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The Guardian
Sachs’ approach is so humane, and his characters so fully rendered, that an agenda never announces itself; instead, Sachs’ worldview seeps into you. He’s that skilled a film-maker.
The performances are impeccable. Sachs is a master of expressive understatement, and that applies both to the young actors playing the boys — there's not a false moment from either of them — and to the adults.
The remarkable, magical thing about this film is that, at 85 minutes, it’s so whole. With its fully-formed people and changing places, Little Men is a film a viewer can live in, and think about while they’re there.
Sachs' extraordinarily humane knack for emotional restraint echoes throughout Little Men. And it is all the more profound for it.
The power of Little Men is in how the characters resist the melodramatic flow (which is, come to think of it, how Chekhov works, too).
Ira Sachs’ Little Men is a little movie brimming with little truths about modern life. It won’t change the world, but it does understand it
The Playlist
The beauty of Little Men — and of the director’s work in general — is that it displays a rare understanding of how the world works.
Little Men is a summer breeze, with rich melodrama and an easygoing mood, built up around two great kids and their troubled families that says more than any after-school special. It’s an episode of actual experience, presented in lovingly natural, minimalist strokes.
Time Out
If [it] doesn't feel quite as revelatory as Keep the Lights On (2012) or the heartbreaking Love Is Strange (2014), it still impresses you with its quiet, confident maturity.
Little Men could have been so much more if its perspective leaned towards the opposite direction.

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