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Misses every target
drael645 July 2018
It's not funny, the characters aren't charming, and worst of all for a thriller - there's no suspense. Even the sound tracking lacked punch. The characters also lack believability - they don't convince anyone they are criminals, hackers, grifters or anything of the sort. I can't really think of anything good to say about this film - it'll genuinely put you to sleep.
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One of many screaming plot holes that exemplifies the film
imdb2-515 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The following contains a spoiler that shouldn't ruin the film but can color your reasons why you should lower your expectations to the floor. So this caper to pull of stealing a necklace worth over $100 million is secured around the neck of the wearer by some super strong and special magnet. Somehow it's just a piece of cake for these women to create something that will unlock this magnetized lock with barely even a look at it. That alone was beyond unbelievable. Easiest way to break a unique magnetic lock? Introduce a girl from the hood who is a "genius" and just knows what it is and how to just disable it with some ultra hip words. OK... let's assume you even buy into that nonsense...

During the caper, the priceless and most valuable necklace in the world just some how is presumed to have "fallen off" - yet no one seriously questions how absolutely impossible this would or should be. This could be the LAZIEST script writing ever.

Obviously a cash grab that wastes lots of talent in this film that could go straight to video and no one would miss it.
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A Comercial Operation
borromeot16 June 2018
Well, yes. what else was behind this "idea". Money. What's wrong with that, you may ask? Look at the movie. That's my answer. Not a moment of originality let alone truth. Very dispiriting because Cate Blanchett is an actress I truly admire and I felt uneasy, uncomfortable seeing her in the midst of this misguided money grabbing scheme - pun intended - An all female cast of glittering names, a power force on their own, right? So why not make sure they get a script and an idea that is worthy their talents. Within the last two years there's been a sort of abrupt stop and there are only reboots - Will & Grace, The X Files for heaven's sake, Baywatch, not to mention the comedies with Amy Schumer one a remake of "Shallow Hal" the other one with Goldie Hawn. Goldie Hawn! and they can't come up with a vehicle that is at least funny. Talking about Goldie Hawn, Overboard was remade, and Flatliners. The brilliant Melissa McCarthy made about a hundred films, can you remember one? Okay I stop. I love movies, I always have that's why I notice that something is going on, I don't know what but I don't like it. I don't like it at all. What I've been doing after every depressing movie I go back and heal myself with a vintage comedy, it always works.
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All Cast and No Substance
ami-481089 June 2018
This is one of those awful films consisting of too many famous people acting out a plot that has no backbone in the vain hope that their collective fame will patch the holes in the story. I wouldn't wipe my ass with this script.
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A lifeless and charmless attempt to reimagine the Ocean's series
eddie_baggins8 June 2018
To be fair, I don't exactly think I'm the target audience for Ocean's 8, an all-female update on the successful Ocean's franchise that was headlined by the likes of George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, but I like to think I'm a cinemagoer that's always up for a good fun time at the movies but that's something that is inexcusably and notably absent from this charmless, lifeless and DOA female-centric heist caper.

Born out of Hollywood's recent spate of female driven updates and redo's that have been born out of the industry trying to make up for past mistakes and inequalities perceived or otherwise, Ocean's 8 should be a silly yet entertaining ride (who doesn't love a cheeky heist flick?) but as directed by The Hunger Games Gary Ross, this mundane exercise in wannabe hipness and sassy smarts is the type of film that exudes self-worth and believes itself to be something that unfortunately it is not.

Ocean's 11 from 2001 coasted by on its assured and energetic direction from Steven Soderbergh, its endless supply of entertaining characters joined with on-point acting turns and thrilling set-up yet while Ocean's 8 has the named brand director, a cast of A-listers and up and comers and a supposedly daring jewellery heist at its disposal, it never gets close to capturing the mix of thrills and laughs that you'd expect from a film that's guised in the Ocean's name.

A major and glaring issue with Ocean's 8 is that every single character in this film is either unlikeable or just not built up enough and when your whole narrative revolves around a heist that is not once even slightly believable, the characters in Ross's film needed to be the key ingredient to make things tick along.

Led by a wooden central turn from Sandra Bullock as Danny Ocean's recently released from prison sister Debbie, the likes of Cate Blanchett as the stoic biker chick Lou, Helena Bonham Carter as the off-kilter Irish designer Rose and Anne Hathaway as the Hollywood starlet Daphne Kluger all cast members fail to make a mark in their roles and while the marketing for this film would make us all believe we have a sisterhood of sorts going on here both on and off-screen, there's no real charm or chemistry shared between this cast and when compared with their all-male lead counterparts from 2001, this cast pales in comparison.

We never get the witty interplay between the rag-tag crew Debbie assembles to pull off a necklace heist at the famed Met Gala and we never get any real sense that these underdeveloped members of the gang really share any type of real friendship, making it extremely hard to care about their successes robbing the rich and wearing nice clothes whilst doing so.

The other detrimental issue to Ocean's 8 outside of the far too convenient heist and its various eyebrow raising conveniences (gang members getting jobs at Vogue magazine, random catering contracts) and its charmless cast interactions is that Ross's film is criminally unfunny.

For a film about a bunch of crooks and con artists it's a shame the most obvious crime here is just how lame Gary Ross's and Olivia Milch's script is and it's been sometime since I've been privy to a film of this ilk that just failed to completely in creating any memorable zingers or sequences that would make it appear to be a better film than it in fact is.

Final Say -

I've been told the fashion in Ocean's 8 is something to keep you interested (at least my wife thinks so)so at least there's that but outside of some pretty dresses and some Hollywood glitz and glamour, Ocean's 8 is a sad attempt to showcase the girls can do crime capers as good as the guys can and it's a shame such a talented cast should be wasted on such a poorly executed attempt at popcorn entertainment.

1 jar of Nutella out of 5
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Can Hollywood come up with something new.
jokolena10 June 2018
When you remake the same movie and turn all the males into females it doesn't become something amazing.

Hathaway's screwball performance toys wickedly with star-system self-parody and keeps the movie chugging along. But it does little more than chug. The Movie was just a bland carbon copy of Ocean's 11. Save the 15 dollars you would spend at the movies and go buy the OG films on blu-ray.
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Ocean's 8? More like Ocean's Eh
leooconnorjr8 June 2018
This movie lacked personality. You didn't get the character development that it needed. The heist was good but lacked suspense. It ended pretty abruptly. It could have used more humor.
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Found it very "meh", then got disgusted by it.
anttituntematon21 June 2018
Confession time: I'd not seen the original "Oceans" films before. With the bombarding marketing campaigns all over the net and IRL, plus thanks to kiiinda recognizing the name from somewhere, I ended up checking this film out. Walked out of theater kinda confused. The film was just... nothing special. But maybe it's the cinema magic of a huge silver screen + magnificent audio devices shaking you up, resulting this small feeling of rush in my blood, that kinda made the experience more intense. Fast forward to present day, present time (AHAHA!), and I have finally watched the first two of the older Oceans movies. All I can ask is: What the heck happened?? The quality difference between originals and this new "reboot" is night and day! And NOT in the favor for the 2018 movie, that is. The character chemistry, pacing, even the basic cinematography in the 11 and 12 are so high above anything the 8 has to offer, that it feels like an insult to even call the latter a part of the same series. You may call this new film a "spinoff", but even spinoffs can be made to work and feel like part of the original IP. It has now come to my knowledge that Ocean's Eight is starting to shape up to be a big flop, and that is no surprise for me. It's even more pathetic seeing how the actors and the marketing folks behind the film are now stirring up some controversy in order to silence down any and all critics. Huge minus in respect points for that too.
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Kind of dumb
pshullhou9 July 2018
My girlfriend and I just kind of rolled our eyes as this movies is just to dumb to be believable. Better off waiting until it's out for 1.99 on Amazon. You can do much, much better...
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Most disappointing film Ever!!! Awful.
jimhughes-8708427 June 2018
Don't even waste your time. Great cast....awful script.

So many plot holes. Totally unbelievable and rushed. Worst oceans film by a mile.
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Lesson Not Learned
loufalce8 June 2018
The return of the all female Ghostbusters., this time in an inept 'empowermet' caper of eight woman criminals attempting to pull of a robbery at the 'Met Gala'.Has more in common with the original 1960 Sinatra-Ratpack film than the other three, but that is not saying too much. The women primp, preen, ad try to look good as eye candy in a comedy that has no laughs, or a thriller that offers no thrills. You can pretty much dial it in in a film that is predictable from start to finish. Only James Corden offers some laughs-though not too many as a detective investigating the case. I don't really want to get on a rant, but making a film for the sake of making a movie about women criminals to appease the 'me too' and 'empowerment' crowd is just an excuse to further exploit those who are calling for more 'fem-centric' movies . I can understand if the film was attempting to tackle real social issues, but all it is is fluff, kind of like an extended TMZ story. A total waste of time and talent, especially from Bulloch, and Hathaway who have had better roles. Do yourself a favor. If you really must see it, wait about three weeks until it is available at Redbox! Another P.U. movie review from Lou.
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Mediocre Movie, Poor Reboot
usernamewithheld8 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers

As a standalone movie, this wasn't any worse than most of the stuff Hollywood produces (on-the-surface interesting characters who lack depth, forced comic relief, predictable plot progression) but as a continuation of the Ocean series, this falls very flat. The connections to previous movies felt like they were just thrown in so they could say it was part of the series. Why/how did Danny die? Either they left it out for a sequel (which makes bringing it up here pointless) or they couldn't think of a way to incorporate it which makes including it a poor writing decision. The only other connection it had to the previous movies were the cameos, which, again felt forced and unrealistic.

Overall, this movie lacks the character and spirit of the previous Ocean movies which is it's ultimate downfall. Were this a separate movie, it could just be chalked up as your standard Hollywood mediocrity, but being connected with the Ocean franchise, this is ultimately an unnecessary disappointment.
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I got free tickets and want my money back
aneurysms8 June 2018
Cash grab, boring story, clip your nails as that would be a better way of spending your time. Yawn, bore... next please
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The Razzies cannot wait
Rodrigo_Mauro16 June 2018
Simply ridiculous from beginning to end. What a waste of money and time.
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I would not recommend this movie
chaerograd9 June 2018
The movie isn't horrible but I would not recommend spending your hard earned money on it. The first 2/3 of the movie is boring and doesn't capture the charm of the original Ocean reboot series with Clooney. I applaud Hollywood trying the all female thing, but it didn't work. Majority of the acting wasn't very good which didn't help the movie. Rihanna can't act, so Hollywood pleaae stop trying. Same with Mindy Khaling.

This movie really is a poor rehash of the original Ocean 11 with Clooney. I wish Hollywood would get a little more creative than "same movie but with women".
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Dead, Deader, Ocean's 8
Tweetienator17 July 2018
Well, Clinton lost the presidential election because people don't like women (or sth like that, despite the fact that 50% of the voters are female) and people vote down Ocean's Eight because they don't want women as heroes and blabla, the p.c. crowd will argue.

I agree, it's not the most worse idea to have a group of women for heroes, but you should also have a good story and a good script - Ocean's Eight got no such thing.

Boring, predictable, and the good actresses have not much to work with. Even the numbers of heroines is lower than the male counterparts. So is my rate.

Imho the Ocean's franchise is long dead and this one was just a try to revive it with some shoot of p.c., "invented" by the marketing guys and gals of the production company. No good idea (regarding the story), no good movie.
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Really Really Boring
jwblough8 June 2018
This movie was slow, boring, and with little humor/charisma from characters.
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Formula makes this baby stink.
markrkelley8 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Let's get to the point. It's not a comedy, because it isn't funny. It is not action/drama because the action consists of a woman puking and the drama is only a matter of how long she will do that.

This sucker has more formula than the Kroger's baby food section.

A couple of white chicks, a spacey Brit chick, a weird Asian chick, a black computer savy chick (the same one as in Black Panther), some other chicks whose only jobs are to hand stuff off to each other and talk into ear buds, and an Asian acrobat dude make up most of the cast. It's like any of the other Ocean's movies except it isn't as entertaining and lacks any sort of energy. The women aren't even dressed well enough to be eye candy.

This is a caper without the tart flavor.

This is rainy-day, stay-at-home, TV-quality movie stuff. It will be available in the stores and for download before Labor Day if not the 4th of July.

When the credits rolled at the end, I was the one who had been robbed.
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rmmahoney-675358 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So many missed opportunities. The only character who made me laugh the entire movie was James Corden. He didn't arrive until 3/4 through the movie. Ocean's 11 was fun. This was not fun. The characters didn't appear to be having fun. I didn't believe that these women even liked each other.

Only 2 cameos from the 2001 Ocean's cast, and they had to be the least expensive of everyone they could have gotten.

I didn't believe for a single moment that Sandy B. was Danny's brother.

In 2001, the cast was made up of the A-list of all A-lists. Clooney, Pitt, and Damon where the biggest movie stars in the world. That's not what we got for this version.

Too many missed opportunities.
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Don't waste your money.
jk65389 June 2018
Wow this movie sucked. It might have seemed better if not tied to Oceans 11 which was a good movie. Great cast wasted.
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This is some missunderstanding
outofspace-122 June 2018
Come on. This is quite boring and really not funny part. It seems Hollywood really tried to make political correctness production but again it ended tragically.
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Disappointing When Comparing The Previous Films
kjproulx8 June 2018
Regardless of the concept, I've always been intrigued every time a new heist movie makes it to the big screen. The sheer notion of watching a group of people flawlessly pull off something that most people would be crazy to attempt is quite entertaining for many reasons. Ocean's 8 is the latest film of its kind to hit theatres and with the weight of the previous trilogy on its shoulders, there was a high bar to meet. I'm a huge fan of the previous remake of Ocean's Eleven and while neither of the sequels quite match the quality of it, I was hoping Ocean's 8 would steer this franchise in a new direction. While I did enjoy watching this movie, for the most part, I did find myself pretty disappointed by it as a whole. I can't quite recommend this movie as a great film, but if you're a fan of the franchise, here's why you may find some enjoyment in its latest addition.

Ocean's 8 follows the sister of Danny Ocean (George Clooney from the previous films) in Debbie Ocean, as she is released from prison and has plotted to rob the Met Gala in New York City. The plan is to steal a necklace that's worth over 150 million dollars, so naturally, she finds a group of women who are very interested in helping out. All having their quirks, they each become a necessity in accomplishing this task. Quite honestly, aside from the first film, this was probably my favorite heist sequence when looking back at the franchise, but if that's all the movie has to offer, then a lot will be left to be desired.

A slow build up is fine if your climax pays off in a big way and for that alone, I found a lot of enjoyment from the movie as a whole. The very meticulous plan makes for an engaging climax and I was sucked into the movie until the very end. That being said, the first act of the movie nearly put me to sleep. This movie takes a very long time to peak your interest. Yes, there are a few interesting characters and some humorous moments will keep you interested, but I didn't find those elements to be enough. I found myself breathing a huge sigh of relief when the actual heist began because the movie didn't seem to have a pulse until that point. Luckily, the dull moments were held together by some likable actresses.

From Sandra Bullock to Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway to Sarah Paulson, and even Rihanna to Mindy Kaling, everyone had their moment to shine here and I was having a blast watching these characters interact with one another. Sadly, those moments are few and far between. These actresses give their all with what they're given, but the script (aside from the plotting of the climax itself) just felt a little generic. A group of women gets together to do a heist and the circumstances are very much the same as the first film in the franchise. Nothing new was brought to the table, which was the one thing I was hoping for with this movie.

Fans of the franchise may have some fun with the movie when it truly kicks into high gear, as I surely did, but the overall movie is frankly average. In particular, I found some of the unique editing choices to be slightly cheesy and I'm not sure if the movie's style worked all that much. The pacing is off in many places and it seems as though music is used throughout the first act to liven up a scene and prevent it from being boring. For all of these reasons and more, I can't quite recommend this movie to many viewers, but if you enjoy watching a good heist, that portion of this film is worth the price of admission in my opinion. While it's not something you have to rush out and see at the cinema, Ocean's 8 is worth renting.
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11 - fun = 8
sidneyjnickerson23 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I don't consider myself a fan of the Ocean's franchise, especially having only watched the first film (Ocean's 11) for the first time just hours before seeing Ocean's 8, but I did find it a great film with all the coolness in the world in the dialogue, editing, camerawork and performances. That was not Ocean's 8. Take out the slick dialogue and replace it with unfunny jokes and lines that might as well be "HEY I'M A WOMAN ISN'T THAT QUIRKY". Take out the great camerawork and replace it with bland shots with no interesting positions or targets of focus. Take out the cheesy but pleasing editing and replace it with the same style, but now used so often in the movie that it has been boiled down to just cheesy Take out the intriguing performances that gave the characters decent motives for such a terrible scheme, and replace them with bored actors whose characters are just bad without a hint of good. You will now have Ocean's 8. I find it rather funny that limiting the main cast hasn't made them easier to remember. In fact, I could name over half the original gang from 11, while the one name I remember from 8 is Debbie, only because I found that having another D. Ocean as the lead was a stupid way of connecting it to the original trilogy. Remember how the boys robbed casinos in Ocean's 11? Well, now they're girls, so they have to steal a necklace. Girls and jewelry go together like boys and casinos, I guess. And the woman who is supposed to be their enemy randomly joins their team with one of the worst motives I've ever seen in a movie. The motive in question is that she is lonely, and so steals the necklace from herself? I swear I lost half my brain cells from that alone. Ocean's 8 is, so far, one of the worst movies of 2018, with its bashing of a perfectly good movie franchise.
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8 lacks the wit, brilliance, pace, style & sophistication as 11 & 13
charlie-krausse8 June 2018
The wit, brilliance, pace and style the audience loved from Ocean's 11 and then again in Ocean's 13 is what brought us to Ocean's 8. Unfortunately, it was closer to Ocean's 12. Sister to Danny, Debbie Ocean leaves prison on parole only to find herself immediately recruiting to pull off a jewel heist from the Met Gala.

The movie opens with an opening plot twist and then closes with the same, leaving you wondering if it is indeed true.

Compared to the the Vegas Ocean movies, this movie lacked everything that made those two special. 8 was predictable, slow and presented no style or sophistication. And that's sad because Bullock and Hathaway played their characters to the best of the script. Even with two cameo's this movie didn't make the heist.
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A slow build up that does not get any exciting with its surprises and twist.
cruise0110 June 2018
Ocean's 8 (3 out of 5 stars).

Ocean's 8 is a spin off from the reboot Ocean's trilogy starring George Clooney. And an all female cast of a spin off. I was not a huge fan of the Ocean's trilogy. The first one was eh. The second was okay. And the third one was a lot of fun. Now, this spin off does not improve over the original trilogy. It was decent. The cast ensemble was good. The plot brings in Danny (George Clooney) sister who is played by Sandra Bullock. She gets out of prison and plans her next heist of stealing diamond necklace that is worth 150 million dollars. I did feel like this film was lacking in fun and stand out characters.

The plot follows Debbie (Sandra Bullock) who is out of prison. She plans her next heist of stealing a diamond necklace that has not been seen by the public's eye. She needs the help from Lou (Cate Blanchett), Amita (Mindy Kaling), Tammy (Sarah Paulson), Constance (Awkwafina), Nine Ball (Rihanna), and Rose (Helena Bonham Carter). The team will try to use a fashion model Daphne (Anne Hathaway) to sponsor in wearing the diamond necklace at a fashion event.

The original trilogy at least stood out for its quirky fun humor and interesting characters. Ocean's 8 is missing out on that opportunity. We get Debbie Ocean, who cons her way to get what she wants. She cons the hotel receptionist to getting a free room, a fragrance store customer service, ect. Lou is Debbie's partner in crime that will always be by her side and helps to organize this team. Amita is a jeweler expert. Tammy is a suburban mom, who has lots of over stock supplies of home appliances in her garage. Constance is a pick-pocking thief. Nine Ball is a hacker. And Rose is the fashion designer and awkward in person. The cast that plays these characters are great choices. But the script does miss the opportunity in making these characters interesting and lacking in fun humor. We get more fun humor from James Corden's character that shows up in the dead end of the second act playing an insurance investigator.

The concept and plot was okay. It adds nothing new to the serious. Besides Debbie's desire to challenge herself into stealing a high price jewelry that has private security guards a few feet away. And there are a couple of twists, which does not give the surprise factor at all. Plus there are a couple of cameos from the original trilogy. I was really hoping for more that could have made it fun at least.

Gary Ross direction with the film is slightly dull. It does not have the fun energy like the previous films. It is a heist movie that seems like it is bored with its script.

Overall, Ocean's 8 is a fair heist film. The cast ensemble was great and the plot was decent and entertaining. It just was lacking the energetic direction and has uninteresting characters which can be a little boring at times.
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