Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) Poster

Rebecca Ferguson: Ilsa Faust



  • [last lines] 

    Benji Dunn : How close were we?

    Ethan Hunt : The usual.

    Ilsa Faust : [incredulous]  Usual?

    Ethan Hunt : [chuckling]  Please, don't make me laugh.

  • [from trailer, Ilsa and Benji see Ethan pulling another crazy stunt] 

    Ilsa Faust : What the hell is he doing?

    Benji Dunn : I find it best not to look!

  • August Walker : Hope is not a strategy.

    Ilsa Faust : Oh you're new!

  • [from trailer] 

    Ilsa Faust : You don't understand what you're involved in.

    Ethan Hunt : You need to walk away.

    Ilsa Faust : Please don't make me go through you.

  • Benji Dunn : We have to evacuate these people!

    Ilsa Faust : There's no time!

    Ethan Hunt : This whole valley's gonna be incinerated in 15 minutes!

    Ilsa Faust : [the two helicopters take off]  It's too late!

    Ethan Hunt : No. I'm gonna get the detonator.

    Ilsa Faust : What? How?

    Ethan Hunt : I'll figure it out. Find Lane and find the other bomb!

    [gets out of the jeep and jumps onto the first helicopter] 

    Ilsa Faust : What the hell is he doing?

    Benji Dunn : I find it best not to look!

  • Luther Stickell : In all the years that I've known Ethan he's only been serious about two women. One was his wife.

    Ilsa Faust : He's married?

    Luther Stickell : No, he was.

    Ilsa Faust : Was? What happened to her?

    Luther Stickell : Well, she was taken by some people who wanted to get to Ethan. It's OK. He got her back in one piece. Then he quit the game. They were happy for a while. But every time something bad happened in the world Ethan would think: I should have been there. And she would wonder: Who's watching the world while Ethan is watching me? Deep down they both knew that someday, somehow, something truly terrible was going to happen. All because they were together. So...

    Ilsa Faust : Where is she now?

    Luther Stickell : She's a ghost. Good at it too. Taught her myself. Every now and then she sends up a signal to let Ethan know she's safe. And that keeps him going.

    Ilsa Faust : Why are you telling me this?

    Luther Stickell : [tearfully]  We're in this mess because Ethan wouldn't let me die. He's a good man. And he cares about you. More than he can admit. That's one more worry than he can handle right now. If you care about him, you should walk away.

  • Benji Dunn : [after Ethan hijacks a helicopter to chase Walker]  Ethan, where are you?

    Ethan Hunt : I'm in a helicopter going after Walker.

    Benji Dunn : Hold on! How did you get in the helicopter?

    Ilsa Faust : What? You can fly a helicopter?

    Luther Stickell : Did you say "helicopter"? What the hell are you doing in a helicopter?

  • Ethan Hunt : What are you doing here?

    Ilsa Faust : It's good to see you, too.

  • Ilsa Faust : [about Hunt]  What the heck is he doing?

    Benji Dunn : I find it best not to look!

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