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To boldly cry where no man has cried before
cubic200223 February 2021
Ok, I have started then stopped and then started again and now stopped into 2 episodes of 3, this is a soap opera set in space, the crying..dear god the goddamn crying followed by the whispering speech. This is not Start Trek or even any form of entertainment but a muddled mess.
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Total betrayal
bernard-grobbelaar3 March 2021
Why, why, why? This is supposed to be earlier in the timeline, but supposedly the technology is more advanced than what came later. Utterly ridiculous to have a ship that can jump locations rather than travel using warp drive. The Klingons looked completely different. What was the point of changing everything. Give this series a different name and move it out of the Star Trek universe. It has nothing to in common with any of the original series. YUCK if the best word to describe this show.
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only barely related to the basic concept of star trek
fishhelmet4 March 2021
The writing is bad, the characters are bad, the plot is nonsensical. This is a true low mark for star trek.
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Horribly cheesy
satin-482501 March 2021
Does she cry and whisper and cry and whisper and cry... Cheesy is too weak a word to describe it. In this series, Sonequa Martin-Green is among the worst actors/actresses I've ever seen. Compared to her, silent movie actors would look restrained. Mary Wiseman is a close second in that race. Well, most actors are awful here (Michelle Yeoh and David Ajala are fine though). There were a few ok moments in seasons 1 and 2 (Michelle Yeoh was fun even). But season 3 is beyond salvation. Couldn't watch it till the end. Your life is worth more than that.
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The worst Star Trek of all time!
alanbranch-6449419 January 2021
So sad to see a modern well shot series ruined by such bad writing and production, I mean you really have to be bad to mess this up, the camera work, special effects & the majority of the actors are great, but the weird plots, endless crying, hugging, whispering and the insane obsession of having Michael Burnham in every shot , makes it so uncomfortable to watch. I would love to know what the actors think, surely they must be saying to themselves "seriously" every time they get an episode script. Looking at the 1-2 star reviews here I'm not the only one. I know there was infighting after the first season towards the writing team and 2 producers were sacked and some wannabe called Alex Kurtzman took over ,looks like the original producers were right to criticise the writing team as it's got steadily worse & worse. How any media company can sit down and fund this load of dross is beyond me. The poor actors .
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Feels like it's written for 12 year olds
wmhemsworth20 January 2021
It all feels forced. Instead of making you relate with characters through decent storytelling, they have relied heavily on cinematography to try and invoke those emotions instead. It's feels empty and anticlimactic.

The cause of the burn turned out to be a major let-down, they could not have screwed this up more if they tried. This is the first series of Star Trek I've ever had to stop watching.
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Abjectly awful
ujzhjkmm3 December 2020
I can't even say how difficult it is to sit through an entire episode of Discovery Series 3. Series 2 began to show some improvement, but now we are back to some pitiful material poorly stitched together and reference again to the faulty premise that Burnham was responsible for deaths, which in fact she never was at all. The reason Star Trek was interesting was not because of any long-winded serial story with too many complications but because each episode contained a story, enthralling new worlds and science. I don't want to see kissing and romantic and emotional story lines at all. This is not really Star Trek at all. It just exploits the franchise name to produce a series. The Tilly character makes me cringe and I actually cannot watch her scenes. This is lamentable garbage, to be fair to it.
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Tired of Michael's whispering
leepike-8340122 November 2020
The stories have got progressively worse and morphed into ridiculous sci fi complex problem stories which only Michael can solve. But I'm tired of Michael's whispering. Seems she rarely speaks at a normal speaking volume but whispers. It's got to a point where it's really irritating and I can't watch anymore.
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Oh for goodness sake shut up!!!
matt_cole12 December 2020
Extraordinarily ordinary and boring characters Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla banging on and on in terribly worthy and self important tones about absolutely nothing for hours and hours. Episodes that don't know how to end with a score that seems to build to an emotional climax a million times and the crying... oh dear god the crying. So much crying. Just... stop. Please stop. Never before have I wished so hard for the Borg to show up and assimilate the entire cast just so they'll stop... talking!
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How is this Star Trek, let alone a good sci fi series?
shawn_chong21 January 2021
The story writers seem to hack together an incoherent plot and story that doesn't teach any moral lessons, and is neither intelligent or witty. The direction seems extremely forced, and really, there is no star trek - it's just people. This show is just horrible, with forced story lines that just aren't fun, and the characters are not loveable. I don't know 50% of the bridge crew names, and I don't care to know them. There are no moral lessons to learn - it's just amazingly annoying people on screen that you want them to lose - yes, I'm rooting for mankind to end in an explosion, as a moral lesson that mankind deserves to be destroyed if this is what we get in the future, for star fleet.
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This is NOT Star Trek
bigme-3749329 July 2020
This is absolutely NOT Star Trek. Star Trek has always been an exciting uplifting series that gives humanity hope and inspires us to look towards a future where we can be better than we are. Discovery is dark, dismal, depressing, one dimensional, and completely devoid of personality. Normally when I watch Star Trek, I find myself wanting to jump into the tv screen and be a part of the crew. But when I watch Discovery I find myself desperate to never be like these horrible, mean, and unfriendly people. Star Trek has always made me excited for the future. Discovery makes me horrified at what the future may hold. Here are a list of specific things I HATE about this series:

1.) The people are completely unlikeable. They are mean, unfriendly, miserable and have perpetual resting b-word face. They have no personality. I want nothing to do with these people. I don't like or care about any of them.

2.) It's dumbed down. The philosophical focus of Star Trek that attracts people who appreciate thought provoking material has been replaced by the over-use of CG, explosions, fight scenes, and sex to attract the lowest common denominator.

3.) There isn't any real discovery on this show, despite being on a ship called Discovery and the series called, Discovery. It's a science vessel that doesn't go out and discover interesting scientific stuff.

4.) It should be called Star Trek: Discovering Michael Burnham instead because this show is all about Michael Burnham. Since when has Star Trek been primarily about one person?

5.) The Klingons are no fun anymore. Klingons used to be chock full of personality and have always been a rowdy good time to watch. These new Klingons have even less personality than the humans. They are absolutely boring to watch.

I could go on and on about how horrible this series is but I don't want to waste anymore time on it. Discovery has no heart, no soul, no personality, and I have no hope for it.
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List of bad and good actors in this show
freshorange1 November 2020
Honestly, not only does this show have a massive problem with storytelling (it started right from the beginning dreadfully in Season 1 and finished unbearably in Season 3), but it's the following actors who suck and they are unfortunately too many to save the show. (And afterwards the actors who do a great job!)


1. Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham is a drama queen and cries way too much. She is far too intense and overacts in situations where a relaxed smile would have been better. After 2 seasons it's clear that she isn't up to the lead character of Star Trek Discovery. Her role as the main character should be more subtle and there isn't any chemistry when she interacts with the other crew members/actors. It seems forced. She's the show's main problem because the crew revolves around her, but she's not likeable, a Mary Sue and hasn't managed to earn respect and gain any real authority over the last two seasons. It's hard to say it that clear but the failing of Star Trek Discovery is due to Sonequa Martin-Greens bad acting performance as the lead and also her incapacity to step back and let other actors and characters shine.

2. Mary Wiseman as Tilly just isn't believable as an ensign. It is very hard to accept that in this position on a spaceship you are so confused and unfocused. Her acting is mediocre which makes it even worse.

3. Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets is painful to look at - he's boring and his facial expressions are almost always the same: worried and compassionate.

4. Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber is the most boring and uninteresting doctor in Star Trek history. Where are the rough edges, where is the personality? Drinking a glass of milk is more fun than watching him!


1. Doug Jones as Saru is an interesting character and plays his role absolutely believable. He is perfect! And he is a fine captain!

2. David Ajala as Book is funny, cool, easy going with his own agenda. Cool character played very well!

3. Jane Brook as Admiral Cornwell was very convincing in her role!

4. Jason Isaac was fantastic as Lorca!

5. Michelle Yeoh as Philippa is a great villain!

6. Anson Mount as Captain Pike - he should have been the lead character in Star Trek Discovery! Loved his nuanced acting. And he gave the whole series some lightness and a spark of humor.
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I can't stand Michael Burnham anymore
nawram7 December 2020
I'm a Trek fan and I like the first 2 season. I can't stand Michael Burnham in season 3 anymore. This show is all about her being overly emotional about everything.
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Way to many emotions
patrick-m-leahy4 December 2020
It's like watching a soap opera. It's 90% about relationships and 10% SciFi adventure. Boring. Every episode is saturated in emotional story arcs. I miss OG Star Trek. The crew of the Discovery also is nothing special. No interesting characters. TNG, Next Gen, Voyager - all had an interesting cast of characters. Discovery doesn't. It's all so blah. This could have been so much more.
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daniellawsonrt28 May 2019
Michael Burnham has many feelings. We get to hear all about these feelings in this new Star Trek series. Sad Michael Burnham, confused Michael Burnham, conflicted Michael Burnham, reflective Michael Burnham, angry Michael Burnham, and on rare occasions slightly happy Michael Burnham. This should be called Star Trek: The Many Moods Of Michael Burnham.
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First review ever! And only because I can't stand it anymore.
Sophies_Kid24 December 2020
I remember staying home Friday nights to watch TOS because I didn't want to wait for reruns and VHS was still science fiction. For fifty years with the exception of the animated series I have watched all episodes repeatedly and never missed one. I love the storyline this season, new dangers, new time line, but the whispered, emotive soliloquies, again and again and not only by Burnham, have finished it. I have to watch 30 minutes of that silliness to get 8 minutes of storyline. So no more Discovery for me. Hope they don't manage to destroy Picard.
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For the last 4 years I've been trying to watch all of Star Trek...
meeelting7 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
For the last 4 years or so I've been making my way through every Star Trek series and episode ever made. I had finally reached this show; Star Trek: Discovery, and I was very happy about finally seeing a modernised Star Trek show.

Unfortunately, this will be the first Star Trek series I will not finish.

They've really nailed the aesthetics of the show, and they had some great plot twists going in season 1.

The problem is Michael. Whatever Michael does, will always turn out to the be the exact correct thing to do. I dread every time the character appears on screen because I know it'll ruin any suspense. She's a walking deus ex machina, and the character robs the show of any thrills and enjoyment.

Michael is somewhat okay in Season 1, and even has a great few starter episodes - even though the show would immensely improve by giving her less focus. However, as the series progresses it becomes gradually worse, and by the time you're halfway through Season 2 just zoom in on Michael and Crew making sad faces or shocked faces, like in some spacey soap opera, while Michael saves the day in some inane way yet again. It actually get's so bad that even all the problems that they face are in some way always related to Michael.

Star Trek has always been about the crew and not one character - even though the captain getting some extra screen time. This is not - the crew in Star Trek: Discovery are explored a little bit, but only through the lens or the catalyst of Michael, who always ends up solving their problem somehow.

Star Trek has been about exploring, about thinking and trying to solve problems in a humane, intelligent way. A show that is trying to portrait not humanity as it is, but as it would be at it's very best.

But this show is about flashy effects, the crew being in constant panic over the most ridiculous things, and Michael constantly bailing them out in ways that are appropriate for low-quality fandom ramblings.

It's boring. It doesn't challenge. It's not worth watching.
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Completely misses Start Trek Philosophy
koray-arikan17 January 2020
Besides space battles, future technology and the story, Star Trek's philosophy is the human story seeking advancement and perfection. STD completely misses this and becomes a Sci-Fi mambo-jambo built around a single character of Burnham. I was sick of watching every problem faced has a shallowly thought and "immediate" solution, which is discovered by an individual in 5 seconds. STD is a complete failure.
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Burnham Starbuck cry cry cry
tomasdalgart15 January 2021
I LOVE STAR TREK! I HATE THIS! No really... I HATE IT! It's so bad that there is no better word. HATE!

Why does Burnham (Starbucks copy) cry atleast 5 times in every episode? Why is she making weird faces all the time?

Please make it stop!

(I like Saru. He is what a Star Trek character should be.)
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Unwatchable Grey Sludge
simonw7026 May 2020
The usual talentless hacks are back with their repurposing of the Star Trek IP, bringing you another big pile of unwatchable grey sludge.

A diverse roster of questionably cast actors, unlikable characters, hammy and often nonsensical dialog, over-the-top special effects, a dumb as dishwater plot and a lack of any kind of heart or soul add Star Trek: Discovery to the endless list of garbage with the name Alex Kurtzman attached to it.

Of course, all those involved in the production of this show are very cozy with the Hollywood media, which is why all their movies and shows consistently receive favorable coverage despite being objectively bad. This symbiotic relationship ensures that the same players have an effective monopoly on many of the most lucrative and beloved IPs, churning out the same turgid trash over and over again.

Fans of Star Trek need to understand that the Star Trek brand is gone, and that it is now in the hands of people who have no affection for it and no understanding of why it used to be so beloved. Fortunately, there is Seth MacFarlane's The Orville, which is the true spiritual successor to the Star Trek we love, filled with great characters and heart.

Avoid Star Trek at all costs, watch The Orville.
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The Michael Burnham Show
farpin-8081617 April 2019
This is not Star Trek, it's a show centered in the character of Michael Burnham, and I had enough of her. The "know it all" attitude, the dramatics, the never stop crying, the every plot centered around her is higly unnerving. I liked Captain Pike a lot and Saru as well, but the other characters get on my nerves as well, the camaraderie between them seems forced, and there is too much drama and crying.

Other problem is the Klingons, that ugly prosthetic that make their faces look rubbery and the muffled voices. Horrible!
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Agree Wholeheartedly
gmoorehe20 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Season 1 was new and the fact that it focused so much on Michael Burnham was OK. But I now am at the end of season 2 and it so much Michael Burnham that one forgets what else may be going on. Reading others' reviews of season 3 is depressing as CBS seems to double down on making everything about Michael so I may not watch it. Too bad as it could have been really great but it has transformed into a soapy weekly disaster. Pike, Spock, their parents, Saru, Georgiou etc are all good but it just gets too much when the plot 100% revolves around one character.
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Michael Burnham makes this series unwatchable
justingad5 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The Character Michael Burnham has made this series unwatchable. The first 2 seasons were incredible but I can't take any more of her crying. And why does she whisper all her dialogue? So annoying!

Tilly who gets over excited and cannot speak without stumbling and stuttering is given the responsibility of being 2nd in charge and is expected to give clear and coherent orders during a crisis?
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3rd season = soap opera?
Vogtt1 December 2020
Well, the first 2 seasons were enjoyable, a bit far and different from the others series (TNG, DP 9, etc). The 3rd season is practically a soap opera .... i hate to say, it's making me sick to my stomach and I don't want to to watch it anymore (the 6th episode will be the last for me). No more Star Trek movies, the new series are ....blah, I'm afraid that, sadly, this is the end for the franchise.
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Great Visuals. Poor character development.
mnewgb28 February 2021
Great Visuals. Poor character development. Its (bad) SciFi that doesn't feel like the star trek franchise.
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