Mary Poppins Returns (2018) Poster

Emily Mortimer: Jane Banks



  • Michael Banks : [from trailer]  Mary...

    Jane Banks : Poppins! You came back!

    Michael Banks : You seem hardly to have aged at all!

    Mary Poppins : *Really*? One never discusses a woman's age, Michael. Would have hoped I taught you better.

  • Michael Banks : [from trailer; as he gazes at the snow globe of St. Paul's Cathedral, then bringing out his and Jane's kite]  I honestly can't remember why we kept most of this stuff to begin with.

    Jane Banks : [snatching the kite away]  Don't you remember that kite? We used to love flying that with Mother and Father.

    Michael Banks : Those days are long behind me.

  • Jane Banks : [from trailer]  What brings you here after all this time?

    Mary Poppins : Same thing that brought me the first time: I have come to look after the Banks children.

    Anabel Banks : *Us*?

    Mary Poppins : Oh yes, you, too.

  • Jane Banks : [from sneak peek]  Are you sure this is quite safe?

    Mary Poppins : Not in the slightest. Ready!

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