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It's a worthy follow-up
nothimme12 August 2018
This is one of those action movies that it only job is to give you as real as possible experience with its beautiful cinematography. It doesn't feel as real as ''Children of Men'' and it probably won't get a Oscar but it serves its job. The movie may not be as masterful as Villeneuve's original, but it achieves to keep you on the screen. There are really good heart-pumping scenes that beautifully blended with the score in its convoluted plot. Just like in the first movie, the story gets darker and darker. It reflects real-life situations, that's why it's so dreary and compelling. All the events is a buildup to our main story. It all ties together perfectly in the end. And even though key cast member Emily Blunt no longer here, the movie stands alone as a powerful modern-day Western, thanks to the Josh Brolin, Benicio del Toro, and Taylor Sheridan who also penned the screenplay of the first movie.

I'll definitely watch this again.
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Unfulfilling experience
jtodegard5 August 2018
Where the original Sicario was carried by the suspence created by the contrasting naive FBI-agent Macy (Emily Blunt), the cynical CIA-agent Matt (Josh Brolin) and the vengeful Alejandro (Benicio del Toro) as ruthless sicario turned against the drug carlets operating along the US-Mexico border, the sequal lacks this tension and becomes an analogue and rather predictable story. Decent acting performances, and attempts to recreate the original dark athmosphere cannot save the weak plot, where several interesting issues launched at the start are not followed through. This makes for a rather unfulfilling experience, despite hints of another sequal.
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MR_Heraclius14 February 2020
Okay, so this doesn't come close to the first movie in the series. But, it comes close enough to being close that it's much more than watchable. It's actually a very good movie. If it was a standalone movie and Sicario never happened, people would more appreciative. Del Toro is his usual badass self. The cartels and U.S. law enforcement are brutal, per the usual. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys fast action.
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I liked it and hope there is a 3rd instalment
bsutton-238996 July 2019
Struggling to understand the sub 6 scores.

This isn't meant to be a popcorn die hard style action flick. Instead it shows the dark and seedy sides in the cartel and Gov't conflict in both sides of the border.

Really hope there is a 3rd instalment made
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Stellar Acting, Exciting Action, But Lacks Awareness
Jared_Andrews7 July 2018
Sequels typically strive to go bigger and badder than the original. This sequel is no exception. This issue with attempting to up the ante is that it often causes sequels to lose sight of what made the original special. Again, this sequel is no exception.

For some reason that I still don't understand, 'Sicario: Day of the Soldado' opens with coverage of Somali pirates, Mexican-United States border crossings, and graphic scenes of ISIS suicide bombers that will leave you unsettled for an uncomfortably long time. Government agents presume that all these terrorist efforts are connected. They're not.

The film's inclusion of these scenes doesn't add layers to the complexity of anti-terrorist or anti-drug efforts (it's unclear if that was ever the intention). Instead, the scenes only serve to offer some of the BANG BANG moments that sequels seem to require.

There's an emptiness, a pointlessness to the violence-that should be the point of the film. "The war on drugs" is a war without an opponent, and the U.S. is fighting an unwinnable fight. The violence only begets greater violence, one immoral acts leads to dozens more like it, and everyone becomes dirty in the end. This film has no heroes.

I wish that's what this movie was about, but it misses the point. It lacks the perspective and awareness of the first 'Sicario' film. The action in this film is well shot and exciting, same as the first film, but all subtle yet crucial details that made the first film excellent are wrong in this one.

The acting saves the movie from failure. Josh Brolin is excellent once again as the smirking tough guy government agent, and Benicio Del Toro is award-worthy as Alejandro, the sicario. Though he has taken frustrating character development leaps since the first film, Del Toro is nonetheless commanding, angry and tactful. Mercifully, he also provides a few drops of humanity into a movie in desperate need of some. Most actors lack the versatility to successfully transition between all these emotions. But this is Benicio Del Toro.

If you're a huge fan of Del Toro, Brolin or this genre of film, consider seeing it in the theater. Otherwise, wait until you can watch it at home.
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Not bad. In fact, quite good ... BUT ...
Her-Excellency29 September 2018
Once you get over a bit of a slow start, the film proves to be entertaining and engrossing, and it draws attention to the inner, sometimes dirty, machinations of government and the jurisdictional "system". The acting is also pretty much all-around top-notch.

The only thing that I found as a slight negative, is that it really doesn't have any kind of re-watchabilty factor. Once you've seen and enjoyed it, as much as one can enjoy a film of this nature, I don't find that there is any allure to ever watch it again.
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Creates and discards plots throughout the film
bbretall-129 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Reading the reviews, it seems you either love this or hate it. I unfortunately fall in the latter category. I am usually REALLY soft and forgiving on plot holes and other minor quirks in a movie as long as I am entertained. This film did NOT keep me entertained, and was in no way a worthy successor to the original Sicario. This movie had multiple-personality disorder. It would start going with a plot-line, then completely drop it and switch gears to something else. Ultimately it just felt like a confusing jumble. It is sub-titled "Day of the Soldier" and that's an apt name, all of the far too few action sequences had highly trained & heavily armed US Special Forces guys completely overwhelming their opponents. No real tension at all. Maybe something to love here for "rah-rah America, see how they can pummel those backward foreigners!!" but I found it to be lacking in any punch. The trailers had this seem like a "war on the drug cartels" film. There is virtually none of that as the film mostly bogs down in a really contrived kidnapping scheme that was supposed to set off a war between the cartels, but the film showed NONE of that. Brolin & his team just go across the border into Mexico at will in helicopters and armored vehicles and end up slaughtering lots of people, most of whom are not even obvious cartel members (yes, they WORK for the cartels, but I'd have liked to see engagement with some actual Cartel forces, not Federales and lawyers who work for them). This film highlights American aggression and is strong on a total disregard for Mexico's sovereignty with a bit of "Muslim fear/hysteria" thrown in and then quickly abandoned. That said....acting by Brolin & Del Toro was top-notch, but not enough to save this mish-mash with no cohesive through-plot and plot fragments that had holes wide enough to fly one of the military helicopters through.
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Messy and Flawed
claudio_carvalho21 October 2018
When three terrorists explodes a supermarket in America, the American government believes the responsible were the Mexican cartels smuggling terrorists to America. They decide to begin a war among the cartels and an unofficial command is assigned to kidnap the daughter of a kingpin and release her in the land of another cartel. However, when the government discovers that the responsible for the terrorist attack were American citizens from New Jersey, they decide to abort the plan and kill the girl. But things go wrong and do not happen as planned.

"Sicario: Day of the Soldado" is a messy and flawed film with great action scenes. There are so many plot holes that make no sense unless the viewer is brainless. The stupid beginning is absolutely pointless. The terrorist attack to the supermarket is an excellent scene, but the attitude of the mother heading with her child toward the last terrorist in the opposite direction people are running is senseless. The scene of Isabel Reyes fighting at school is another pointless scene. Why the Mexican police officers in the seven cars that joined the three American cars start shooting the American team? Why Alejandro risks his life to save the annoying girl? How can the teenager recognize a man that he glanced at in a car for a few seconds in the parking area of a supermarket in Texas? Why take Isabel to the witness protection program? How Alejandro crossed the border and was hospitalized? There are so many other questions about this flick that would take lots of time to write. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Sicário: Dia do Soldado" ("Sicario: Day of the Soldado")
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Yet Another Failed Sequel
arturholavin9 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Yeap, the first movie was tense, entertaining, rough, with only FBI agent's unrealistic naivity being a downside. This one just lacks the same integrity, fails to explain motivations, and the plot does not fit in. Like, who were "corrupt policemen" too attack Americans? Why they did so? Why she run away? Why one want to reinforce cartel war, if it is already there? And, why "killing the king" is not an option anymore, if this is exactly, who you did in a previous movie, and it felt quite right? Why the main protaganist would not kill a girl (I mean, you can motivate it, ut it just against the character and what the first movie tells us about him)? And so many more unanswered questions!
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An Awful, Misguided Sequel Cashing in on A Turbulent Political Climate
knoxsw11 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This film, which I wanted so badly to be good, is awful. I loved the talent behind it, Solimma's work in Italian film and TV is compelling and intricate and Taylor Sheridan is proving to be one of the best screenwriters of the 21st century, but the sum of it's parts is less than all that. The film not only tips its hat in the opening sequence, but the trailer as well. Instead of the complex and meaningful criticism of the drug war and the complicity those that claim to fight it. This movie trades that for a weak, misguided and offensive stereotypical plot cashing in on the heightened fear of immigrants in America at the moment. The core tenet being that these cartels are now smuggling Muslims into this country so they can commit terrorist acts, echoing the narratives of migrant caravans driving evil Muslims into this country that you see in the news. This is not only patently untrue, but serves the story in no real meaningful way. The first scene, at a grocery store in Kansas City, illustrates the attitudes towards Muslims this film has. A terrorist, having been smuggled to the US by cartels decided to bomb your average grocery store. He walks in and says a prayer and then looks a mother and baby in the eyes as they plea for him to let them go and kills them anyways. Within those moments, it was clear this movie would go no deeper than just using Muslims as television and film did native americans: prop stand ins for evil and soullessness. There are good movies with flawed attitudes that can be overlooked because they strike at something intricately or hold historical value, but this movie does no more than insult an entire faith and cash in on the fear of immigrants. Taylor Sheridan can do better, Wind River proves as much. Avoid this movie as it only serves to harm instead of entertain, engage or provide insight into human experience.
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OK in parts but mostly unnecessary sequel
jack-5413029 June 2018
The first film is great, if you haven't seen it do yourself a favor and check it out.

Going in I wasn't sure that I necessarily needed a sequel as the first film tells a pretty complete story but I suspect there was money to be made and so here we are.

The first 2/3rds or so is a fairly good imitation of the original.. it's not as good but it's serviceable. There are a few instances where characters do not act consistently with their portrayals in the first film, but it is still entertaining on some level.

The last 3rd of the film however, is a complete mess. Not only are there plot holes and/or characters doing nonsensical things only because the plots needs them to do it.. most troublesome is the technical problems.

Several scenes are laid out in such a way that it's difficult to discern when or where they take place within the narrative. Are these scenes happening at the same time or is this the next day? Hard to tell. Are these characters miles apart or only a few feet? We are given conflicting information. Helicopters are "5 minutes out" yet it seemingly takes hours for them to arrive? What?

Overall its OK but the ending is really a mess. There's also a few subplots that seem to add little to the overall plot. If you enjoyed the first one you might find something here but don't expect the same experience as the original.
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Not as good as the original, but not half bad at all
Bertaut8 July 2018
Sicario 2: Soldado (released in North America as Sicario: Day of the Soldado) is a sequel to Denis Villeneuve's Sicario (2015). And if ever a film didn't scream "sequel", it was that one. Apart from the fact that it was only a modest box-office hit (grossing $84.9 million against a $30 million budget, in an era when the only films that become franchises must gross $800 billion in the first five minutes of their release), the storyline was carried to a fairly natural conclusion - Alejandro Gillick (Benicio Del Toro), protected by his CIA handler Matt Graver (Josh Brolin), successfully manipulated naïve and idealistic CIRG officer Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) into helping him exact revenge for the murder of his wife and daughter at the hands of drug baron Fausto Alarcón (Julio Cesar Cedillo). The film concluded with Graver getting what he wanted, Gillick getting revenge, and Macer in possession of a more realistic, if bitter, understanding of how the US conducts its affairs in Mexico.

A sequel felt wholly unnecessary. But a sequel is what we have. When a suicide bombing in Kansas kills fifteen people, the US government authorise Graver to adopt "extreme measures" to combat Mexican drug cartels, who are suspected of smuggling the terrorists across the border. Deciding to instigate a war between the two major cartels, Graver recruits Gillick to assassinate a high-profile lawyer for the Matamoros cartel while Graver and his team 'kidnap' Isabel Reyes (Isabela Merced), the daughter of the kingpin of Matamoros' rival. Taking her to Texas, Graver and Gillick then 'rescue' her in a false flag operation, making it appear she was kidnapped by her father's enemies. As they transport her back to Mexico, Gillick begins to bond with her. However, after they cross the border, the Mexican police escorts double-cross them, and Isabel flees into the desert, pursued by Gillick. Meanwhile, the US government determines that two of the suicide bombers from Kansas were domestic terrorists, and thus were not smuggled into the country. With this mind, to help quell tensions with Mexico, Secretary of Defense James RIley (Matthew Modine orders the CIA to abandon the mission, much to Garver's disgust.

With the first film wrapping up so neatly, the announcement of a sequel seemed like a typical Hollywood cash grab, one which would most likely crap all over the legacy of the truly excellent original. However, as bits and pieces of info regarding the sequel began to filter through, it started to feel less and less like the usual Hollywood knock-off we're all used to seeing. For starters, Taylor Sheridan would return as sole-writer, in a script that would not go in what, for many, might seem the only real direction in which to take the story - Macer getting revenge for Graver and Gillick using her. Instead, Macer wouldn't even appear, as the script would instead focus on pseudo-antagonists Gillick and Graver. To this end, the only other actors who would also return would be Raoul Max Trujillo as Rafael, one of Gillick's contacts in Mexico, and Jeffrey Donovan as Steve Foraing, Graver's number two. The big concern for a lot of people, however, was who would replace the irritatingly talented Villeneuve in the director's chair. And so it was another welcome bit of news when the man chosen was Stefano Sollima, the Italian director of A.C.A.B. - All Cops Are Bastards (2012) and Suburra (2015), as well as most of the episodes in the first season of Gomorra: La serie (2014).

Okay, so first things first. Soldado isn't a patch on Sicario. Not even close (and, needless to say, there's nothing here to come anywhere near that dinner table scene). And there are some problems which were largely absent first time around. For example, the narrative suffers slightly from the absence of Macer, not insofar as she herself is irreplaceable, but more in the sense that the audience no longer has a surrogate. Because we know who Graver and Gillick really are this time around, there is obviously no point in the film playing its cards close to its chest, and so it adapts a more balls-to-the-wall, damn-the-torpedoes approach. This renders the narrative more morally simplistic than the first film. In tandem with this, perhaps wisely, Sheridan has written Soldado as a more conventional action-thriller than Sicario, but this has the knock-on effect that when the bullets start flying, as they do on several occasions, all the political/moral back-and-forth is made to seem nothing more than the material that gets us from one shootout to the next. Additionally, there's an element of repetition, as Isabel is traded off from one group to the next, and one definitely gets a sense of déjà vu, as she becomes a metaphorical cog in the screenwriter's machinery. Also, although Solima's direction is good (with that resume, how could he not get the gritty tone right), it's not as sharp as Villeneuve's. Finally, and this is a small point, the title of the film translates as Hitman 2: Soldier (or Hitman: Day of the Soldier in North America). This makes not a lick of sense, and instead sounds like a 90s action movie starring Michael Dudikoff.

However, for all that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The script is sharp, relevant (references to a spineless POTUS undermining intelligence operations will be sure to please at least half the audience), gruff, and cool. With the two Sicario films, Hell or High Water (2016), Wind River (2017), and Yellowstone (2018), Sheridan is fast becoming one of Hollywood's most accomplished writers. The film also stars two of the coolest men on the planet being masculine and suppressing their emotions. Del Toro never so much as even hints at cracking a smile, whilst Brolin has lost some of the sardonic dismissiveness he possessed in the first film, but none of the bluster or self-confidence. All things considered, for a film that never seemed to have any real reason to exist, this is a cracking piece of storytelling, and has me already looking forward to the next instalment.
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Flawless in its dark, realistic atmosphere
biont6 July 2018
If you love moderately paced realistic action, I mean not the kind of action where bullets fly of the main hero and all kinds of unbelievable nonsense is happening, but the kind of action, where you have the time to enjoy every scene and the plot is actually pretty believable - this is the one.

I enjoyed every bit of it: from the atmosphere that doesn't really rush you, but doesn't bore you either. Nothing is too slow, and what is much more important, nothing is too fast - which is so common in action scenes. My respect to the video editor - he's done a marvelous job. The composer is also brilliant - the music is so dark, atmospheric and beautiful.

And all the main characters in this play are lovable. I mean, the main studs are just so cool. They are like the definition of toughness. If you take guys like Rambo, Batman or Luke Skywalker - they are not even close to that definition cause of the unrealistic atmosphere. You know you're been tricked watching those too good to be true kind of guys. In this movie - it's pure joy to watch that manliness brought on screen.

So, go watch it. I first thought: too many good reviews, those people aren't real, but I'll give it a try anyway. Now I realize it's actually a great piece of dark cinema. And that's the kind of cinema I usually enjoy the most. So, my thumbs are pointing up. Loved it and will definitely watch the next part, when it's out.
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Enjoyed every second of it!
The Fresh Prince28 June 2018
I still remembering going to the cinema all by myself to see Sicario back in 2015. I didn't bring any one with me because it was a last minute call, I was just studding about the Mexican cartel at that time when the movie was released and decided to watch Sicaio to get a better sense of the situation. The new 'Sicaio day of the Soldado' brings back the two famous actors Brolan and Del Toro (Minus Emily Blunt...uh well). This time they have to fight against the people who smuggle terrorists through the Mexican border. As an Israeli citizen, I have experienced terrorism in my own home town and can relate to it very easily. I have to say that Soldado have successfuly brought that atmosphere of terror in a very realistic way. I enjoyed it very much, it's darker than it's presedor but the tense and plot twists are strong, not to mention the performences of the great casts. A+
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The first 21 reviews: 10/10. You know something is fup.
Rene-180618 July 2018
My first review: Loved the first Sicario. Raw and different. This time I almost walked out of the cinema. Really bad. Could not believe its the same screenwriter. The story is really thin (and short). The overacting by Isabela Moner was too much on many moments. May not be her fault, but the director. Benico and Josh did an excellent job, but the movie is just bad. Most annoying is the rating her. The first 21 (!!) gave it a 10/10. The Godfather Part II came to seven (7). So something is really wrong. Really annoying because I really trust IMDB.
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Unnecessary, unwanted sequel.
tstudstrup29 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The original was a masterpiece, in my opinion. It was brutal, dark, super-realistic with a great story and great acting. And some highly intense actionscenes. It had me and my buddy at the edges of our seats from the beginning to the end of the movie.

This time however the plot is too thin.

It starts off with some terrorist attacks on the american side of the border. Why the mexican drugcartels would commit terror on US-soil is never explained.

But somehow the american government knows this wasnt ISIS. Because Matt Graver is once again hired by the government to bring down the mexican drugcartels. He is allowed to get dirty and start an all out war. He brings in Alejandro again. And he starts the war by kidnapping some drug lords daughter and make it seem like it was done by another cartel.

Something goes wrong and alot of corrupt(?) mexican policemen are killed. The girl escapes. Alejandro goes after her. The dead policemen makes the government pull the plug on the whole war, before it ever starts . Matt tells Alejandro to kill the girl, but he refuses.

After this the film goes from bad to worse.

The so called war on the cartels, never really happens. In the orginal it felt like a war. Here I felt cheated.

Not just because of the lack of action, but because, the story never evolved into anything but mediocrity.

In the first one, the mission was to bring down a certain druglord. And for Alejandro it was personal. This time Alejandro is there for no reason at all. And the goal is to bring all the cartels down. This is obviously ridiculous and impossible. And that makes the movie fail. It never really gets going.

Despite the same talented leads (except from Emily Blundt) and the same studio and all that, it just doesnt deliver.

The trailer promised an all out actionmovie, so I really wasnt expectiung much, based on the silly trailer. But the movie couldnt even deliver on that promise.

I give it two stars, because in itself its not that bad a movie. But as a sequel its downright bad.
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great trailer, weak movie, congrats marketing team!
paulcheus3 July 2018
I was tricked to go see this film by the trailer, which is above average. The story depicted there has nothing to do with the actual film, which is entirely about something else. Good play by the leading roles, weak plot, the initial subject is over-taken by a side-story. And then the movie ends. You will be frustrated upon leaving the theater. You wish that you could re-make the movie in another manner, better... Just say no to this, waste of time and money for a B-category movie , which you can enjoy just fine on a sofa in front of a TV, on a Monday night, with nothing else on...
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A highly recommended movie to watch
izartirta28 June 2018
I really like the military-themed movies, especially when presented in such a mesmerizing way as this Sicario movie.

This film gives a fairly intense feeling of tension from beginning to end. The initial scene of the movie really makes us thrilled by the horror as a result of the terrorist cruelty against innocent citizens.

Josh Brolin has played a very good and stunning character for Matt Graver. We can feel the aura of terror, firmness and professionalism from Matt just by looking at body language and Josh Brolin's appearance. He really makes himself look very tough and ready to avenge the terrorist cruelty in a way that will satisfy us.

Benicio Del Toro has also given the impression of revenge that is so scary that we can feel that the retaliation will be very appropriate with the cruelty of the terrorists themselves.

The battle scenes between the military under Josh Brolin's leadership with the cartel members and with the evil Mexican police have been shown to be very realistic, cruel and frightening. Every splash of blood is seen as a cruelty on one side, but on the other hand satisfying.

In movies like Rambo or James Bond, we see that the bullets and deaths of someone, especially the evil one, seem so easy and cheap. But in movies like Sicario, the death of a human really feels like a death that gives a sense of fear.

I highly recommend you to watch this movie.
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A muddled feature length trailer for Sicario 3
tomadama13 September 2018
Very poor sequel to the original film, muddled, riven by poor acting and non-credible storylines/characters, and little more than a feature length trailer for Sicario 3. Hopefully this will be the 'Ocean's 12' of the series and there will be a decent 3rd film to match the first one.
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Like a middle episode of a tv series!
Atani12 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Enough sequels with no plan, make a story much stronger with some new characters to follow, not the same old invincible characters with nothings new to offer! No character development, no new major enemy, jusy a very poor drama with lots of gun playing for the fun of bang bang lovers. Brings a shame to the 1st one.
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Another great one from Sheridan
allstarrunner28 June 2018
I loved this film. If you are a fan of Taylor Sheridan and have seen his other films (Hell or High Water, Wind River) then you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. If you liked those films then you will surely like this film - of course, if you weren't fans of those films than don't expect anything different here!

As most of his films go, the pacing is slow as the story plays out - but I never feel bored. The acting, of course, is top notch. Benicio and Brolin are absolutely perfect bringing their characters to life.

Personally, I enjoyed this more than the first Sicario - although only because I found Emily Blunt's character to be annoying.

The bottom line is that this film is definitely worth paying the money to see in the theater.
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Nihilistic politics
Prismark1026 September 2018
I thought this was a thriller about taking on Mexican cartels. What is a Muslim suicide bomber doing on the US/Mexico border? Next a Kansas supermarket is blown up by more suicide bombers. What was that woman with the little kid doing going near the bomber? Run to the other side of the store for goodness sake.

In this garbage sequel with a repellent viewpoint that taps into the paranoia of Trump's views on the Mexican/US border. The US government has declared war on the Mexican cartels for transporting Islamist terrorists into the USA from Mexico.

Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) is tasked to start a war between the cartels by arranging the kidnapping of the daughter of one of the bosses. Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) joins Graver. The the father of the girl they plan to kidnap killed Alejandro's family.

The film starts off with some kind of a story, then somehow it ends up in a muddle with a lot of brutal violence. The plot to kidnap the girl just turns unnecessarily convoluted simply because the writer ran out of a plot, so he has to string something up.

You have the side story of a teenage American hispanic boy who joins one of the gangs as a foot soldier to get people across the border. This boy has bionic eyesight as he can spot an undercover agent in the dark from some distance.

This is a clumsy, mean spirited, cynically racist film.
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One of the worst
mhaaa246 July 2018
The beginning makes no sense and didn't add anything to the movie, the story is predictable and has the worst ending movie could ever has. Don't waste your time and money Don't be fooled by the ratings here
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Islamic terrorism
wwwamincom13 September 2018
Where did he find a connection with Islamic terrorist. Those scenes with a suicide bombers are rubbish and no explanation for it in movie related with South American Drog artels and sicarios.
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Exceptional sequel
kojap30 June 2018
If you enjoyed the first, you'll love the second. Great performance by Del Toro, tension throughout the movie is very high, this is not an action movie but more a thriller with some action. Go see this movie
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