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Sex & Nudity

  • Season 1 : A man and woman have sex that displays female breast nudity yet no male nudity. Season 1 : A man has sex with a woman that displays explicit female breast nudity while another man watches them from a bed. The man also kisses and fondles the woman's bare breasts as she moves rhythmically on top of him while breathing heavily and making sexual noises. No male nudity.
  • Season 1: The camera zooms in on the bare breasts of female prostitutes in a Brothel to make them clearly seen through sheer & fishnet clothing.
  • Jack's bare butt is seen as he showers.
  • Season 1: There is a sex scene in which a woman's bare buttocks are shown, but no male nudity is offered. Then there's another sex scene with female breast nudity. Male nudity is not offered to viewers either time.
  • There is a scene in a morgue where two dead males are briefly shown nude.
  • Season 2 : Some sex scenes with female nudity again and brief male rear nudity.
  • Season 3 : no nudity is shown
  • Season 4 : Females are shown scantily clad at a house/pool party; clothed man begins a threesome with 2 of the females. Female buttocks nudity is displayed via thongs & breast cleavage via bikini tops.
  • A man attempts to rape a woman in front of two children.
  • A group of elderly men and women are seen in a hot water bath tub wearing bikinis and underpants.

Violence & Gore

  • Bloody bodies and facial disfigurement at black site
  • Season 2 includes executions, throat slicings, significant combat gunfire, torture, and stabbings
  • Lots of action/violence throughout the entire show, mostly consisting of shootings with blood spurts. There is at least one gunfight or chase in each episode. Majority of the violence isn't overly graphic, by the some scenes do get bloody and/or disturbing.
  • A man stabs another man in the eye with a pen not too violent but can be disturbing for some people.
  • Season 1 and 2 have very strong, gory bloody violence but season 3 and 4 have less strong and gory violence.
  • A man enters a hospital saying he is sick and then graphically vomits
  • A man is poured boiling water on his back,
  • A man is thrown in to what is implied as urine, in a public toilet.
  • A man is stabbed several times by thugs. He is left dead on an alley.
  • A man is tortured while hanging from the roof of a building.
  • Intense shooting occurs at a sea shore, several men are left dead.
  • A man is shot in front of a woman.
  • A man is shot while sleeping in bed. A picture of his dead body is taken by one of the shooters.


  • Season 1 has 72 f words, season 2 has 125 f words, season 3 has 43 f words, and season 4 has 58 f words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Season 1: Alcohol at parties, mild.
  • Season 2: Drugs, smoking, mild.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An aerial bombing of a village, witnessed by children.
  • There are multiple stabbings, as well as executions and a throat sliced in Season 2. One of the stabbings is in the person's eye. Later on, the eye is shown after surgery. Some of the executions are fairly intense
  • There are multiple shootings, usually to the head, at close range.
  • A dog is stabbed multiple times off screen. It's only heard whining in pain.
  • A shooting rampage takes place during a party. Dozens of people are shot throughout the building.
  • People are shot in the head and pushed into a mass grave. A person later jumps in the grave and searches for someone among the dead.
  • A man wakes up from a body bag.
  • A man tears in to a dead body and retreives a gun and other weapons.
  • Many people are killed in a church with a poisonous gas, later bodies are shown piled up on top of one another.
  • A man's finger is cut.
  • A woman is shot on the head while eating, later the body is shown leaning on top of a desk with eyes open and food in the mouth. Blood drips from the gunshot wound. This image can be upsetting to younger viewers.
  • A man is shot in his office. The shooting is not shown but we see the body lying on the floor as the shooter leaves the room.
  • A truck with two men inside sways out of the road and drops down a cliff for several seconds and crushes in the bottom. The scene is muted but can be upsetting to anyone with an accident experience.
  • Two scenes with flashing cameras.
  • It is implied that a child smuggled an explosive in an aircraft with dozens of refugees resulting in a crash.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several men are shot in a laboratory, episodes later their bloody bodies are shown.
  • A man carries two severed hands in a box. The severed hands are shown briefly.

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