Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) Poster

Michelle Pfeiffer: Janet Van Dyne, Wasp



  • Janet Van Dyne : Your pain. I can feel it.

    Ava : It hurts. It always hurts.

    Janet Van Dyne : I'm sorry. I think I can help you.

    [she uses her quantum powers to restore Ava to solid form] 

    Scott Lang : [watching with Hank]  Did you know she could do that?

  • Janet Van Dyne : Also, make sure you stay out of the tardigrade fields. They're cute but they'll eat you.

  • Dr. Hank Pym : I'm so sorry it took so long.

    Janet Van Dyne : No. No. You're here now. Let's go home.

  • Janet Van Dyne : Scott

    Scott Lang : Ms. Van Dyne. It's nice to... well, I guess we've already met.

    Janet Van Dyne : Yeah. I guess we have.

  • Dr. Hank Pym : [mid-credits scene]  I used to be a respected scientist. I had my names on the sides of buildings. Now, I got this.

    Janet Van Dyne : Well, you wanted a smaller quantum tunnel. This is... smaller.

    Scott Lang : [accidentally honks the truck horn]  Oh. Sorry. My bad.

    Janet Van Dyne : Ah, I think it has flair.

    Scott Lang : All right. Control's online.

    Hope Van Dyne : The collection unit activates when you decouple it. It should automatically start absorbing quantum healing particles.

    Janet Van Dyne : Also, make sure you stay out of the tardigrade fields. They're cute, but they'll eat you. And don't get sucked into a time vortex. We won't be able to save you.

    Hope Van Dyne : Okay. Going subatomic in five, four, three, two, one.

    [Scott is sucked into the quantum realm tunnel] 

    Dr. Hank Pym : All right, Scott, this is a mic check.

    [brief silence] 

    Scott Lang : Mic check, one, two. One, two. How's everybody doing tonight in the quantum realm?

    Dr. Hank Pym : Scott, we read you.

    Scott Lang : I just wanna make sure.

    [opens the collection unit, which automatically absorbs healing particles] 

    Scott Lang : Okay. Healing particles secured for our new Ghost friend.

    Janet Van Dyne : Great. Preparing for re-entry in five, four, three...

    [radio static] 

    Scott Lang : Hello? Ha, ha. Very funny. Hank, quit screwing around. You told me yourself not to screw around.

    [the roof where they are stationed reveals that Hank, Hope, and Janet have turned to dust] 

    Scott Lang : Hank? Hope? Janet? Guys. Guys. Okay, seriously, don't joke around. Bring me up! Let's go! GUYS!

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