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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence and intense sequences of action, and for brief strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • A few kisses here and there.
  • A woman wears a dress with an open back. This same woman later briefly lifts her skirt to reach for a knife strapped to her thigh.
  • The agent stands for around a minute with her back to the camera in high cut underwear
  • Three men are in the toilet stall. Then four other men come in the WC and see their legs from the bottom down.
  • A kiss between White widow & Ethan @ 01:09".

Violence & Gore

  • Many policemen are shot and killed, including one who was already too injured to be a threat; but this turns out to be the imagining of an event.
  • A fight at a party breaks out, and numerous assassins try to kill Ethan and a woman, but they fend them off and escape.
  • There's a long and intense helicopter chase and both pilots shoot guns at each other. The copters eventually crash violently, but the pilots survive.
  • A man's face gets burned by hot fuel from the helicopter. Not too disturbing.
  • A man and woman get into a brutal fight with another man in a house, and the man being attacked hangs the other man, and almost kills him.
  • A brief shootout occurs in a small room, and one man is hit.


  • 1 use of "fuck" (Why did you have to make this so fucking complicated? -Walker to Lane. 1 mouth f word "the fuck?" Very easy to miss. 5 uses of "shit" 2 uses of "ass," 3 uses of "bitch", 5 uses of "damn", 6 uses of "God", 8 uses of "hell", 3 uses of "Jesus", 1 use of "Jesus Christ", 1 use of "prick"
  • The first Mission Impossible movie to include the F word.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some people have drinks at a bar in one scene. Not very prolonged.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The most intense in the series yet.
  • The bathroom fight is brutal and intense.
  • The helicopter chase is very intense.
  • The final fight is pretty brutal and intense.
  • The cabin fight scene in which a man is hanged and almost killed is very intense and brutal.
  • The party fight scene is mildly intense.
  • The HALO jump sequence is very intense.
  • An injured policewoman is about to be killed, but this doesn't happen.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • The scene in this movie is a cut scene that Ethan and Ilsa kiss

Violence & Gore

  • A detached hook, connected to a falling helicopter, quickly hooks through a man's skull (not graphic), taking him all the way down the cliff.
  • Three cities are shown on TV news as having been destroyed by nuclear explosions, but it turns out they were not.
  • There's a lengthy and brutal fight scene in a bathroom in which two men attempt to subdue another man. It ends when the man has one of the two on the ground at gunpoint, and he is shot in the head off-screen by another character. Blood is later seen on the bathroom floor, but his bullet wound is never seen
  • A man get shot in the face, but his face is not shown. A man describes to the women that took the shot that he can now not make a mask of the mans face. They drag the dead man into a bathroom stal, but only a pool of blood can be seen.
  • Two men have a brutal fight on a cliff, and both of them eventually fall off and cling to a cable attached to the cliff. The cable breaks and one of the men falls to his death, and is seen hitting a lower ledge, brutally, but from a distance.
  • At the very beginning of the movie Ethan and Julia are getting married by Solomon Lane and nuclear bomb detonates, disintegrating them. The scene is brief and it turns out to be only a dream.
  • When Ilsa was kidnapped she break out from the chair she stabs Solomon Lane with a glass it looked brutal blood is hidden

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Benji gets strangled in a very intense scene and he appears to have died, but he turns out to be alright.
  • When Ilsa Faust gets kidnapped is very shocking

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