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Sex & Nudity

  • Bare breasts and bare buttocks can be seen a couple times. Typically very brief.
  • References to strip clubs, prostitution etc.
  • Several sex scenes throughout.
  • Some fairly tame sexual discussion

Violence & Gore

  • We see things like characters being shot in the head up close, dead and mutilated corpses, a character being strangled, someone's eyes being gouged out (mostly off screen), and people being electrocuted to death and burning.
  • Many innocent people get killed throughout the show
  • Many people are held at gun point and either threatened or robbed
  • Many executions which can be very unexpected and brutal
  • The series is permeated with the threat of violence. Multiple episodes have killings some of which are on camera and bloody and some of which are off camera. Corpses are shown. Many of the characters that do violent acts are portrayed as sympathetic in some way.


  • Strong language throughout every episode. "Fuck", "dick", "shit", "tits", "bitch", "faggot", "god damnit", "cunt", "Jesus Christ," "goddamn," "cocksucker," and "Jesusfuck" are used throughout the show.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Kids who are under the age of 21 drink alcohol.
  • Cocaine can be seen being packaged and transported in briefcases.
  • A character forcibly has a ton of heroin injected into his neck to make it look like an overdose.
  • A characters mother is addicted to heroin in a flashback episode.
  • At a party a bunch of people are smoking weed, snorting cocaine, and smoking meth.
  • Two teenagers smoke weed together in a few scenes.
  • Casual discussion of meth and other drugs such as heroine, poppy, and cocaine, as the protagonist works for the Mexican cartel.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are gruesome deaths and unexpected / unpredictable scenes of violence.
  • The series features serious discussions of fidelity, divorce, adultery, and organized crime -- all of which involve children.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A politician is blackmailed by a character for performing bondage sexual acts on a young stripper. (Season 2)

Violence & Gore

  • A trucker has his arm blown off by a shotgun.
  • A man has his face blown off by a shotgun (very gory)
  • A cashier at a grocery store gets shot (on screen), and then gets executed by gunshot (off screen) (overall bloody and unsettling)
  • A man is suffocated by use of a plastic bag
  • A man is thrown off a skyscraper (impact on ground is shown)

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