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It's okay
nothimme7 July 2018
If you love shallow movies.

There isn't any depth in this movie. The jokes, story, villains, subplots. It all falls flat. It all one-dimensional. We have a mysterious-looking antagonist named Ghost, but she doesn't have a layer, she can't be mysterious, and at one point she serves up a clot of over complicated exposition that gives the film little bit action. You don't care if she'll accomplish her goal or not. You don't even care which side is going to win. We have lots of jokes, but they're all stale. If you find this humour funny, I'm sorry, I just can't take the movie seriously. While some ''intense'' interrogation scene was going on someone's cell is ringing with a joke sound. And this call is in this movie just because to be there - just because to be ''funny''. It doesn't have any contribution to the story or the storytelling, it just there like that Russian family from Justice League. We have a story that concerns a rescue mission. But there isn't any complexity or twist that blows the audience away. Just flat. You could easily predict what's going to happen next. We have a subplot concerning a romantic relationship between Antman and the Wasp, but there isn't much, it just teases us around, and that's all. We have another subplot concerning a lovely relationship between a dad and his 10 years old daughter, which is not very well developed but still a little bit heartwarming because it's a relationship between a dad and his 10 years old daughter.

While a woman who is in constant physical and emotional pain is trying not to die, the movie is trying to be funny. Peyton Reed maybe should've gone for the head, not chest. But then again, he can't, Disney has the strings. It got to try to be colorful, amiable, ''funny'' with forced jokes and fake actings. I really wonder when Marvel and Disney are going to take some risks and make a groundbreaking superhero movie. I guess never. Critics fine with eating the same turd for 10 years.

There isn't any climax, or depth, or emotion. Just a filler movie with no heart and soul.

PS. Amazing FBI work right there. It was too realistic for this movie 10/10
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littlemankazoo9 July 2018
So I think I can officially say it this time:

This is the first Marvel film I can undoubtedly say I thought was bad. VERY bad, as a matter of fact.

Let's start from the beginning; I enjoyed the first 'Ant-Man' film. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. It reeks of re-writes and five different people working on its script. That said, it's imaginative and fun and I can at least roll with it and find it amusing at its worst lows and creative at its highest highs.

But this...this...this just felt like it was there to just be 'there'.

The characters: Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd. That may sound like a joke, but in all honesty, I have trouble finding a character in Scott Lang beyond "Paul Rudd". His character lacks any real depth, and I find it a struggle to truly care for him by the end of this film or even grasp onto a new development of his character that resulted in his film. He gives off the AIR of being likeable, and I DO like Paul Rudd's performance in this, but other than that...he's an actor playing himself. I don't see "Scott Lang". I see "Paul Rudd".

Michael Douglas? Again, I LOVE Michael Douglas as an actor, but...he spouts technobabble, we're left confused as to what it all means, and we end up just seeing Hank Pymm as a dispensary of science talk and lacking a character. This entire film is about him and his quest to find his wife...yet we never get anything intimate for his character beyond a scene or two (Which are played for laughs anyway, so who cares?).

Evangeline Lily and Michelle Pfeiffer, however, suffer the most here. Never have I seen such flat female characters in a superhero film since the mid-2000's of half-baked Marvel adaptation films. Hope Van Dyne is positioned as such a vital character in this film (Her character's name is IN THE TITLE), yet she feels completely jammed into a "Badass girl who kicks you" stereotype with little-to-no depth. For a character who we were "promised" would be vital to this film, I know very little about her beyond what I already knew from the first film.

Pfeiffer suffers just as much, as she too is treated as only the role of "Woman who must be rescued". We get no development of her character as they search for her, no characterization, no scene that at least gives us an idea of what she was like or what she did.

But what development we DO get is expressed through some truly awful sequences where the events of the first film are needlessly recapped, character backstories are flipped through and swatted-away just so the writers can say they included it, and take away any and all depth that could be explored with these characters.

Instead, everything is FLAT. And I think that word describes this film perfectly. "Flat".

"Flat" is what the characters are. "Flat" is the cinematography and lighting of the film that looks like any other cut-and-dry comedy film with no inventiveness or seeming effort to make this look creative.

And "Flat" is how the humor of this screenplay falls. For the thousands of swings this film takes at humor, it lands it about 20 times, and misses all the rest. The theater I was in was awkwardly quiet, simply because it was trying TOO HARD to be funny. The wit of the first film worked far better in that it didn't need to TRY to be funny.

Instead, we have Michael Pena and Paul Rudd's heist friends rambling in scenes that feel improved and landing no jokes whatsoever. Other than a few scenes that were indeed humorous and garnered a big laugh or two from the audience and myself...clearly, the audience wasn't feeling it.

And neither was I.

In addition, the editing for this film incited a rare reaction of mine where I felt total whiplash in a jump from one scene to another. Quite literally, one transition from a scene to another was the most jarring and disjointed thing I've ever seen, and it left myself and my girlfriend audibly asking ourselves in our theatre seats if we just missed an entire scene. Not good at all.

All that considered...I didn't absolutely hate every aspect of this film. The action scenes where they play with size are still mildly interesting, although even they can't save this film as they lack the ambition and creativeness that the first had. Paul Rudd is entertaining enough as...Paul Rudd, and even a few scenes involving Michael Pena and his friends elicit a chuckle or two.

That said...I can't help but feel this film is an utter mess. A mess of mediocrity, poor editing, poor character writing, 2-3 action scenes that are nothing beyond "Serviceable", and attempts at humor that throws the entire buffet at you...but in the end, you only end up with empty calories.

And that's how I feel about this film. Empty.

...+1 whole point for that Tim Heidecker cameo, though...
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It's NOT Avengers 4!
rodrigomiguel-493254 October 2018
I saw a lot of people hating this movie, because he didn't have a connection with Infinity War or Avengers 4. I thought the movie was truly amazing, it's funny, but can be emotional at the same time. Well, of course it will not have awnsers to Infinity War events, because it his BEFORE Infinity War. Why can't people just understand that? If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it very much. For me, it was even better than the first one.
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jasondaggeron27 July 2018
It's joyful in a special way. I recommend it.

How could anybody rate this movie 1-star, 2-stars?
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More of the same
erkbr5 July 2018
Even though I enjoyed the first one as a comedy movie itself (and not a hero movie, more like an "introduction" movie into becoming some sort of hero), it was "ok" for me the fact that they inserted a very generic, uninteresting, forgettable villain in it (by now we always expect this kind of villain in MCU introduction movies).

Well, this time they expanded the team into Ant-man + Wasp, which was nice. But that was the only main change (besides the after-credit scene).

They still managed to create the same structure of the previous movie, instead of a "hero movie"...again a comedy movie... instead of a well developed villain, again the same uninteresting and forgettable villain.

Personally I think I lost money watching it since it was again more of the same, maybe I have should waited until it was on Netflix or something.
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Slow To Start But Still A Fun Adventure
garethvk27 June 2018
SPOILER: Following the unexpected and shocking moments from "Avengers: Infinity War", fans eagerly awaited the next Marvel Studios film for any type of clues as to what will happen next when the next Avengers film arrives next summer. "Ant-Man and the Wasp", is set before the events of "Avengers: Infinity War", and finds Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) under home confinement thanks to a plea deal he took for siding with Captain America in "Captain America: Civil War".

The years of being at home have driven Scott to find creative ways to entertain himself when his friend Luis (Michael Pena) and his daughter Cassie are not around. Scott is nearing the end of his isolation but knows F.B.I. Agent Woo (Randall Park), is waiting for him to slip up and with a possible twenty year prison term in the balance, he is not eager to make any mistakes. Scott is also on the outs with Hope (Evangeline Lilly) and her father Hank (Michael Douglas) as it is revealed he took the Ant-Man suit and took part in the Civil War without their permission.

Fate intervenes when a strange dream causes Scott to contact Hope who in turn takes a reluctant Scott along with her to get to the bottom of the dream. Scott is naturally reluctant as he is days away from freedom and being discovered out and about and consorting with his wanted former associates would not be good for his eventual freedom.

A shady tech dealer named Sonny Burch (Walton Goggins) and a dangerous new adversary named "Ghost" (Hannah John-Kamen) also complicate matters and force Scott, Hope, and Hank to contend with issues all around them as the race against time on an urgent mission while trying to stay away from Woo and his team.

The film is a bit slow getting started but it does have some great character moments as well as humor around the build-up to the action sequences. The action when it comes mixes some great visual FX with some humor as Hope and Scott jump between everyday items at various sizes to face the threats presented to them. The cast works very well with one another and there are some great moments that will likely become favorites for fans of the characters and Marvel.

The Ghost is a rather interesting choice as an adversary as we do not have an individual bent on conquest, revenge, mass destruction, or accumulating power and wealth. While it may seem odd to have a more down to earth and relatable villain in a Marvel film, it does continue a recent trend of showing of adversaries who are complex, harder to define, and sympathetic much like The Winter Soldier.

There are two scenes in the credits which are very important to the continuity of the Marvel Universe and with "Captain Marvel" due in March 2019, it will likely get fans whipped into overdrive thinking about the possibilities they present.

"Ant-Man and the Wasp" is not as epic in scale as some of the past Marvel films, but thanks to a likeable cast and some timely humor, it should keep fans happy until the next chapter in the series.

4 stars out of 5
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Weak second installment in the MCU - part 5.
NpMoviez18 July 2018
Unlike in most of the franchises where the third installment is the weakest, MCU happens to be consistent in making the second installment the weakest one, except for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (2014). "Ant-Man and The Wasp" is a continuation in the legacy. It was mostly vague, and almost a total crap. It doesn't try to be anything more than a filler. To be honest, it felt like a dumbed down version of "25th Hour" with a lighter tone featuring some superhero characters. It simply aims at being a movie with some little fun stuff but being disposable on the whole. Both of the major plotlines - one involving Ghost and the other involving Sonny Burch felt just like something that was there to help the plot go further. The characterization of Ghost and Burch have no depth in them. Burch is totally shallow and one dimensional and generic. Ghost has a little backstory, and isn't enough to get behind the character. The motives which drive both the plotlines are totally clichéd and thinly built. It felt as if they thought 'Ghost isn't a good villain, let's distract the viewers by giving them the other plotline'. This created an "Iron Man 2" level of multiple plotline mess - a little less interesting. Ant-Man is a sidekick in this movie. From someone who could bring about a well planned heist to a doofus - with no explanation. Giant Man plays into the story, but it's more for slapsticky purposes. Also, the original Wasp gets some powers in the Quantum Realm which are not even explained by this movie. Surely, it might be explained in future films, but it could've easily done that. Lawrence Fishburne feels like a wasted talent in this movie. It seemed like a promising character, but turned out to be the same old "good guy in the bad guy's side" character. One good thing about this movie, besides the cast, is the deaging CGI. It looked awesome. To me, it felt like Michael Douglas from the 90s with just a different hair and almost similarly with others. Father-daughter dynamic between Scott and his daughter was likeable. To sum it up, I must say that it was way below my expectations. It's not that I have watched an impactful and emotionally craving "Avengers: Infinity War" and I wasn't in a mood to watch something so less impactful. I knew it wasn't going to be a spectacular as IW but neither did I expect it to be so much of a mediocrity. It's not that the aftermath of IW has holded this movie down. After a long time, it will develop the same legacy as that of "Iron Man 2", at best. I wonder how the same critics who panned "Justice League" (2017) for having a thin plot and creating a mess gave it a thumbs up. As someone who likes "Ant-Man" (2015) and considers it to be the most underappreciated MCU movie till date, its sequel was mediocre at best. I thought "Black Panther" was going to be the worst MCU movie of 2018, but I was wrong. It's "Ant-Man and The Wasp".

Score : 4.1/10

Grade : D+

Label : Disappointing
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What you needed after ending of Infinity War
loyolamarkbryan4 July 2018
It brilliantly executes the one thing everyone needed after what happened in Infinity War: lots of action and fun! Hope had the most wonderful action scenes in the movie. Cassie stands out with her cuteness and connection with Scott. Paul Rudd delivered excellently from drama, to comedy. The supporting cast is so strong for this movie. Finally Ghost is one of the best ANTagonist in the MCU. There's emotion and you will have a dilemma about this character. Overall, a great movie.
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No reason for this movie
bri_j_har17 July 2018
Congrats, Thor: The Dark World. You're no longer the worst movie in the MCU. There was no point to this movie. There were some funny moments and good performances by the actors, but not enough to make up for the lack of plot. The first post-credit scene was the best part of the movie.
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Really solid movie
Just an overal good movie. The story could have been a bit better and the villans were not Thanos-level but it just does the job. I wanted more actually, because the CGI was really good. Also this is one of the funniest mcu movies, so if you want a good laugh I recommend this.

I applaud Paul Rudd and Micheal Douglas, great performance!

If you're a marvel fan this will satisfy you 100% and even if you just want to relax and enjoy this movie with the family, that's cool too.

It's kind off not really tied to the rest of the mcu, just as the first one, only captain America civil war a bit. Make sure u stay for the first post credit scene!
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Don't Judge By The Size, Judge By The Quality!
StaneSKT27 June 2018
Yes, the movie responds to some questions, we asked during "Infinity War" and yes, for people who do not watch all the movies, only some selective ... all the movies in the MCU are connected and this one is no exception.

I will not get into the details for the movie, but boy...this movie got everything you need to remember it. Story, action scenes, connections to other movies, visual effects. All these, are just some of the incredible things in this movie!

Personally for me, Evangeline Lilly in the role of Hope Van Dyne (Wasp) stole the show, because she's incredible, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man evolves himself as a hero, but do not think that the curious moments are less! Actors in supporting roles only make the movie even better. Stellar ensemble, also the humor is spot on. Get ready for a lot of surprises!

If you think that watching "Ant-Man and the Wasp" after "Infinity War" is crazy, believe me, Marvel own us once again. Just the thought, that after such a big event in the MCU, we are watching a lighter film, but at the same time extremely important for the culmination of all the events of ten years of stories is mind-boggling!

In conclusion "Ant-Man and the Wasp" is another jewl in the MCU crown! The film is full of action, fun moments and character development. I will not disclose anything else, but stay to the very end of the movie...REQUIRED! Post-credits scene is easily one of Marvel's best.
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Ant sized entertainment.
john3107 July 2018
Ant Man and the wasp - another zany production from the house of running out of ideas. This is the sequel to the entertaining film Ant Man released in 2015 but none of the charm that worked in the previous is even barely present. Paul Rudd looks really bored and stiff. His facial expressions were at times abysmal. Good performers like Douglas , Laurence Fishburne and Walton Goggins are wasted as per marvel trends. Cast a great actor then throw him under the bus for some cheap laughs while poking fun at his own expense.

A trite fest full of forced humor and out of place one liners is the best that this movie can offer. The vfx is passable in some parts while others like the ferry scene in the trailer is down right atrocious. I'm not even going to discuss the villain here as her intention and motivations doesn't make sense like the movie plot. The fight sequences are so lame and easily done that you don't even feel some excitement or thrill while watching. But hey you can't blame if you're watching a low budget garbage right? All the decent scenes were shown in the first trailer alone itself so there's nothing new to see. The only good parts were in the quantum realm and that's it. Head honcho Kevin Feige stated in an interview that they like to focus their movies on their heroes and villains don't matter. i guess without any moral/ social or ethical dilemma / stake or turning point in any story and it's characters can progress right ? It cannot and the movie itself is a glaring example of it. Not worth your time especially not IMAX or even 3D. Watch if you have some time and money to waste not spare.
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Finding mommy
Mohamed-cazorla10 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
OK the movie was like finding nemo but with humans.When i entered the movie i was shocked about the aim of the movie was just finding her mama.I wanted some answers about where was Ant-Man during infinity war events OK i got answer (only in the credit scene) but i didn't get a movie.Poor story,weak characters,weak story and obivously some jokes most were bad I laughed some times but sometimes I felt like that is silly it wasn't strange that the man beside me slept during the movie i also felt asleep but I waited for something good may happen but nothing happened I really don't think that I want to re watch it again even in thousands years certainly there are people who enjoyed it but I didn't
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This film is a sappy ploy to get women and kids in the theater
Mklangelo8 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sappy and saccharine in its blatant attempt to get mom into the theater with her kids, which when you think about it isn't a bad marketing ploy since we all know mom decides how the family money is spent.

But although I loath super hero movies as the over-produced, 2 hour cliche's they are, this one put me off from the start. We have the non-threatening Paul Rudd flitting about the screen like some pre-pubescent boy acting like a child with a child.

And finally the scene of him killing time and playing some more after the Feds toss his house was enough to make me want to watch Reservoir Dogs, just to restore some sense of balance.
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A lot of fun!
bcchambers-6000712 July 2018
Movie was a lot of fun and a nice, comedic break from the dramatic heights of infinity war. Very funny with great action scenes and does a good job of further diving into the "quantum realm". Storyline a little inconsistent but over all great marvel movie!
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maryannecsmart6 July 2018
From the opening scene, this movie was worse than could have imagined. The relationship between Paul Rudd and his on screen daughter is so cheesy, like Brady Bunch cheesy. Michael Douglas obviously didn't get the memo that he's supposed to be the straight, serious scientist because he cracks jokes the whole time. The romantic subplot between Antman and the Wasp was a bore. The presence of the villains seemed just a necessary cog to propel the action scenes/use cool CGI.

It was a waste of good actors because Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd and Randall Park are all excellent usually. Park does have some good moments but honestly, you always see the punchline being set up from a mile off. I went to the bathroom halfway through just to have a break. There's nothing more cringy than a movie full of people all trying too hard to be funny.
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Funnier than the first movie, but lacking overall
tudorpsih2 July 2018
This movie seems stale, although you can feel some heart behind it. The villain problem is brought back, after two competent, well rounded ones in Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War. I never felt the urge to root for the heroes or cheer for their accomplishments, as opposed to a Captain America movie or even a Thor one. Overall it's an average addition to the MCU and won't be in my top 10 picks to rewatch from this franchise.
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Ants in your pants waiting for this movie to be over
anand-274 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So it can be done. Marvel CAN make a movie worse than Iron Man 2/Guardians 2.

Paul Rudd has always tried too hard and as both actor and co-writer here, his Ant Man & Wasp feels unnecessarily complicated with little in terms of drama and/or satisfying payoff.

What's with the messy story line which turns out to be much ado about nothing (Quantum is the new Vibranium, Tesseract but lacks the intrigue), wasting the talents of Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburne, having Randall Park play Detective Louis from Fresh off the Boat, the heavy handed parent-child messages, the one too many long, lingering looks (Scott and Hope, Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer), side jokes shoe honed into many scenes that get worn very fast and go nowhere and of course, the baddies...baddies who are such a joke that any conflict with them only serves to remind us that Ant Man is really a peewee in the Marvel Universe in every sense of the word.

Wasp is a rare bright spark with Evangeline Lilly looking like she can wrestle Scarlett Johansson for the title of Marvel's hottest/kickass female superhero. You go girl!

The theatre we were in was muted throughout the show and the first audible laugh was the baddies fessing up post truth serum, which was almost towards the end. Says a lot.

Of course, you cannot not watch Ant Man & Wasp coz it is part of the MCU but if you're truly objective, you would know the MCU has a new contender for worst/most redundant/blah movie in its ranks.
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How can this movie even get a 7.6 stars rating FFS
jin_711117 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First of all the script is awfully written about smushy lovestory. Then unnecessary and lack of foundation for the villains like they're just squeez them in to meet the duration. Apparently no logic nor laws of physics were applied in this movie as as a building weight thousands of ton can be carried as a suitcase, The Wasp can fly faster and race car, they literally only have 2h to save the mother but she decided to have a race with the bad guys instead of just shrink and hide or fly always, electric and water don't seem to be a problem for them so they just move to wherever they want, the list go on you name it. And i think we can all agree that their puns need more salt, like a bunch of it.
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An enjoyable and entertaining sequel
TheTopDawg7 July 2018
I didn't have high expectations for an Ant-man sequel, but this one delivered some entertainment fit for the entire family. Decent humor, fun action and a good story made this film enjoyable. CGI was decent as was the action. It's an 8/10 from me.
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Made Iron Man 3 entertaining
ardnael26 August 2018
This movie by far was BORING with absolutely predictable story line, dull lifeless characters, a lot of drama with little storyline. They assume you have the feels for these characters who you've barely seen on screen, is nothing like the comics, and therefore who you care nothing about. Not really sure why it's "and wasp" was it because of the subtext of a love story? Who knows. It had a few moments of amusement but then you realize how absolutely dumb the comedy was because they repeat the same premise of that joke over and over and over again in the movie. I have insomnia and this movie put me to sleep. Yet another example of the future of MCU as Disney dulls it down. Waste of time and money I will not be watching if and when they make another one.
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failed attempt and wasted potential
jameschin5 July 2018
Tried like other mcu movies, but to say it worse. it seemed forced. "villain" (youll know why i quoted this once u watch it) wasnt worth it, more like lex luthor from batman v superman. it was slow at beginning, i only wished i could fast forward like on tv, later on it tries getting fun but weve seen that style a lot. i buy mcu movies for bluray but not this (and few others) overall it went out like justice league (couldnt find another movie to compare)
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dave-188872 August 2018
So bad, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a DC film.
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Not worth your time
otranto-dra15 July 2018
Easily the worst of the Marvel Universe. The entire movie could have been the last 5 minutes of the first Ant-Man. Paul Rudd felt awkward throughout, and Michael Douglas proves he's not all that great an actor.

Saw this on the new ScreenX in Kansas City which was very underwhelming and not worth the extra $8.
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as bad as it gets
curiousmolar12 July 2018
Adding quantum in front of every statement doesn't add much to anything. It's one of the worst movie of all time.
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