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Am i the only one who thought this was overhyped?
brycetulloch-1360426 March 2021
I liked the action but once again, The story and characters were unbelievably bland.
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Epic battles with an uninspired plot.
kenzibit1 April 2021
Rating basically for the epic battles in this movie, great special effects that blend perfectly with the environment accompanied by immersive sounds to rumble your speakers. Kudos to all those responsible for that. On the other hand, this movie does a poor job of character personalization and story plot. Had a lot of fake smiles and poor dialogues, did a poor job of making you feel for any character's situation and wanting more from them, it's like the movie pauses when scenes switch from the Kaijus to humans. Characters were introduced for no particular purpose or reason. Story was dull and uninspiring. Wouldn't recommend this movie for the plot or character performances but will recommend it for the epic Kaiju battles and CGI.
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Great CGI can't compensate for awful story.
alfredsmith2 April 2021
This is a mindless, plotless action flick with great action and effects but not much else. The plot is mundane, ridiculous and predictable. Much of it didn't even make any sense, because nothing is adequately explained. The acting is mostly awful. The editing made it difficult to follow what little plot there was. Actually the whole series of movies in this rebirth have all been really bad and this just continues that tradition. I am at a complete loss to explain the high ratings some people have given it and cannot recommend it all. Seriously don't bother with this.
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Very entertaining but plot is ruining it
fredericktanjaya28 March 2021
I love Godzilla, I love Kong. Face to face they fight like there is no tomorrow for one of them. The battle is very entertaining and breathtaking. Visual are the best of all other monster verse by WB.

The weakness is in the plot and story telling. They should paid a bit more attention on the story and human characters to make them at least interesting.

Battle is 10/10 Story and plot 4/10.
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Great action, cool visuals and that's about it.
ThomDerd3 April 2021
I am glad I watched this film for 3 reasons: 1-good runtime of 1h 50m, 2-never gets boring, 3-relentless impressive action sequences. Don't expect much from the plot but prepare yourselves for some epic monster fight scenes and some great ideas on visuals. If you have seen the previous kong and godzilla films then you will like this a tad more. But if you haven't, it doesn't matter; it will keep you invested throughout. Its an 8 because they kept it relevant to what it is. Its just a fun movie 8/10.
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Nobody wanted a plot
ratpackaustin4 April 2021
I guarantee 99% of viewers just wanted to see two titans go at it. Nobody cared about the humans in this movie. So why does WB keep trying to force humans down our throat in these movies? In an hour and 50 ish minutes were forced to watch people for 80 of those minutes. There's way too much time trying to make a plot here that I don't want to see.
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Best Action Family Movie.
movieexpert773 April 2021
Epic Godzilla Action Movie From Beginning To End.

Spectacular Production & Great Scenes Of Dragon Fights.

Delightful Film That Will Cheer You Up.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Brawndo the thirst mutilator. It's got electrolytes!
mahmoodsaqib2 April 2021
As a society we've now truly become a case of life imitating art. We're living in an Idiocracy. That's what Godzilla v Kong represents. Empty calories for the masses. No nutrients for the grey matter. You don't need brains to enjoy this movie. In fact it helps if you're zombies.

Forget the most important aspect of a movie which is a plot. Who needs a plot when you've got hundreds of millions of dollars of CGI on the screen. All those zeros, ones and green screens convincing brain dead viewers that this kind of crap being pumped out by Warner Brothers and other studios is worth your time and money. Does anyone recall a time when movies were actually good? When the plot was actually worth following? Then again, who needs something as trivial as an engaging plot when you're got a giant ape and a giant lizard beating seven bells out of one another as you slurp down your Brawndo?

So keep handing over your money to these clueless studios and they'll happily keep churning out crap like Godzilla v Kong for you to gorge on. Or you can vote with your feet and your wallets and ensure that studios up their game. That moviemaker create protagonists that you can root for, villains whose motivations you can understand, characters that you can empathise with, go on a journey with....

Or you can choose not to in which case enjoy your Brawndo, and movie studios will continue to mutilate your thirst for mediocre CGI crapfests like Godzilla v Kong.

Just remember, "It's got electrolytes!"
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Delivers exactly what it says on the poster - a pair of iconic monsters duking it out in the most epic way possible ...and very little else
MrDHWong25 March 2021
"Godzilla vs. Kong" is the fourth film in Legendary Pictures' "MonsterVerse" and the fourth Godzilla film produced in the west. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison, and Alexander Skarsgård, it delivers exactly what it says on the poster - a pair of iconic monsters duking it out in the most epic way possible ...and very little else.

Sometime after the events of "Godzilla: King of the Monsters", the giant ape Kong is being kept under surveillance inside a large simulated habitat, forming a bond with a deaf girl who communicates with him through sign language. One day, Godzilla attacks a city in Florida for seemingly no reason and this sparks an international debate over whether or not these huge monsters are a threat to humanity's future. A team of experts soon deduce that Godzilla was actually tracking Kong's energy signal and decide to transport him somewhere secret in an effort to prevent the two of them from fighting each other and causing even more collateral damage.

When it comes to giant monster movies, you can't go too wrong with the ones featuring the undisputed king of the monsters himself - Godzilla. Since 1954, this giant reptilian has been stomping his way through cities battling various monsters of similar size with his brute strength and trademark atomic breath. Every time I hear Godzilla's signature roar, it gives me chills like the first time hearing a lightsaber turning on in "Star Wars" or the DeLorean from "Back to the Future" reaching 88 miles per hour. Likewise, the enormous gorilla Kong has also had his fair share of time in the spotlight, debuting all the way back in 1933 in the classic film "King Kong". With this in mind, it seems fitting that these two iconic titans of east and west should face off against each other at some point, having previously done so in 1962's "King Kong vs. Godzilla". Now in 2021, we have a brand new reimagining of such a rivalry, complete with better special effects and destruction galore. There's something so mindlessly satisfying in seeing giant monsters beating the hell out of each other while leaving heavy destruction in their wake. I guess it's all just part of the entertainment value we can take away knowing it's all in good fun and that we can be thankful such colossal creatures don't exist in real life. However, if you are expecting to be treated to anything else beyond this, you will be greatly disappointed. Regardless, if fighting monsters and gratuitous demolition of skyscrapers is what you crave, then this movie certainly delivers.

In addition to this, the film also touches on the mythology of these strange beasts (known as "Kaiju" in Japanese), with particular focus placed on Kong and his origins. I'm no expert on Kaiju lore or anything like that but I did enjoy that we got to see how these towering figures aren't evil beings with a lust for destroying everything, but rather neutral parties trying to establish their place at the top of the monster food chain. Of course, the level of neutrality varies for each of the two, with Kong perhaps being "True Neutral" and Godzilla being "Chaotic Neutral". For example, Kong is seen attempting to live peacefully on Skull Island under the pretense that he is in charge and nothing else can take that away from him. Later on, when Godzilla arrives to challenge this notion, an all out brawl ensues, much like how predator animals like big cats would fight one another to establish dominance. We are informed it has been like this for thousands of years and that human civilisation has only popped up recently, just being on the brink of learning how to co-exist among all this ongoing conflict.

There's not much to say about the film's human characters, as they are only there to help move the small remnants of the plot along. Most of them were either generic military personnel marked for death or scientific minds trying to make sense of all this madness. I suppose Millie Bobby Brown was the only actor in the film with some dimension to her, as anyone who saw 2019's "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" will recall her character and her importance in that story. I did also like the film's scenes with the deaf girl talking to Kong via sign language, as this reminded me of the famous gorilla Koko who was taught how to communicate with her trainers through similar means. In spite of all this, by the end of the movie, I couldn't recall a single name of anybody other than the titular monsters, remembering them by the actor's real names instead of their characters. At the same time though, it didn't really matter because at the end of the day we don't pay to see a giant monster movie for the human characters for the same reason we don't go to McDonald's to order a filet mignon. Godzilla and Kong's names are in the film's title and it should be obvious by now that they are the real stars here, not the humans.

As far as giant monster movies go, "Godzilla vs. Kong" does a serviceable job at entertaining us with frequent action and great special effects. It's mind numbingly simplistic but I wouldn't expect anything less. At this stage, it is unknown if there will be any more films in this "MonsterVerse" but I do see potential in the franchise continuing for as long as the demand is there. Since there are still plenty of threatening monsters out there to be dealt with, I remain hopeful.

I rate it 6.5/10
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Fan service.
XXXMoonbabyXXX7 April 2021
Who cares about the plot? What we really want to see is the battle of the Titans and this movie delivered. Some stories don't need to be complex, this is one of them. As a fan of the old Godzilla and Kong movies, this was a goodie. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride!
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Titans great,humans not so great!
dev-4950929 March 2021
Although the human characters were kinda dull for a bit but the movie did gave us the spectacle which was promised. I am very pleased with titan brawl,vfx, and amazing soundtrack. I would be very happy if the monsterverse gets a green light to continue it's saga. Kudos to everyone is involved.

Watch the film in the biggest screen possible.
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Pretty much what you would expect
dr-cheyno4 April 2021
40 minutes of awesome battle scenes. 120+ minutes of annoying kids and a garbage plot.

Token child actor under 10 getting more screen time than Godzilla or Kong. (Tick) Boring/stupid plot (Tick) Little girl teaching Kong sign language..PLEASE!! Some of us have an IQ over 60. Stop assuming the audiences is going to be full of idiots.

Horrible acting (Tick) Name one decent performance in this movie, i dare you to find one.

Worth the watch but honestly you could basically just skip straight to the battle scenes and it will make NO difference plot wise. You will be missing absolutely nothing.

If you guys just listened to the reviews, the results would be amazing. Go back to the Godzilla/Kong roots. Not this modern Hollywood crap that's tailored for the mentally imapired.
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A waste of time!
jp_918 April 2021
"Godzilla vs. Kong" is a weak film with a bad script. Two of the most important monsters in the film history together in a movie, some good things and a lot of problems. The good things are the beautiful visuals, correct performances, an amazing music score, tribute scenes to the original "King Kong" film and to the "Gojira" franchise, and the best point is that this film is saving movie theaters around the world from bankruptcy after the current COVID-19 pandemic but it is not enough. The bad points are the fake special effects and an awful scrift full of inconsistencies and stupid jokes, it is like an episode of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" mixed with a telenovela episode and an episode of "Thundercats", this may be interesting but in this production is a failure. A really bad film!
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Can't get much worse!
davidwjackson15 April 2021
A terrible movie from beginning to end, and this is why I don't go see movies in theaters anymore. All computerized graphics and that's about it. It actually gave a headache. Two thumbs down!
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Giant crap
dasa10810 April 2021
This is the clearest evidence of how Hollywood can destroy great movie icons. Unable to make a decent film about Godzilla, they decided to destroy the two great cinema monsters with the bonus that Mechagodzilla's fantastic robot is reduced to a cockscrew. If I pay a ticket to see the film I want the story to be honored: Godzilla has features that we hope to see film after film. I don't ask for much. But the untalented people who made the film came up with the idea that it was better not to play Godzilla's music. I thought of Star Wars without it´s iconic music. It's the same. An aberration. On the other hand, the humanization of King Kong is unbearable. Uncomfortable, worried, it makes it nauseating to see the great King Kong turned smart gorilla who can communicate with his little friend. Since when did King Kong stop liking blondes? The humans who star in the plot are also unbearable. The boy, the particular reason I hated Deadpool 2 now achieved the impossible: that he hated American movies about monsters with an inclusive cast. Of the others only one sentence: I wanted them all dead in the first frame. Everyone, their parents and their grandparents. I wanted everything to explode in the film, and in the final fight they would wipe out humanity, starting especially with those involved with the production of this slug, this crap, this cinematographic insult. Finally: Godzilla has no neck and has a microcephalic head. I don't know who came up with it that this is how the king of monsters should look. Godzilla for that anatomy couldn't even look to the side without having to rotate the body. King Kong using weapons is as if it were an extension of past films with apes conquering the world inaugurated by Charlton Heston. No Hollywood, don't do it anymore. Stop doing garbage. Stop insulting our intelligence and pockets. Stay away from this movie at all costs, well-shot fights aren't worth everything behind and around them. If you want to watch a decent movie, just watch the ones made in Japan or Pacific Rim.
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kzgjmwbc2 April 2021
Can't believe I wasted 2 hours of my pathetic life for this garbage.
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Good enough
habikok28 March 2021
I hope the monsterverse keeps going after this one.
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tequillaau-7149424 March 2021
Got to see advance screening and was NOT dissapointed. Handles the whole Godzilla vs Kong debate question PERFECTLY. Ok depending on which camp you are in I guess, but either way... still perfect with a defined winner and a great outcome both ways.

Only Negatives. Lack of Godzilla theme from movie. (A must have even if only a 10 second burst in any Godzilla film).

Cant wait to see it again.
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Great Movie
garciaok-174507 April 2021
Enjoyed the movie, reminded me of the old movies, just with better effects. Take it for what it is.
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Hail the God and the King!
iamianiman24 March 2021
Three colossal blockbuster movies, Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) have set the pace for Godzilla vs Kong (2021). After years of waiting these two iconic characters to appear on the big screen facing off one another, this long-awaited sequel is finally here to rumble but will it be a gigantic pay off or a gargantuan turn off?

Question #1: Are there a lot of action-packed scenes?

I know the majority of the audience who wants to watch this film is expecting a non-stop action packed scenes. With a runtime of approximately 1 hour 52 mins including credits, the film offers a few action scenes but not as plenty as to how the critics are referring to. I feel that Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters offer more action scenes than Godzilla vs Kong though this latest film is not left far behind as the final act provides a visual pleasing jaw-dropping fighting scenes. As my expectation is high, to say that the film offers 'enough' action scenes is an overstatement but it still manages to be enjoyable overall.

Question #2: Are there any fighting monsters other than Godzilla and Kong?

Yes, there are a few but it serves more as a filler than getting a part in the main storytelling. Without mentioning which or who, there is an appearance of a monster during the final battle of the movie but I feel that there is much more that can be done with it. It lacks any development and it is hard not to think that the monster is there just to be there without moving forward its story or origin. It leaves an impression that other than Godzilla and Kong, other monsters serve mainly to remind the audience that this is a Monster Verse.

Question #3: Is the visual effect as outstanding as what the critics are saying?

Oh yes, the visual effect is outstanding. You can witness the figure of the monsters with dazzling spectacle. It feels very much real and alive and it is difficult to spot the flaws in terms of its visual. I can bet high that this film will receive a nomination for next year's awards like Oscars and Golden Globes for Best Visual Effects of the year.

Question #4: What do I like about Godzilla vs Kong?

The best thing about Godzilla vs Kong for me is the cinematography during the ongoing action scenes. It lets you witness the event by means of a point-of-view technique as if you are about to go to an amusement park ride. It is effectively entertaining, it buckles you on your seat to let you experience the ride and immerse yourself in the experience. The choreography of the action scenes between the monsters is also left to be amazed. It shows you never-before-seen battle movements that are eye-pleasing to watch alongside the color palette which is mesmerizing, it is hard not to think the Pacific Rim universe when you see the colorful and bright neon lights showering the Monster Verse world. I also love the intrinsic and humane expression of Kong and the grisly horrific images of Godzilla, it shows both ends of spectrum, complementing Yin & Yang.

Question #5: What do I dislike about Godzilla vs Kong?

Other than what I feel that it contains only a few action scenes, the plot moves towards uninteresting territory. This is the problem with the Godzilla films for me, instead of capturing the audience with an appealing plot, it shows you on the process of fighting against or helping the monsters. It establishes the idea to guide you through the journey of survival if we were being attacked with the monsters which sets aside its storytelling. I get it, it is a film about fighting monsters but there is a reason why the first Godzilla film does not receive much appraisal as it lacks both storytelling and action scenes. Furthermore, I also feel that the middle part of the film feels a bit draggy and over-the-top ridiculous with no sci-fi boundaries. I also feel disengaged by the chemistry between Godzilla and Kong because it seems that there were there to only fight without a proper explanation. Godzilla is only present when he is about to battle, no more and no less.

Question #6: Who should watch Godzilla vs Kong?

Those who:-

  • Have invested in the previous Monster Verse films.
  • Want to watch brainless popcorn flicks and can suspend their disbelief.
  • Want to be impressed by its jaw-dropping visual spectacle.
  • Want to witness monsters fight.

Question #7: Is there any end credits scene?

Unfortunately, there is no end credits scenes after or during the credits roll.

Question #8: Rate the Monster Verse films from Best to Good (There's no worst, every film is entertaining and good.)

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  • Kong: Skull Island
  • Godzilla vs Kong
  • Godzilla

Verdict: Godzilla vs Kong sets to shake the world with its massive fighting scenes and dazzling visual effect and while those succeed, it seems that the roaring rumble is stepped down by the lack of action scenes in the first two acts and the uncharted exploration of its mythology that makes Godzilla vs Kong an only substantially sizeable monster mayhem film.
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A Gigantic Goose Egg
scott-16574 April 2021
Some of the best special effects I've yet seen and absolutely one of the stupidest movies. Maybe they should have taken one-tenth of the f/x budget and hired a decent screenwriter with it. Or housed some homeless. We have so much capability and, yet, wind up with something like this.

I can't say any of HBO Max's simultaneous new theatrical releases have impressed me. Maybe it's a generational thing.

My five out of ten is totally for the visuals. Everything else was a gigantic godilla egg.
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Awesome big monster movie! Summer blockbuster quality.
jasriv31 March 2021
Waited hella long for this movie to come out and it did not disappoint! Enjoyed the big monster fights, storyline was good, and ending felt satisfying. Watch with on a big screen and great sound speakers, if you can. FYI...no extra scene after the movie ends.
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Will be seeing it again ... many times
dennis-vranic26 March 2021
OK, so maybe I am biased as have always been avid Godzilla fan but this movie was everything I expected. CGI and sound was amazing but would have been nice to hear some of the original Godzilla theme. Cannot fault this movie as it had the perfect ending and walked away with a huge smile on my face. Only downside is the time I have to wait to see it again.
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Absurd, shouldn't exist
joaosantos203 April 2021
Both King Kong and Godzilla stories are really good, especially King Kong.

This is what passes for cinema in 2021, absurd story, awfull acting, lots of CGI.
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A lot of fun
siyacyril6 April 2021
Action packed.

Attention grabbing.

Astonishing imagery.

It is what it's suppose to be.
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