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Nice Film
Christmas-Reviewer14 November 2017


Having just moved back to her hometown with her young son but without her serviceman husband, Gretchen Daniels (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) finds her life in disarray as Christmas approaches. She discovers new purpose when she helps to deliver a message to her neighbor, Melissa (Leah Gibson), which makes her an ally in a quest to find the neighbor's sibling she never knew she had.

Anybody over 12 can see how this film is going to end long before its However the actors do bring the best in a pedestrian story.

Worth watching.
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lovely story of relationship and caring
vonna-056241 January 2018
A really wonderful feel good film that is not a romance but instead about relationship. I thought it was predictable (just like the Christmas Secret was) but still I highly recommend it. The acting of everyone was fantastic. The development of the relationship between the two leads (Gretchen and Melissa) was heartwarming and a joy to watch develop. They had a real chemistry. Gretchen's son was truly adorable. Don't listen to negative reviews if you are looking for a film that will make your heart feel all warm and gooey inside.
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Kirpianuscus3 December 2017
not different by many Christmas films. same generous spirit. same troubles with happy end. same expecting solution. same warm flavor of holyday covering fight, expectations, dreams and giving the right answer to complicated problems. this is motif for who the movies of Christmas, the films from Hallmark frame, are...special. for the small nuances. for the performances who are like hot chocolate or apple pie, not convincing, far to be remarkable, but nice. preserving the spirit of a holiday so less religious but good for remind fundamental values and the importance of family. so, must see "The Christmas Note" !
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Better than your usual Hallmark fare!
beachy-384311 January 2018
This does not have the usual greasy, self-centered boyfriend in the beginning that makes you wonder why, if the female lead is really so smart, she ever dated him in the first place. Also, the music is far above better than the terrible bar/lounge so-called Christmas music that were a part of the 2017 movies. This was a wonderful film about relations instead of romance. It was even better than the Hallmark Hall of Fame offering in Dec. 2017.
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Friends and Family
Jackbv12325 November 2017
Melissa says "You can cry in front of me." And sometimes that's the only thing you need to hear from your friend while she just let's you cry.

I loved the movie because it was about true friends and good family. For me this was a real tear-jerker because these are things that I really value. First we see Gretchen and then Melissa are going through things that you just shouldn't go through alone. Some people would not have the heart to help someone she doesn't even know when they have problems like this of their own, but Gretchen reaches out to support her brand new neighbor and becomes that kind of friend. Her son is remarkable also because he was the one that broke the ice.

This movie has a mystery and the new friends become detectives to seek out the identity of Melissa's sibling. There were good clues and false clues. If you guessed the identity, it wasn't from any clues the characters had because there was no way they could have known until the end. And the movie didn't even reveal all they knew until after the final truth was known.

But in general terms you usually know what you will get in a Hallmark movie and this one was no different.

The acting was good. We often talk about chemistry in the romance movies. Well this wasn't really a romance, but it was the two women, Leah Gibson and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who had chemistry, extraordinary chemistry. Dylan Kingwell, as Ethan, was also prominent.

P.S. after the third time I've watched this. That's a good measure of how much you like a movie. And more than that. It was the Hallmark special July showing of Christmas movies, but this year I really wasn't into them. There were just a small few movies I noticed that I really did want to see again, and this was the one I looked forward to the most. And I had tears stinging my eyes almost all the way through it. It is even more poignant when you know what is going to happen.
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Sibling search
Prismark103 December 2016
The Christmas Note is an amiable Hallmark film. Gretchen and her young son Ethan move back to her hometown to be near her mother. Her soldier husband Kyle is recovering from injuries in a military hospital and is hoping to be discharged soon.

Gretchen has to deliver a message to her new neighbour Melissa and tell her that her mother has passed away. Gretchen offers support when Melissa discovers a note left behind by her mother. It tells her that her mother had an older child that was given up for adoption.

Gretchen and Melissa undertake a search for this sibling who they think will turn out to be a long lost brother and this search brings them close. At the same time Ethan has written a letter to Santa who wants his father home for Christmas.

There is little that will come as a surprise in this movie but the acting has conviction and the characters are likable.
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Christmas Note has a well Developed Story with some Mystery (Based on a Book)
gehewe31 December 2017
The movie is based on the book written by Donna VanLiere. She was the lady that wrote "The Christmas Shoes" (2003). No wonder why the movie was a good one.

This is not the typical guy meets girl romance which was nice. We have some mystery and a bit of a surprise ending that I originally thought might occur, but then dismissed it. So I was surprised. The two female leads were very good and there really wasn't any dull spots in the movie. The boy was great.

Some of the reviews say the film takes place in Wilsonville, Vermont when there is no such town. There is a Wilsonville, Oregon with a population of the same as shown in the sign shown in the movie (which probably isn't an actual sign). The mom is played by the same actress who played the mother Mrs Thatcher on "When calls the Heart".
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Saw the ending a mile away
kz917-111 December 2017
Based on a novel by Donna VanLiere, The Christmas Note focuses on two women who are neighbors each going through difficult times around the holidays. Gretchen (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) moves back to her hometown with her son to be closer to family as her husband was injured overseas and they don't when he will be able to return home. Leah (Melissa McCreary) has no family ties to speak of, but suddenly learns of her mother's passing and is regretful they never reconnected and unaware they were living in the same town. The women form a bond and help each other in ways they had previously unimagined.
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Irrefutable proof that not all sequels are inferior.
Carycomic14 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Like its predecessor, "The Christmas Secret," this film is based on a book from the "Wilsonville" series by Donna Van Liere. All of them set in a fictional Vermont town of the same name.

In this one, Jamie-Lyn Sigler plays Gretchen Daniels; an army wife and mother of one who moves back to her parents' hometown just in time for the Holidays. She is worried about her husband (ultimately revealed to be convalescing in an overseas military hospital) and her only son, Ethan (who's only written request to Santa is for the whole family to be reunited for Xmas).

It is, therefore, a mixed blessing when she becomes involved in helping her work-aholic neighbor Melissa (Leah Gibson) search for a long- lost older sibling. A child that Melissa's recently deceased mother Ramona confessed to having given up for adoption before Melissa was even born!

The fact-finding mission these ladies go on would be worthy of the Inspector-General of the Army, himself. And the outcome might be somewhat predictable. But, I shamelessly admit that it still brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.

P.S.---Lochlyn Munro takes over for Rob Lowe as Attorney Bob Layton.
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Pretty bad
woodygoodnight29 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When I watched this a few years ago, I thought it was hokey. I honestly didn't remember some of it.

Spoiler::!!!! I honestly thought for a minute the two girls were going to be in a relationship. It honestly would have been a better story. But then I remembered it was Hallmark. You don't lie to your audience. They did lie with the dad. Honestly, the one sister looked 10 years younger than the other. So that didn't fit for me. Why did she keep the one and not the other? Where were the bio dads?

The only redeemable part was the kid. This just needs to go in the Hallmark vaults. It's just poorly done and not a good story.
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