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  • The main character is an extraordinary and mysterious person, at the same time, he (Rodion Meglin) is an outstanding inspector. Rodion is used to work alone in order to keep the secrecy of his unusual method. Young graduate Esenya Steklova is eager to get the internship with the glorious investigator but she could hardly expect the challenges she would face while working with Rodion. Together they investigate the cruelest crimes that took place in the history of Russian criminality.

  • A mentally ill, sociopathic detective takes on a young female trainee in an attempt to pass on his method of solving crimes; especially those crimes of a more heinous, serial, unsolved and complex version. A world of criminality, morality, legality, and finality that intertwines with varied personal relationships and lessons of love, hate, friendship, forgiveness, choices and murder.


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  • The Method Season 1 Esenya is graduating from law school in Moscow. Although she looks like a Russian runway model, she is damaged. Her ambition is to be an Investigator with the national police. Esenya is driven by an existential need to find who killed her mother when she was an infant. The killer was never found, despite the curious position of her father, whom we meet as the graduation speaker for her class. He is the head of the Police Investigative Unit. Her ambition is to train with Investigator, Major Rodian Meglin. Meglin has a phenomenally successful career, closing major horrific cases using eccentric seemingly secret methods - colloquially known as "the method".

    The 16 segments of Season 1, show Esenya's journey. Esenya's classmate is strangled at their graduation dance party and Esenya is introduced to the extraordinary Meglin. Episodes 2 through 7 show Meglin's unrestrained methods as he catches a serial strangler, a serial abductor of young women, a beloved leader of a rural kids' hiking club, a damaged athlete having a score to settle with ambitious parents, a taxi driver who loves flowers and is handy with a screwdriver. At first she assists Meglin with these cases du jour.These gruesome cases resurrect her emotional demons and cloud her learning "the method". Esenya's father shows his darker worlds and Meglin gets a serious medical diagnosis. She finds remarkably creative uses for a Number Two pencil on almost every case.

    In cases from Episode 7 through 16 we see Meglin walking Esenya through "the method" and her descent into his world. The killers up the game. Meglin solves each crime spree despite his disease progressing. Killers are now master manipulators who keep coming at him. Esenya's mind cycles between the horrific crimes and the slipped lifelines to her family. Meglin's growing tenderness to her, or her growing awareness of her mother's case, pushes her father to go to extraordinary lengths to separate her from Meglin. In the end we are left to wonder if "the method" can continue.

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