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MPAA Rated R for strong disturbing violent content, some sexuality, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • At the beginning of the film, bare breasts are seen in a silhouette through a thin nightgown in an elongated walking sequence.
  • The first sex scene occurs when a woman opens a door on a married couple having sex. The couple are shown thrusting and moaning briefly, until the woman shuts the door.
  • The second scene shows a man roughly picking up a woman as she tries to run upstairs. The man starts kissing her as she then wraps her legs around him. The man starts to thrust and the woman starts groaning as the camera cuts away.
  • A woman's bare breasts are shown when she is stripped by a crowd and beaten to near death, there is nothing sexy about this (see Violence & Gore for more details).
  • A man is shown fully nude when he gets out of bed. His buttocks and his pubic hair is shown in detail. A previous review said his genital is shown, that's not true.
  • A woman's bare breast can be seen when she breastfeeds her baby.
  • Jennifer Lawrence can be seen nude in two instances. when the crowd attack her dress were stripped and we can see the breast and nipple in close.
  • We see the writer's wife in a semi-transparent nightgown that makes it obvious she's not wearing anything underneath.
  • After the grieving family and friends leave, the writer's wife angrily confronts her husband in a scene that quickly turns sexual.
  • They share a passionate embrace on the stairs that obviously shows the beginning of a lovemaking session. (We see some movements, hear a moan, but no nudity is shown.)
  • We then see the couple in bed the next morning. (Her bare shoulders and his bare backside are shown, with his frontal nudity barely being avoided as he gets out of bed.)
  • She announces to her husband that she's pregnant.
  • Elsewhere, a couple is shown on a couch kissing and fondling.
  • Another couple sneaks off to a bedroom to make out.
  • A woman's shirt is nearly torn off, revealing her breasts briefly.
  • A woman is shown in a bra.
  • A scene between the doctor's wife and the writer's wife involves the older woman verbally coaching the younger on how to keep her husband sexually interested.
  • She holds up skimpy underwear to illustrate that suggestion, and the writer's wife steals the panties from the dryer after they've been washed.
  • An aggressive man talks suggestively to the writer's wife, but she rebuffs his verbal advances.
  • Once the movie's final scene commences, one room-shown very briefly-shows an embracing couple.
  • Her back is apparently bare (whether from not having a top on or having a low cut dress is unclear.)
  • Others embrace passionately as well, but what looks like the beginning of an orgy-like love fest isn't shown again.

Violence & Gore

  • The film comprises scenes of violence with some details depicted. These include scenes where characters are shot fatally.
  • The strongest moment is one where a woman is stripped by a crowd, exposing her bare breasts, before they repeatedly punch her, degrade her, rape her and break her bones. This is shown in full detail and for a prolonged period of time. Very gory and hard to stomach.
  • A pregnant woman and her husband are assaulted by being sprayed in the face with tear gas.
  • A man's jaw is blown off with a shotgun after attempting to help a pregnant woman. The bloody aftermath is shown on the man's face in full detail.
  • A young man grabs a brass doorknob and bludgeons his brother to death with it. Blood pools under the victim's head.
  • A young woman attempts to help a pregnant woman escape her house that has descended into chaos before she is eventually beaten to death by the crowd.
  • A crowd of violent protesters are seen attacking riot police with objects and physical assault as the police are trying to fend off the violent crowd.
  • The house, as previously mentioned, bleeds when the writer's wife is angry.
  • The doctor's two sons tangle violently over who is getting what from the dying man's will.
  • We see him in a pool of blood, and the writer ends up covered in the man's blood, too, after carrying him to a hospital.
  • The writer's wife mops up the copious blood spilled and dumps the bloody water in the bathtub.
  • We glimpse some sort of bloody creature in the toilet (which is never explained at all).
  • The arrival of so many fans eventually leads to a chaotic, anarchic mob, with people fighting each other in various ways for no obvious reason.
  • Police, then military personnel arrive, using more and more high-powered weapons to quell the violence.
  • A man clenches his fists while holding shards of broken crystal, causing them to bleed.
  • The writer's wife is shown with blood on the floor between her legs as she gives birth.
  • Somehow, she is badly burned but not consumed, and the writer is completely unharmed.


  • There is infrequent use of very strong language including the words f*ck and c*nt.
  • Two f-words, two uses of the c-word.
  • One possible s-word.
  • At least two misuses of God's name.
  • Someone is called a "whore."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Adults are seen socially drinking, and are briefly implied to be intoxicated.
  • An older man smokes, and is told not to do so indoors.
  • The writer's wife repeatedly takes a drink of some kind of yellow, powered elixir when she feels overwhelmed.
  • A number of scenes picture people drinking (wine, beer) in the house.
  • Several are obviously drunk.
  • The old doctor smokes-a habit the writer's wife doesn't want him to indulge in the house.
  • The doctor's wife asks the writer's wife whether she has any painkillers.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film also features frequent disturbing scenes which include strong details.
  • These include a cannibalism scene; a scene where a blood-filled light bulb explodes; a scene where a woman sets fire to herself and is seen screaming for a prolonged period of time, a scene where someone is clubbed in the head repeatedly by a heavy metal object, and a seen of mass execution where people are shot in the head mercilessly for being atheists.
  • The film is very disturbing from the onset - but especially in the last 45 minutes. During this period you see horrific acts of violence such genital mutilation. It is certainly a very intense film and is quite possibly one of the most violent and horrific films ever made. The film is intense, distressing and very emotionally scarring. It is more of a psychologically disturbing horror movie that messes with your head, rather than a jumpscare horror movie. That being said, there are jump scares throughout.
  • A lot of critic reviews have pointed out that this movie appears to be heavily critical of religion in general.
  • One very disturbing moment is when a woman who is cleaning her toilet sees what appears to be blood pooling in the water, as she's trying to flush it a human heart suddenly appears and is promptly flushed down the toilet in bloody detail.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A graphic depiction of a woman giving birth, with blood and vaginal fluid pouring from beneath her thin dress.
  • A disturbing sequence where a woman walks in on what appears to be a human trafficking ring with sex slaves held captive.

Violence & Gore

  • A character is set upon by a crowd, beaten.
  • A terrified newborn baby is passed among an unruly mob. His neck is seen breaking in close up. His mother arrives to discover the disemboweled baby's corpse, shown in a graphic and disturbing manner. She then turns round to see the unruly mob is eating the flesh and drinking the blood of her baby - a wholly darkly take on the Communion.
  • An infant is cannibalized. The corpse is shown and people eating the bits of it.
  • A woman is seen executing several people with gunshots for being atheists before she accidentally walks into an incoming explosion, killing her instantly. Her bloody and ash covered corpse is seen afterwards.
  • A woman ruptures an oil tank and drops a lighter on the spilled fluid, destroying the whole house and killing everyone inside.
  • A man rips a woman's heart out of her charred, burnt, and dying body, killing her instantly as her corpse disintegrates.
  • A woman, in a rage-induced violent rampage, grabs a shard of broken glass and slashes and stabs several people, killing them in bloody detail.
  • The melee ends with one hitting the other in the head with a doorknob, which kills him.
  • The writer's wife, grieving and full of rage, sets the house's old-fashioned fuel tank alight in retribution, destroying the house and everything in it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film contains a disturbing sex scene that is heavily implied to be marital rape as it is arguable if it's consensual or not. She initially resists her husband's advances by repeatedly telling him no before she eventually reciprocates.
  • The baby scene near the end of the movie is very violent, and may disturb people who has a baby in their family. It is also cannibalistic, too, meaning they drink the blood and eat bits of the baby.

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