80s and 90s videogames that lost their anime and manga licenses

Ryan Lambie Jan 19, 2018

Fist Of The North Star? Dragon Ball Z? These 80s and 90s games looked very different by the time they appeared in the west...

Thanks to the internet and the growth of gaming as a general cultural phenomenon, audiences are now more familiar with the concept of localisation: the process of altering a videogame for a specific marketplace. Sometimes, these changes can be as subtle as altering lines of dialogue so they make sense in a given country - an everyday phrase in Japan would likely mean nothing to UK gamers if translated literally, for example - to fairly drastic changes to a game’s graphics.

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One of the most famous examples is, perhaps, Bionic Commando on the Nintendo Entertainment System. In Japan, the game roughly translated to Top Secret: Hitler’s Revival,
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Peter Landesman Will Stage The Last Battle For StudioCanal

After documenting the groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Bennet Omalu in Concussion, writer-director Peter Landesman ventured back in time for Felt, a period drama set to thrust Liam Nesson into the political cauldron of Deep Throat, Watergate and the crumbling Nixon administration. But Deadline is reporting that the filmmaker is ready to venture back further still – all the way back to the throes of World War II for The Last Battle.

Mining the story first told in Stephen Harding’s non-fiction novel The Last Battle: When U.S. And German Soldiers Joined Forces In The Waning Hours Of World War II In Europe, Landesman’s adaptation has set up shop at StudioCanal and The Picture Company. Before taking the formative steps into the film industry, Landesman made a living as an investigative reporter, and early intel for The Last Battle teases a match made in cinematic heaven.

Set during
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Peter Landesman To Helm ‘The Last Battle’ For Studiocanal And The Picture Company

Exclusive: Peter Landesman has been set to direct The Last Battle for Studiocanal and The Picture Company. Landesman, the writer-director of Concussion, has wrapped Felt, the drama that has Liam Neeson playing Hoover’s #2 FBI man Mark Felt, whose “Deep Throat” intel toppled the Nixon Administration over Watergate. Landesman will do a rewrite on The Last Battle script by Bryce Zabel, with production to start this summer. Studiocanal last December acquired Stephen…
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"Last Battle" Boasts Nazis, Mountain Castles

StudioCanal has acquired the Stephen Harding's WW2 nonfiction thriller novel "The Last Battle".

Sounding like a more dramatic variation of Alistair MacLean's "Where Eagles Dare," the story is set weeks after Hitler's suicide but before the German surrender and at a castle high in the Austrian Alps.

The action follows a daring attempt by a small band of American soldiers to liberate French prisoners being held there, prisoners who could provide damning war crimes testimony and are to be executed by around two-hundred hardened Waffen SS troops hot on the heels of the Americans.

Bryce Zabel penned the script and will produce with Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman. No word on a production schedule as yet.

Source: Deadline
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