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Sex & Nudity

  • A young woman flirts with a young man multiple times.
  • Some innuendo: A cat is named "G-Spot," and there's a brief crude joke surrounding its name. A husband and wife talk about how they haven't "gotten any in months." A boy calls his sister "hairy axe wound".
  • A married couple kiss on their bed and are about to make love, but get interrupted.

Violence & Gore

  • The final act of this film contains many scenes of gore, murder, and creatures mutated beyond recognition.
  • A young man is blasted by a cosmic ray. He is never seen again.
  • A woman is slicing carrots while under a mysterious trance of some kind. She ends up slicing off a couple fingers. Scene is graphic.


  • About 30-35 uses of "fuck" and its derivatives. 4 uses of "cocksucker." Milder language includes "bitch," "shit," "goddamn," "Jesus," "hell," "ass" and "asshole."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A father drinks bourbon throughout the film, drinking heavier and heavier as the film goes on.
  • A character smokes a cigarette on camera for an extended period of time.
  • A teenage boy is caught smoking marijuana (off camera). Throughout the film he is accused of being high.
  • An old man is a stoner living in a smokey shack.
  • Reference is made to a character having "tripped on too much acid."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This is a deeply disturbing film, both graphically and psychologically. It deals with an unknown force destroying a family slowly and painfully with explicit imagery.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A mother and her young son are violently fused together by a cosmic ray. They spend the rest of the film writhing and screeching in pain. The son's disfigured face is seen slowly morphing into the mother's body and it is very painful looking.
  • A father is forced to mercy kill his mutated wife/young child. He blows the wife's head off with a shotgun (shown) and does the same to his child off camera.
  • A man is grabbed by mutated branch-tentacles from a tree. He is constricted by them and then one stabs into his face, killing him instantly.
  • Multiple alpaca and a dog are shown violently fused together. Their skin appears inside out and fleshy. Their owner blows each of their heads off with a shotgun. Very quick but graphic.
  • A father is shot in the back. Not graphic.
  • While in a deep state of trance, a woman cutting carrots slices two of her fingers off, with brief after view of the injury.
  • A teen girl cuts images of runes in her skin with an X-Acto knife. Very bloody.
  • A man taking a shower picks up a gel-like substance that has covered the shower drain, and the substance latches on to the skin on the back of his hand and worms its way deep down, causing a grotesque rash there. This area becomes progressively larger as the film continues.
  • A woman cracks open an egg, and the yolk is filled with blood.
  • A pile of dead animals in the back of a pickup truck is shown. They are all skinless and burnt-looking. A character inspects the pile and recognizes one of the carcasses as a cat which was shown earlier in the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A herd of alpaca are fused into a horrifying blob monster with multiple heads, distorted eyes, and snarling massive teeth. They make a horrific screeching noise before their owner puts them out of their misery. Very distressing.
  • The father grabs his daughter by the arm and forces her into the attic, where her mutated mother-brother hybrid monster attacks and tries to eat her.
  • A mother and her young son are spliced together into a mutated creature. They spend the rest of the movie in pain before attacking another family member.
  • The movie ends with every single family member dying and being absorbed by the Color. One character survives and comes out to a deserted wasteland, devoid of color and any life.

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