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A feel good show with a stronger message underneath
hfreexx27 October 2016
I love this show. It's a feel good comedy that's lighthearted and will make you laugh while still trying to get some good life lessons across. You also don't need to search to find the deeper meaning in the show, its made blatantly obvious, but its not heavy.

Kristen Bell is quirky and lovable in this, and the rest of the cast is an odd blend of characters that just mix so well together. The acting and writing is phenomenal and the production is bright and cheerful and pleasant to watch.

NBC is winning this season with new shows.

I definitely recommend it.
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Entertaining enough to drag me into binge-watching
roughacresrlmckee24 October 2016
I thought this would be boring, but watched the pilot... then the second episode... then the third... fourth... fifth... sixth... seventh... and came full-stop only because those are the only episodes I could watch now On Demand.

Smart, funny, and thoughtful, with diverse characters and a quirky premise. Fun to see Ted Danson in a comedy again, too.

Not the usual, run-of-the-mill comedy, but also not just an off-the-rail-whatever show. Always seems to be an ethical point made.

I especially like the "Welcome" movie. Wondering about MY score.

Hey, Janet?
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Plot Twists Abound!
windsoflight2 February 2017
I only started watching it for Kristen Bell, but it quickly became my favorite TV show. I couldn't spoil this even if I wanted to. You really have to watch it for yourself. Every episode left me going, "Wait, what?! How can you stop it there??" and the final episode of the season literally made me scream "WHAT THE FORK?!" Ignore the reviews of anyone who hasn't seen every episode yet. Trust me when I say, you have no idea what you're watching until that last episode. Then, you'll likely have to re-watch it (like I am right now) to see it in a whole new light.

I LOVE plot twists. This show has the biggest one I've ever seen, and it's only the first season! Where do they go from here??
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Imaginative and Fun
jakew50031 October 2016
Honestly, this show is fun. That's the bottom line for it. I have watched the first eight episodes so far, and it's not the funniest or most clever TV I have every watched, but it was fun to view. It's bright, has fun set pieces, and the characters are all great. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson both play their parts beautifully, and are a pleasure to watch perform. One of the most fun aspects of the show is slowly having the rules of "The Good Place" revealed to you as you watch. I hope this show isn't cancelled, because I would be sorely disappointed if I didn't get to keep learning how this world operates. If you haven't yet tried out "The Good Place" it is well worth a shot.
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"Toughen up, Nerds," it's something different
jyu0130 September 2016
I'm only 4 episodes in, but it's already my favorite comedy on television right now.

The premise is that the characters are in some "Good place" afterlife, but it's not quite endless bliss--in fact, the show wants you to think about what that phrase really means--are you endlessly happy because you are with a bunch of other do-gooder people that make you feel inferior? Are you happy eating frozen yogurt everyday?

Or maybe, just maybe, endless bliss is a journey, kind of like life. Meanwhile, you're getting this while listening to snappy dialog and interesting and different characters. ("Toughen up, nerd" was one of Kristen Bell's lines from ep. 4.)

Seriously, this is not your average comedy.
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A Good Place for a Good Show
Narce28 September 2016
First off, I have loved Kristen Bell's work ever since the late, lamented Veronica Mars series. Like Buffy, she is the perky blonde who saves the world. And perhaps in this series, she will have to do the same - literally! The whole "look and feel" reminds me very much of Pushing Daisies - the saturated colours, the segues into absurdity, even the life-after-death motifs. And that's not a bad thing - Daisies was one of my top favourite shows.

Ted Danson gets to put aside some of the gravitas that he had to bring to CSI, and return to his successful comedic abilities a la Cheers.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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An excellent new comedy
doubtitall24 September 2016
I almost didn't watch The Good Place, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is well done and very entertaining. The writers have done a nice job of designing a biting satire on thinking about the afterlife without attacking any real religion in particular.

It has just the right amount of edge to it, something typically lacking in sitcoms, which are mostly pap. The show generates plenty of outright laughs, and it even has a significant amount of physical humor.

All of the characters seem to have been well cast, and the actors play their rolls well. In particular, Bell plays an incredibly selfish little shirt surprisingly sympathetically, a credit both to her and to the writers.

I hope they can keep up the good work they've done in the first few episodes. I suspect there are a few very important things about Michael and the Good Place that have yet to be revealed.
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Original, funny enough, and maybe with a hidden message...
Dr_Sagan20 September 2016
Just watched the double-episode pilot of "The Good Place" and I would say it's a "Good Comedy".

First of all the premise is original. Another newcomer of the season "Kevin Can Wait" is the epitome of family sitcoms. This is almost in every way new. Only downside: it would be more fitting for a movie than a (long-running?) series. At some point might seem repetitive or loose its initial spark.

Second, it seems like it has high production values, I mean a wide set and good visuals. All bright and cheerful.

The script holds a few surprises to keep you interested and the blunt editing from afterlife to life and back adds to the entertainment.

I like Kristen Bell as the main character. The part suits her. The otherwise great Ted Danson is OK in this one, but I think the writers have to improve his lines.

Overall: Because of its very distinct premise, some might love it, some might hate it. Personally I find it entertaining enough to continue watching.
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Super Addicting
mickdansforth25 September 2016
When I saw Drew Goddard's name on this, I knew this show would be good.

It feels very much like a Bryan Fuller show. A mix of Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, maybe with a sprinkle of Wonderfalls hero angst.

CSI and the abysmal CSI Cyber proved I will watch Ted Dansen in anything, and Cyber was a whole new show with him on it. The irritating characters lost their irritating edge. House of Lies proved I can't watch Kristen Bell in anything. But both are great in this.

And the rest of the cast is interesting and exciting.

The show allows its creators to get creative and unleash their imaginations. And that is a good portion of the fun.

Can't wait for episode 4... and 5 and 6 and and and...
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louie_ariza29 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is so well written and not just another pointless, off-the-shelf sitcom. The acting and writing go hand in hand with the actors being cast so well and pulling off their characters perfectly. The characters all play off each other every episode and not just one with one and another with another, the whole cast interacts which you don't always get in sitcoms these days. This may be considered a spoiler but it isn't specific it just outlines a general thing that happens. The twist that happens in one episode was, for me, completely unpredictable and even after it the caliber of the programme only improves. It doesn't lose momentum or run out of ideas. Very well done to all involved and you should definitely watch this show. I really can't find fault with it.
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Totally original and worth the binge.
karimgh2 October 2018
When Eleanor (Kristen Bell) dies on Earth she is greeted in the afterlife at "The Good Place" where it's basically heaven, there it is run by Micheal and the robot assistant to everyone there, Janet. When Eleanor realizes there's been a mistake and she doesn't belong the good place she insists that her soulmate Chidi should teach her about ethics so that she can fix the mistake done by Micheal. Also Living next to Eleanor and Chidi are Tahani, a British philanthropist and Jianyu Li, a Buddhist monk. I thought that the premise of the show was very interesting since it hasn't been executed before and to be honest I wan't disappointed as I started this show with no expectations. Bell and Danson are the highlights of this show and both are funny in their own situations while the others have their moments but it's Eleanor and Micheal who shine the most. In my opinion, Season one was like a prequel to Season two and that's where the story really picks up and I thought that it was a brilliant move by the creators. Go start this show now.
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i forking love it
chrisdye-7881726 September 2016
there are not but few shows now days that have it all the humor the family friendlness the good characters but this oh this is one of this oh this is one of those shows i laughed nonstop heavenly comedy really i liked mr danson as God and elinore proves anyone can in fact turn their life around if they bare given the chance to succeed in life its very beleiveable as well u cant really help but love this show its sweet a good lesson nothing is really wrong at all here just mabey slightly on the corny side sometimes but still well worth a watch good fall family comedy with a heart and a good message u gotta watch to see just how good of a place it truly is
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Hilarious with important ideals.
samuallemano3 December 2018
The Good Place is so good. Cast is great and the writing is even better. Binge for maximum enjoyment. Episode to episode the fun never ends and leaves you wanting to watch more than you thought you wanted.
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So good.
MartinHafer21 November 2016
I am writing this review after having seen the first 9 episodes of "The Good Place" and the show is now on hiatus---awaiting more episodes in January. So far, I have enjoyed it quite a bit and my review is only based on the show thus might continue to be excellent or it could degenerate to crap (look at seasons two and three of "Heroes" and you'll understand what I mean).

Kristen Bell plays Eleanor...a woman who inexplicably awakens in some version of Heaven. I say inexplicably because Eleanor was a terrible person in her lifetime...and she realizes that the folks that created this afterlife made a huge mistake in letting her there instead of sending her to 'the other place'.

While I am sure that many religious folks would balk at the concept, the show works very well because the writers managed to create some wonderful and likable characters. It's really a neat ensemble cast and again and again the show surprises. Well worth seeing and, above all, clever and original. Let's hope this continues.
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One of the Greatest Sitcoms Out Today!
nicnan-8776822 November 2018
This show is amazing. The characters feel as if they are really human, the cast is amazing, and the story is very intriguing. I highly recommend this to anyone who is alive right now. It has some of the best comedy, and has some of the best heart.
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best comedy in years
ivko19 November 2018
There is a long, long history of sitcoms created over the years. Some are straight comedy, aiming for easy non-confrontational jokes that everyone can enjoy. Some are as much drama as comedy and have a strong thesis they are trying to convey. And some are somewhere in between. Funny, but with a certain amount of smart. They try to make a point while they make you laugh. Those are personally my favorites, and I think 'The Good Place' is one of the best examples of that type of sitcom to come along in years.

The show is, first and foremost, funny. But the shows concept, four humans who have died and moved on to the afterlife, allows the show to explore philosophical ideas about ethics and morality. If that just made you cringe a little, don't worry. I promise that it's delivered in very tiny bites and always with a generous helping of the funny to help it go down. In truth, I think you could enjoy the show and never spend a second thinking about the philosophy of ethics, although I also think most people will enjoy thinking a little about the ideas encountered on the show.

I don't want to go into any specifics about plot, because one of the most enjoyable things about the show is the twisting and surprising journey they take the audience on. But I will say that their willingness to not dwell overly long on any particular plot, even ones that are still working, is one of the major strengths of the show. I often find that as they end one idea and move on to the next I find myself wishing there was just a little more of the last one. But that ability to leave you wanting more is one of the most appealing aspects of the show.

The cast is phenomenal. Those of us old enough to remember 'Cheers' already knew Ted Danson was awesome, of course. And I've been in love with Kristen Bell ever since I saw 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. But I never would have thought their combination would create such a perfect father-daughter chemistry. Also, William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye is one of my favorite new (to me) actors I've seen in years. His straight man to the rest of the cast is incredible, but he also manages to inject his character with very believable quirks and flaws that add real dimension. Honestly, just the whole cast is terrific; I don't have a bad thing to say about any of them.

One of the smartest decisions they made when designing the show is adopting a schedule more akin to cable television then broadcast, something I've wondered for a long time why more networks weren't doing. Traditional broadcast TV has 22-24 episodes per season, as opposed to cables 10-13. The thing is, writing 24 episodes per year, even with a team of great writers, and maintaining quality over multiple seasons, is crazy difficult. A handful of shows have managed to have mostly quality writing over many seasons, but the norm, unfortunately, is much closer to having maybe four or five good seasons (on good shows!) before things start inevitably declining. The schedule for that much content is just too grueling. I would much rather have shows that are better written with fewer episodes than more content that is increasingly disappointing.

Bottom line, I can't recommend this show highly enough. Catch it on NBC first run if you can, or on Hulu I think, although I don't have Hulu myself so I'm not 100% on that. Or binge the entire previous season on Netflix; typically they put the last season on Netflix when the show breaks for the summer. Also, if you do end up getting addicted like I did, consider listening to the shows excellent podcast. The podcast is hosted by one of the stars and nearly every week they have one of the cast or directors or writers on for a Q&A. Like the show, it's really well done.
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The Good Show
books-206-7789913 December 2018
I hadn't heard about this show until recommended to me on Netflix. I'm not one to get hooked on "comedy"... but this show is not simply "comedy", it does a decent job "telling a story"... "drama".

Don't even begin to judge it based on its eschatology and presentation of the afterlife... Because THAT is simply "the stage" for this show's stories. If you are hung up and require correct eschatology... turn off your TV/computer and go to your self-approved place of worship/judgement.

I will recommend that you watch the show until season 2 episode 4... because whereas I liked the 1st half of season 1, the 2nd half of season 1 was not as good, but in season 2 episode 4 they flip that all around and the remainder of season 2 is great!

I am looking forward to watching season 3, and hopefully there will be a 4. This is a fun show to watch. Something "light".
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Mid season 3 (Jan 2019)
ab-475314 January 2019
This show is so good! Michael Shur got it right again! It starts a little odd but it gets better every episode. The fantasy/supernatural aspect (what would you even call it?) Is well executed and allows for some good set ups. I don't binge this show, it's story doesn't kick off for a few episodes (great once it does) I just find it entertaining and a couple episodes is what I mostly end up watching. So far it's flashbacks and timelines haven't gotten annoying but season 3 is setting up a lot of big things and I'm excited to see what they do with it! It's enjoyable and hilarious! Worth the watch
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ismalishak20 November 2018
This series is soooo great it should go on until all the casts, the writers, the crews and the creator die and go to the Good Place.

You guys are awesome. Thank you!
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Absolutely spectacular show!
lallard-3420826 November 2018
I love this show! and believe me when I say I NEVER rewatch shows, but I couldn't help but rewatch the entire first season just because I love how the plot line weaves together perfectly, along with the amazing humor and even lessons of philosophy. I just love the characters and the message this show brings. I couldn't ask for a better show. I've showed it to my friend and they love it as well!!
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Funny, binge-worthy and clever
RubyMouse3 October 2018
This is a wonderful shot (only 20 mins) of comedy that is clever enough to keep your brain functioning without being over taxing. I just wonder why - in the afterlife - there are no old people??
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I think I get it now! Humor, that is!
kissunow-7259117 January 2019
Comedy. I have rarely enjoyed it because, well, it's usually just not that funny! Tv sitcoms - eh, bleh for the most part and bored with halfway thru. But I am on 3rd episode of something I just randomly selected to watch and I tell you what, I have been laughing like a hysterical maniac! I'm talking howl out loud, tears running down cheeks, knee slapping action! Whoever wrote this show is a genius and I think I want to marry them!!!!
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Where can I find more television like this?
kvrzap1 October 2018
If you never saw Pushing daisies now is the time to go back and watch a lost gem. The good place reminds me of its heart and whimsy and its appeal to the best in our nature. Not only that I see parallels even in the way the two shows use color that its a feast for your eyes as well as your ears. Kristen Bell is perfect in the Good place and Ted Danson is a delightful surprise. When there is so much choice with so little on offer that can be watched by anyone its a breath of fresh air to find a show like The good place. The narrative is strong the performances are top flight the sets are literally amazing. You might have forgotten tv is capable of greatness you might not have believed its possible. You would be wrong. This is why television was invented.
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One of the best shows of 2016!
smilegel22 October 2016
A solid 9 for the show. It's funny and smart and extremely unique concept.

When I heard about it I was very skeptical and started watching it with a lot of dislike, for some reason. Within the first 5 minutes my mind started to quickly change. By the middle of the 1st episode I was amazed how good it is. I don't know why some may dislike it. I read some negative reviews and they all seemed 3 things in common 1. It didn't seem as they watched it. They blabbered how shows like this don't last long and other whiny remarks. 2. They previous reviews were of some horrible titles and they would give a lot of 1s to great TV shows and 10s to some no-name garbage which you can find on networks nobody watches. Clearly some people have no taste and should stick to. Like how the would give the Show Stranger Things 1of10 or give Warcraft movie 1of10. 3. They were rated by KIDS, since they would give 10s to cartoons...

If you are adult with a healthy sense of humor, you will enjoy this unique comedy. Every episode draws you in and keeps you guessing. After that, you wait for another week's episode so that you can find out what happened.

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What happened?
matthawkinsuk12 October 2018
Loved Season 1 and 2.

Season 3 changed all the characters and dumped them in a boring place. It is like watching a low budget sit-com. It has none of the interest and charm of the previous seasons.

I assume they changed writers or existing writers didn't get the deal they wanted and they just churned out some scripts to meet legal obligations.
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