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  • Yes. It follows both 'Kong: Skull Island' as well as 2019's 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'. Along with the 2014 Godzilla movie and a list of sequel's, that interact between several mythological super species of monster's, already out & coming out in the future, with several intertwined sequel's. Similar to how they took Iron man, Thor, Captain America & the other movies and connected them all. Edit

  • The trailer came out on Jan 24, 2021. Edit

  • Aside from being a tentpole Hollywood blockbuster, one of the main differences that sets this film apart from the original is tone. The original Japanese version of King Kong vs. Godzilla was actually a comedy that satirized the Japanese TV industry at the time. When the original film was released outside of Japan, it was re-edited to add new scenes with American actors and restructured the narrative around a UN news report while removing scenes of characterization and comedy from the original. The American version became the most well known version as the licensing deal between Toho and Universal prevented the original version from being released in the US. It wasn't until Criterion released the Godzilla films in 2019 did the film finally see an official US release.

    There is a definitive winner this time instead of the ambiguous "did Godzilla win?" or "did Kong win?" Edit

  • The exact situation with Toho is currently unknown (due to the fact that the contract only lasted till 2020) but Legendary did announce an animated Skull Island series so it appears that the MonsterVerse will continue in some form or another.

    Legendary had announced that the entire "Monsterverse" was created to lead up to King Kong vs Godzilla. Edit

  • It is a completely different movie with only a few moments that reference the original (for example in the original Kong shoves a tree down Godzilla's mouth, and in this movie Kong shoves a stick into Godzilla's mouth). Edit

  • It doesn't take place in present day, the film is based around an alternative future. The film mentions that a couple years have passed since KotM. It was filmed in 2019 and had an release date of May 2020, but changed to November to do some reshoots after KotM didn't do so well, then because of the pandemic,moved again to May 2021 and then again to March 2021 Edit

  • Because if there was no sun, the whole scene would be dark and there would be nothing but sounds, not the makings of an engaging movie.

    Well because the core of the earth is super hot and close to the suns temperature which in turn creates bright light. A sky is made up of gases so an atmosphere was created. Light comes from fire/heat as well. Edit

  • Godzilla protects Earth, not humanity. Humanity simply lives on Earth, just another species among thousands. If humanity is not in the way - it will not suffer Godzilla's wrath. If humanity gets in Godzilla's way - well, it is not Godzilla's problems. Godzilla is the King of Titans, no one can challenge his rule. He saw Kong as a possible rival - thus the attacks. Not to kill, but to establish the alpha-status.

    Don't forget they attacked him and he stopped after they powered down. He wanted to make Kong bow to him and show him whose boss. The humans attacked him so he attacked back. Edit

  • They are on the King's territory and under his protection, thus no other creature dares to challenge Kong. Edit

  • Three possibilities:

    1.) The eco-terrorists couldn't really make use of the head, lacking the funding necessary to do anything involving science or experimentation with the head on a limited budget, so they sold it to a company that wanted it, being APEX. Quite possibly, they might have even known what APEX could and would do with it and that with Ghidorah's biology, the brain would take over Mecha Godzilla, maybe even advertising it to APEX.

    2.) The eco-terrorists were found by APEX agents or someone aligned with APEX and were attacked and killed, with the victors claiming the head for APEX. Considering that in terms of ideals, APEX and the eco-terrorists are diametrically opposed, and that it's unlikely that the eco-terrorists knew about APEX's plans or of Ghidorah's biology (unless for the latter they actually could study Ghidorahs left head Kevin's to determine his biology), this may be the more likely possibility.

    3.) Jonah simply saw the kind of man Walter was with an ego that big, anything he did with the head would blow up in his and mankind's face. Edit

  • He likely never heard about Ren even if if he knew Dr. Serizawa. Plus, the guy is drowning in sorrows over the death if his brother so he probably didn't care. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • The characterization of Legendry's Godzilla is that he is a force of nature and as such, is neither inherently good or evil. Remember that in KOTM they foreshadow by mentioning he's on our side, for now. Up until this point Godzilla has stop greater threats that challenged him, not because he actually wanted to save humanity. Now that he is King of the Monsters and is more prominent in the world, he runs a greater risk of coming into conflict with humanity. Also the trailer implies something else is at hand that the characters have to uncover.

    In the movie Godzilla is here to defend his turf, so any large monsters (whether they be evil or not), Godzilla has to fight them to basically show them who is the boss, hence the name "The King of The Monsters." Edit

  • Spoiler free version You see a little bit about Kongs origin in this movie but nothing extensive.

    Spoiler version When they travel inside the hollow earth you learn that is where Kong came from. You see weapons made by Kongs people, out of the scales on Godzillas back. It is heavily implied Kongs people and Godzillas people were enemies and waged a war against each other. Edit

  • There are giant monsters in Kong's lair, and Mecha-Godzilla is in this. Edit

  • Yes. It was established that the Kong we saw in Skull Island (2017) was a very young adult and would continue to grow in size. The Kong we see now looks older and grizzled, like a middle-aged adult, as well as considerably bigger.

    He also has the same scratches on his chest that we first saw in Skull Island (2017). Edit

  • Through a hole made by Godzilla. Kong used the inverse gravity to sling him. Edit

  • No. According to the movie, they fought an ancient war against each other, not together. Edit

  • In 2017's Kong Skull Island it is established that the island once served as a gateway to the Hollow Earth. Edit

  • It was connected to king ghidorah's brain which took over the super computer and was a super computer of it's own. So it wasn't it's own entity; just under the control of Ghidorah who wanted to kill Godzilla. Edit

  • In this universe Godzilla wasn't created by the atomic bomb, that origin is exclusive to Godzilla (1998). In this universe the atomic bomb merely stirred Godzilla and had awoken the MUTO titans which caused him to awaken. Edit

  • Mark Russell said, "Godzilla is attacking people and we don't know why," meaning Godzilla most likely DID feel something before and the energy plant was one of several attacks. Edit

  • Monster Zero's (King Ghidorah) skull had neurons infused to the helmet which took over by killing Ren Serizawa, who was controlling the body. As Ghidorah was a kaiju originating from the Hollow Earth, the core energy gave his brain the power to take over the entire body himself. Edit

  • It is sending the energy signal which Apex then replicates. Edit

  • Two possibilities:

    1) Either he wanted to take out Kong or destroy Kong's ancestral home.

    2) It seems like the Hollow Earth energy waking up triggered Godzilla's Goji-Sense, and he tunneled down more to figure out what the hell just went massively pear-shaped and what it means for his hunt for Mechagodzilla. Discovering Kong down there reignited the rivalry, so Godzilla basically called him out. Edit

  • Three possibilities:

    1.) The explanation to her knowledge most likely lies with her parents, although it could also be linked to the aftershocks of Godzilla's battle with Ghidorah five years prior. Monarch is the organization that studied massive unidentified terrestrial organisms (MUTOs) like Godzilla and Kong, and both of Madison's parents were important people in the Monarch hierarchy. Her father, Mark, was the deputy director of special projects at Monarch, and her mother, Emma, was a field researcher who often brought Madison on assignments with her. It's possible one of those assignments brought Emma and Madison to Monarch's Skull Island containment zone, where she could have studied Kong and the Skullcrawlers, or Madison's father could have talked about the monsters with her before going on one of his special projects.

    2.) It's made clear that Madison is very passionate about the Titans as she listened to the Titan True Podcast created by Bernie Hayes and argued that Mark shouldn't be so quick to consider Godzilla a villain after he attacked Apex Cybernetics Florida headquarters. The credits in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) dropped a vital Easter egg that could explain Madison's MUTO knowledge. The credits revealed that Monarch released more than 60 years' worth of Titan research files to the public after the battle that leveled Boston. Madison would likely have read these files, explaining how she knew so much about the Titans.

    3.) Most of the information about what happened on Skull Island has been leaked to the public through the years when the Mutos, then Godzilla started showing up the secrecy gig was up Edit

  • According to the Hollow Earth myth, there is supposedly an internal sun inside. Edit

  • Skull Island is in the midst of being destroyed by the storm system that once protected it now engulfing it, those channels were apparently closed when that happened. It's only Monarch's containment facility keeping Kong safe there, and they note he's grown too big for that environment to sustain him any longer. Also, they'd have to deal with Skull Crawlers if they went that route. Edit

  • They were between him and Kong, and he was that determined to stay the alpha that he wasn't in the mood to be careful this time. Also Godzilla knows that the humans are heading to the Hollow Earth and use the energy against him. He's trying to prevent them from using it to power up MechaGodzilla. Godzilla would also sense Kong as a rival and attack him to fight for dominance. Attacking to stop them from getting the Hollow Earth energy would require A) Godzilla knowing that the Ghidorah signal he's picking up is being used to construct a mecha, B) that mecha requires Hollow Earth energy to activate fully, C) that Team Kong have decided to help Apex get the Hollow Earth energy and are using Kong to do so. That's approaching Bat Deduction levels of convenient. Besides, if Godzilla really wanted to make sure they didn't get the Hollow Earth energy, he'd either keep attacking even after they played dead, or simply head to Antarctica and collapse the passage Godzilla knows Ghidorah well enough that his Healing Factor won't work without sufficient energy. And he knows Kong and his race's ancestral home and that place's energy source. Plus, he was merely stalling them long enough to finish his job. the simplest reason might be that Godzilla is simply that irritated in this film thanks to what he senses is being done at the Apex facilities, and likely getting more and more irritated as he can't figure out why he hasn't been able to find what he is sensing and whatever it is is refusing to come out and fight him (it's noted he used threat displays during the first attack, presumably in an effort to get a response from the enemy he sensed). He's still not going out of his way to attack humans, but in his frenzied and confused state he is no longer being as "careful" or restrained as he usually is. And in such an emotional state, those ships and Kong basically became something to redirect his frustrations on (i.e. he couldn't find Ghidorah but he could find Kong). Looking at it from Godzilla's perspective, it's not a huge stretch to assume that both APEX's activity and whatever Kong was being hauled around for (seemingly headed straight for the location of a hollow earth entrance, notably) were connected somehow. The ships do fire at Godzilla. He only attacks them after they start shooting him and when the engines are cut he leaves them. It's implied that even though he was in a bad mood, if the humans hadn't panicked and shot him that he would have ignored them. Edit

  • Ghidorah's decentralized nervous system probably allowed the other heads' personalities to re-manifest in any remaining part of his nervous system. Except this time it's only got the one head to work with. Which means that either A)it's just Kevin, B)The three personalities have done a Fusion Dance, or C) this isn't actually Ghidora, but a "newborn" clone of him. Edit

  • Because they're just the most plentiful titan species and thus readily available, and they also mature quickly (given how being overrun with them was such a threat on Skull Island), meaning they can be raised and replaced more easily. The red coloration of Apex's "Number 10" captive Skullcrawler might have an In-Universe explanation: if it was captured by Apex as an egg like the ones Team Godzilla discover and raised entirely in captivity in their facility, then it growing up in different conditions to the Skullcrawlers in Kong: Skull Island, being exposed to different environmental factors, might have affected its development. Alternatively, it may be a genetically-engineered clone, probably reinforced by its sheer size at over twice the size of Ramarak. Edit

  • There's a tie-in comic that reveals Godzilla ordered the others into hiding when he started sensing Ghidorah was still alive. Edit

  • They were desperate to free Kong from Godzilla's grasps so that was the only option they had. Also notice the depth charges arguably did do more damage to Kong than Godzilla. Kong basically passes out as soon as he gets back on the ship, while Godzilla is seemingly unscathed. All the charges did to Godzilla was make him let go of Kong. Edit

  • He was dealt with numerous injuries during his second fight against Kong, including a stab wound to the leg from Kong's axe. It's understandable that Godzilla would be exhausted and weary from all the fighting he was involved in, similar to the time he collapsed right after beating the MUTOs in his first MonsterVerse movie. Admittedly, Kong was tired, too, but he had at least had the benefit of being supercharged by APEX's HEAV vehicle.

    Also notice how he notably lost a beam struggle when he locked his atomic breath with Mechagodzilla's laser. It's possible that Godzilla's blast was weaker because he had already used up most of his reserve energy. It's important to keep in mind that before the fight, he accomplished one of his most impressive feats ever when he fired off a blast of atomic breath from the surface all the way down to the Hollow Earth. It stands to reason that such a dramatic usage of his atomic power would have significantly drained him ahead of his showdown with Mechagodzilla. Another major reason Godzilla lost his Beam-O-War battle with MechaGodzilla is because his atomic breath is a literal breath weapon, requiring Godzilla to take a deep breath to activate it and it stops when Godzilla runs out of air. Being a cyborg with an internal power supply, of course MechaGodzilla beats him - he doesn't need to breathe in order to fire it.

    Of course, not all of this can be attributed to Godzilla being battle-weary and low on energy. There's also the matter of Mechagodzilla himself, who would have been a challenging opponent for Godzilla even if he was still at full strength. APEX's Titan was fueled by the supremely powerful energy source that Kong and the human characters stumbled upon while in the Hollow Earth. If this power is as incredible as APEX believed it to be - and the fact that it's able to sustain the Hollow Earth ecosystem suggests that it is - then it makes sense that it could make Mechagodzilla strong enough to force a team-up between two alpha Titans . Edit

  • Not all kinds of radiation are deadly, or some are only deadly after a long uninterrupted period of exposure. Also we aren't told if the radiation levels in the Hollow Earth are even uniformly high or not. Certainly in Godzilla's temple they were dangerously high, but that was not truly the Hollow Earth, more like Hollow Earth adjacent. Edit

  • Because Kong's ancestral home is built on top of a powerful energy source surprisingly similar to Godzilla's abilities and that the race had been using said source to build weapons against him and his kind. Godzilla probably feared that Kong will use this power against him or at least lead untrustworthy people to discover it and abuse it. Given that the energy source revived Ghidorah within MechaGodzilla, those fears were warranted. Edit

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