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Timberlake himself is a stunner, whether he’s smoothly pirouetting his way through “Suit & Tie” or he’s choking back tears during his stirring set closer “Mirrors.” But his team is well-matched by Demme’s.
Demme’s concert films aren’t just recordings of events—they’re cinematic embodiments of their musicians, capturing in a moment an energy that transcends time.
Demme proves he’s still a wily master of the craft, and the director’s work here makes this more than just a fans-only proposition.
As Jonathan Demme’s concert documentary Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids indisputably shows, Timberlake is only truly in his element when on stage being a showman.
If nothing else, this loving — borderline fetishistic — concert movie makes a compelling case for the musicianship, artistry, and sheer athleticism of pop music. Well, good pop music, anyway.
It’s hard not to detect the film as a for-hire work from Demme, perhaps just because its subject seems so in-control — not so much in the terms of him as author, but the whole project as a form of brand management for one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

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