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MPAA Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity and language.

Sex & Nudity

  • Abigail is riding in a carriage and across from her sits a man who is staring at her. He obviously is aroused by her and decides to pleasure himself at the sight of her and begins to masturbate. She is naturally uncomfortable. As she gets out of the carriage he pinched her clothed rear and she falls into the mud.
  • In one scene female servants are seen in the shower together, nudity only shown from the back. In another scene set in a brothel, some women can briefly be seen flashing their breasts and buttocks as a man walks by.
  • There are two sexual scenes where one woman fingers another. In one scene we see an arm up under a dress; the other scene focuses on the recipient's facial expression.
  • A naked courtier is pelted with rotten fruit as a gag while he covers his groin with his hands. No sensitive nudity.
  • A couple is seen having sex in the background of two scenes, but only the man's buttocks are visible as they are standing. Non graphic.
  • The Queen makes a comment about enjoying having another woman's tongue inside her.
  • In a scene, A woman is seen talking with her hand down her husbands trousers (offscreen) with her hand moving while he moans.
  • A woman's breasts are shown for around 5 seconds while she is in bed after implied intimacy.
  • Two women kiss in different scenes. In one of them they go to bed off screen. Moaning can briefly be heard in the background as another woman overhears in shock.
  • A woman sticks her hand down a man's pants, giving him a handjob. not explicit, but the man is moaning

Violence & Gore

  • Multiple characters are slapped across the face.
  • Abigail (Emma Stone) is beaten by a member of the kitchen staff briefly before Sarah (Rachel Weisz) interrupts.
  • A woman bashes her face with a book. Her nose bleeds.
  • A woman is poisoned and falls unconscious while on a horse. She is seen being dragged by a horse, face covered in blood and cuts.
  • A woman describes a dream where man "covered in blood" was "holding a head"
  • A woman attempts to crush a rabbit.
  • A woman is whipped briefly.
  • Birds are thrown into the air and shot and killed for sport.
  • A man pushes a woman down a hill, she falls and hits the ground at a considerable distance.
  • A woman becomes ill, falls of a horse and is dragged for what seems an extended period of time.
  • For a while, it seems as though a woman will be coerced into prostitution.


  • 10 uses of "fuck" and multiple uses of "cunt"
  • A couple uses of "hell," "damn" and a couple faint uses of "ass"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Abigail shows up to Queen Anne's chambers drunk, later vomiting into a vase.
  • Smoking: The odd pipe
  • Drugs, Recreational: None

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Sarah (Weisz) fires an unloaded pistol at Abigail (Stone) in threat. Abigail does not realize the pistol isn't loaded.
  • A woman starts to crush a rabbit under her shoe. The rabbit desperately squirms and squeals as it tries to get away.

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