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A level project quality
JetBonneville8 November 2020
Sorry to all involved, I know work and effort went into this and I hate to be so negative but this film is awful on all levels. I love original works and low budget grass roots movie making but please how can this possibly be worth the current rating? Please movie fans don't waste your time here it's only the second in film 40 years I've had to remove myself from. Bad script, bad acting, bad direction it's got it all, not even in the "so bad it's good" category it's just really, really bad.
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Not funny and incoherent
info-610-61401510 October 2020
I'm sorry but this is just a bad movie. While the photography and soundtrack are good (easily the best part of the movie), the plot doesn't make any sense, acting is pretty bad (apart from the two main characters) and frankly, it is not funny. I know the budget is low and therefore can't ask anything more from special effects etc. But that doesn't excuse a plot and a script which are pretty bad.
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Cults, Vampires and Shoes
Mr_Frontispiece5 March 2016
A fantastic second outing from John Williams, after last year's 'The Mothertown'. What is immediately obvious is a sharp contrast in the production values. An improved budget, and lessons learnt, have enabled John to build on the first film's highly promising potential, to deliver in spades this time around.

Full of invention and laugh out loud moments (the funniest film I've seen in a long time). Great performances from the two leads, who attack their roles with such gusto that you can't help but immediately warm to their characters. They are ably assisted by a great supporting cast, and though there is a distinct lack of Scottish accents (with the exception of the pub landlord) during the scenes set in Scotland, this doesn't detract from the thoroughly enjoyable yarn.

Add a great soundtrack, a wonderful use of locations and animated sequences and you're left with a little gem of a film.

Catch this film if you can, you won't be disappointed.
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2 brothers, 2 weeks..0 hope!
damonsimms5 March 2016
Now I know how the audience at the first showing of th The Evil dead felt- this was remarkably well put together; great pace, top Notch acting, laugh out loud naturally flowing comedy and a solid plot. If your sick of watching multi million pound obvious tripe and want to see what hard work, dedication and just a "they will have to take me dead" attitude from a brilliant up and coming writer and director...look no further!

Taking into account the genuine originality and believable characters depth it's so refreshing to have walked out of the cinema with a smile of gratitude and admiration for such a well produced and finely polished film.

Highly recommended.
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An Amazing journey for two brothers, and vampires (Possible spoiler)
dannytld7 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was lucky enough to not only be at the premier of this movie, but also to be one of the vampires that the awesome George Newton kills. However.... This is the story of two brothers who decide not to join their cult brothers and sisters in their suicide bit, and live their last two weeks on Earth fulfilling a bucket list. En route they encounter two lovely girls and some vampires of all shapes and sizes. Reg the Vampire Slayer enlists them in assisting him rid the world of vampires, and collecting their fangs on the way as souvenirs. With an upbeat soundtrack, Job and Nigel face their demons and take The Slayers into Cult Status viewing. The second film by John Williams, he has taken the lessons learned from The Mothertown (2014) and developed as a massive film director. Featuring the ever talented Matthew Sandland, Darren McAree, George Newton (This is England) and Pete Bennett (Big Brother series 7 winner) to name a few. You will be mad to miss out on this awesome piece of art.
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anthonybriggs-1940224 November 2020
I think that I did really well to last through15 minutes of this utter rubbish. The acting and script are awful, and everything else is not much better. Painful to watch, it made me embarrassed for the people that made this.
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Low budget, but it had some laughs
reallytorkedoff-8746422 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Basically, this is a low-budget sort-of B movie. The vampires and almost everyone else seemed to be pretty dumb, but it made for some interesting scenarios. The two main protagonists are probably the dumbest of the bunch, but they have the luck of idiots to have survived as long as they did. The Ointment, a pair of hunters who seemed dumb as dirt, were highly effective and there are some particularly gross ideas which added to the fun. It's no Marvel superhero film, but it could be fun with beers and friends.
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The Slayers slays any expectations
sheena-mcdonagh5 March 2016
The Slayers really does deliver and belies its £15,000 budget and truly proves, if you want something done, do it yourself. The storyline is excellent, full of plot line twists and turns and a delivered by a very professional cast. Onto Casting, Darren McAree and Matthew Sandland are excellently cast as Nigel and Job, and provide more comic relief than my ribs could handle.

George Newton is believable as Reg, with more deadpan than Deadpool.

I don't want to give you any spoilers, other than if you like horror comedy then watch it. If 'The Cornetto Trilogy' are up your street, then you wouldn't go far wrong with watching The Slayers.

If you're expecting big budget special effects, sorry, you might be disappointed, however, if you look past this and concentrate on characters and plot line then you won't be disappointed.

This has to be one of the funniest films EVER!
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Great second feature film outing
benschiehall5 March 2016
If you saw John Williams' first outing you will have seen his potential but been frustrated by quality issues, but it was made on a micro budget of £500.

His second outing is his coming of age: lessons learned and what a steep learning curve it was. The budget for this film was tiny (£15-20,000 depending on your sources) but it didn't show at all. The production values, intermittent animation, great score, cohesive plot, breath-taking scenery and laugh out loud script ... and really, I hardly ever laugh out loud ... all combine to make this a great film.

The lead characters, naïve and fairly simple homespun brothers, are instantly likable as they set off for an adventure in Earth's last two weeks before its destruction ... heading north from Stoke-on-Trent they meet some girls, some vampires and some vampire slayers and ......

There are great performances from the supporting cast too with a fresh Stoke-on-Trent humour that allows you to have sympathy for the characters that is so often missing from obnoxious Hollywood characterisations.

The special effects were not over-cooked and the film is better for it. Some violence but no over-use of gore, this was gimmick free and strong enough in all departments to achieve a resounding success.

This is highly recommended and I can't wait to see what's next from Mr Williams.
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2 weeks to complete a bucket list, and kill some vampires!
martyneverett7 March 2016
The Slayers is a comedy horror by writer/director/actor John Williams. It follows on from his debut film, The Mothertown.

The film centres around 2 religious cult members who take it on themselves to rebel and enjoy their last 2 weeks on earth after compiling a bucket list.. Throw into the mix a run in with vampires, a camper-van and a few vampire hunters, who work alone, and you have the ingredients for a very enjoyable and genuinely funny, independent movie.

The gore is set to minimum in this outing, and the laughs to maximum. The 2 main characters, Nigel and Job, are superb and work well together. In particular, I enjoyed Darren McAree's portrayal of Nigel, who, for me, was the stand out character/actor within the film. His corny 'Dad jokes' and one liners set against the dim-witted deadpan of Job worked really well.

This is a B-movie in production values only, with a superbly well-written script, original ideas and well thought out storyboard.

The only downside to this film, is that it won't reach the widespread audience it deserves. John Williams should take heed from the likes of Peter Jackson, who started in similar surroundings, and enjoy the rightful praise his work merits. I look forward to watching his next instalment.
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bassman-676465 March 2016
Good cast, excellent cinematics, fantastic production crew, excellent choice of locations, absolutely brilliant soundtrack courtesy of a few good local bands. And of course not forgetting the utterly daft & genial directer John Williams who has put his heart & soul into an unforgettable romp of a film!!!

The story follows two Brothers on a quest to empty their bucket list by carrying out good deeds to ensure their place in heaven. All this is because of a cult meeting whereby their cult leader proclaimed the end of the world was in two weeks due to a meteor strike. A road trip is organised & all sorts of surreal events take place. A meeting with a vampire slayer sets the hapless Brothers on an unexpected quest to do away with the head vampire. And back for tea & biscuits!
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I'm Slayed!
snaphappy111129 March 2017
Always dubious with low budget films. (Think I have been spoilt through the years!) But John Williams has brought together a fantastic movie with side splitting humour and a great storyline. I won't go into details as it has been said enough on here. John Williams amassed a great cast and crew, which shows when you watch The Slayers. As you can see by the amount of awards that The Slayers in winning, is just a testament to the quality of the film and me for one can't wait for John's next film. Well done to everyone involved in The Slayers.
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