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Very impressive. Surprised they did not sugarcoat the message more
subxerogravity25 February 2016
It's an animated kids movie, but it has lots of elements everyone in the family can enjoy.

Really like the character design of the animation. Very unique and artistic, plus in help to create even more individuality in a group of kids that are already individuals. There is a kid that everyone can relate to in this film.

I was a little surprise how clearly the adult themes about war came in through this movie. I never seen that done before, it was so obvious and added a dark element usually not scene in a kids movie, but it's real cool, cause the film takes into account how smart this generation is and how aware they are of the world around them.

Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a good children's movie to sit thought with the kids.
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redboots-7042616 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Any movie in which a dog dies just plain sucks, but a children's film???!!! WHY!!??? It was pointless and completely unnecessary. Netflix has this classified as a "comedy" in "kids" - it has come comedic elements, but the film is ruined by the conclusion. Once again, Netflix has let us down - perhaps none there actually watched it??? The "peace" message could have been conveyed without the gratuitous unpleasantness. The artwork is unique. Just because something is animated does not make it suitable for kids. The music is quite good. All-in-all just NO!! The children are in tears and I'm not too happy myself. NOT FOR KIDS!!!! DREADFUL!!!
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An Anti-War Movie Disguised as a Kids Movie
bajunkadunk1 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers Below

So I let me kids watch this thinking it was a kid's movie. Two group of kids build a snow fort and have a snow ball war. It's a good movie until the end when the dog is killed in the war and the movie turns into a lesson on war. My kids where devastated by this. So now I have two crying little kids. What idiot makes an anti-war movie disguised as a kids movie? There was no hint of this when we rented it. If you want to make a political statement fine but give parents a heads up. I feel this was an ambush by the film makers and completely unnecessary. You can never kill a dog in a movie! Much less a kids movie. Please don't watch this with your small children.
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Best Cartoon of 2015
in198425 February 2016
7.9 of 10. Not that 2015 had much competition, but this is a well-thought out story based on a book. Both family friendly and something parents will enjoy watching with all their kids.

The one drawback is the ending tries too hard to make a happy ending out of a tragedy, probably because it's intended for kids for the most part. I wonder if it's even allowed to make tragic films intended for kids, some sort of secret rating rule.

For the most part, this is one big allegory made into a tightly integrated cartoon involving kids, snow, and building snow forts. There's a little romantic tween interest going on that should keep teens interested. Importantly, it's not forced and a vital part of the story.
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(Spoiler) NOT for young children
kyrie-9927819 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This was a charming movie right up until the end, when a sweet, friendly St. Bernard dog, a central character is killed utterly needlessly. If filmmakers want to make an anti-war movie, they should most definitely do so. But wrapping it in the guise of a family or kids' movie that springs pointless tragedy on its audience with no warning is a betrayal of trust. Parents and dog lovers should be aware of this ending before falling prey to what feels like a dirty trick, one that the message the filmmakers felt compelled to convey could have been made in any number of other ways. Furthermore, choosing to have the children in the film bury the dog in the dirt floor of the barn they all use as a clubhouse or meeting place seems nothing short of bizarre. There's a time and place for children's story telling and a time and place for proselytizing, but combining the two the way Snowtime does makes no sense at all.
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Innocence of youth
eternal_vibrations15 December 2018
Mom and I watched this movie last night. Cute film.

When I first read the synopsis I was surprised and pleased to note that this was a reboot of La Guerre des Tuques (the Dog Who Stopped the War), which we had been made to watch back in my elementary school days as part of our obligatory French Immersion process by the QC government, and despite that, had still enjoyed.

This reboot is just as good, if not better, when it comes to ensuring all-ages enjoyment.
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