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An absolute mess
ethanbresnett8 April 2022
Morbius is one of those rare films that pretty much gets everything wrong.

The story, the character development, the action... everything about it felt very dated and messy, with practically no redeeming qualities to be found anywhere.

There was no depth to any of the characters which made it so hard to get invested in what was going on. In truth I don't think any of the performances were bad per se, but they were all so bland.

It didn't help the characters that the writing was so poor. They had no faith in the audience at all, spoon feeding us exposition in the most clunky ways imaginable.

The action was truly dreadful. It was either in super slow-mo which exposed the poor CGI, or it was at super speed to the point you were just watching blurs.

The story was so basic and formulaic. I hate to say it but I was actually bored watching it. The pacing also felt very off, as the film came to a very abrupt end, before subjecting us to some bonkers credits scenes.

I can forgive bad writing. I can forgive bad action. I can forgive a weak plot. But there is one thing in a film I can't forgive and that is when it leaves me bored. As a result Morbius scores a measly 3/10.
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Turned out to be rather enjoyable...
paul_haakonsen10 April 2022
I have to admit that I had really been looking forward to watching "Morbius" ever since I saw the first trailer. And having been reading the comic books, I will say that Michael Morbius is one of my favorite Marvel characters, so it was nice that the character was finally brought to the big screen.

But then the movie was delayed and delayed again, and once finally out a lot of bad reviews were swarming the movie, so I was actually somewhat reluctant and hesitant about actually sitting down to watch it. But I decided to ignore the bad reviews and go see how the movie would treat the comic book character.

Writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless managed to put together a fair enough storyline. I will say that it was aimed more at an audience fully and wholly unfamiliar with the Michael Morbius character. And I can understand that approach to the first movie with the character, as to introduce a whole new audience of viewers to the character, and not go in on the deep end and do fan service to us whom have been reading the comic books for years.

Personally I had hoped for a bit more in terms of story, but it was actually adequate enough in terms of entertainment. An origin story for a character new to the cinema screen is in its place, I suppose.

I was also somewhat hesitant about it being Jared Leto to don the mantle of the living vampire, given the swing and miss performance of Joker in the 2016 "Suicide Squad", but then again he was amazing in the 2000 movie "Requiem for a Dream". Thankfully, then his performance as Michael Morbius was quite good and actually was suitable for the character from the comic books.

Visually then you are in for quite a treat, given the fact that this is a Marvel movie. The CGI and special effects are quite impressive in the movie, as they are in all Marvel movies. So if you enjoy flashy CGI and special effects, then "Morbius" doesn't disappoint.

All in all, then I will say that I was more than adequately entertained by the 2022 movie "Morbius", though I had hoped for a bit more in the story department. But hopefully the future will add more layers to the character and his story.

My rating of director Daniel Espinosa's 2022 movie lands on a seven out of ten stars.
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Overdone CGI and editing aside- I enjoyed this one
aidanratesmovies31 March 2022
Entertaining and very atmospheric, Morbius manages to serve up yet another helping of campy superhero indulgence despite many little flaws. I'll start off with the problems I had with this film- that mainly being its blatant editing and CGI. I know many people say this about a lot of superhero films, but coming from a horror lovers perspective- as well as fitting the atmospheric and tone Life director Daniel Espinosa seemed to pair within it- this movie really should have been rated R. It feels like Sony really did censor and edit this one as much as they could have, with the blood and violence being as limited as possible. It takes away from the experience as a whole, one moment in particular where a man acts like his throat is cut open but there is LITERALLY NOTHING THERE. Unsurprisingly, as with the case with a lot of films like this, the CGI can be a bit overused at times. For the most part I liked the look of vampire blood hungry Morbius taken on by Jared Leto- but other similar CGI and at times that CGI itself can feel a bit too ugly and forced for comfort. The fight scenes towards the end in particular are also overdone with CGI, and I just really wish Sony would have let the people working on this film give some life to the project instead of worrying about its box office gross. I know i've complained a lot so far, but in terms of a film- I oddly did enjoy this one for the most part. Sure it's messy, Matt Smith's character is a bit over the top and it has some formulaic moments- but it is a very entertaining film. Leto and Arjona give their all to their performances and it has a lot of cool ideas and concepts that are interesting to see fleshed out on screen- particularly with Morbius in particular as he begins to learn how to control himself. There's a lot of humanity hidden beneath the surface in this film though, even with some formulaic moments, there's a lot of depth and heart put into the titular character and it really allows you to empathize both with the film's story as well as Leto on screen. In the end, I enjoyed Morbius- it is far from perfect but it was a solid superhero endeavor and I'm curious to see what they may do with this character next.

My Rating: 6.3/10.
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Morbius truly is a film
zrothkov22 April 2022
Morbius truly has to be one of the films released in 2022 so far.

Jared Leto did a job playing Morbius and the action was in the film. The film has storytelling and the CGI was animated. The side characters were along with morbius and the villain was a bad guy. The jokes were sentences. This film really is one of the films of all time, if not the last decade.
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JoBloTheMovieCritic2 April 2022
6/10 - I don't know what all the fuss is about with this one when the quality matches that of either Venom movie and while I didn't love the visual design of the vampires, I thought the cinematography, VFX, sound design, and Adria Arjona (who is now on my "Actors to Watch" list) really elevated the relatively weak story.
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A profoundly bad movie. Sony is 100% guilty of false advertising. Early review.
Nixon_Carmichael31 March 2022
This is an early review. There are no plot details (spoilers) here, however if you want to go in completely clean, then skip the rest of this review. Not that there is anything to reveal.

The basic set up as depicted in the trailers and advertising is that Michael Morbius is a doctor in the Marvel Universe who is afflicted by a rare and gruesome blood disease. Setting out to find a cure for himself and others of his ilk, he winds up becoming a vampire and proceeds to go head first into adventures in the same vicinity of Spider-Man. This is all in the marketing material that has appeared over the past two years.

Speaking of the trailer, there is zero connection to other Marvel movies nor the MCU in this film. Essentially everything you saw in the trailers does not exist in this movie. Like at all. This is studio executive meddling and false advertising at its pinnacle.

In terms of technical filmmaking, this is a mess. The action is a disaster. It harkens back to the disastrous comic book entries from the days of yore, a la the horrific Fan4stic, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Thor2 and Green Lantern. It's just one messy CGI PG13 cut scene after another. I don't know if the director, Daniel Espinosa or the studio are to blame, however, given the fact that Tom Rothman, the Perpetrator in Chief of Sony, was also head of 20th Century Fox back when they were churning horrific movies, my money is that the disastrous production that is Morbius is to be blamed on Tom Rothman and his henchman suits at Sony.
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People need to learn to enjoy movies without comparing them
DeadMansTrousers1 April 2022
This is not your favourite huge budget Marvel movie like No Way Home, this is a introductory film of a somewhat niche character and if you compare any comic film to something like No Way Home it will fall flat. I went into this with an open mind and I had an enjoyable time. It's a different type of Marvel film with dark humour and I enjoyed myself while watching it. I am familiar with the character and have read the comics and I was not disappointed with what Leto and Smith respectively brought to their roles. I think if you are able to enjoy a film without nitpicking at it then you'll have fun with this.
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Its a Decent movie!
goswamidiptanshu19 May 2022
The pacing is tight and the action was awesome, the colors effects while in a fight was looking amazing, the story was decent as a origin, The 1st half was good although the final act the last 30mins were little meh, the villian's suddenly gone rogue was little odd felt like it just happened and the Nurse's stuff felt lost at the end with it the post credits just didn't make no sense considering the man morbious was. Overall 1st half was good and the ending felt little mess although its a part entertaining and a decent watch.
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Venom doesn't seem too bad now
AdrenalinDragon31 March 2022
No surprises this was awful. Jared Leto is terrible and Matt Smith was annoying. CGI was laughingly bad and the slow-mo action and wonky editing made things borderline unwatchable. Writing was all over the place too with some terrible dialogue. There's little fun and it took itself way too seriously. Honestly, this made Venom seem alright in comparison.

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Not great, but I liked it more than The Eternals
DarkVulcan293 April 2022
Michael Morbius(Jared Leto) a doctor who is slowly dying from a rare blood disease, struggles to find a cure, when he thinks he has, but things work a little too well, until he discovers there's more supernatural to it, then he could have imagined.

It was entertaining, but to much feels taken out, like it was supposed to be R rated, but they decided at the last minute decided to take out most of the violence in order to get a PG 13. Everybody plays there roles pretty well. Jared Leto does alright has Morbius, but the film itself is pretty cliched, but still fun and entertaining, and if that is all you want then Morbius does deliver.
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A toothless and inept Marvel offering
eddie_baggins31 March 2022
Delayed a total of 6 times on its way to its eventual release this week around the world, Sony and Marvel's collaboration to bring its anti-hero Dr. Michael Morbius to life appeared to be one of those cursed productions that was doomed from the start and upon seeing this toothless and spineless comic book adaptation on the big screen its safe to say that the world would've been far better off had Morbius stayed delayed permanently.

An incredibly inept feature from director Daniel Espinosa, who somehow keeps getting Hollywood films to make with significant budgets and name brand casts despite never actually directing a good film, Morbius feels far removed from most brands associated with the Marvel name as its $75 million dollar budget is nowhere to be found on screen as a blur of video game like CGI, amateurishly scripted scenes and poorly acted characters hog the films lifeless 100 minute runtime that can't come to an end quick enough.

Failing as an origin story, with Michael's entire history set-up in one cringe-worthy flashback scene, an unnerving vampire tale and an action comic book film, it's hard to know what Morbius thought it was doing with its potentially entertaining material as Espinosa lets his leading man Jared Leto flounder in yet another high profile role that begs us to ask the question about his talent as a Hollywood leading man while he as a director ensures Morbius is nothing but an enigma of a character lost in a diabolical story that's hard to recall even mere minutes from walking out of the cinema.

Sometimes with films that fail as badly as Morbius does there's snippets of what might have been found within them, moments that show not all hope was lost at all times but that's not the case with Espinosa and Leto's blockbuster that truly has no moments of escape from its grim, shaky cam filled collation of cinematic rubbish with the only slight glimpse of a better film coming from Matt Smith's villain Milo (yes that is what he is called throughout most of the film, Milo) with the well-liked one time Dr. Who at least appearing to have fun with his role while everyone else is about as enthusiastic as a bloodsucker heading into their coffin for a day time nap.

Undoubtedly developed by Sony and Marvel to play a key role in the future with both Venom and Spider-Man properties, its hard to imagine how anyone will get excited coming away from this when it comes to the prospect of more Morbius being present in the biggest movie brand name going around and despite an attempt mid-credits too get audiences enthused by what may lay in store for Leto's charisma free biochemist in the near future, most will be merely rushing to the exit door to escape what is quite possibly the worst Marvel film we've yet seen.

Final Say -

Things never looked to good for poor old Morbius but not even the most pessimistic of pundits could've expected a film quite as bad as the one we get here, a DOA offering without purpose, intent or creativity, Marvel would do well to ensure Morbius never awakens again from a very long and hidden away slumber.

1/2 a blood bag out of 5.

For more reviews visit Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)
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Better Than Expected
rjgrund-123-6034389 September 2022
From all the bad press and reviews I suspect that people were looking for more then it intended to be. Seeing it for free on Netflix might have dampened the pain. This is not an MCU movie. It's trying to be one in the Underworld flair. Maybe too much Underworld. One of the problems is that Jared Leto cannot carry a movie. He needs a stronger lead to work off of. When he has that he's more than enough. The subtlety of the effects works for me. The bad guy Milo was a little too one dimensional and flat. Predictable. Weak writing in that regard. Not enough character development. I can see Morbius working in an ensemble MCU cast. Hopefully he will be given that chance.
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No blood?
juanquaglia4 April 2022
A vampire film without blood. That says it all. And it clearly shows that the film has been poorly thought since the start. Not to mention that the character is probably one of the most unknown and uninteresting comic book characters.
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Bloodless, okay action, and could be worse.
cruise012 April 2022
3.5 out of 5 stars.

Morbius is a pretty fair superhero film that may be thin on plot and decent action sequences. It does add an entertaining adaptation bringing in another character that is supposedly a Spider man villain. May not be as fun as the Venom movies. Jared Leto does a great job playing a sick Dr. Michael Morbius. Who is on a desperate search for a cure from his blood borne illness. Which one will be leading him into becoming a vampire. Adria Arjona also did great playing his love interest. Matt Smith is a bit flat with his character and also playing a villain that is one dimensional and forgettable. Jared Harris playing as Morbius mentor is also thin with his character. Along with Tyrese Gibson which the script did not give these characters anything more besides be on the hunt for Morbius.

The film is very fast paced. And the script does not give much character development with any of the supporting characters besides Michael and Martine (Adria Arjona). The plot is thin and may not be as strong. The action sequences were okay. With the fast movements with the characters and editing which makes the scenes more of a chore to see than increase the entertainment value.

If your looking for a quick superhero escapism in the theatres this film will be great. The direction did not do anything new to make it stand out compared to any other superhero films. There is a mid credit scene to give you a hint on where this character will be placed in the universe. The film is not great but still delivers some entertainment.
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Well Worth A Watch
martimusross1 April 2022

Overall it was Good

I expected so much more but basically it was an origin story for a vampire. Well get real how many vampire movies have I seen, from Dracula to Twilight and What They Do In The Shadows, I know every nuance about vampire life, and yet here the movie presumed we knew nothing.

Just as the movie was starting to flag in came adult Milo, played by Matt Smith, he dominated the screen and the stark contrast between the method style of acting and Thespianism could not have been more noticeable. It was great!

To me the jury is out on Jared Leto he has the look but not the charisma, he was proficient in this role but nothing more than that!

I really enjoyed the CGI and the way Jared, moved, flew, glided and transformed the rest was unremarkable.

I'm giving this a firm 7 outta 10, it was well worth a watch even if in conclusion it was quite a mundane origin story.
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Morbius is another interesting yet scattered offering from the Sony-verse that delves into the more horror aspects of this anti hero.
tresm8730 March 2022
Much like venom it seems people are going to either love or hate anything from the Sonyverse. Some hate it because it's not in the MCU and still uses characters from the MCU spiderverse. Some love it for its more dark delivery and darker comedy. I actually enjoy what Sony is doing by making movies for the more vicious anti heroes while making them grounded for the most part. The MCU rarely touches on those important details. Morbius is very much like the first venom in its set up. Gives a nice origin story with some intriguing body horror and more gruesome than normal imagery for a comic book film. Definitely has some scattered plot pieces but it's serviceable. Also leaves more room for expansion in the world if the Sonyverse. Leto was great imo and still proves he's a fantastic actor. Visuals are very effective and vibrant. Overall the film is what I expected and it was solid.
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nialljohn18 April 2022
Morbiges is a truly life changing movie its 2 hours of cgi jared leto flying about doing nothing to further the plot however morbenguser manages to encircle the viewer in the great cinematic experience. Overall morbinjuicy is a 10/10 greatest movie ever.
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This is not a great addition to the marvel universe but it is an entertaining one, much like the Venom movies
kevin_robbins6 April 2022
Morbius (2022) is a movie my wife and I recently watched in theatres. The storyline follows a doctor with a rare blood disease that is in his final days. Him and his childhood friend do their best to cope with being on their death bed. When the doctor has a breakthrough he discovers the cure is as much a curse as a gift...that doesn't prevent his friend from wanting a taste. Can Morbius find a way to save him and his friend and modify his cure or will his friend get his hands on the cure and cause all new problems?

This movie is directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) and stars Jared Leto (Requiem for a Dream), Matt Smith (The Crown), Jared Harris (Mad Men), Adria Arjona (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Tyrese Gibson (Baby Boy) and Al Madrigal (The Way Back).

The storyline for this picture is very well told with great character backstories and evolution. You can easily find yourself rooting and relating to both the good and bad guy. The action scenes are excellent and very well done. The opening boat scene really sets the tone for the movie. I liked the "smoke" effects around the characters and there's lots of solid kill sequences and use of blood. I did wish they kicked the gore up another level but that's more of a preference, especially when there's so many kills. I'd also say I wasn't a huge fan of how the ending was executed in the final fight. They did do a good job of tying in the multiverse to keep you aligned on when and where this takes place.

Overall this is not a great addition to the marvel universe but it is an entertaining one, much like the Venom movies. I would score this a 7/10 and recommend seeing it once.
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This movie does not deserve a 4.8
stormbailey1 April 2022
This movie is definitely not as bad as the critics have rated it. It's nothing amazing but it's not horrible either. Storyline was very predictable but far better then most cheesy crap that comes out. I'd give it a 6.5 nothing amazing but slightly better then average.
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PedroPires9031 March 2022
Bad. Bad plot, bad character development, bad pace, bad cinematography, bad fights, no emotional connection, no stakes, not confident.

Leto and Smith try their best but there is not a lot to work with here. 2 good scenes, back to back (hospital and prison), not fantastic, but at least were kind of cool and let you interested, hoping for the best. The best never came.
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A pretty cool film
thewalkingpuns27 November 2022
I was expecting this film to be bad. Mostly because of the memes. But those aside I wanted to watch it for the same reason I do all marvel films. Because im the type of demograhpic for it. I have to say though I was plesently surprised. This film was enjoyable all the way through and had action and such that kept it going well. I feel though the cgi for the faces couldve been better, but that aside it was not half bad. Everyones favourite vampire plays morbius. Jared leto. Having previouse played joker in the rival studios film he was more enjoyable in this and took on the role well. Milo his friend is played by matt smith, who I also enjoyed. Martine played by adria arjona was also someone that I thought was ok and I like the possibility of a sequal to this movie. Overall pretty good.
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Surprisingly Good...
shaikhirshad-412231 April 2022
Well movie start with a good note and it keeps you gripping throughout the time. Action sequences are mind-blowing specially the vfx are actually very better. Jared Leto was so perfect in Morbius role as well as the other cast perfoms well. Story was simple not that great but it gives you a different vibe as compare to other sci-fi films. It's a one-time watch if you like sci-fi superhero films.

You can definitely enjoy once....
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I don't understand the hate
Wolfgang-Kern31 March 2022
Morbius is not a perfect movie but it's a fun and entertaining ride. It's a comic book movie and yes, it won't win an Oscar or other awards. But it's still not that bad how some people make it seem it is.

Definitely worth watching and seeing it for yourself before being scared off by reviews that are not even slightly accurate.

Just my opinion :)
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A Vampire Bat Out of Hell...
Xstal15 May 2022
... leaves an obnoxious and nauseous smell, no method in the madness, confused, congealed badness, put it away, close the door, do not dwell.

... and turn the lights off on the way out.
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hallileyhuw21 May 2022
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