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Great Entertainment
katyayan-1289217 September 2021
Review By Kamal K

Once again, Nani proves what a powerhouse of talent he is and excels in his role. Films like these are Nani's territory and he should more often do such entertainers. Nani makes you empathize with his character and also evokes superb comedy at the same time.

Credit should also go to Maruthi for etching out a clean entertainer. The creative director never fails to surprise and entertains you till the last five minutes. The surprise package of the film is Murali Sharma who is generally associated with negative roles. He does a marvelous job as Lavayna's father and all his scenes with Nani are etched out well.

There is a huge doses of comedy and all the various episodes featuring Vennela Kishore and Srinivas Reddy have been executed superbly. The romance that is showcased between the lead pair has also come out well. Lavanya Tripathi looks adorable and is superb as Nandana. Her chemistry with Nani is endearing and brings a feel good effect to the film.

Minus Points:-

Climax is a let down as Maruthi chooses a very cleashed and ordinary ending. He could have ended the film on a simple note but chooses the typical commercial path and adds unnecessary fights and silly thrills.

On the whole, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is a hilarious entertainer which will be loved by one and all. Nani's stunning performance and the non stop entertainment are major assets of the film. If you manage to ignore certain logics and a cleashed climax, this film will entertain you right till the end and is not to be missed.
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vjnambu19 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I never saw a film like BBM which made me so frustrated. Hero has mind diversion and instead of treating it he's trying to cover it up. And I don't know why the hero's parents never felt to take him to some doctor. How much problems others would suffer because of his poor concentration. Director is the culprit for showing this disease as a joke. Worst part is the heroine is so dumb enough who can't understand the hero's problem. I hate Nani after this and next time think several times before watching any of his films
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Simple yet crazy entertainer. A laugh riot, and easily one of the best Telugu films of the year.
jmoneyjohal5 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Rarely do I ever exit a theatre fully satisfied after watching a movie, and today was one of those days. Before I get into reviewing Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, I would like a answer a question many people ask me,why do I watch South Indians films? The answer is very simple this week I watched one big budgeted Hindi film, and two so called Hollywood blockbusters, but the film I enjoyed the most was the Telugu film I watch today, not to say South Indians film are better than rest but they for the most part make simple films, which instead of talking about huge issues tackle real issues like family values etc. And because there helluva entertaining, and they hit close to home.But enough of this bantering back to the review.

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy from the onset seems like your typical enjoyable romcom, and it is, but the way the Director especially has presented the film, its notches above any typical romcom. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is entertaining feast, from the moment the film starts to the last moment, not only is the film a laugh riot, its a film thats so breezy that it feels like fresh air, there is never a dull moment. The characterization of the hero, the whole way the absent minded angle is played out is pure genius. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy in short was a very satisfying cinema experience, I just loved the film.

The film story is about a boy named Lucky who from birth is very absent minded, and not your regular absented minded person, Lucky is so absent minded that if he starts drinking tea, he will forget somebody was waiting outside to meet him. His memory is so bad that he makes his father, not meet his grandfather till his death bed because he forget to settle a quarrel. Now when Lucky grows up he like anybody his age obviously falls in love, but somehow by hook or crock he hides his memory problem from his lover.All is going well until he encounters the girls father, who knows about his problem, because he earlier had rejected him for his daughter in a arranged marriage proposal, because of his memory problem.The rest of the film is about how he ends marrying his lover,even though her father despises him.

Acting wise Nani is at his best, this is easily one of his career best acts. He is so entertaining to watch on the screen, his antic are hilarious. But I must say Murali Sharma steals the show in the film not only is his telugu perfect(he is a north Indian), his performance is also outstanding, in the pre climax he kills it. Lavanya Tripathi gives a bubbly act, and looks very cute. Special mention to Vennela Kishore in his special appearance he is hilarious.

Honestly I cant say anything negative about Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, because as a commercial entertainer, its actually pretty innovative in its story, and not for even once does film hurt your sensibilities and seem logic less, I mean being a commerical entertainer thats a big thing for a Indian film.I mean this film is no cinematic master piece at all but its nice to see a film, thats not got a heavy message, thats a very simple film, and that just tries to entertain. Its also nice to see a film which you can actually call a family entertainer, the film has no double meaning dialogues or dirty jokes, thats a rarity in comedies today.

Overall Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is not a pathbreaking film, it is however that one film you can watch again, and again.This is because its feel good film that always leave a smile on your face.Watch out for the two hilarious highlights of the film,the carom board scene, and the scene where Lucky encounters his girlfriends father at his house. Finally Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is probably the best Telugu film I have seen this year, behind Baahubali obviously, and that means a lot. Maruthi and Nani take a bow, a highly recommended watch.

4/5* or 8/10
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One of the best film in telugu movies
rockvishnu-6830126 July 2019
Awesome Rom com movie Nani Acting is unbelievable One man show NANI
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Good family entertainment
kmadhaviramki6 July 2020
Even though the story is quite routine the main plus point of the film is good comedy.the other added advantage is great performance by Natural star nani. FINALLY MARUTHI AT HIS BEST. MUST WATCH
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A lighthearted romantic comedy with background of Blue..
sharma-csc27 September 2018
It's a very good comedy movie to watch with family, situation are combined neatly, there are no forced comedy sequences. You will enjoy this with friends or with family or alone. However get ready to watch a blue film, no seriously, Blue is used in cloths, furniture, lights, walls and that also worked in favor of uplifting the overall mood of the movie.
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Nani's Show
vishwanatharaajasekhar18 October 2015
Lucky (Nani) is a scientist who suffers from a rare condition. He forgets things as soon as his mind gets diverted at the snap of fingers. One such forgetful moment brings Nandana (Lavanya Tripathi) into his life. Nandana mistakes him for a do-gooder and from then on their love story begins. Even as Nani tries to hide his forgetfulness, he realizes that Nandana is the daughter of Pandu Ranga Rao (Murali Sharma) who dislikes him for being irresponsible. Lavanya Tripathi plays the quintessential heroine and thankfully she does not have any melodramatic scenes. Most of the times, she manages with her heavily dimpled smile and has a good screen presence. Not much of a character as Nani gets the major chunk, but she does manage to keep it simple and straight. The surprise package of the film is Murali Sharma who gets the writer- backed role and he plays dad to the heroine. Breaking away from the norm of playing baddie, he plays the father and he too puts in a convincing performance. Naresh and Sitara play parents to Lucky and they fit their roles perfectly. Then there is Praveen and Vennela Kishore, both of whom get to play friends of Lucky. Highlights: Nani Music Breezy First Half Drawbacks: A couple of scenes plugged in here and there The story is kept simple by Maruthi which works for the film and makes it a decent time-pass watch with a good number of fun moments sprinkled through out.
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Okay attempt.. could have been better
vissu-198628 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Maruthi has made a name for himself with youth oriented romantic comedy/thriller entertainer movies such as Ee rojullo and Prema katha chitram. This time he tries his luck with another romantic comedy film with a bigger budget, better established actors and big expectations. Unfortunately, he misses the target by quite a margin this time, mainly due to the poor character development and ordinary acting.

Nani is a good actor, and he does well for most part; except for a few instances where you feel he is trying too hard to be funny. In other words, I felt he overacted a bit.

Murali Sharma is a fine actor. He has good screen presence and he does well in his role of a father. His dialogue delivery could have been better as he sounded too robotic sometimes. Lavanya Tripathi looks good and does what is required of her. The main star of the movie is Vennela Kishore. He is brilliant throughout and brings genuine laughs now and then.

The film seems to be have taken a bit of 'inspiration' from movie 'Surya vs Surya' when it comes to defining Nani's character. That movie was a well made movie with more emotional connect with the audience. Maruthi, unfortunately could not do better job with a better budget and relatively high profile actors.

If you like humor, even if it's at the expense of fine acting and logic, this movie fits the bill.
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Can an absent minded guy prove he's worthy of the woman he loves?
manjusvce4 September 2015
In Bhale Bhale Magadivoi, Lucky (Nani) is the one with a condition — he forgets the task he sets out for when he is diverted with something else.

His parents learn about his forgetfulness when, as a child, he forgets to convey a message from his grandparents, which would have given them a chance to mend broken bridges. The way the next few scenes play out, we know this isn't a story that will take a serious approach to deal with possible cures for absent mindedness. In a passing statement, we infer that the parents have tried their best before giving it up as a 'manufacturing defect'.

From then on, it's a string of fun situations where Lucky leaves friends and family fuming with the consequences of his forgetfulness. We take it that he is quite intelligent since he works at a botanical research film. The story doesn't tell us how he aced his exams without forgetting his lessons, but never mind.

The problem arises when his family is on the lookout for a bride. Lucky has forgotten that he's kept a prospective bride's father Panduranga (Murali Sharma) waiting while he is explaining at length in the office canteen on how to make the perfect tea! Maruthi puts together many such situations where you are laughing and at the same time sympathies with Lucky as much as you feel for the people kept waiting.

Talking of Maruthi, Bhale Bhale Magadivoi is his best film till date where he veers off risqué humour and gives a clean entertainer. He deals with a wafer-thin storyline that borders on predictable and boring, but springs small surprises at regular intervals. He benefits hugely from Nani, who has terrific comic timing and gives his character the sensitivity and respect it deserves. He brings the house down in the scenes inspired by, and pay a tribute to, Shankardada MBBS and Rajinikanth.

Lucky falls in love with (who else?) Panduranga's daughter Nandana (Lavanya Tripathi). Luck shines on him and he manages to impress her when he should have earned her wrath given his tendency to forget. But he still has the tough task of convincing her father and fending off an obsessive suitor Ajay (Ajay).

Here's where the film gets a tad repetitive. Like in many films we've seen before, one person smells something fishy while the other supporting characters remain unaware and mighty happy. The proceedings are salvaged with some innovativeness that comes later. Nani carries the film on his shoulders in these portions, managing to keep the interest alive.

Lavanya handles her part with a lot of grace. Her styling is impressive too. There's a good set of supporting actors including Murali Sharma, Naresh, Sitara and Vennela Kishore who add to the film. A couple of songs by Gopi Sundar are worth humming while the others almost hit a jarring note.

Bhale Bhale Magadivoi puts logic aside but there's plenty of situational humour where you'll find yourself laughing aloud and having a good time. And these laughs are with than at the protagonist.
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