"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Trans-Dimensional Turtles (TV Episode 2016) Poster

Gilbert Gottfried: Kraang Sub-Prime



  • 80s Leonardo : It's over! We stopped your little scheme! We deactivated all your dimensionizers!

    80s Michelangelo : That's right, pink dude! You can't blow up our realities anymore!

    Kraang Sub-Prime : Blow up... realities?

    [Kraang Sub-Prime turns to Krang] 

    Kraang Sub-Prime : You've been trying to wipe out dimensions we've been trying to mutate for thousands of years? Are you insane?

    Krang : Well, you did say to wipe out the turtles at any cost...

    Kraang Sub-Prime : This is why I banished you to 2-Dimensional Earth in the first place: Because you're an idiot! A moron! A dingleberry! So, you know what? I'm kicking yah back!

    [Sub-Prime kicks Krang through a portal] 

    Krang : Oh no! Not again...!

  • Kraang Sub-Prime : [holds up his remote]  You're not going anywhere as long as I have this baby, I can hack your portal all day long...

    [Kraang Sub-Prime's remote is sliced in half by a shruiken] 

    Kraang Sub-Prime : Ah, kraang.

  • [thrown into the TMNT Mirage Comic dimension] 

    Kraang Sub-Prime : Noo! I hate black and white!

  • Kraang Sub-Prime : Hands in the air, turtle freaks! We've got you surrounded! I hacked your stupid portal and brought you here. WHY? Because I'm awesome!

    Michelangelo : Kraang Sub-Prime?

    Kraang Sub-Prime : [sarcastically]  No, Megan Fox!... Oh, I forgot, you're the dumb one!

  • Kraang Sub-Prime : Yah did good, cousin. We banished you because you're a screw-up! But you made up for it. Welcome home!

    [the Krangs hug] 

    Krang : Well thank you, Sub-Prime. Just wait until the rest of my plan unfolds! We're going to blow those turtles to smithereens!

  • [1980s and 2012 Michelangelo kick around Kraang like a football] 

    Kraang Sub-Prime : Put me down, you maniacs!

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