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Brilliant & touching
mhorg20181 June 2019
This movie, a brilliant & touching send off to one of the best series ever aired, is like a study on how to write a finale. Every character has a prime moment, the story flows beautifully and it's full of comedy, pathos & action. It makes me wonder how HBO let some shows go on well past their due date and ended this prematurely. Congratulations to all involved for giving the fans the best send off anyone could expect and more.
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A brief visit, and,..... we're out the door.
Rob-O-Cop2 June 2019
Fantastic to have one last chance to visit these wonderfully rendered characters, listen to the language and lines, and get a feel for the time period again. An amazing job to get them all back together again and carry on like nothing had passed, except time, and it is not lost on us what a privilege and major feat it was to make that happen, although it shouldn't have been so in the first place, thank you to all involved who pushed this through, diverting budget from another hollow reality show with no meaning, into something of artistic merit, which this most certainly is.

To the actual movie/episode; the story was almost secondary to giving the characters some forward movement, and closure, to see how they had carried on with their lives, learned to live with each other etc etc, and the plot did feel kind of secondary to that, ie baddie did something bad, and is found out, case closed etc.

Seeing Swearingen age and Succumb to life was a core feature of this episode, but there was so much to fit into such a small space, but so thankful they did. It should be more, why isn't it?
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One of the BEST ever series on TV
Harbour1841 June 2019
Finally, we returned to Deadwood! My family has been waiting for this for SOO Long...we felt like we were attending a family reunion after being away for 10 years...this is the most perfect ending to a perfect series...every once in a while in the movie industry, all actors, actresses, plot, scenery, director & writer come together to make an unforgettable, magical work of art....this is DEADWOOD. The characters have aged but the magnificent prose that each espoused years ago is still as familiar as old slippers....The end was very much like attending the funeral of a beloved relative....too bad there will never be another masterpiece like this show!
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Could have been so much more.
fad-387981 June 2019
Based on my opinion of the excellent series I wanted to rate this so much higher.

The performances are great, the production values high, dialogue and humour good and delivered well.

Unfortunately the plot, or what passes for a plot feels so contrived. Too much packed into 2 hours ruins the pace and impacts on the delivery. No subtlety, no flavour. It's not the Deadwood I remembered so fondly.

At the end I felt like I'd watched a Christmas Special of an average drama.
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Jamie_Seaton4 June 2019
One of the greatest series of all time gets a tired finishing film! I absolutely loved the program but this just felt forced! We should of got a final season, not an 1h50m of scattered stories which just seemed uninteresting in my opinion...

It was fun seeing the characters back together though

When I go back to watching the first three seasons again I won't be adding the film to the rewatch. Pretty disappointing.
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Thanks HBO
Malice_Unarmed1 June 2019
Just wanted to say thanks to HBO, I doubt this was overly profitable but you made a lot of fans happy instead. Great ending to a beloved series.
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Absolutely Perfect
bshaef1 June 2019
Movie was absolutely perfect in its execution. It seemed like time passed in the blink of an eye. Thank you HBO and writers and directors and actors and cinematographers for providing me two hours of grade A entertainment. It was also a great tear jerker at the end.
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Now that's a finale!
mdesrosiers-281521 June 2019
Mmm...maybe these guys should have written and directed the Game of Thrones attempt... It's been what..13...years..and it feels like the story never left you. You get sucked right back into this world that you never wanted to leave in the first place.. Unbelievable writing, directing, acting, cinematography....all of it and more...excellent. Maybe a little on the sentimental side, it still had enough of the dark to be 'Deadwood'. It was a well spent couple of hours and I highly recommend it to any fan of the series.
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Daniel Weiss and David Benioff ... Take Note
Her-Excellency12 June 2019
Daniel Weiss and David Benioff ... Take Note: Ever hear the adage that if you don't have anything good (constructive) to say, you should remain silent? Well, better to have remained silent than to attempt to wrap up something without having a clue how to do it. ... For the proper way to do it, see Deadwood, The movie.

THIS is the way to properly end something that was once considered game-changing and essential in its field.

Beautiful, funny, moving.

"The world ends when you're dead ... Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man-and give some back." -Al Swearengen
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Disappointing. Actors recite lines instead of emoting them. Talky and dull.
msghall10 June 2019
I loved the series but this movie has little of the spontaneous magic that propelled the show. Like the Coens with "Buster Scruggs," director Milch seems to be in love with his script and its interpretation of the vernacular of the times, not paying sufficient attention to direction and emotion. It's all very calculated and pat; the jokes no longer sting, the feelings expressed no longer resonate. It's just a bunch of talk. It all seems like the first day of read through where the actors are trying to find their characters and relate to other characters. Even McShane's Swearengen swearing seems flat this go round. At least we have Trixie!
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We needed a season 4, not a movie.
ChronicCinephilia4 June 2019
I'm a huge enthusiast of the original Deadwood show. I watched it when it originally aired, and have watched it many times since then. I consider it to be one of the greatest shows ever made. As you might imagine, I was very excited about this movie and a return to Deadwood. However, I watched the movie yesterday and can tell you I'm disappointed with what I saw.

Here is the main issues I had with this movie: (This review will contain spoilers from now on)

  • The dialogue is noticeably different. I did read that the original writer couldn't work on this show and my goodness does it show. The words aren't as memorable, poetic, witty, etc. It's all very bland when compared to the original series and there's none of those classic exchanges we remember so well.

  • Doc Cochran had TB at the end of Season 3 and this was never addressed in the Movie. Also, E.B. Farnum's hotel might have a new balcony but how is it he can now move around the outside of the hotel building in secret passageways looking through peepholes? E.B. was always very intrusive when it came to the business of others and had such passages existed prior we would've been made aware of that during the original three seasons of the show. Also, Calamity Jane shoots a man dead in the movie which is very uncharacteristic as she always had a big mouth but you could "knock her over with a feather".

  • Many of the characters have been brought back but they're not performing their original roles. Instead, they've been shoehorned in to others in order to further what little plot their is. Harry Manning, the harmless would be firefighter, is now a treacherous underling of George Hurst. Aunt Lou isn't a cook at the hotel anymore instead she's a midwife which is convenient since there's a baby needing delivered. Even Con Stapleton has somehow become a minister which is also handy as there's a body to be buried and a wedding to oversee. Yes, the show has many of the same actors but they weren't needed and have been shoehorned in to various roles for the sake of getting on screen.

  • There is no new storylines here. The movie spends a good while reintroducing all the characters when they didn't have time for that. Once the characters have been introduced and they've tried to reignite the hostility between the camp and Hurst the movie is quickly coming to a close.

  • Hurst is a brutal man who forces others to bend to his will. He wanted Trixie dead and bribed a couple of nearby Sheriffs to execute a warrant on it. He wanted a piece of land and the camp denied that to him. The Sheriff also embarrasses Hurst by yet again dragging him by the ear in to cells. Hurst is an extremely powerful person and you would imagine the Pinkertons would be called in and murdering to start taking place after this movie ends. There's no real resolution as far as Hurst goes we're exactly where we left off.

  • Following on from my last point about Hurts. In season 3 Hurst kills the husband of Alma Garret to force her to sell her land to him. Alma complies because she has to, Hurst will stop at nothing to get what he wants. In the movie Alma buys a piece of land Hurst wants to install telephone polls thus putting herself in the exact same situation as she was back in season 3. That makes very little sense. Similarly, the killing of Ellseworth (Alma's husband) results in conflict with the entire camp and the Sheriff in a fit of temper locks up Hurst dragging him by the ear to jail. In the movie Hurst kills another man because he wants land, is lead to the jail house by the ear, but we're to believe Hurst will be issued justice this time? The same Hurst who can rig entire elections and have his man appointed Sherriff? The same Hurst who, with one call, can have the Pinkertons fall upon on Deadwood like locusts? The same Hurst who can bride just about anyone and swing juries whichever way he sees fit? A kicking in the thoroughfair wouldn't humble Hurst or make him back down he's a savage sociopath.

  • Al Swearengen is the strongest character on the show. We want to see him cutting throats and working on his "deployments and flanking manoeuvres". Sadly, Al is portrayed as a shell of his former self in this movie and we're not treated to the formidable, intelligent, witty, cut throat we all know and loved. In the end it seems like they killed him off although we get a Soprano style fade to black rather than something conclusive so I guess we'll never know.

  • Al, who is apparently dying, leaves his saloon to Trixie. Now, Al and Dan were cutting throats in the woods a long time before they even entered the Deadwood camp. They built the Gem Saloon together "blow for blow". Dan is Al's right hand man is nothing but a "creature on hind legs" without him. Yet, this new Al decides to hand the Gem over to Trixie (who has long since moved on and has an independently wealthy husband) and tells her she can turn his bar in to a dancehall. Dan's years of loyalty (something that these two would never break) apparently counts for nothing.

Lastly, the violence and swearing the TV show was renowned for is noticeably absent here. I don't know if it had to be dulled down for a straight to TV movie, or if it was due to having different writers, but it's certainly not the same. I didn't like the movie and honestly feel it would need a complete season 4 to do this program justice. I know many will say 'something is better than nothing' but in this case I disagree. If a 4th season was never on the table they should've just left it.
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Never wrote a review before but my passion for the series and how I felt after this episode inspired me
Stockmarketashto1 June 2019
Blown away, this is my favorite tv series of all time and the best hbo has ever been along with The Wire. I was crying, laughing, shaking, swearing, and feeling so many other emotions throughout the movie that I am exhausted. This was the perfect send of, and every series who is looking to satisfy there fans should follow suit. True to the characters and true to the essence of Deadwood. Thank you for this show as there will never be anything else like it.
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Loved the series but...
MagicMurderFan2 June 2019
This sucked. The flowery dialogue gave me a headache. Too much, trying too hard. Same story, same players, but a very unclear storyline. Just, meh.
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Expected More
wisneskilife1 June 2019
As a huge Deadwood fan, I marked my calendar for the Deadwood movie in order to see how everything wrapped up. Unfortunately, it took almost an hour for anything substantive to happen story-wise. Also, the guiding plot line seemed weak. There were a couple of moments of true Deadwood excitement, but these moments were ruined by Al's newfound blandness and weakness. Deadwood's strong point had always been dynamic characters and interesting plots. Neither existed here. I felt let down and like after all these years in hiatus, I deserved more.
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Great sendoff but wanting more.
parkerzielinski1 June 2019
Great to see one of the best series on hbo or all of tv for that matter getting a proper sendoff. But, I can't help but to want to see what happens now. Hopefully I am not alone and we can get a second movie or mini series.
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Hits most of the strengths of the show, but not all of it rings true in time, and it rushes a lot, not managing the tension and violence of it at its best
bob the moo22 September 2019
Like almost everyone, I loved Deadwood when it was on, and it is rightly considered along other greats of the same period. While I was sad it was cancelled, I didn't feel that the season finale was a bad place for the series to end. It fitted with the realism of progress and bigger picture, and it was suitably downbeat and violence in what it did. Many disagreed, and the idea of a movie to close it out has been around for ages. Hence we got this movie, although it really doesn't give 'closure' to the series, only adds to the show in the same way that a holiday special does - in that it does everything the regular series does, but reduced somewhat by virtue of what it is.

So it is here. We get all the comedy, wry and engaging dialogue, moral conflict, violence, unfairness, and cruelty of the show, but done in a very contained way. This means a that a lot feels forced in and rushed; all of it is appreciated for what it does but its main value is in nostalgia for when it once did it the same but as part of a better whole. This also adds to the feeling of them rushing, as this is a lot to get into even 2 hours. In terms of the characters, they are also all there and are nice to see again in their various forms, but in terms of where/who they are, the movie needs them to be responsive to the previous season - for some this is okay as they linger on things and are deeply changed, but it doesn't ring true that everyone would be in that space beyond them needed to be because for the first time the viewer is back.

It works for what it is though - a nostalgia return to a great series, that does the things it used to do in ways that are familiar and solidly entertaining. It doesn't feel like, or serve as, a real extension of the series though, and it didn't really feel necessary anyway. It is a nice-to-have, and I enjoyed it, but its main impact on me was to remind me that I should rewatch the original show.
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jay-363345 June 2019
Although I did enjoy the movie, I did so mainly because I loved the series and was happy to revisit with the characters after so many years. But, I have to say that I was disappointed. As for many Deadwood viewers, I loved the Swearengen character. McShane really stole the series. That's why I was disappointed in a movie where he's reduced to a character completely lacking the personality shown throughout the series.

And while I have no complaint with the character, or actress, the amount of time spent on Calamity Jane was completely out of proportion relative to her role during the series.
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Oh The Deadwood Stage Is Falling Off Over The Cliff
MogwaiMovieReviews3 June 2019
So, after all the wait, the 'Deadwood' movie that's just come out turns out to be predominantly a waste of time and upon reflection I think I would have preferred it to never have been made at all.

Very, very little happens, the characters are all reintroduced for no good reason, don't say or do anything of any import and end up no further along than when we last saw them ten years earlier. Molly Parker's character, in particular, drifts through the story like a pointless ghost, but pretty much every character apart from Charlie Utter could have been removed and it would not have changed the story one jot.

There are no real new storylines to speak of and the dialogue all round is abysmal, with everyone talking like Yoda doing Shakespearean improv while coping with Tourette's. Not even Al Swearengen gets to speak one memorable line in the whole god-damn thing.

The Hearst story remains just as pointlessly unresolved as it was before, and the whole thing just gradually grinds down to an unremarkable halt, tarnishing the memory of all that went before.

It's not quite the Game Of Thrones finale all over again, but it's not far off. Further proof one should never trust the opinions of professional critics in 2019.
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The wait was worth it
Jennifer1381 June 2019
I have watched Deadwood many times over and waited in anticipation for this movie. I truly was not disappointed. It was unfortunate that a few characters were missing (due to death and other committments) however it was perfect. It did not feel like years had passed since the final series episode ended. I cried and I laughed but most of all I wanted it to never end.
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I expected more
chrismonkee1 June 2019
It is like a one-off gig by a much loved band. All the members are there (if they aren't dead, or on other projects), singing all the songs. Nothing new here.

I kept on expecting it to actually get moving, then it finished. It is basically a 90 min version of the TV show. To call it a "movie" is a bit disingenuous, an old style TV movie if anything. This one didn't tie up any loose threads, and left plenty hanging, maybe for a new season.

Was great to see Ian Mcshane again if nothing else.
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Ye'ol Not Very Good - but Great'eth to see Cast Back'th Ol Yonder
RussHog5 June 2019
This had moments - and it was great to see the cast back. But it was not a very good Western movie. Dialogue was corny. Felt like Hallmark movie. :(
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A cast of Thousands
jimmyjoe5838 June 2019
Kudos to the producers for bringing back almost every character and the actors who portrayed them from the series which ended 13 years ago. It was good to see and probably speaks to the experience the actors had filming the series. This film, while welcome, felt thin. Some characters hardly received any screen time and fewer lines. Some of the speech was hard to appreciate during the first half of the movie (there is a whole scene early in the movie between Utter and Bullock that was unintelligible to me!) It improved greatly during the second half. I don't know if this is billed as a finale but not resolving several major plot lines leaves the possibility of another film down the road. Being "The Movie" I think the moviegoer would like to see the plots resolved and due to the fact that they weren't makes this a entertaining but ultimately dissatisfying experience.
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Avoid if you liked the TV show
horst692 June 2019
Decent imitation of the real thing, but it's only skin deep .

The grit and overall naughtiness is gone, this is just the original cast doing a Deadwood themed stage play at a nursing home .

One extra star for the actors, but they couldn't save this shameless money grab from being an utter failure .
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Kind of a disappointment
pack_fan_dave1 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie really accomplished nothing. It had no story other than to watch Al Swerigen die of liver failure and Trixie have her baby, the story was pointless and solved nothing. Given the fact that they totally abandoned the actual true events of Seth Bullock for a fictional story which is fine, they would have just been better to leave the series end the way it did then tarnish it with what they made.
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What happened?
jeffblythfilm2 June 2019
Nice to see the old gang, but OMG, what hath Milch wrought? The characters have all the same dialogue now, the words of Shakespeare and the syntax of Yoda.
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