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Sex & Nudity

  • A teenage boy forcibly rips a woman's top open and grabs her breast, explaining to a group of other characters that this is what an ugly adult looks like, and that they should not grow up as to not look mature like she does. Her nipples and lower regions are seen throughout the sequence. Very graphic, but not the scene is not meant to be sexual.
  • An older boy masturbates while standing over a sleeping girl, who is unaware of this. This is very graphic, we do see him climax then remove his hand from his pants and open his hand, looking at his come.
  • Two teenage boys engage in oral sex, we hear moans and a slurping sounds. Another character walks in on them, but they are unaware of this and he watches with horror.
  • A character licks another character's eyeball sexually.
  • A teenage boy grabs another boy's crotch. They are seen having sex a moments later.
  • A boy gropes a transgirl's chest, telling her that she has the same flat chest as all the other male characters in the room. He later shoves his hand into her pants, she screams at him for 'touching there'.
  • During oral sex, a teenage boy bites accidentally his partner's penis.
  • A comment is made about cutting a woman's breasts off.
  • A teenage boy shoves his hand up a young girl's skirt. He touches himself and moans as he does this.
  • During a sequence, a boy licks another boy's face in a sexual manner.

Violence & Gore

  • Keep in mind that the entire film is extremely graphic.
  • Intestines are pulled out of a woman as she slowly dies. This is very gory.
  • A robot throws a boy against a wall. The boy's body hits the wall, crushing it as blood explodes from it. His body is seen sliding down the wall. Very graphic.
  • The main characters plot to execute a girl they kidnapped, then turn her into a robot.
  • A child gorges his eye out with a spoon while multiple characters watch and cheer him on. Very graphic.
  • One teenage boy cuts organs out of women alive.
  • A character is heard screaming and is seen writhing on a surgical table in the background as another character sews his eye shut after he dug it out with a spoon.
  • A man is beaten to death.
  • It is implied that two main characters survived after they were believed to have been executed. After this was discovered, a character burns them alive in an incinerator.
  • During a fight, a teenager's arm is ripped off by a robot.
  • An older boy threatens to kill a young girl with a glass shard. His is killed instead.
  • A teenage boy watches as his kidneys fall into his lap before he dies.
  • One character is smashed to death. We see a gory sludge on the ground that is implied to be his body.
  • A robot kills multiple boys in various ways.
  • It is revealed that two characters who where thought to be dead, where only rendered unconscious, are burned alive.
  • One of the main characters steps on another character's arm, breaking it. Crunching sounds are heard.
  • A boy slits a girl's cheek with a glass shard. Blood is seen.
  • After a girl tells a boy he is 'ugly', he vomits violently at her feet.
  • An older boy is smears blood across his face.
  • A teenage boy's head is smashed by a robot.
  • One boy burns to death. Despite appearing to look like an accident, it is later revealed that another boy set him on fire.
  • A robot rips a boy in half.
  • The main characters order their robot to drown a girl in an acid bath. She is seen struggling as she is held under. Later she is rescued, but dies moments later.
  • Robot snaps a boy's spine in half, killing him instantly.
  • A nail is shot into an older boy's head, he dies instantly.
  • The main characters ambush a woman and tranquilize her. They later tie her to a torture device and blind her before removing her organs as she slowly dies.
  • A teenage boy is forced to choose between killing himself or his friend. His friend begs the boy to kill him instead of himself. This is disturbing.
  • One of the main characters is shot from behind in the head, the projectile goes through the character's skull and blood sprays out of his forehead across another character's face.
  • A toilet is shoved through a character's torso.
  • One character's head is smashed by a robot. Very graphic.
  • A robot is made with from organs that the characters took from people they killed.
  • A teenage boy is forced to execute his friend with a nail gun. This is disturbing and gory.


  • Uses of 'hell', 'bitch', 'bastard'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A mist like substance is used to knock out characters.
  • A group of characters wonder if they overdosed a girl they kidnapped.
  • The main characters drink white wine mixed with a character's blood.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A young child has an imaginary friend, which is a bizarre goo creature that talks to him. It causes him to slowly lose his mind, as it tells him to do things. It later visits him later in life, as a dying hallucination. The creature is visually disturbing.
  • The main characters order their robot to drown a young girl in an acid bath. She is seen held under and struggling. She later dies after the robot pulls her out.
  • One of the main characters confesses his love for another boy but is harshly rejected, being told that he was only used for sexual purposes. He then threatens to kill a young girl who he believes the other boy loved more. The girl is rescued by a robot, who then kills the character. Emotional and extremely graphic gore.
  • A robot goes on a rampage after realizing it just killed character it had a strong attachment to. The robot proceeds to kill three other characters before it runs out of energy and 'dies'.
  • A boy is forced to dig his own eye out with a spoon after another character makes a mistake making it impossible to surgically remove the eye safely. He is seen doing this and later handing his eye to another character.
  • One of the main characters reveals that he framed multiple other characters for his actions, which led to their death.
  • A young girl wakes up in what looks to be a sort of afterlife. This can be emotional.
  • Throughout the film, a teenage boy slowly loses his mind, and brain washes other boys.
  • A group of children create a cult with the sole purpose of executing adults for growing up.
  • Very emotional ending sequence.
  • The entire film has a dark tone and places characters in disturbing situations.
  • Multiple disturbing scenes involving graphic sex and gore.

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