Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) Poster

Sam Rockwell: Dixon



  • Mildred Hayes : Hey fuckhead!

    Dixon : What?

    Desk Sergeant : Don't say what, Dixon. When she comes in calling you a "fuckhead."

  • Mildred Hayes : So how's it all going in the nigger- torturing business, Dixon?

    Dixon : It's 'Persons of color'-torturing business, these days, if you want to know. And I didn't torture nobody.

  • Mildred Hayes : Hey, Dixon?

    Dixon : Yeah?

    Mildred Hayes : I need to tell you something... It was me that burned down the police station.

    Dixon : Well, who the hell else would it have been?

  • Dixon : We've had two official complaints about the billboards, so, actually...

    Willoughby : From who?

    Dixon : A lady with a funny eye... and a fat dentist.

    Willoughby : Give me the file on the Angela Hayes case.

    Willoughby : A lady with a funny fucking eye?... Jesus Christ.

  • Dixon : What are you, an idiot?

    Desk Sergeant : Don't call me an idiot, Dixon!

    Dixon : I didn't call you an idiot, I asked if you was an idiot... That was a question.

  • [last lines] 

    Mildred Hayes : Dixon?

    Dixon : Yeah?

    Mildred Hayes : Are you sure about this?

    Dixon : 'Bout killing this guy? Not really. You?

    Mildred Hayes : Not really. I guess we can decide along the way.

  • Mildred Hayes : [Upon discovering Denise got arrested]  Rat bastards.

    [Mildred then enters the police station house] 

    Mildred Hayes : Hey fuckhead!

    Dixon : What?

    Desk Sergeant : Don't say "what", Dixon, when she comes in calling you a fuckhead, and don't you come in here...

    Mildred Hayes : Shut up!

    Mildred Hayes : [to Dixon]  You, get over here.

    Dixon : No! You, get over here.

    Mildred Hayes : Alright.

    Desk Sergeant : What? Don't, Dixon!

    Dixon : What? I'm...

    Desk Sergeant : You do not allow a member of the public to call you a fuckhead in the station house!

    Dixon : That's what I'm doing, I'm taking care of it in my own way, actually. Now get out of my ass! Mrs. Hayes, have a seat! What is it I can do for you today?

    Mildred Hayes : Where's Denise Watson?

    Dixon : Denise Watson's in the clank.

    Mildred Hayes : On what charge?

    Dixon : Possession.

    Mildred Hayes : Of what?

    Dixon : Two marijuana cigarettes. Big ones.

    Mildred Hayes : When's the bail hearing?

    Dixon : I asked the judge not to give her bail on account of her previous marijuana violations and the judge said sure.

    Mildred Hayes : You fucking prick!

    Dixon : You do not call an officer of the law a fucking prick in his own station-house, Mrs. Hayes. Or anywhere, actually.

    Mildred Hayes : What's with the new attitude, Dixon? Your momma been coaching ya?

    Dixon : No. My momma didn't do that.

    Dixon : [as Mildred leaves the police station house]  Take 'em down, you hear me?

    Desk Sergeant : You did good, Dixon.

    Dixon : Yeah, I know I did.

  • Dixon : What the hell is this?... Hey, you. What the fuck is this?

    Jerome : What the fuck is what?

    Dixon : This! This

    [pointing at the billboard] 

    Dixon : .

    Jerome : Advertising, I guess.

    Dixon : Advertising what?

    Jerome : Something obscure?

    Dixon : I'll say. Yeah.

    Jerome : Don't I know your face from some place?

    Dixon : I don't know, do you?

    Jerome : Yeah. Yeah, I do

    [spits on the ground] 

    Jerome : .

    Dixon : I could arrest you right now...

    Jerome : For what?

    Dixon : For emptying your bucket... That's being bad against the environment laws.

    Jerome : Well, before you do that, Officer Dixon, how about you have a look at that first billboard over there? And then we can have ourself a conversation about the motherfucking environment... How about that?

  • Dixon : What's the matter with you, saying that goddamn stuff on TV?... My momma watches that station.

    Mildred Hayes : Your momma doesn't know about the torturing?

    Dixon : No, she doesn't know anything about it. She's against that kinda thing.

    Willoughby : Who's against what?

    Dixon : Momma... my momma-momma is against persons-of-color-torturing. She said nigger-torturing. I said, You can't say nigger-torturing no more. You gotta say persons-of-color-torturing. Isn't that right, Chief?

  • Dixon : [after throwing Red out of the window]  See, Red, I got issues with white folks too!

  • Red Welby : Stop fucking crying, good damn it! The salt'll just fuck up your wounds.

    Dixon : I thought salt was supposed to be good for your wounds.

    Red Welby : What am I, a fucking doctor?

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