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Weird ending
kazerniel30 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The ending kinda shot the movie in the foot. Nothing was really explained. We just got to see how a few people coped with a natural catastrophe. But the lack of actual wrap-up left me quite dissatisfied. (How much of the world was affected? Preteens will run the country/planet now? Iirc they said third of Paris's adult population has died, but it seemed more like 99%. Why didn't the wind disperse the fog for days?)

Another weird thing was the dog that chased them through the city. Ok, let's say it's young enough that it's not affected by the gas. But still... family dogs don't behave like that, practically hunting down people over long distances. It wasn't protecting its territory, it wasn't starved, it had no reason to behave in such an unnatural way other than plot convenience.

Also it was weird that they didn't just get in a car and get the f--k out of there. Even if the roads were blocked by other cars there must have been smaller streets and such that they could have used to get around.

Aside of the above plot malfunctions, the atmosphere (haha) and emotional tension worked really well, and the visuals were pretty good. The child actress was mostly terrible, but sadly child actors usually are.
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A disappointing reboot of the mist
gourdelregis20 August 2018
The initial idea is not bad: to place a family of three in a disaster situation when a mysterious toxic mist spreads in Paris. It also quickly appears that not everyone is affected by it. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't really go beyond that. It focuses only on a handful of character, placed in expected situations, and makes no progress in understanding the phenomenon.

In the end the unexplained selectivity of the mist only serves as an easy excuse for the plot to bring in some new situations. Even though, two adults are scared by an average dog just like people were scared by alien monsters in The Mist of 2007. Like many things in this movie it simply doesn't add up.

The actors' performance is good and scenes with the elder couple are touching. Still the movie doesn't have much to offer overall.
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mkamir4 April 2018
Just saw the movie in Paris. Super efficient movie. Romain Duris is a great French actor (way better than Dujardin or Depardieu) and Olga Kurylenko is stunning and plays very well too. Lots of suspense and surprising develompments as we follow the hero in his quest to save his daughter's life. Great pics of Paris in the fog and some good FX as well. Great cast, good story, great movie.
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I wanted to like it..
BatmanFunReviews20181 October 2018
A strange and deadly mist envelops Paris. A group of survivors finds refuge on the upper floors of apartment blocks and on the roofs of the capital. With no information, electricity, food or water, a couple attempts to survive this disaster and save their daughter. But as the hours go by, one thing becomes quite clear: there is no help on the way. As much as i might like Olga Kurylenko 'Dans La Brume' is simply an even more disappointing 'The Mist' remake that wastes a perfectly fine leading actress but also some pretty good ideas as well.. (0/10)
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tzuri_p30 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's an ok movie to watch, reminds me of Under the Dome: some unexplained event happens and people die, but just it stays unexplained for the viewer. Yet the idea of how those who can survive and those who can not before special care before this event is a nice one.

I don't think you'll waste your time wathing the movie. And the ambience European so what makes it pleasant and different to watch. It's just not a "wow" one.
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A small budget story of a big budget idea
Saint_Pauley4 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A family of three is trapped in the upper floors of their building by a poisonous fog that has settled over Paris. Sadly, of all the stories that could be told from this situation, the one they've chosen is no doubt the least interesting. I'd be more interested in the masses atop Montmartre or the group stranded in the towers of Notre Dame, but that's not they tale we're told. Instead, we get a small budget story of a big budget idea.
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Just one thng bothered me...
searchanddestroy-113 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Oh, this is Nothing, but only tiny little detail. IF anyone can help me by commenting this masterpiece and explaining me...When the couple is attacked by the dog in the street, the supposed contamined street by the lethal gas, how the hell the dog could live, breathe, run after them whilst in the same time any one died: humans and even animals? HOW? But besides this, I can only say that that's the first French disaster movie ever, at least on that scale. No problem.
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I liked this, but...
petrov-a-irk10 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is a good disaster movie and is certainly a wotrh to watch - the idea is intriguing, and the performance of ators is excellent. But it seemed to me that the story is a strong LGBT- or LGBT-like agenda, because it clearly states that normal people can't or maybe even shouldn't be let to live - they either die because of their previous actions (towards nature, for example), or will be killing each other in case of a disaster or will be forced tino complete dependence of "not-like-everyone" people.
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Good atmosphere, and that's it
thausilveira13 October 2018
The idea was good, the atmosphere is fantastic, and that's it.

Some of the dumbest characters I've ever seen in the movies and a weak ending. Come on!
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The most stupid movie ever made
marcocrysty4 November 2018
I have never seen a movie so stupid! A seek girl with the most stupid parents in the world!
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vincentga6 September 2018
September 6, 2018

3/10 and I am generous. Fortunately, the film "only lasts" 90 minutes even though it's like it's three times longer.

The voice of Romain Duris is quite unbearable in this film. I do not know if he does the same in others because I do not know this actor.

It is like someone strangling him all the way through the movie when he speaks. A kind of forced whisper. Very disagreeable.

I think the French used "special effects" to hide the person strangling Romain Duris during the film so that his voice was so horrible.

Instead of trying to make films like the United States but with a budget of 1 million, the French should go back to what it did in the past. (e.g. Death Live with Romy Schneider) There are enough crappy movies from the United States, with budgets of $ 200 million or more, whose history is inversely proportional to the special effects.

Moreover, it is a shame that the French never subtitles their films (from France). It is a shame not to put French subtitles. They imagine that all people on the planet speak French (inhabitant of France).

It is true that Hitler eliminated all hearing impaired people in France during the last world war.

It often seems that when the French speak they do it as if they were talking with a hot potato in the mouth and / or they have a stick to plant in their ass.

As long as Quebeckers, who dream of being French (they are colonized, we must not forget), when they shoot movies with the French - they receive money from the Quebec government when they take a Quebecker with them - they forget their language easily, the Quebecois, to speak like the French. Usually they forget forever their language, the Québécois, to speak only French.

To see the French replace their French words with English words, the French will disappear in the not too distant future and in France, we will speak English. That is a shame but it is their choice. French culture will die soon.

To come back to the film it is boring and you have to be brave to watch it until the end. Even if you have time to waste, it is better to lose it simply by doing nothing at all than watching this "Dans la Brumet".

Another film where special effect cost at least 80% of the budget.
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Plus prévisible tu meurs...
Diulf12 September 2018
Ou alors tu regarde Titanic... Ou un film sur la vie de Jésus, Kennedy... L'histoire du World Trade Center...
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