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I found myself captivated by The Devil's Candy because of how well Embry conveys his character's angst-y struggle to understand himself.
It’s the deeply felt affection for metal that really makes The Devil’s Candy sing.
The Devil’s Candy is a masterful slow burn, the horror and violence alluded to rather than seen.
See this movie, live the fear, embrace the metal, and get sucked into a flaming, invigorating landscape of Hell that will cripple any horror-loving parent.
It’s definitely a horror movie but a wonderfully witty one, not for gentle souls.
There are blood-red visual motifs all over the place, but The Devil’s Candy isn’t particularly bloody in and of itself. It suggests acts of terrible evil far more than it shows, and is all the more intense for it. Highly recommended.
Byrne adds a twist by appealing to a growing and under-represented segment of the extreme art forms’ shared fan base: parents.
What makes The Devil’s Candy a standout is how well-developed these characters are.... More importantly, Byrne is as skilled as ever at constructing sequences at once bizarre, suspenseful and oddly beautiful.
To enjoy The Devil’s Candy, then, one must tolerate slapdash writing (by the director, Sean Byrne) and profoundly irritating adult behavior. Yet Mr. Byrne...somehow whips his ingredients into an improbably taut man-versus-Satan showdown.
Accomplished visually and busy sonically, it nonetheless falls short with a story of rock ‘n’ roll demonic possession that scarcely begins to exploit the ideas embedded in its serviceable premise.

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