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Helpless mother and daughter !
saptesh7862 February 2019
Seen just this title. It is an average movie. Only highlighted part is of the captured family. A helpless mother and her innocent pretty daughter will definitely steal your sympathy. Apart from other Creek movies here both females did their best with courage to end bad man eventually. It is a big sigh in such movie otherwise they goes always in bin of torture and no survive (for example Rust Creek, Wolf Creek and Martyrs) Tammy Blanchard done good acting. Guillermo Diaz perfect in a psycho goon. And overall Onata Aprile looks real innocent and frightened girl. You can see this movie only for those actors with their characters. Nevertheless movie is an average.
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Convoluted writing and less than adequate directing leaves you unsatisfied.
Top_Dawg_Critic18 September 2018
This screenplay was a mess. Boring and unnecessary dialog that will leave you shaking your head. Who cares about water rights? Why did the one guy want to be a Dr. Phil and psychoanalyze the mother with "who cares" questions? How many times do we need to correct "gun" to "rifle"? Was this supposed to be humor?

Novice writer Breanne Mattson should just stick to short films, or at least needed to edit this down to 65-70 mins, not the 90 mins that felt like 120.

There was no real plot to this film, just a bunch of useless conversations with poorly acted "thrilling scenes" which I'm guessing novice director Dustin Fairbanks' inexperience failed to direct his actors.

David Spade wasn't bad for a serious role, but Tammy Blanchard and little Onata Aprile nailed their roles. James Earl Jones and Bruce Dern's small roles were decent but nothing extraordinary.

You'll probably want to pass on this film, as the trailer was way more exciting and pretty much is the entire film. Otherwise be prepared to fall asleep from boredom.

A generous 4/10 from me for the only 5-10 mins of good tension and the gals' acting.
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Tense,horror, entertaining all the way!!
Guanche489 September 2019
Lots of tension!! Unconfortable but very entertaining!!
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paulinelongford1 October 2018
Kind of expected funny from David Spade but not disappointed ! he is rather talented ,,, James Earl Jones always in Fine form and the rest of the cast worked together nicely kept me interested definite watch and yes I would watch it again !
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Alternatingly brilliant and terrible. But must-see anyway.
S_Soma17 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING SHOT is incredibly uneven, vacillating wildly between absolutely superb and almost unwatchable. Even so, I'd call this movie a "must-see" for two reasons. Firstly, the superb parts do qualify as top-quality movie entertainment and are worthwhile in their own right.

But secondly, and I would say fascinatingly, for a film art buff, the nature of its unevenness is unique to my experience and a bit hypnotic. I can't remember ever seeing a movie with such a peculiar lurching back and forth between quality work and low value garbage. You just don't see that sort of thing every day. Movies are usually either one thing or another, and don't rock crazily to and fro between the two.

The plot couldn't be simpler. The up-and-coming grandson member of a small town family of water barons decides to quit messing around and to acquire some outstanding water rights from an old holdout once and for all, no matter what it takes this time. He hires a couple of local hayseed goons to do the dirty work, but when the henchmen arrive at the remote ranch to rough up the old holdout, it turns out that he's died and in his place they find the daughter and granddaughter of the old holdout are just arriving to take up residence in their newly inherited digs. One victim is as good as another goes the local goon logic, and so they kidnap the daughter and granddaughter to begin the process of squeezing the water rights out of them. And the situation begins to degenerate rapidly from there.

The first dish on the Kafkaesque menu of oddities for this movie is its completely unexpected little collection of screen legends, all but fossilized with age, in supporting roles. James Earl Jones and Bruce Dern are both here as an aging family attorney for the good guys and a decrepit, bedridden old patriarch for the bad guys, respectively. Not so fossilized but getting up there at fifty-four years old we also see David Spade as the corner-cutting grandson bad guy trying to please grandpa Dern and playing primary villain for the movie.

Jones, Dern and Spade, collectively, only appear in the movie for maybe fifteen minutes altogether. But Frank Whaley, a very notable and recognizable A list actor in his own right, shows up playing the hapless Bible-thumping proselytizer who accidentally gets sucked into the unfortunate situation when he knocks on the wrong door while trying to sell Jesus.

Aside from Whaley, the movie is almost exclusively carried by the list of professional and competent but uninspired collection of B list actors filling the primary roles. Tammy Blanchard, Onata Aprile and Dwight Henry play the kidnapped mother and daughter and one of the local goons respectively.

While definitely from the list of B actors, especially surprising is the performance turned in by Guillermo Diaz. At first he seems to be just one of the two local goons, a two-dimensional, overall-wearing, hey-chewing doofus prone to guns and violence as the only entertainment his low horsepower IQ can comprehend. But as the movie progresses, he turns out to be a sort of Charlie Manson character, a highly intelligent and insightful student of human psychology and character but sadly damaged into psychopathy from his criminal and traumatic childhood. He emerges as the most interesting character by far as the movie progresses.

But as mentioned, the most fascinating aspect of WARNING SHOT is its wobbling up and down the quality scale.


The filmography is generally excellent. Solid, artistic and interesting camera angles, smooth pans and steady set shots, watermarks of experienced and knowledgeable camera work, suddenly give way to "shaky cam" crap because, you know, that's how you're supposed to add action to action shots. Or something. Gives one the sense that the director occasionally fell asleep and his dog took over shooting.

Continuity is all over the place. In one scene, the mother and daughter are desperately trying to escape through the forest and have just forded a relatively small but white-water little river running so hard that it momentarily sucked the mother under. This little river is running so fast it's literally throwing mist into the air as it rushes by. Arriving on the other side of the river, BIP!, suddenly Rainy (the Charlie Manson-like goon) is upon them. He's bone dry, no explanation how he apparently effortlessly got across this river that practically killed the mother and daughter. When the mother finally blasts him in the chest with the revolver she's been carrying for quite a while now, Rainy falls over backwards and then rolls down the embankment into the river. The river that NOW is miraculously as calm and as still as the undisturbed surface of a kiddie pool in a sunny backyard. Huh? Where did the killer river go?

The best explanation for such cinematic Swiss cheese is an inexperienced and unsure hand in the director's chair. And when we check the credits, we find that the director, Dustin Fairbanks, has a very short list of credits to his name altogether, and exactly one credit as a director which is... You guessed it... WARNING SHOT.

On the positive side, all of this suggests that when he can get himself settled down and smoothed out we can hope to see good stuff from Mr. Fairbanks in the future. He seems to show lots of promise.

The 7/10 rating I gave WARNING SHOT is based upon the fact that much of it was excellent but also because of the opportunity for a learning experience that it uniquely provides the viewer. Some may find my ranking a bit generous.
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Socialist Agenda?? Just enjoy the movie!
dadtime-2921222 September 2018
Funny that another review would be what makes someone feel compelled to add one of their own. Usually I just watch and rate and move along but felt compelled to try and balance the absurdity I saw...

First, the film (which should be the focus) It's a taunt little thriller with an above average cast and many notable moments. It's not breaking new ground or reinventing the wheel by any means but it delivers as promised. In supporting roles Bruce Dern (Nebraska, Hateful Eight) and James Earl Jones (Star Wars, The Lion King) execute a brief master class in acting which is then anchored by the performances of Tammy Blanchard (Into the Woods, The Invitation) and Guillermo Diaz (Halfbaked, Weeds, Scandal). What may surprise many is how David Spade (Tommy Boy, The Do Over) seems to be the thread that ties it all together. I expected to see far less of him but he stands toe to toe with drama heavy weights and seems to slide into the much more serious role with ease. His performance easily makes this worth the watch and yet their is still so much more. Guillermo Diaz character may actually be one of the best written sociopaths iv'e seen on screen in sometime. First disguised as a backwoods moron he slowly unveils a twisted character who physiologically breaks down his victims and I found that to be genuine and quite fascinating.

Now my score for this probably would have fallen between a 7 or an 8, but I saw something here that blew my mind.. a review that gave 1 star, not based on the film itself, but on the reviewers belief that the entire film was somehow socialist propaganda supporting the theft of private property by the American government.

Now I don't want to get into spoiler territory so I'll simply say there is a through story that involves water rights, and who owns them. The implication of the other review was that the filmmakers some how took a stand on that issue and wanted to push that onto the viewer. Are you taking crazy pills?? Did you not see the film was "based on true events"? The implication here is by showing something as it happened, or would happen, some how means the filmmaker agrees with that outcome. Again I don't want to spoil anything so I'll put it this way, it's like saying the film "Spotlight" condoned the molestation of children by priests simply because the film said that took place.

So I chose to give this a 10 in the hopes of offsetting the unfair review of someone who is delusional enough to believes a completely indie made film had a secret socialist agenda.
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At least it is short.
SteveJ_88827 January 2019
Mercifully it is only 87 minutes long.

Poorly written, poorly directed, unevenly acted, and generally implausible despite being based on a true story, the movie is alternately painful to watch, boring, and insulting to the viewer.

There are a few decent performances. Bruce Dern, James Earle Jones, and one or two others are OK, and Onata Aprile as the little girl did a very good job. Beyond that the acting is shallow and weak. In a movie with almost no story where people are being senselessly terrorized the viewer needs some depth of meaning or character to make the terror watchable. None here.

The movie doesn't ring true, as if the creators are from another planet and have no real sense of how people actually behave. The movie did inspire me to learn about the actual case in order to try to understand what may have actually happened.

The movie makers repeatedly commit two unforgivable sins too often found in action and horror films. One, when given the chance to thwart the aggressors and gain control the victims are inept. Lacking imagination, the movie makers simply hope the viewer will not notice.

Second, villains and criminals, even dumb ones, generally act in a way that will minimize the possible consequences of their actions and achieve their goals with the least risk and effort. Not here.

The ending was slightly satisfying, so I added an additional star to my rating.
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One of those rare movies...
aleistad-114 September 2018
This is one of those rare movies these days where you really care about the characters, at least if you have any kind of empathy. At times it was painful to watch, but for a good reason. I might add that parts of it has some of the qualities of a stage play in its style, unlike the more flash-bang Hollywood stuff, so if you're adverse to that it might not be for you.

It was also quite 'economical' in its unfolding. That is to say, not one line or movement was wasted. Everything had meaning, and there was no unnecessary filler of any kind. The acting was good by all involved, and I can't fault the directing or photography either - in short this was good movie making.

The IMDB category reads "Drama, Thriller" - I'd add "Fable" to that. I hope it will not be overlooked in the steady stream of shallower, but more popular movies. Watch it if you want nerve and meaning. Skip it if you want action and one liners.
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Solid Story Line
Kristamw6 November 2018
Warning Shot kept my attention all the way through, that's what I appreciated about it. Never a dull moment. Most of the duration of the film is non-action, yet the tension ran so high regardless, not an easy feat to pull off.

Character Development/Writing Quality: Guillermo Díaz (Rainy, the main villain) creeped me out--incredible acting skills. I just like the way the whole plot was staged, 'confined', for the most part, to this one room, making you feel confined too, yet having a reserve of hope because of the mom and her daughter being so innocent in all of this, and feeling the mom's intense emotions and later, her protective nature, and having David and Jawari there for reprieve. Rainy's backstory was interesting too as was Audrey's (the mom) because it allowed me to become even more invested in the characters. I actually cried when she told her story. A lot of intensity and solid story packed into the movie.

Values: Rainy has a filthy mouth. He's evil, threatening, despicable, representing the dark side of humanity, the selfishness and greed. In contrast, Audrey and her daughter are innocent and endearing characters.

Content (sex, language & violence): Rainy makes a smug remark about taking advantage of the mom and he spits out a few curse/derogatory words. The violence is a bit high, though infrequent.

Scare Factor: Less scary and more surprising what Rainy is capable of and what he goes through with. This is a survival story that finds you hugging Audrey and her daughter fiercely while anticipating Rainy's demise.

Bonus: James Earl Jones, Bruce Dern, and David Spade.
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Don't waste your time
Ace_Raf26 October 2018
This movie is bad...like really bad. I wasn't expecting much from this however some of the higher rating reviews are pushing this movie up higher than it deserves.

The acting is poor and there are parts that I actually thought were dubbed the script/acting is that bad.
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Great indie film
gatortales21 September 2018
I thought this was a great indie film. Great script with natural intelligent dialogue.

Great acting especially by Bruce Dern and Guillermo Diaz. I hated Diaz's character, so good for him to have pulled that off. Lol.
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A man should have the right to drink water
nogodnomasters2 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Audrey (Tammy Blanchard ) and her daughter (Onata Aprile ) are held captive in their home by a bad guy (Guillermo Díaz) and a not so bad guy (Dwight Henry). Also in the mix is a visitor (Frank Whaley). This is all over er um water rights. Yup water rights and they are not even sure if Audrey has the rights.

During the credits, the film is grindhouse grainy with a great soundtrack and then it shows us a different film. Bruce Dern stays in bed and David Spade waits to the end of the film to start acting. James Earl Jones has a minor role.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Nice little thriller
Woodyanders10 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Struggling single mother Audrey (a fine and appealing portrayal by Tammy Blanchard) and her daughter Cheyenne (adorable Onata Aprile) go check out a farmhouse that Audrey inherited from her recently deceased grandfather. Things turn nasty after a couple of thugs hired by the eager to please Bobby (sound work from David Spade, who's cast against type as a straight villain) show up to force Audrey to give up the property's water rights to them.

Director Dustin Fairbanks relates the tight and gripping story at a brisk pace as well as generates a good deal of tension. The solid acting by the capable cast keeps this movie humming: Bruce Dern as Bobby's crusty, but ailing grandfather Calvin, Guillermo Diaz as volatile and sadistic loose cannon Rainy, Dwight Henry as the more laidback and sensible Jawari, Frank Whaley as wimpy religious kook David, and James Earl Jones as friendly lawyer Pendleton. The sweet relationship between Audrey and Cheyenne gives this film some real heart while the constant bickering between radically contrasting goons Rainy and Jawari proves to be often hilarious and always entertaining to behold, with Rainy a particular gonzo stand-out throughout. Neat ironic twist at the very end, too. A cool and enjoyable flick.
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westsideschl25 December 2018
"Based on true events" which means something happened involving people; the rest is creative imagination. Well, maybe a lot less of the "creative". Baddies want the water rights and intend to hold grandpa hostage until he signs them over. Baddies have most of the lines which were as boringly dumb as a script dialogue writer could come up with. Rather than find grandpa they find visiting granddaughter who of course is held hostage. Predictable ending. No subtitles; poor audio; at times indecipherable enunciation. No special features to explain the supposedly important true parts. Cheap production, acting school acting.
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Don't bother
tame_the_beats24 April 2019
I couldn't even finish the movie. I was well over halfway through and found myself not caring what happened. I think the story in general is interesting, but just executed poorly.
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btropan25 September 2018
I can't believe I watched this. They realy spent money for this
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Intruders beware...
Mr-MrsRiley13 January 2022
First, I'll start by saying I'm a huge fan of Breanne Mattson.

Just finished watching Warning Shot for the second time. And I enjoyed it more this time around. It's definitely dialogue heavy, but a taunt thriller. Acting is good and very believable. Like with any movie, it has its flaws, but I will recommend this little indie gem to anyone out there looking for a nice way to spend around 90 minutes. It's no masterpiece,, but a pretty good adaptation to home invasion style films.. And certainly not terrible as some would have you believe.
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All this fuss about some water.
peterp-450-29871622 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
All right, I need you to loosen the guy up. He's old, all right? Do not kill him.

The only thing I wondered afterward was "Why for God sake was this movie made?". I'm not saying that this was the most horrible film of the year. Or the most superfluous release ever. There were some positive things in it. And in a certain way, it was sometimes far from bad even. But in the end, it was only a simplistic storyline and little to nothing innovative. The only thing that stayed with me is that you got an unpleasant feeling while watching. The way Rainy (Guillermo Diaz) addressed and dealt with the kidnapped persons was rather intimidating. An agitated character who's completely out of control after consuming some kind of soft drugs. You just felt that it was a difficult situation for Audrey (Tammy Blanchard) and her daughter Cheyenne (Onata Aprile). But that's the only thing in this film that can be called exciting. For the rest, it's quite weak.

Everything revolves around the claiming of water rights by Bobby (David Spade). Something his ancient grandfather failed in doing. And apparently, he can only achieve this by sending two vicious-looking characters to the elderly owner. To exert a little pressure. What Bobby didn't know was that the latter had already died. The only ones they find in the old man's house are the daughter Audrey and granddaughter Cheyenne. And the only plan that those two bums can come up with is to kidnap these two people who happen to be present. What follows is a precarious situation where one kidnapper (Dwight Henry as Jawari) tries to keep the other in line (clearly that these two bunglers don't really know each other). And when someone unexpectedly shows up at the door, Ryan gets even more agitated.

Apart from the lesser known actors, you will notice a number of familiar faces. The most well-known person is, of course, the comedian David Spade as the go-getter Bobby who apparently has to prove himself towards his grandfather Calvin (Bruce Dern, known face number two). Personally, I don't think David Spade belongs to the crème de la crème when it comes to comedy. Usually, these are forgettable, nonsense comedies that are far from funny. I thought he'd make a funny comment at any moment. His contribution was reasonably mediocre. Bruce Dern's acting was also fairly limited. Certainly compared to his part in "The Hateful Eight" as General Sandy Smithers. And finally, you'll also recognize James Earl Jones in a tiny role as a sort of notary. Also an insignificant role for such a well-known star.

What remains are the leads. Their acting is nevertheless of a reasonable level. For example, I found the interaction between Tammy Blanchard and Onata Aprile very convincing. Maybe at times, it was a bit overly sentimental and Cheyenne came across as inexperienced. But that didn't really bother me. Also, the acting of Guillermo Diaz was generally good. He managed to picture Ryan as an unstable character. Although his frantic attempt to sound like an accomplished psychiatrist was a bit absurd. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to make it an interesting film. The motive itself was already far-fetched. The final denouement sounded even more nonsensical. Nope, "Warning Shot" certainly isn't a great film. So, you don't want to waste time? Better you skip it then.
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Watchable. Not great, not offensive.
Tr-u-mpbilly18 September 2018
Worth a watch just for Guillermo Diaz. Aside from his performance, it was a fairly average movie.
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jonesy71817 September 2018
I watched this because I like David Spade, James Earl Jones and the great Bruce Dern. I wanted to like it but it was just painful. I doubt James Earl Jones even knows what was in the rest of the movie else he would never had said yes. I was half expecting (secretly hoping) to see Spade break out into something funny but..here we are.
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Terrible movie
gfirman5822 October 2018
Terrible movie not worth watching the acting was horrible not even worth one star
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Absolute amateurish rubbish
mike-187-16495027 November 2018
Not worth any words it's so bad. Script written by grade 6?
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This is probably the worst movie ever made
danieldearham4 December 2018
This is just the same low budget trash that goes straight to DVD and in my opinion it shouldn't even exist.
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Socialist ideology applied about private property!
fernandosantucci22 September 2018
A good film about child violence from misfits parents and rape in adolescence.

However, the movie disguises the socialist ideology by demonstrating with naturality through the comic relief in the end the disrespect of private property by the right of the state confiscate the exploitation of the natural resources of the lands of individuals.

By the American Constitution and Ayn Rand's Objectivism this in itself is characterized by unjustifiable violence against American citizens.
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Hostage movie, lotsa talking
thebushwacker25 October 2021
"Warning Shot" 2018 is a halfway decent movie, but it's very cookie cutter. It's just another ordinary hostage movie, with a couple details rearranged. There is a lot of dialogue in this movie; it's pretty much nothing but talking. It feels like you're just spinnin' the wheels. There's barely a story at all. // This may be the first time I've ever seen David Spade in a serious role, and he kinda surprises me. James Earl Jones must be 110 now, and he's still great, as always. // The Bushwacker 10/25/2021.
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