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Sex & Nudity

  • Despite minimal nudity, sex scenes are regular in almost every episode, often set in a brothel or with prostitutes involved. Prolific scenes set in brothels. Regular sex scenes including men's naked bottoms and women in modest underwear, not showing any female nudity. Regular references to an abusive & violent sexual relationship between a particular couple. Many derogatory ways of describing sex and engaging in sexual practices.
  • Several rape scenes implied (no graphic content) e.g. noises and context. One includes a mother being raped while the son is made to look, the husband is dead and other men are around watching and laughing. One is shown on screen with a group of men raping another man.
  • Strong sexual content throughout. While nudity is mild, the actual sex content is not. Includes many aspects like prostitution, sexual kinks, crude sexual dialogue, strip clubs, and much more.
  • In season 2 there is a very strong comedic sex scene that is basically a live action version of the sex scene in team america.
  • There is a running gag of foreskins being put into various objects, such as furniture, ice cream, facial cream, foods, ect.
  • A person shoves the main characters prayers up their bottom.
  • A man walks into a petting zoo naked. And he is later seen running through the street with a goat on a leash. Implied beastiality.
  • A person explodes and their rectum is hanging from the ceiling. A close up of the bumhole farting and pooing out someones soul.
  • A person graphically describes oral sex then asks if she can perform it on someone.
  • A person tells someone to eat their genitals.
  • Female rear nudity when a woman gets out of bed naked

Violence & Gore

  • Extremely violent, gory fight scenes throughout.
  • A person explodes, blood and intestines spray everywhere.
  • A persons arm is chopped off with a chainsaw, blood sprays everywhere.
  • A person jumps out of a plane and splats onto the ground, he is just a head and an arm in a pile of guts and intestines.
  • A person has their arms and legs cut off with a chainsaw and are seen in a bath tub full of blood, they are then strangled to death.
  • A person is cut in half with a chainsaw, blood sprays all over a group of people, and intestines come out and go all over the ground.
  • A mans is shot in the head and the top half of his head explodes and blood and brains spray everywhere. Another man is also shot in the stomach and his intestines fall out.
  • A group of peoples testicles are electrocuted.
  • Someone is shot with a very powerful gun and there is a massive hole in their torso.
  • There is a montage of a character committing suicide in various ways.
  • A girl shoots herself in the head, the top half of her head explodes and someone tries to push all the bits of brain and gore into whats left of her head.
  • There is a school shooting, but the ammunition are blanks instead of real bullets.
  • A persons tongue is ripped out.
  • A bar shootout where at least 40 people are shot with blood spray. The last persons head is cut off.
  • A fight scene in a hotel where everyone comes back to life after they die, once its finished the hotel room is full of dead bodies.
  • A persons head is squished by the wheel of a car, and explosion of blood comes out of their face and their brain pops out.
  • Someones fingers are all cut off in a close up with blood squirting out.
  • A woman is torn in half, she is seen lying on the floor in half with intestines and guts with blood spurting out and screaming while her legs are twitching.
  • A person completley explodes, blood, guts and gore spray everywhere covering the entire room in blood, intestines hanging from the ceiling and sliding down walls and their rectum is hanging from the ceiling and farts. Two men then wrestle in the pile of guts and gore and use intestines and organs as weapons. The most disgusting goriest scene in the whole show.
  • A person driving a van is shot and blood and brains splatter all over the windshield.
  • A persons arm is broken and you see the bone sticking out.
  • A mother cuts open her own daughters stomach to take out something she ate, very disturbing.
  • A person eats a bunch of cute animals like puppies and guinea pigs alive, very disturbing and upsetting for animal lovers.
  • A villains eats people souls.
  • A person randomly pushes someones face into a steering wheel, blood sprays out of their face.
  • A person is shot in the back of the head and their face explodes and blood sprays all over two characters faces who were being strangles by the person.
  • A person standing in front of a mirror explodes and blood and guts spray everywhere.
  • A man cuts out his own heart on screen, blood squirts out and his intestines are visible.
  • A person rips out his daughters intestines, very gross.
  • There is a montage of clones of Jesus exploding. Blood, intestines and organs fly through the air in slow motion. This happens around 30 times.
  • A scene with multiple people are shot in the head with one bullet in slow motion. One of the peoples face explodes.
  • A person gets squished in a door and blood and guts squish out and the top half of their body and intestines are sticking out.
  • A person driving a car gets shot in the back of the head and their head explodes and a huge amount of blood splatters throughout the car.
  • A persons head is stomped on until it explodes with blood spraying everywhere and their eyeball hanging out.
  • Someone eats off their own leg with blood squirting everywhere.
  • A person is circumcised a few hundred times in season 4, theres glimpses of all the bloody foreskins in a pile.
  • A person is stabbed through the bottom of their chin and out the top of their head and blood squirts out of their orifices.
  • A whole bunch of people are shot in slow motion with blood spray in one scene.
  • A rifle is shoved up someones butthole with blood squirting out and then the gun is fired causing a fountain of blood and brains. Extremely graphic.
  • Someones hands are partially ripped off with bones and stringy meat visible in a close up.
  • Someone is bitten on the neck with blood squirting out and then their intestines are ripped out causing it to rain intestines and blood.
  • Someones hand is eaten by a shark and a lengthy close up of the gory wound with blood squirting out.
  • God bites someone's eye off.
  • Graphic, gory, bloody violence throughout. This includes stabbings, shooting, dismemberment, hangings, decapitations, full-body explosions and much more.


  • Season 1 contains one use of the f word.
  • Season 2 contains 2 uses of the f word.
  • Season 3 contains 5 uses of the f word.
  • Season 4 contains 2 uses of the f word
  • Other language includes shit, bitch, hell, goddamn, bastard, wanker, etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is a montage of two characters doing multiple drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine, ice, marijuana, tobacco, ect.
  • Multiple scenes of drug use (mostly done by Cassidy)
  • Many characters drink alcohol and smoke constantly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Despite the dark/taboo subject matter and the gruesome violence, most of the series is darkly comedic
  • The series's portrayal of religion, God, Jesus, and other taboo/controversial elements could be highly offensive to many.
  • The Messiah is portrayed as a mentally retarded person. God is implied to be a furry.
  • Rated TV-MA for strong graphic violence throughout, brutal disturbing images, language throughput, pervasive crude and sexual content, some nudity and drug use.

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