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The Morbius of Animation
jesseryman-555652 July 2022
Going to watch "future best animated picture winner" Minions:Rise of Gru I had high hopes. I was not however expected the experience that I had. The Story was crisp and emotional, the animations though fake felt realer than ever,I say this with no exaggeration.....IT WAS BETTER THAN MORBIUS. It's Morbin time...More like It's Minion Time.
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Visually stunning and absolutely hilarious
FeastMode1 July 2022
For reference, here are my ratings for the other movies: Despicable Me - 9 stars. Despicable Me 2 - 8 stars. Minions - 6 stars. Despicable Me 3 - 7 stars.

I am so pleasantly surprised that this is the best one since the original. It fires on all cylinders: comedy, story, visuals, action scenes. It starts out fast and never lets up. The movie flies by. And it has tons of great new characters.

This movie is absolutely hilarious. I was literally in tears in some scenes. The minions are at their very best with so many memorable moments. The story is surprisingly unpredictable and keeps you invested. The visuals are stunningly beautiful. I was mesmerized. And the action scenes are pretty epic, the best of the entire series.

I had a blast with this movie. It's definitely worth seeing on a premium screen, greatly enhancing the visuals and action scenes.

P. S. I'm not sure what's up with all these sarcastic 10 star reviews. I assure you this is not one of them. (2 viewings, opening Thursday IMAX 6/30/2022, IMAX 7/6/2022)
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Over 60 years old
dockirby2 July 2022
This movie has so many references to the sixties and seventies that I don't think people under twenty will understand the puns, innuendos and jokes. The children in the theater will still laugh at the slapstick jokes.
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Minions never disappoint, Loved it!
divmathur26 June 2022
Its a fun movie. Minion scenes are more than Gru and thankfully so. The chemistry between minions characters is epic. Love Kevin, Bob and Stuart.

There is no deep meaning or higher message, a simple carefree movie which is supposed to be seen that way.
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The lovable characters just make the audience continue to yearn for more.
rannynm30 June 2022
In his world, Gru is the most powerful villain anyone has ever seen. But the question is: how did he become this dominant force? Minions: The Rise of Gru shows us the exciting story of 12-year old Gru and the path to his villainous life. Both the familiar faces and the new characters come together to make this make this film highly entertaining, yet nostalgic.

Minions: The Rise of Gru provides the backstory for how Gru (Steve Carell) came to be the notorious villain he is today. After being rejected as a replacement for Wild Knuckles (Alan Arkin) and failing to earn a much-coveted spot in the supervillain group Vicious 6, Gru unexpectedly finds himself on the run. As fate would have it, Gru's dream of being mentored by Wild Knuckles soon comes true, but not without Gru having to now lean on Wild Knuckles and his minions to fight back against the Vicious 6.

The three main minions-Kevin, Stuart, and Bob-each have unique character traits that make these films work. In Minions: The Rise of Gru, you can see how each minion plays a different role in how Gru grows as a villain and as a person. Kevin is the smart and responsible leader-he makes sure everything is going according to plan. Stuart is the one who is always in touch with reality, and makes sure the truth is known-he may seem uninterested, but he's very helpful. Bob is the lighthearted and innocent soul who always tries to make the best out of a situation. Without all three of these characters, this movie wouldn't be the same. There are many subtle references to the previous movies that add to the comedic tone, as well. For instance, in the scene where Gru and Wild Knuckles attempt to rob the bank, the bank president shows them an image of his grandson, who turns out to be none other than the aspiring villain, Vector. Of course, young Gru isn't aware that Vector will play a big role in his future, but the audience definitely is. These subtle references are what contribute to the nostalgic feel we get from watching this film. And, of course, we can't forget about Gru's iconic wardrobe, which he's already wearing as a young kid.

The message of Minions: The Rise of Gru is that everyone needs a little help sometimes. Even though he doesn't realize it right away, Gru eventually recognizes that he needs help in order to be the successful villain he desires to be.

Minions: The Rise of Gru is such a fun movie to watch. The lovable characters just make the audience continue to yearn for more. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12, though anyone can enjoy this movie. Minions: The Rise of Gru releases in theaters on July 1, 2022. Make sure you check it out! By Maica N., KIDS FIRST!
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really funny, really good
vyperlook25 June 2022
Just loved it, the whole time! There is no time to get bored at all, it's full of well-made action and really funny stuff, and the minions are truly lovely.
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Fun For Young Children Maybe
zac-048795 July 2022
The reason The Rise of Gru feels like such a let down is because it lacks creativity, there's not enough of minions, but there's not enough of the young Gru either. That's not to say it isn't a movie families with young children will have fun watching, but compared to this movie's predecessor and all the Despicable Me movies so far, The Rise of Gru is probably the flattest of each of them.

Directed by Kyle Balda from a story written and co-thought by Matthew Fogel, this Minions movie brings back Steve Carrell to voice the child-version of the "superbad-superdad" Gru and Pierre Coffin as the minions to a setting during the 1970s and behind the Despicable Me movies. If you are a Despicable Me fan or just appreciate the original movies, this film offers a delightful set of hilarious references and other jokes that'll have the whole family laughing. The typical requirements for animated movies such as voices, animation and other things all work out well in this movie.

However, for a Despicable Me prequel titled Minions: The Rise of Gru, this film sure lacks a fair amount of time to laugh with the minions, and the child Gru doesn't have enough of a story or motive behind him that keeps us fully appealed to the story. This film also follows the predictable Despicable Me basis of having protagonists working with their own lives, but then there's the threat by the villain/s. And this movies group of villains may be funny, but they're completely unoriginal, leading to the plot to be quite bland.

If you liked this review, check out the full review and other reviews at aussieboyreviews.
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A nice step up for Illumination!
jamesonm-6410425 June 2022
Join Gru and the Minions in the sequel that's actually better than the first! It's fun for kids, teens, adults, and seniors! Let's make this film gross $1 trillion in the freaking box office, y'all!
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Watchable effort, not bad, but getting a bit tired
aidanratesmovies8 July 2022
It may feel in total like this franchise is running out of steam, or at least fresh and creative ideas- but Minions The Rise of Gru does manage to be decently entertaining and charming enough to be worth at least a one time watch. A lot of people, critics included, bash the 2015 film Minions for a lack of a true plot among many other things- but in my personal opinion I actually enjoyed the first minions movie and may even find it better than this one. Although both films are flawed, Minions had a very clear although frantic vision set in mind for ts characters- and never felt like a combination of two completely different films like this one did. So what is it about this film that makes it worth watching? Well the animation for one is absolutely fantastic, gorgeous visuals that are easily the best to ever come out of Illumination in their company's entire run. Kid Gru is also a fun and charming lead, and i'll be darned if the minions silly gags didn't charm me from time to time and even earn a chuckle or two (the airplane scene most of all). Its plot is truly all over the place, much like the first film, and its focus on characters feels very divided- as well as its focus on future characters come to be in the franchise considering and reminding the audience how this is a prequel- in case the 70's vibes wouldn't tell you otherwise. I don't know, its entertaining it has its moments and I found some fun in it. Its an uneven little flick but its use of colorful visuals and fun characters make it decent enough for a pleasant experience- and certainly trumps the third Despicable Me film and latest franchise release before this one almost 5 years ago. It's hard to believe this franchise is still going, and how it still manages to propel itself forward, but in this age of commercialization and franchises- Minions the Rise of Gru can be more tolerable than most.

My Rating: 6.2/10.
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masonfisk26 July 2022
The latest from Illumination Studios is another adventure, actually a prequel this time, as we follow how Gru, still voiced by Steve Carrell, tries to get in the door to join the Vicious Six (voiced by Alan Arkin, Taraji P. Henson, Jean Claude Van Damme, Lucy Lawless, Danny Trejo & Dolph Lundrgren) after they have betrayed Arkin during a sacred stone heist. Dismissing him as being too young & distracted by another potential try-out, Gru manages to steal the stone sending the baddies on his tail but due to one of the accompanying minions trading the stone out for a pet rock, the race is on to get the rock back before the Vicious Six (really five at this point!) get their collective mitts on it. Sure the film is threadbare plotwise (being an excuse to have a bunch of minion antics running throughout the story like socks on a laundry line) but the film is nothing but fun & unlike the Shrek films which acted as an alternative to the Pixar output, at least the Illumination team keeps pushing the envelope on perfecting their visuals (standouts include the textures on the minions' goggles & Gru's realistic expressions when he's upset or challenged). Returning champs to the franchise include Julie Andrews as Gru's mom, Russell Brand as Mr. Nefario (he's not a doc yet) w/Michelle Yeoh as a kung fu master the minions get lessons from & the Rza as a biker who gives a minion a much needed ride to San Francisco.
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A minor improvement over the last couple of movies
blott2319-113 July 2022
I've been waiting since Despicable Me 2 for the makers of the Minions to make another good movie in the franchise. After seeing Minions: The Rise of Gru I think I'll have to keep waiting. This movie isn't as trashy and terrible as the last 2 movies with Minions, but it's not anything special. I always have a slight issue with any of these movies because having an aspiring villain as your protagonist is such a challenge. It's hard for me to cheer for a young Gru to become more evil, and I'm not even sure how the logic of the villains even works. It seems like the minute Gru gets the better of the Vicious 6 they would consider him a great villain, yet they instead form this vendetta against him. It just never works for me living in these opposite worlds where bad is good, and good is bad, particularly with such loveable and fun-loving minions. There's a lack of any consistency, and even if I get a chuckle out of it, I don't think it's the best kind of story-telling.

I still think that the Minions are better in smaller doses. The long sequences with just Minions and them learning kung fu is only cute for a few minutes and starts to get tedious as they go on. I also struggle every single time I watch a prequel. I don't understand Hollywood's fascination with making them, and just like any other prequel, they make a point of shining a spotlight on things that are in the original movies. "Oh look, it's Dr. Nefario!" "Now there is that bank manager guy, I know him!" It's not good story-telling, and fails to have a purpose for people who aren't overly familiar with the first film. There is a lot of negativity in this review, but I want to make it clear I didn't hate seeing this movie. Minions: The Rise of Gru was good for some laughs, particularly in the big climax. I don't hate the Minions as much as some other people do, and I wanted to enjoy this as much as I liked Despicable Me or even Despicable Me 2. It was underwhelming, but considering where the franchise has gone, this was at least a little more enjoyable.
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This Movie Competes With Godfather
raphco-2517724 June 2022
This is by far the best movie of the year! Id say it even competes with The Godfather it's that amazing! The cinematography, the dialogue with the Minions and Gru, it's fantastic! This movie is an emotional roller coaster with genius directing. This is a must watch movie for all generations and I highly recommend!
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Great fun.
battlecrusadersgames3 August 2022
I'm not sure why this movie doesn't have a higher rating, because i found it really enjoyable and much better than the first outing.

Lets start with the few negatives i have to say, because there aren't many. First the head female villain is a little annoying. Also there could do with a little bit more emotion so we appreciate the humour even more. These things are nitpicky though, as for the most part this is great fun.

Lets now take it for what it is; a comedy animation aimed mostly at kids. So, is it animated well? Yes, it's one of the clearest most colourful animations i think i have ever seen. Is it funny? Yes, in fact it's very funny. I laughed many times throughout, proving you don't have to eve use proper words to be funny. Mr Bean is a prime example of that, and so here are the minions. Lastly will kids get bored? Absolutely not. The story, (although with limited payout) moves along at such a great pace, the movie felt really short and the minions are so consistently funny, kids will never get tired of it and actually neither will the big kids (adults).

Finally i still maintain, there is nothing cuter in this world than Bob and when he does his pleading face, is like a puppy X100.

A last though is that if they want to keep this franchise alive though, i think they need to move onto shorts, because that will it will stop it becoming too repetitive and boring.
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Great animation... Mediocre kids movie
skylermoore6 July 2022
All trolling aside, this movie was very average and below average as far as kids movies go. The animation is top notch but at this point the minions pretty much have the same jokes in every movie. You know what to expect here, there's nothing new. Kids will love it and parents will probably still hate it, although it might bring out a couple chuckles with some sly adult jokes. The animation carries this film.
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Paint By Numbers Affair
statuskuo11 July 2022
Take this for what it is, I am a late 40's guy watching this. And that is my fault. However, this is set in 1976, so I remember a tiny bit of it. Anachronisms a plenty. But, that said, this the return of some little yellow pilled gibberish spewing...things. I did watch "Despicable Me" years ago, but can't fully remember what that was about. This one is Gru attempting to join a super villain coalition. This coming during the Chinese New Year. A jade amulet holds the answer to his entry into the world of villainy. So he desperately wants to be accepted by his fellow baddies. Cool cameo voices by Jean Claude Van Damme, Julie Andrews and Dolph Lundgren. However, through so much audio processing, they may as well be anyone.

This is so mediocre. Tired tropes of Minions rambling a language between Portuguese and French. Hard to say. But a few cute moments don't save a movie that seems so...template built.

The noise and butt jokes will be amusing for the kids. The 70's references will placate the Gen X'ers.
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Quite Frankly I Was Bored!
martimusross2 July 2022
Minion: The Rise of Gru

What a disappointment this was, and quite frankly I was bored from start to finish!

Yet again the script writers have failed to glean from the original movie what was the magical element that made this franchise a success. Clearly is was the strength of story, brilliant and inventive animation, and well drawn and memorable characters. Here the story was tissue thin, Gru's family was all but missing, there was little reason for things to happen, and the animation was largely uninventive with just repetition from earlier movies.

What was key in the original movie what the strong relationship ties between the characters, at best they were casual acquaintances in this movie.

Nobody liked it except the children who seem mesmerised by the Minions, clearly easily pleased.

For me this is a 5 outta 10, barely a screensaver!
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Very average!
fossilbythen5 July 2022
Nothing too impressive or new.. Te scenes look contrived. Learning kung-fu scenes were an utter waste of time. Too slapstick even for kids. Hope there will be a better storyline next time.
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The Fun of Gru
rgkarim1 July 2022

The References: If you've read my reviews before, you'll know I'm a sucker for easter eggs and references to other genres of Hollywood. The second installment of Minions was a delight in this avenue, loaded with nods to various movies and their scenes that made them famous. From the opening scene where we revisit Indiana Jones temple run to the Kung Fu movies that made the 60s-80s so much fun, its these references that a movie goer like me enjoys. It's enjoyable to see the dynamics unfold, and I loved taking a trip back into this twisted memory of videos I watched as a kid. I found this to be a part adults will like, and a way to open up to other audiences past the target age.

The Voice Acting: Part of the fun of animated features is the voice actors who make the cartons and CGI models come to life and add that emotion. Minions: Rise of Gru is loaded with talent, pulling a wide variety of voices that leads to fun characters and new voices for your little ones to impersonate. The Vicious 6, the collective bunch of baddies has stellar talent in the form of those iconic actors that seem to be background voices like Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, and Lucy Lawless are just some of the voices that you will hear, and though not the most prominent, they still have a great place in this film. Others like Taraji P. Henson and Michelle Yeoh have bigger roles and get that sass factor you love in the characters of this goofy world. And there are other characters reviving their parts like Russell Brand and Julie Andrews who though short and sweet do it so well. Yet the main voices are the top billed cast and they work the real charm in this movie. Arkin as White Knuckle is pretty much playing his live action roles in an animated form and it works as the jokes, threats, and warming moments feel genuine and caustic like the old age jokes he often is the butt of. Pierre Coffin is still the energetic and hyper voice of the various yellow blobs that are the Minions. Though they sound very much the same, Coffin manages to really work personalities into the four main guys to stand out and work with the physical personas that they wear so well. It's a subtle thing for audience members like me, but I appreciate the effort to make them stand out a bit more. As for Carrell, he rocks the Gru voice he invented so well, but this time changes the pitch to sound like a kid version of Gru we saw in the original. And yet this time, more charm and emotion were seen and it worked very well to craft more of the evil villain's formative years to explain so much. All in all, the acting is stacked and well executed and I quite enjoyed how well they played together.

The Pace: It's a kids movie, so you can expect that the movie is going to be very quick paced and not standing still too much. However, Rise of Gru manages to still harness that speed and tone it down to give you those moments that allow for character development and training without blowing it over completely. True, the movie does not quite have the balance or natural layout of Despicable Me, but for a sequel of a prequel, the balance is quite welcome and perfectly fit for the other components put into the movie.

The Music: The Gru legacy is chock full of music from the various decades that fans dive into no matter what age you currently are. In this prequel , the trend continues with some orchestra work present to help out the emotional moments, it's the tracks they put in that are my favorite to tap my toes to. Gru's gang has plenty of decade classics, and other songs that need to fill the void are brought out by the Minions cover, giving you that comedic edge to the film.

The Animation/Design Now we get into the levels that are the main strengths for me in this film. Illumination may not be groundbreaking in terms of animation and design, but they certainly did accomplish fluid movement and that loveable, kid friendly, structure that we fell in love with years ago. Gru's adventures are still whacky and the extreme features they share are still all utilized well to make that caricature design I love, but helping incorporate some other cultural moves into the works as well. The martial arts montage shows how they keep putting new features into the design and again it works so well to make this adventure enjoyable.

The Balance Somewhat: Minions 2 had a lot of things to juggle and three plot lines to leap about to make the adventure whole. It worked for the most part at least for two of the stories that they were working on. You'll get plenty of screen time between the classic three and Gru's adventure as they each work to the ultimate goal of being the ultimate villain of the era. The gimmicks are cute, and each story has its own feel to it that are grossly different, but yet connect like an ionic bond to make something stronger. The other plot line is attempting to incorporate a new character, and while a little heartwarming, is primarily comedic antics that will end up in some way, shape and form in the form of a toy. Nevertheless, many of these plot lines do well to get adequate time and that kept things dynamic and fun.

The Comedy: I laughed a lot in this film, the balance of adult humor and kid humor tickling my funny bones a lot as they vied to find their place in the writing. Rise of Gru may not be quite as clever or cultured as the Despicable Me movie from long ago, but it still has plenty of pizazz and well-timed moments to get you busting out a hardy chuckle or guffaw. Slapstick comedy, physical humor, pronunciation of words, and some clever lines all have a nice mix into the run time, always keeping the atmosphere and energy of the film in check.

The Fun: Overall though, I had a lot of fun in this film, and managed to find it better than several of the other entries in this film. Gru's childhood had a lot of quirks to it, but overall there was a lot of heart and adventurous energy that just made going to the movies fun. Another group in my showing seemed to agree, and all the comedic moments and Minion squeaks should fill your theater with laughter and delight. Not too many politics, not getting lost in some cultural relevance that films seem to want to explore, and it's not going too deep or surreal to complicate matters. This film is just another enjoyable venture that helps you take a break from the harsh reality of today.


Predictable Plot: The trailers have a lot to do with this, but the movie, to no surprise, is a predictable mess that is a bit boring. I know, I should not have expected something like that, but Disney has proven to pull that twist on us when it counts to shock us to the core. Minions: Rise of Gru could have tried to add a few more kinks into the mix, which might have helped add that little bit of adventure that the first one did long ago.

More Balance Needed In Characters: You know me and my utilizing characters well if you are going to include them. Rise of Gru does an okay job on about a handful of characters, but I can't help but feel there were too many new contenders to the mix to say they were all crucial to the plot. The main antagonists were unimpressive and certainly could have been paired or sent out on other missions to help give them more dimension than the stereotypes they served as. Meanwhile, Brand and Andrews characters were very scarce, maximizing their time, but really not having a leg in the race like I had hoped they would. And even the new Minion did not quite shine like the original trio, meaning he was pretty much for toys than running with his boys, which again was a shame.

Could Have Used A Little More Heartwarming Moments: The first two movies had those touching moments that really dug into your hearts and pulled the family card out for you to enjoy. However, Minions 2, while trying, did not quite have the same awwwww moments you might be looking for. Don't get me wrong, there are still cute moments to be had, some as trades to get the joke in, and there are those hints of something deeper happening. Yet, this films balance towards the character side did not quite come off as clean as the previous installments.

Sort of Disconnected At Times: Finally, the movie feels not quite as linear and connected as the other films have had in the past. Whether it was due to delays, or the fear of too much story, this sequel-prequel has moments that feel like something was dropped or edited down to get to the end game faster. While it is subtle at times, there is just something missing that feels like a Director's cut is needed for home release.

The VERDICT: The claims of the movie being the funniest of the year is at least partially true. Minions: Rise of Gru is by far the same spectacle you have come to expect with bright animation, lots of music, references that are great for guys like me and great voice acting that makes them come to life. Sure it has some predictability issues, and character inclusion/balance is not perfect leading to a disconnected feeling that the first two movies did better. Yet, the movie is still super fun and accomplishes the task of not being political and just being a movie to lose yourself in for a few hours. When all of this is said and done, the movie for me gets a thumbs up for theater watching if you can, and with that my scores are:

Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0.
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Fun Movie with Lots of Fart Jokes
cawoodbury-948256 July 2022
The movie did have some solid laughs, but they really overdid it with the butt jokes and fart jokes. That just doesn't appeal to me (although I know who it does appeal to, so I'm somewhat sympathetic). Otherwise I would've given it an 8. Still, a fun short watch.
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Good for a few laughs, but don't expect the originals
balthesaur19 July 2022
'Minions: The Rise of Gru' follows 11 3/4 year old Gru (voiced by Steve Carrell) trying to make a name for himself and join the ranks of an elite villians group, the Vicious 6. With humble beginnings as a troublemaker in his mother's basement, the minions (voiced by Pierre Coffin) are determined to help him succeed in his mission.

The film is a sort of origin story for Gru, despite having elusions to his childhood in the 1st and 3rd movies. The wacky and wonderful minions carry the film, but sadly, the plot seems haphazard. The henchmen, Jean-Clawed (voice by Jean-Claude Van Damme), Svengeance (voiced by Dolph Lundgren), and Stronghold (voiced by Danny Trejo) all seem to be second-string compared to Belle Bottom (voiced by Taraji P. Henson) and Wild Knuckles (voiced by Alan Arkin). The animation is fairly standard of the earlier movies, the flow is solid, and the film's ending kind of makes sense, but the plot in general is a bit of a hodgepodge.

Worth a watch with the kids.
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Take your kids to see this one
shabbirk-439656 July 2022
If you have kids and want to be like a kid. Go See this movie. Better yet, take a matinee show where you will be with other kids.

This movie has everything.

From start to end, I loved the movie.

And yes, my kids loved it too.

Make sure to take popcorn with you.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a super villain!
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Not a great sequel... just ok I guess.
prberg211 July 2022
Was pretty excited about this one after seeing the trailer. But it was just disappointing. Me and my kids went (and also to the original Minions 1 movie) and it was just ok. They had fun... but their standards for movies is pretty low.

It looked great.. but the story and characters just felt so boring and flat. Jokes were just ok.. mostly flat here as well. Just felt a bit all over the place and didn't click for us. They could have done so much better with this movie.. just disappointing.
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Sigh -- It Just Wasn't That Funny or Smart
gleng11 July 2022
I was always impressed with the previous Minions movies by the depth and intelligence of some of the references and jokes.

This one just doesn't seem that clever -- the Minions are adorable as always, but many of the same old gags are recycled -- they slap each other. They laugh at farts. They get covered in muck. Got it.

One challenge is that Gru is portrayed throughout as a kid -- in previous movies I think Gru's weariness at the adult world and its challenges added a layer that is missing here.

I was amused to re-read the credits -- some pretty heavy-duty voice actors here, many of whom get one line. (Will Arnett? Steve Coogan? Russell Brand is promoted prominently and has maybe five lines in the whole film).

The kids will love it, and there are worse ways to spend an afternoon, but it just didn't ring for me.

PS -- I am intrigued in the worst possible way by some of the reviews here -- at least a dozen proclaiming it the best film of all time, a life-changer, it saved my marriage... stupid internet troll joke or the PR department at the studio trying to boost the average review score? Hmm...
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Surprise! A sequel upgrading the franchise!
lotekguy-11 July 2022
After the last of the Minions movies, Despicable Me 3, I thought the adorable critters had stayed too long at the party. The sequel dropoff had been trending, reaching low enough for a mercy killing. So when I saw that there was another round coming - a prequel of Gru's origin story, I entered the theater with trepidation. SURPRISE!! This one may be the funniest of the series! New writers apparently did the trick. Well, Matthew Fogel is new to the franchise, and Brian Lynch is returning after penning the relatively amusing Minions in 2015. They give us Gru at age 11, aspiring to be a supervillain and already variably helped and plagued by his little yellow pals. He gets the chance to join a quintet of his megavillain heroes when the vacancy they'd just created by ousting the sixth member opens the selection for his replacement. They shun him just because he's a kid inspiring him to turn the tables on them to prove his worth. The plot borrows from the Indiana Jones legacy and slips in homages to Kung Fu flicks and many other pop-culture figures and themes, set in1976, mostly in San Francisco.

The more of those movies you've seen - live action or animated - the more you'll find to enjoy here. For example, one of the evildoers has a huge crablike right arm. Not only is he named Jean-Clawed, but Mr. Van Damme actually provides his voice! Steve Carrell returns as Gru, assisted by the likes of Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu, Alan Arkin, Danny Trejo and Julie-freakin - Andrews! That's establishing a cast pedigree that the script serves dutifully.

Besides the job they did of packing lots of laughs into the dialog and rapid-fire action, there are goodies to savor in the backgrounds ala The Simpsons. Art design is first-rate, with a wealth of colors and characters to tickle viewers of all ages. No animation corps ever used San Francisco to better advantage, making the city and Bay Area look gorgeous - especially Chinatown. This is one of those rare films worth seeing twice, since so much is going on so quickly that I'm sure I missed a number of gags. Don't just drop the kids at the theater for this one. Join them.
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Best movie ever!
phelinebruins29 June 2022
Writing this in the cinema, absolutely spectacular and perfect for alpha males and females. Best movie I've seem in a long time. I kept laughing and appreciating these wonderful yellow beings. Awesome ending too.
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