Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) Poster

Lucas Hedges: Robbie



  • Angela : Why are you never on my side, Robbie?

    Robbie : I'm always on your side when you're not being a cunt!

    Angela , Mildred Hayes : Hey!

    Mildred Hayes : There will be no more "cunts" in this house. You got that, mister?

    Robbie : What? Are you moving out?

  • Robbie : You old cunt!

    Mildred Hayes : I'm not old, Robbie.

  • [we see a boy throw a can at Mildred's car. Mildred, agitated by this, goes out of her car to confront him and a girl who was with him] 

    Robbie : [trying to stop Mildred]  Don't, don't!

    Mildred Hayes : [asking the boy and the girl]  Hey there! You know who threw that can?

    Boy : What can?

    [Mildred kicks the boy in the crotch] 

    Mildred Hayes : How about you, sweetheart? You know who threw that can?

    Girl : Uh, no, I didn't really see...

    [before the girl could complete her answer, Mildred kicks her in the crotch as well] 

    Robbie : Thank you, Mom.

  • Charlie : Yeah, I'm such a shitty dad, you're such a great mom. Alright. So how come, a week before she dies, Angela asks if she can come and live with me at my place? Cause she couldn't stand the two of you bitching at eachtother, fighting each other? And I said no, stay at home, your mom loves you. Now I wish I hadn't. Cause if hadn't, she'd still fucking be here.

    Mildred Hayes : I don't believe you!

    Charlie : Then don't believe me. Ask fruit loop boy.

    Mildred Hayes : Is that true?

    Robbie : I don't know, mom.

    Mildred Hayes : Yeah, you do.

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