and open-minded lefty and even I can't get past stuff like giving a female character a male name, seeing a same sex couple publicly display affection *while on the job* (it's a conflict of interest to even have them in a work relationship with one reporting to the other), and having a male suffering from PTSD that somehow includes "me too" by a female Klingon... There is a very distinct lack of testosterone on this show.

I can't stand what they've done to the Klingons, from the way they look to the way they talk. It's annoying as heck to listen to them talk or better say GRUNT. They bear no resemblance to anything we've come to know about Klingons over the past few decades. They're reduced to a bunch of apes, basically.

The costumes are alright though you can't identify ranks because somebody decided it would be a great idea to put the pips on the com badges. Yeah, tiny dots that nobody can make out unless they're close enough to smell your breath.

The story line sucks, too many people doing dumb things and not enough likable characters you feel like rooting for.

The ship looks cool - too cool for where it is in the timeline and we have a bunch of nice visuals. But beyond that, this is by far the worst series in the franchise.

Do yourself a favor and don't watch it. It will only spoil everything you've come to love about the Star Trek legacy.
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daniellawsonrt28 May 2019
Michael Burnham has many feelings. We get to hear all about these feelings in this new Star Trek series. Sad Michael Burnham, confused Michael Burnham, conflicted Michael Burnham, reflective Michael Burnham, angry Michael Burnham, and on rare occasions slightly happy Michael Burnham. This should be called Star Trek: The Many Moods Of Michael Burnham.
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Just Clueless and Boring
us_3302 February 2019
There are times when it's almost passable, and like I'm sure a lot of people I wanted to like it, but by the third episode of season 2 I totally give up. Klingons running around with Mohawk haircuts on a set that should have been lifted from a 1970s vampire movie , characters whose entire character is 'gay' or 'chubby' and nothing more, a plot so boring you'd rather wash the dishes, are all bad enough, but when they're re-characterizing the iconic Spock, well that's when it's time to give up.
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Sad face, please never again. Never again, really.
ejmeent28 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
So let's start this bit of reflection.

Positives. I'm a Star Trek fan, and "die hard" an anything with this theme. I had good hopes that taking a stance from a rebellious character could prove interesting. I invested my free Netflix month to see this through to season 2 end. Female character lead(s); I liked this in Voyager as well. I don't mind some plot holes and counter-logical actions.

Over-all result. I'm very disappointed on the content, story, acting and camera work. I will not invest in season 3.

Details. I liked the Captain Pike role and Phillippa roles. All others are robotic at best, and IMHO the series invested hugely in "Soap" set-ups. Really for a rebellious character, Michael Burnham as a character invests way too much in sad moments. I just can't see any more of these sad faces. Also there is -opposed to some soap- no humor really. I now hate the moments where there is a huge battle on, and then in-slides a moment with huge amounts of camera-roll around their sad faces, to take many minutes of "oh, I feel soo deeply sad" superficial dialogue shots. Instantly I press the Fast Forward for minutes, and I have not missed a thing.

I further find no reasonable excuse for any of the characters to admire Michel Burnham. The other characters do utter words of admiration, but there is no reason for it, and also their body language and the body language of Michael is utterly unreflective of this. I hoped this would get better in Season 2, as usually I find that a cast gets better adjusted towards each other. Just note the difference between STNG Season 1 and all next ones. Alas, only minor improvements were achieved. It's stil a robotic soap.

I hardly ever write reviews, and certainly am not a fan of negative feedback. But at this moment I can't think of a direction that would save this series, and allow it to be added positively into the results of this franchise. The "die hard" just died, I'm afraid.
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Definitely makes enterprise look good
billalford-2372715 July 2019
Incredibly PC and self-indulgent play to kill a franchise. Unfortunately, I was forced to stop watching after the first season was so disappointing. But if you're up for an LBGQ agenda or a me too movement meeting. you're in the right spot. I understand that the original franchise was groundbreaking, but they had good storyline and well written episodes. Nobody wants to put up with horribly written episodes and bad acting. Very disappointed in the entire thing. Pretty sure I'm not the only one on this.
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What happened to the thrill and wonder of space exploration?
hdcruzn23 October 2017
With a name like "Discovery" my hopes were set on great sci-fi content filed with intriguing unknown life forms and mysterious phenomenon. So why is the show primarily about the the impending doom of war? Just way too many things wrong with this Trek series to list. Too Dark. Too PC. Not my Star Trek.
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Star Trash
infessted5 June 2020
Roddenberry must be rolling over in his grave- what a disaster. It's the worst rated Star Trek series for a reason- it sucks. From the characters to the horrible lens filters to the trash writing- total cheese- even the opening theme music is garbage. This is how you almost ruin a franchise folks- by hiring actors who can't act and creating characters who are annoying- Michael Burn-the-HAM has to be one of the worst characters I've ever seen in a sci-fi series- followed by the annoying redhead chick. I couldn't get through the second episode!

10 trash cans out of 10.

Please cancel it now, please?
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Star Trek: Garbage
codynumba23 July 2019
Hope this show has a 7.4 rating is absolutely beyond me looking at the reviews. This show is absolute filth and a mockery of the Star Trek franchise.
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Ridiculous and unbelievable characterization of lead role
murraydianne7 February 2020
Good photography is not enough to save a sustain a series when the writing is so preposterous. As someone who served in the military I have to say it - there is no military organization in the world that would have allowed Michael to continue to be a member. She's unstable, undisciplined & insubordinate - why would Star Fleet - or any army, navy or air force for that matter want such an egotistical liability with them in any capacity? She would've would up in the custody of the meatheads and courtmarshaled - military career game over. It is entirely possible she would have been sentenced to death. The character is so very un-relatable, unsympathetic it's neatly indescribable. She behaves like she should be under care of an endocrinologist and a psychiatrist. This make the series unwatchable from the beginning. On top of that the writers have made the lead a total Mary-Sue. No human behaves like the lead does as no human being is perfect at everything they do. I was excited for a female lead but the writers have completely dropped the ball on this thing. It's garbage.
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Non-canonical garbage
jakerocks11 July 2019
A girl named Michael is supposed to be Vulcan trained but goes running off in all directions chasing every emotional surge she experiences and contradicting herself left and right. And who thought hairless Klingons was a good idea? Absolute worst story. They have tons of money to spend on sets and actors but no idea what to do with the story. Horrifyingly bad.
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Big budget, low quality.
JonjaNet15 August 2019
The acting, for the most part, is TERRIBLE. Saving graces are Doug Jones and Mary Wiseman. (Tilly is too talented for this)

Only watched 1st season so far. Stories are mediocre with exception to the three part "mirror universe" story line. That one is abominable!

Watched out of morbid curiosity. Giving it a solid "meh"
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Writers and actors should be fired.
futurebob9911 August 2019
Cons: Story seemed like it was written by a 14yo. Acting is stupid especially the lead, Michael. Overly dramatic and every time she just reaches into her pocket to pull out the script to give an answer on everything.

Pros: Special effects and a couple of good scenes.
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One of the worst TV shows I have ever seen
danmanx-221 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Regardless of the Star Trek "branding". This is one of the biggest disappointments I have ever seen in my 39 years on planet Earth.

The main problem of the entire plots is there is no basis in science fact. This is the most pseudo-science I have ever seen in Science Fiction. Sonar in space? The power of math? There is no logic from any of the characters and the writers seem to go on vacation during certain scenes that seemingly have no point and no structure to them. If Harlan Ellison was alive, this TV show would've killed him.

I have seen better Sci-Fi late night on the SyFy network late at night. I have seen better fan made productions [Axanar/Of Gods and Men/ST Continues]. I have seen better acting from grade school performances of peter pan on stage. This is the worst TV show I have ever seen.

How many producers are part of this show? This show has had multiple showrunners and it's also been shown that the ratings for this have been "fixed". They're now pushing Star Trek: Picard as their big draw on CBS:AA because this show was so damn lousy. If you check Google Trends, it never even made a dent in worldwide trending. Go ahead. Seek knowledge.

If you do decide to view this monstrous dumpster fire, then prepare yourself. A bullet would be much easier than this slow death. Go watch The Expanse instead. It's light years beyond this horrid production.
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Pretty terrible:
Kareneo27 July 2019
Sad to see what has become of Star Trek on TV. This show is quite bad. Every now and then, they'll show you a glimpse of what they could achieve (as a show) but no, then it's back to a truckload of incoherent, inconsistent rubbish again. Very sad to see. I only managed to watch season 1 and most of season 2, but then I was forced to give up (just too much nonsense for me) ANYhoo, I really hope the writers managed to course-correct in season 3 - who knows? Stranger things than that have happened ..?
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Half a century of cultural legacy flushed down the drain
ludzureklamas10 May 2018
If there's one single thing this show does well, it proves that just because you own the rights to something doesn't mean you have the capacity to make it - or even understand it for that matter.

Star Trek isn't just a name. Like every long running piece of fiction, it has its own set of defining characteristics. For some reason the creators of Discovery have chosen to disregard every single one of them. The question is - why?

Perhaps they wanted to move with the times and innovate. That in itself wouldn't be a problem. But this innovation feels entirely ego-driven. Why turn Klingons into Orks, especially in a prequel scenario? Only for innovation's sake. Narratively there's nothing new here at all. They've just made the next generic big budget space war fiction with a popular brand name on it. All right, perhaps they wanted to create an action packed space opera for the masses. But they could have done so in an original universe of their own, seeing how the defining characteristics of Star Trek don't really fit their purpose. Even a spin-off would have been better that this. So that leaves us with two logical explanations.

One - it's just naked profiteering. Star Trek is widely popular, therefore the big investment. Cynical, but likely true. And two - they just don't understand what Star Trek is about, nor do they care.

And that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that these people have nothing to say. There's no message here, only the same regurgitated social agenda that you can read anywhere on the internet at any given time. No matter where you stand on current issues, there's no interesting perspective here for anybody. Gone are the original ideas, outlandish plots, smart dialogue and philosophical conundrums that made Star Trek what it was. Now it's just self-righteous people shouting at each other and things exploding in space.

As if to compensate, the show is massively overproduced. There are copious amounts of lens flare, bloom, dutch angles, shaky-swirly cameras and unnecessary editing. It looks like the frame never stays in the same place for a even second. Watching an episode of Discovery feels like stepping into a tumble dryer. Things keep swirling all over the place even when there's no action on screen. I strongly suspect that if this wasn't called Star Trek, it would have no hope to succeed.

Normally I don't give 1 and 10 star ratings. Those should be reserved for the most unlikely sitations. I gave it a good thought, but couldn't find any single redeemable quality that this show has. Don't touch this with a ten foot pole.
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massrer5 July 2019
I can't express my disappointment in this series. It is beyond words.
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The best thing I can say...
BobRed26 January 2018
The best thing I can say about this show, is that maybe I was too harsh, and need to give Star Trek: Nemesis a better rating.
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