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Standard formula, but generally good implementation.
tom-496-52210611 January 2019
Unlike the two previous reviewers, I liked this one. The characters were human enough to get involved with, and the multiple story lines kept it fresh. I didn't notice the music standing out, and I thought it was about average for the genre. The story lines were far from unique, but tied together we'll enough. I'd watch it again if it popped up in the schedule.
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catastrophically bad movie
ebonyonce30 January 2017
i'm not such a movie snob tbh but this was awful on almost every single level. i'm not at all blaming the actors - but literally everything else was just horrible. weird zooming in on faces, choppy editing, OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD BACKGROUND MUSIC that ruined even the shred of anything good. cheesy line after cheesy line. flat characters. 3 completely detached story lines floating around for no good reason. boring plot that's just ?? i don't think you even tried??

looks like someone tried to make a rom-com trope salad and failed miserably.

oh my god just not even funny how bad it was
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toncincin19 January 2020
I'm not sure how I missed this one when it first aired - but now I'm kind of glad I did. Hallmark Drama aired it a week ago - so I set the DVR. BORING. The leads have no chemistry. They are unlikable. Jack Wagner is unlikable. Catherine Mary Stewart is unlikable. The best part if the movie were the ads for Magnum PI (the Tom Selleck one) on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Skip this one.
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"Like" on the Vine
ginasharp18 January 2021
This movie was okay, I considered giving a 2 - not a 1 because I only give 1 to movies I hate. This was okay but got a 3 because I did like the storyline. I just didn't like how the main girl seemed so hateful and really uninterested. They did not sell falling for each other again at ALL! By the end I didn't really care if they got together. It made more sense for them not too really. I liked the scenery and the vineyard storyline was good but seemed like it could've been better - I wish they would've shown more things than just going and checking grapes! There also wasn't any romantic moments other than looking at stars but it was a dry scene...

Favorite scene (if any) probably when they were throwing grapes in each others mouths! That was kinda cute and playful.

Also, it was weird having a few different storylines that had NOTHING to do with the main couple and really took away from making me care about the main characters story. I will not be recommending this one to my friends.
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Too Much...Too Wrong.... TOO BAD...
mneeki-592-6843511 October 2018
In order for the formulaic Hallmark Dramas to sell, both the Hero and especially, the Heroine needs to have likability - - - we need to WANT to see them succeed. Not happening in this one, I'm afraid. Margo comes across as really negative, and that particular trait is a killjoy for any romantic film. Steve Tally as Seth is passable---but any one of Hallmark's collection of male actors could've played this bland role.

Whenever I saw the interplay between the Leads, it came across as competitive "brother and sister" a lot more than "hope they get together in the end" - - - zero chemistry.

Jack Wagner does a decent job as the heavy, and the effervescent Mary Stuart shines in her role (as always).

I agree 100% with the other poster on this thread, what's with the ANNOYINGLY Loud music for no purpose other than for you to reach the remote (or possibly it's there to distract you from how truly awful this film is?).

Hallmark-Romance-Novels-come-to-life are like a Box of Chocolates---let me spare you the cavities.. PASS on this one!
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Complex yet balanced and slightly fruity
rebekahrox22 April 2020
One of the reasons I really enjoyed this one is that there was so much going on. Every subplot and character was well written and engaging. Jack Wagner made a delicious antagonist with his diabolical self interfering in his son's love life and his mission to buy our two main leads smaller but more exclusive organic vineyard. I liked that leads were attractive but normal looking people. Sometimes that actors and actresses are more glamour-pusses than able to give their characters personality and appeal. That said, I didn't care much for the behavior of the hero throughout almost all of this story. He was whiny and kind of a snot until he admitted he needed her help. I liked the girl. She was smart, successful, ethical, hard-working, ambitious, and had a lot of moral character. Even at the end, I got the feeling that she could have done better romance-wise.
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