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Season 4

21 Jan. 2022
The Beginning of the End
Marty and Wendy wrestle with a problematic offer. Ruth goes out on her own, Jonah rebels, and Omar's nephew makes his presence known.
21 Jan. 2022
Let the Great World Spin
Maya pushes back on Marty's plan for Omar. Ruth pursues the hipster heroin market. Wendy tries to raise $150 million. The new sheriff causes problems.
21 Jan. 2022
City on the Make
Maya and Omar meet face-to-face. Wendy has a contentious business meeting. Ruth goes behind Darlene's back. Jonah finds a new place to set up shop.
21 Jan. 2022
Ace Deuce
Wendy's claims about Ben anger Ruth. Mel the P.I. tracks down Wendy's father. Ruth's trip to the Missouri Belle with Kerry doesn't go as planned.
21 Jan. 2022
The Senator extends an olive branch--with a twist. Ruth and Marty scramble to rebuy the drugs Darlene sold. Charlotte ponders life after high school.
21 Jan. 2022
Sangre Sobre Todo
Marty is tasked with proving Omar wasn't involved with a bombing. Wendy pays a visit to the Lazy-O Motel. Ruth and Wyatt make a plan.
21 Jan. 2022
The FBI's long-awaited meeting with Omar takes place. Wyatt shares some news with Ruth. Feeling betrayed, Javi gets aggressive.
29 Apr. 2022
The Cousin of Death
Devastated by a tremendous loss, Ruth heads to Chicago to enact revenge as Marty tries to talk her out of doing something she might regret.
29 Apr. 2022
Pick a God and Pray
Their deal with the FBI now dead, the Byrdes desperately search for more solutions to their growing problems. Wendy's father comes to town.
29 Apr. 2022
You're the Boss
Marty travels to the Navarro estate, Ruth asks Frank Jr. for a favour, a new acting sheriff makes waves and Wendy tries to bring Jim back into the fold.
29 Apr. 2022
Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin'
Ruth makes a play for the casino with some help from a familiar face. Wendy cozies up to Omar's sister and arranges a meeting with Clare.
29 Apr. 2022
Trouble the Water
Nathan angers Wendy by making Charlotte and Jonah a surprising offer. Ruth tries to erase her own past with an assist from Charles Wilkes.
29 Apr. 2022
Omar pressures Marty to launder more money, but Ruth wants to keep her casino clean. Wendy goes to extremes to keep her children.
29 Apr. 2022
A Hard Way to Go
Every desperate deal. Every broken promise. Every bloody murder. Eager to leave their murky past behind, the Byrdes make a final bid for freedom.

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