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Sex & Nudity

  • Only 1 sex scene throughout the entire third season.
  • Several sex scenes throughout.
  • Graphic gay sex in season 1. As well as some other gay sex scenes.
  • A strip club is a frequently used setting, featuring topless females, bare buttocks.
  • Season 3 has brief nudity shown by an older woman during a short sex scene with a much younger man. As well as another casual sex scene with with an unclothed couple (no nudity, covered by sheets).
  • Season 1: Episode 1: An email with an amateur porn video is sent and opened in one scene. The webcam video details sexual actions of a man and a woman from the back with only buttocks shown. It is shown twice. The video is discussed between two men later on. It is played in multiple episodes. A man masturbates in his car and fantasizes about a prostitute giving him oral sex.
  • Episode 2: A pregnant woman is seen pole dancing at a nightclub. Her breasts are clearly visible.
  • Episode 3: An old man is walking down to the water naked, only his backside is shown with a towel covering the front. A nude poster is seen on the wall next to a door. A topless girl seen In a bar. A Homosexual oral sex scene takes place in a motel room, a man giving another man a blowjob and you here him gargle and choke when the man ejaculates in the other guys mouth.
  • Season 2: Episode 1: A stripper has sex with a man in a private room until a woman interrupts them, she can briefly be seen fully nude and we only see the man's upper chest and a bit of his lower region but no genitalia shown.
  • Episode 2: a stripper is hired to seduce a man into having sex with her. She walks in and the stripper is wearing a strap on and the man is sucking on it. The man also appears to be wearing a bra and panties. A woman takes a video of this. She then shows it to the man's wife.
  • Episode 3: An elderly couple has sex in a darkly lit room. We see them thrusting and then we hear them orgasm and moan. We also see the woman's breasts.
  • Episode 4: A man is seen masturbating while he's listening to a dead man's voice. A man and woman have sex in the bathroom of a bar, there is thrusting, moaning and male rear nudity.
  • Episode 8: A woman gets out of bed and we see her breasts.
  • Episode 9: A woman strips all the way and goes skinny dipping, we only see her butt.
  • S3, A man run naked towards a lake completely nude, his entire rear is fully exposed.

Violence & Gore

  • Many innocent people get killed throughout the show
  • Many people are held at gun point and either threatened or robbed
  • Many executions which can be very unexpected and brutal
  • There are several scenes of water boarding.
  • Episode 5: A man holds people hostage at a grocery store and robs people of their money. A boy gets shot in the stomach, blood stains the bottom half of his shirt. a man gets shot in the chest, blood graphically spurts out staining his shirt. We also see a glimpse of the bullet hole and him trying to breathe. This is then revealed as a flashback. A woman gets punched in the face hard by another woman for talking smack about her father.
  • Episode 7: A woman is unexpectedly ran over by a garbage truck, we hear a crunch.
  • Season 2: Episode 1: A man is shot through the stomach, chunks of his gut and blood splatters all over the wall, he is then shot in the head offscreen. A man is unexpectedly whacked in the back of the head with a fire log, he is then stabbed with a crow bar.
  • Episode 3: A man is shot offscreen. A woman walks into a room and sees his corpse, there's some blood on the window and blood dripping down his arm.
  • Episode 5: A woman is waterboarded for a long time, she is heard screaming. Very disturbing.
  • Season 3: Episode 1: A man ties up two men and attaches bombs to their bodies. They are blown up offscreen. Another bomb is carried out to a public place. Lots of people gather around it and it blows up killing them instantly. A woman is water boarded for a long time.
  • Dead animals are shown multiple times in the show, a lot of them are bloody and covered in some guts.
  • Episode 10: An important character is suddenly shot in the face with a shotgun after insulting another character. His bloody disfigured face is shown seconds later on the floor with blood all over the walls. This scene is Very disturbing and frightening.
  • There is not too much violence, however when it does occur it's often very graphic and bloody
  • While the violence in the series overall is not terribly excessive, it's quite occasional and very graphic when it happens. The violence includes shootouts, torture, and other disturbing acts of violence. Some death scenes are quite shocking.
  • The series is permeated with the threat of violence. Multiple episodes have killings some of which are on camera and bloody and some of which are off camera. Corpses are shown. Many of the characters that do violent acts are portrayed as sympathetic in some way.


  • Most of the profanity is said by a main character. She mostly uses "fuck" and "shit" in every sentence she says.
  • This show is incredibly profane. "Fuck" is used in almost every sentence.
  • Pervasive strong language throughout every episode. "Fuck", "dick", "shit", "tits", "bitch", "faggot", "god damnit", "cunt", "Jesus Christ," "goddamn," "asshole", and "Jesusfuck" are used throughout the show.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People who are under the age of 21 drink alcohol.
  • Cocaine can be seen being packaged and transported in briefcases.
  • A character forcibly has heroin injected into his neck to make it look like an overdose.
  • A characters mother is addicted to heroin in a flashback episode. In another episode she is shown using again.
  • At a party a bunch of people are smoking weed, snorting cocaine, and smoking meth.
  • A woman overdoses on cocaine.
  • A teenager uses a bong in a bathtub.
  • Casual discussion of meth and other drugs such as heroine, poppy, and cocaine, as the protagonist works for the Mexican cartel.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are gruesome deaths and unexpected/unpredictable scenes of violence.
  • Ozark has a very dark and dystopian-like tone, and while the violence is not that frequent, some scenes are very intense.
  • The series features serious discussions of fidelity, divorce, adultery, and organized crime -- all of which involve children.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • S3, there are multiple sex scenes involving Ben and Ruth throughout S3 but none of them contain graphic nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • Episode 2: A man has his arm shot off by a shotgun, we see the graphic stump on his arm for a split second.
  • Episode 10: A drug dealer is unexpectedly shot in the face with a shotgun. Blood spurts out of his face, blood is all over the walls and floor, dangling flesh, and organs can be seen on his face with his entire head ripped in two. Extremely graphic and is all very clearly shown. This is perhaps the goriest scene in the series.
  • A cashier at a grocery store gets shot (onscreen), and then gets executed by gunshot (offscreen) (overall bloody and unsettling)
  • Episode 8: A man is suffocated by use of a plastic bag
  • Season 1: Episode 1: A woman is shot in the bathroom offscreen, men are also shot in the face with blood spurts and splatters, and the bodies are later dumped into barrels of acid. A man is thrown off an 80 story building and smacks the pavement, we see blood on the street and we briefly see his corpse.
  • Episode 6: A man receives a jar full of lemonade and at the bottom are someone's eye balls.
  • Episode 8: A husband and wife are unexpectedly hit by an oncoming truck, we see this twice. A woman trips on some brick stairs and severely injures herself. A man busts another man's door down and brutally punches him. A man is strangled to death by a wire. A man then cuts his eye out, this is offscreen, we see some blood on the body's face, the eye is then put into a wine glass.
  • Episode 9: Two men get electrocuted, their skin graphically burns and sizzles, we see flesh burn off their bodies, we then see their dead bodies, and their skin burned down to the bone. This is one of the most disturbing scenes in the show.
  • Episode 7: A man is stabbed with a screwdriver. A man is shot in the neck, tons of blood pools out onto the floor.
  • Episode 10: Cade is shot multiple times with blood mist. A man is killed by being beaten over the head repeatedly with a tool box. There is a bloody wound on his head. He is then stabbed, blood seeps through his shirt. The body is then taken into the lake and rocks are placed in the mans clothes so that the body will sink.
  • Episode 10: A woman is unexpectedly shot point blank in the head. Blood sprays all over two people.
  • Episode 9: It is hugely implied that Ben is assassinated by a hitman. This scene is extremely upsetting and emotional.
  • There is one scene in the first episode in which Del Rio shoots multiple people to death. Quite intense.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A main character of the third season, Ben, who is also Wendy's brother, has a mental illness. Near the end of Season 3, Wendy must have him shot and killed by hitmen. While we don't see or hear him get shot, it is massively implied, and Wendy is seen sobbing in her vehicle as Marty tries to comfort her through the phone. Overall, it is undoubtedly the most emotional and depressing scene of the entire series

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