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MPAA Rated R for horror violence and terror.

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Annabelle: Creation is part of the Conjuring horror universe-an R-rated franchise that had thus far been relatively restrained in its gore.
  • Creation, however, marks a departure from that restraint.
  • While blood isn't exactly unremitting here, this film definitely earns its restricted rating.
  • Someone's fingers are systematically snapped as a demon tries to free a crucifix from that person's grasp.
  • The body of said person is later discovered, obviously dead.
  • Someone else is literally torn in two.
  • We don't see the attack, but we do see the upper part of the body essentially crucified to a wall, with plenty of blood on the floor.
  • Someone bears horrific scars from another demonic assault (about a third of that victim's face has been clawed off and an eyeball is missing).
  • In flashback, we see the immediate aftermath, with blood seeping from the victim's face.
  • We also see someone's throat sliced open; blood spurts as an attacker and its assistant prepare to go after (and likely kill) someone else in the room.
  • A girl is essentially lifted up and dropped from a pretty good height.
  • Someone gets slammed into a wall.
  • Another victim is nearly yanked into a well by creepy hands.
  • A girl is pushed out of her wheelchair and into a barn, where she's attacked by a demonic presence.
  • Ankles are grabbed, kids are dragged.
  • Bee is killed by a rushing car, but we don't see the impact on screen.
  • A young girl is hit head-on by a speeding car and killed. We hear (but don't see) the impact.
  • A girl is lifted into the air and thrown downstairs by an evil spirit.
  • A character has each finger of one hand pulled back and broken one by one. This person's body is later discovered by another character.
  • A young girl is chased by a bloodied torso.
  • A scarecrow terrorizes a girl in a barn. At one point, we see the scarecrow tear at his own face to reveal sharp, demonic teeth.
  • An entity pretending to be a little girl stands up to reveal its true form. We see and hear bones cracking and the entity moves in a gross, unnatural way.
  • A character reveals that the side of their face is horribly burned and missing an eye.
  • A character threatens another with a knife. In the next scene, we see a bloody slash on the victim's arm.
  • A character is almost pulled into a well by a pair of ghostly hands.
  • A character is lifted off the ground by a spirit and thrown into a hutch. They fall over unconscious.
  • A character brutally slashes the throat of a person. Blood splatters on the wall.


  • Both Sister Charlotte and a priest seem to turn what were initially misuses of God's and Jesus' name into more pious exclamations.
  • Outside of that, we hear one use of "d--n."
  • "Damn" and "hell" are used a few times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Being a modern horror title, expect tense scenes, terrifying music and a large selection of jump scares.
  • It's a horror film, it one huge frightening scene....


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A character's bloody body is nailed to the wall by the palms of their hands in a Christ-like pose. We see the character has been cut in half. Everything from the torso down is missing.

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